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A SUMMER DAY & NIGHT & MORNING (From the Wife’s view)

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A SUMMER DAY & NIGHT & MORNING (From the Wife?s view)

Sally is my name, wife to Edward Now that you have read his view of A SUMMER DAY & NIGHT & MORNING. I figured I would tell you mine.

I really not sure about talking about Roger in my sleep but what if I did sexy smile!

The description my hubby said about me is pretty much on. One detail he did not say everything is I have a 34 size hips a bubble butt which I think looks hot. My nipples like to be pinched hard and they get wet.

Now his description of himself & Roger, was very vague, let me tell you about him & Roger Hubby is 6ft has abs like 40 yr. old even though he is 55, little hair on top. His lips are like honey when he kisses the ladies, and they love his lips on both pairs of their lips. I know I do wicked smile. His cock is 6 inched round, when real hard 9 inches long but mostly 81/2 inches long. He can flood any pussy with his cum. He cums more than 2 men put together men and its sweet tasting very sweet.

Now Roger has Brown wavy hair, brown eyes that melt you while looking in them, lips that kiss real nice an a tongue that drives me crazy, things he can do with on my pussy an clit are unbelievable. Roger is 5 ft. 10in weighs about 180 very well built but not as good as Hubby. Roger has a monster cock length wise but not as wide a hubby. Its 10 to 12 inches long with a very large purple head on it when he gets hard. He also will fill any pussy with buckets of cum.

Now about Mary. In College we met and found each other very sexy, in fact when we met for the first time you could feel the sexual tension in the air between us. We looked at each other and smiled and the chatted for a while. We could not keep our eyes off each other, Now neither of us where virgins. I had not been with a women but the sexual urges for me where there. Now Mary was a full blooded bi sexy redhead. Edwards description of Mary was ok but not to the detail. 5ft 3 inch curvy women, Yes she was curvy very curvy in fact 36D tits with very large nipples, 20 inch waist, and 36 inch hips with green eyes that drove you crazy. I knew I wanted to kiss her and see what would happen. We were at a meeting of the cheerleader try outs that first time we met. Afterwards Mary walkup to me and ask if I needed a ride to my apartment. The look we gave each other we knew what was going to happen. I said yes I could use a ride. We chatted while she drove it was only 15 minutes but felt like a hr. before we got to the apartment. I invited her up to have soda or tea, she said yes she would. The moment I closed the door she put me up against the wall kissing me and feeling my boobs. I kissed her right back giving her my tongue down her throat and her sucking on it. We started taking our clothes of each other making our way to my bedroom. Once the I unleashed her tits from her bra I sucked on them hard both nipples where hard sticking up good. She ran her hand down my belly right to my pussy rubbing my pussy making me wet. We lay down on the bed with me on my back, she licked my nipples and bit my tits lightly it made me so hot. She licked her way down my belly lightly with flicks of her tongue. Then she did the same to my pussy lips not going inside but just on the outside driving me crazy with lust. She opened my pussy flicked my clit which was standing up hard. The first time she did it I thought I would orgasmed an almost did, then she quit. She put her tongue in my hole and licked my juices out, saying my girl you are a sweet tasting pussy. She sucked my pussy hole a made me cum more. Then she stuck two fingers and hit my g spot WOW did I orgasm I flooded her face while she was licking my clit. I looked at her and said it?s my turn to make you happy, but I have never been with women before. Mary said you?ll do just fine girl. She lay back on the bed next to me and I crawled on her. I sucked her titles hard making them stand up. I bit her boobs lightly she said harder please. I DID! Then I wasted no time I got between her legs an opened up her wet pussy licking it from hole to clit nibbling on her clit. It sent her into cumming immediately making her flood her pussy with cum. I licked it all I could but some went down her ass crack. I then stuck my finger in her and she was very tight. I played with her a while finally got two fingers and I hit her g spot, she almost came off the bed arching her back forcing my fingers deeper cumming so hard. That was our first time and not the last. We had each other for over a year then Mary moved away, but we kept in touch with emails & phone calls. By the way Edward didn?t know all about Mary & I wicked grin

