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A night that changed my life

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It started with a simple text message.

?You know what we sometimes talk about??

Sitting on the couch watching television this text from my wife came as a surprise and its meaning was not immediately obvious. She had travelled into the city from our suburban home to attend a trade conference and was now at the first night?s welcome reception, which included cocktails and live entertainment. Thinking a little longer I wondered?

My wife and I were married when she was young and before we met she had only been involved with one other man. Our marriage had followed a typical trajectory with early years of romance and sexual excitement replaced by the arrival of children, time devoted to careers and barely satisfying sex often undertaken more out of a sense of obligation to each other.

In an attempt to spice up our sex life we had begun to engage in telling each other fantasies in bed. These fantasies frequently included my wife having sex with another man, with the other man knowing my wife was married. In the wildest fantasies my wife?s partner would live in our spare room and she would go there for sex at night while I slept alone.

?You mean what we sometimes fantasize about?, was my text reply.

?Yes?, came the reply all too quickly.

Feeling a sense of alarm, ?What of it? I sent back.

?I just might do it?, was her response.

Impulsively, I shot back ?OK, do it?.

Did I really just send that message? Would I really be comfortable with my wife having sex with another man? What if after the event I regretted it? What if she did? This was not something either of us could take back.

She must have been thinking the same thing as her reply, ?Are you sure?? arrived almost immediately.

I hesitated. Was this going to destroy our marriage? But my doubts were countered by the feelings of arousal that were rapidly overtaking me. Where moments ago sex was the furthest thing from my mind now my penis was thickening quickly.

I tapped out, ?Yes, I?m sure? and hit send. Moments later she replied somewhat indifferently with, ?OK, I will see?.

Now what? 10 minutes passed, then 30, then an hour. My erection had subsided only a little while I watched a movie to (unsuccessfully) take my mind off what might, or might not, be happening.

?We are on my way to his place? lit up the screen of my phone.

?Are you safe? was my reply, I had no idea who she was with and suddenly I feared that he might be a psycho. ?Of course, will talk later?, she replied almost dismissively.

Now what? I watched the rest of the movie and eventually went to bed with my phone beside me, checking it constantly for any messages. The taste in my mouth and dull, constant ache in my groin eventually led me to start stroking myself while I imagined what she might be doing. Would she get cold feet and come home? I half expected the door to open at any moment.

?Going to sleep now, good-night?, the message woke me from my restless sleep with a start. It was nearly two in the morning and three hours had passed since her last message. I lay there imagining what might have happened ? not knowing was turning me on and, incredibly, I found myself masturbating again.

My phone chimed, ?Can you pick me up at the station in half an hour?? It was now early morning and I was rousing the kids for breakfast. I had told them that Mom had been forced to stay in the city by the weather (it had rained overnight). I bundled them into the car still in their pajamas and we went to the station to pick up Mom.

Perhaps it was the rain and humidity but she alighted from the train with skin that glistened in the early morning light. Her hair was not its immaculate self with several strands hanging out from a loosely tied bun. Her expression was one of contentment though and the ride home was filled with quick conversations with the children about school and their day ahead. When we arrived home she went directly to bed while I got the kids ready and took them to school.

The trip home from the school run was a blur. I could barely concentrate on driving in anticipation of finally finding out what transpired last night.

My wife was sleeping on her side. I slid into bed beside her and we spooned, my arm over her body with my hand cupping her breast.

?What happened?? I asked. She moaned and mumbled something about being tired. ?Did you have sex?? I had to ask. I could not help myself.

?Yes? she mumbled. I guess she could feel my erection pushing up against the small of her back. She slowly rolled onto her back and looked at me through half open eyes. ?Four times? she said quietly. She looked at me closely, perhaps expecting me to be shocked and disgusted, instead I could only gently squeeze her breast and ask her to tell me more.

She put her hands to my head and looked me in the eyes and then gently, but firmly, pushed my head slowly down towards her stomach. I kissed her breasts and skin, tasting her sweat and inhaling the smell, a mixture of sweat, perfume and something else?

My face arrived between her thighs and she nudged my head into her pussy. The first thing I noticed was the smell. The normal musky smell was different in some way almost with a slight chlorine odor. Then as my tongue grazed her trimmed pubic hair they were not soft and furry as expected but course and matted together. She moaned and pushed my face in harder. I began to lick, starting the cleansing process; removing the evidence from the previous night. I had never done this before, tasted sperm, but I was so aroused and desperate to know what happened I would have done anything for her.

As I licked she slowly began to recount what happened.

Her liaison started innocently enough with cocktails among the conference crowd. Then she saw him, a guy smiling at her from across the bar. She found out later that he only came to the event to hook-up and he picked her out as she seemed to be alone. Truthfully, he admitted later, he thought talking to her might make it easier to pick up someone else as he had spotted her wedding ring right away.

The cocktails were sweet and consumed all too easily. Before long a feeling of lightheadedness left her looking for something to eat and her companion offered to take her to dinner. Over a casual dinner, which included a little too much wine, she found herself increasingly attracted to him and starting to wonder what it would be like to be with him - but she pushed these bad thoughts aside.

When they returned to the reception, a band was playing and they began to dance. After a few songs he offered to get her drink. She was watching the band when he tapped her on the shoulder. Turning, expecting to take a drink, she was met by his lips on hers and her feelings of lust extinguished the last of her reservations and she kissed him back, pushing her lips hard against his and pulling their bodies together. After a few minutes he left for a short while and she grabbed her phone and sent me the first message.

At this point I stopped licking her pussy and asked what she would have done if I had asked her to come home immediately. She smiled and said, ?I would have still gone with him as by then I had felt his body and could not stop myself ?. I must have looked shocked, but in any case, she put her hands on my head, pushed me down and said, ?who said you can stop licking me ? I need to be cleaned up thoroughly.?

Her story continued. When they arrived at his place they crept quietly into his room so as not to wake his roommates. He quickly removed her clothes leaving her naked while he remained dressed. Her attempts to remove his clothes were rebuffed as he kissed her wildly, forcefully and passionately while squeezing her breasts roughly and pinching her nipples between his fingers. She could almost take no more when he finally started to remove his shirt. She immediately grappled with his belt and jeans, desperate to hold him in her hands.

I had to ask, ?What was he like?? She looked at me, almost sympathetically, and said, ?He was longer than you and had great control.? He took her roughly and pinned her to the bed before inserting his penis into her, his thrusts reaching parts of her that I am unable to stimulate.

?Did you have an orgasm?? I asked pathetically. She smiled condescendingly and said, ?three times, no four actually, three last night and then another one this morning before I left to catch the train?. She then squeezed my head firmly between her thighs and moaned, ?lick me clean you pathetic man? and within a few minutes shuddered to another orgasm before rolling over to sleep.

I crawled back up beside her with my throbbing penis between her legs and whispered in her ear, ?would you like to feel this inside you now??. My beautiful wife smiled at me and then suddenly and unexpectedly slapped my balls with the back of her hand. I recoiled as the pain shot through my abdomen and smiling, she said, ?I only need you to clean me up now, I have no need for your small cock inside me anymore. Can you go and get a morning after pill from the pharmacy for me and wake me at lunch time as I am going back into the city tonight.? Looking down at my straining cock she added, ?Oh, you can finish yourself off first though if you need to, just not in bed with me as I need to get some sleep?. With that she rolled over and went to sleep and my rebirth, as a cuckold, was complete.

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