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A Working Lunch

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A working Lunch I had a project at work that the deadline was coming due soon on. All week I had been working through lunch trying to get it completed before the end of the week and now it was Thursday. I was receiving help from one of the women in the office since it was an important project for an impossible client. My helpers name was Cheryl; she was 35 years old with short dark hair. She was thin with small breasts and a small ass. She always dressed nicely but more on the conservative side and today was no exception. She wore a pin stripped business suit with a skirt that came to her mid-thigh. She had shapely legs that were tanned so she did not have any hose on and wore black high heels.

I never really thought much about her but there was something today that made me take notice. She was always pleasant but did not joke or flirt like the rest of the females in the office. Cheryl was the type that just came to work put her head down and got the job done. That was the exact reason I asked her to help with this project I needed someone who would stay focused and was driven to get finished.

Today we decided working through lunch was one thing but doing it at the office everyday was a bit too much so we decided to go out and grab a bite but bring the work with us. I knew of a small little restaurant that was off the beaten path and would not be crowded and be quite so we could work. We rode together in my car and I noticed how Cheryl?s skirt rode up on her legs in the seat. Her legs were not just shapely, they were great.

When we got there we got a booth in the back and decided to make it easier to work we would both sit on the same side. We just ordered a soda and some appetizers to pick at while we worked. After the food arrived I told the waitress I would find her if we needed anything since we did not want to be interrupted from our work. We grazed on the food as we laid out the papers and went over the numbers and other data. Cheryl was very through and accurate with her work which put me at ease about this project. We were sitting pretty close and our legs were actually rubbing up against each other.

I reached down to grab my napkin from my lap and accidentally grabbed her leg. Her skin was so smooth and I could feel the muscle in her leg tense when I grabbed it. I apologized immediately but she just smiled at me and said it was not a problem she just owed me one. This was the first time I had ever hear her say anything like a joke. I just laughed and told her to collect anytime. We continued to work for a while without much else being said or done.

After about an hour we decided it was time to stretch our legs and take a bathroom break. I asked Cheryl if she wanted a refill of her soda or maybe wanted something else to drink. She said she could use a margarita to drink but a soda refill was fine. I found our waitress and ordered two margaritas.

As Cheryl returned I noticed she was walking with a slight limp. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had a slight cramp in her left thigh. I told her I would be glad to rub it for her if that would help it any. She blushed a little and said she thought it would be OK and I did not need to bother. As she sat down the waitress arrived with our drinks. Cheryl gave me a smile and asked if I was trying to get her tipsy. I just laughed and replied, ?Yes? and we both started to laugh.

After a few minutes Cheryl asked if the offer still stood about massaging her leg because the cramp was not going away. I told her absolutely anything to help us get through this work and keep her focused. I give my wife Mary massages all the time and she enjoys them greatly plus she always seems to get aroused and her pussy gets soaked by the end. I started to rub and massage her thigh and you could feel the tightness in the muscle. I could she Cheryl start to relax and ease up as the pain started to melt away. She told me I had magic hands and should consider a career change or second job as a masseuse. She rose up a little and moved her skirt up to the top of her thighs so I could massage further up her legs.

The sight and feel of her legs and closeness to her pussy made my cock grow hard immediately. As I worked my way up her legs Cheryl opened them more and started to moan a little. I was not sure how much further to take this since I did not want to have a problem at work and I needed her to help finish this project. Cheryl looked down and noticed the tent I now had in my dress slacks and said, ?Looks like someone else is having a muscle issue and may need some help?. With that she reached down and started to rub my cock through my pants. I was ready to faint. I would have never thought of her saying or doing anything in that way.

I started to move further up her leg now and rub on her pussy through her underwear. They were soaked and getting wetter. I started to pull them aside to play with her bare pussy when she said she needed to go to the bathroom. I was thinking great I need to stand with a tent in my pants and she would probably come back and end all of this. I stood facing away from anyone?s sight and Cheryl slid out of the booth.

She was gone for about five minutes so my hard on had time to subside and I could stand again without notice. Cheryl appeared next to me at the bench so I stood up so she could get in. As she slid in she looked at me and said, ?Looks like you did not miss me, too bad?. I told I did but found it easier to stand without my tent. She just smiled and told me we will need to work on that. She explained she was gone so long because she called the office and told them we were making progress on the project and was going to stay and finish it here today. Damn she is smart I thought no interruptions or worries about work.

She slid her skirt up and asked if I was going to finish. I started to rub and massage her leg again and work my way up. When I got to her crotch this time I was surprised to find she had removed her underwear. I started to rub and play with her clit. She started to softly moan then she reached over and unzipped my pants and reached in to free my hard cock. There we sit her hand around my exposed cock jerking me off while I played with her bare pussy.

She spread her legs more and slid down a little putting her legs on the bench across the table opening her pussy more to me. I shoved two fingers inside of her and started to slowly fuck her with them. She leaned over closer to me and told me to fuck her harder and faster. I started moving my hand as hard and fast as I could. She started to stroke me faster trying to match the rhythm of my speed. She started to moan even more and told me she was about to cum. I inserted a third finger into her and she exploded. She started shaking and her pussy was squeezing my hand as hard as it could.

As she started to calm down she told me she wanted to feel me cum on her hand and taste it in her mouth. I continued to play with her pussy and rub her hard clit. She leaned over and started to kiss and lick my ear as she quickened her pace. She told me she was going to cum again from what I was doing and she need to feel and taste my cum now. Between her wet pussy, her hand and her talk I could not take no more and started to shoot cum all over. It was on her hand, my pants and the bench seat. As I exploded she tensed up again as another orgasm hit her. We both seemed paralyzed for a few minutes as our orgasms subsided. Cheryl lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked and licked every drop of cum from there. She looked so sexy doing that in her business suit.

As I zippered up she asked me to let her out to go to the bathroom. While she was gone I gathered up all of our papers and found the waitress for the check. When Cheryl returned I had everything put away and paid for the meal. She looked as business and conservative as she did this morning. We headed back to the office without saying much more about anything. Once there she told me she enjoyed helping me with the project and would be glad to help any other time.

As we were leaving the building she looked over at me and said, ?If you ever want to do another working lunch or maybe even a dinner just let me know.? All I could do was smile to myself and think of the possibilities.

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