Now what happened when Mary visited us was a complete surprise! Mary had told me before she got there that she would be good a girl and not bring up the past. But I knew that sexy hot bitch wanted me the second I looked into her eyes. I knew she was up to something. ? I should have known when she walked past me. Then she came up behind me grab my boobs and pinched my nipples, made then wet. It went right to my pussy, she knew it would. It was automatic I reached up pulled her down to kiss me, it was bombs away lust, sexy hot lust went right thru me. She kept pinching them as we walked toward the bedroom, past Edward who was reading sitting in his underwear. I saw his eyes open up as big as silver dollars; I knew he would follow us. WE took our tops off a stated sucking & tonguing our nipples an biting our boobs both of us where hot! Think the wine helped too, Mary pulled my shorts down and saw my slick shaved wet pussy and went full bore licking me nibbling my clit. Made me squirt right into her mouth as she was licking my hole inching my nipples an I exploded, I covered her face with cum, there was so much it was dripping off her lips. I said ok my turn, I crawled between her pussy lips an licked that hard clit so much she covered my face with cum, not so much as a squitter just waves of sweet tasting cum , which I sucked down my throat as I licked her hole. She arched her back & screamed I?m cumming don?t stop. Her belly just raise like it normally did then she moaned. That?s when Mary said you?re just as good as or better than you were in college girl. Roger was standing in the door watching us stroking his cock. That cock was as hard as I ever saw it 9 inches long & wide bent upwards. Mary saw it, looked at me and said can I have it, licking her lips. I told her yes if you want to but let?s share it first. Mary told Edward to cum here; let us take care of that big cock. Roger lay down on the bed, we both licked him from his balls to the tip with me deep throating him which I never done. I was one hot fucking pussy needless to say. Mary licked his balls working her way up Edward s cock he couldn?t take it anymore. He let go a load all over our faces an boobs, which we both licked off of each other, saving it an giving each other a cum kiss exchange. Mary crawled over Edwards?s cock which was still hard as nails, which is unusual for him. She took him all the way to his balls which were relaxed after cumming. She had a hard time getting there as tight as she was; Edward was in heaven with that cunt on him riding him. She was cumming with almost every stroke. Her pussy juice was running down his cock down past his ass crack. She was yelling oh my good fuck me fuck me fuck me hard. Edward took him time pumping her hard and deep. I was licking her pussy lips and his cock with all that cum running down it. I stuck my tongue up her ass as far as I could. She went wild riding him hard as she could, he finally after about 20 to 30 minutes he loaded her up, she orgasmed so hard , it all came running out of her, along his cock which I was happy to lick and swallow their juices. Dam it was delicious! We all stayed in bed till we need some food to replenish our energy for the day. We then swam in the pool naked relaxing under the moon light.

Now Edward an I had to work the next day so sally got lay around an sun tan herself. I had told Edward that Roger was hitting on me for a while, what I didn?t tell him was that I was also flirting with Roger too. One day I went into his office caught him by surprise while he was reading a penthouse. I walked behind his desk to get some papers signed. I look down seeing the penthouse, and then saw that bugle in his pants which was going down his leg. It made my mouth water and my pussy extremely wet. I left went to the ladies room played with my clit thinking about sucking that cock. I came making my pussy extremely wet with all kinds of moans. I then made it my mission to someday get that cock in my lips and pussy. I would tease roger with all kinds of verbal statements. Then I started doing physical teasing would brush his ass, with my fingers or use my tits and brush his arms. Even one day wore garters and pulled my dress up to adjust my nylons showing my bare pussy. Which I knew he looked at! Now about that day he called me into his office, I went in, he was sitting there behind the desk, asked me to sit down, and He then told me about him being a swinger seeing us on sls. I asked why he was on sls; he told me that he was looking for a couple to play with no attachments like most single men have. I wondered what he was doing because he would move a little, once in a while but I paid no attention, I brushed it off to him being nervous about me. I told him we only played with couples but my pussy was saying the opposite it was getting wetter and starting to run down my ass crack. I was sitting with my legs crossed a decided to see how hot I could make him, I uncrossed them an I knew he could see the inside of my thighs. Then I opened them a little father and could feel air on my clit which was standing above my pussy lips. His eyes got real big and looked straight at my pussy. I then got up and went over to him. When I walked around the desk. I saw why he was moving he had been stroking that cock while talking to me. I look down; it hard and long, had that big head on it. He looked at me and I looked at him and I went to my knees. I licked his precum of the tip of his cock lightly with my hot tongue. He said you want to suck it sally. I did oh, how I wanted to run my tongue the whole length and suck that big head I started to go down on it and the phone rang it was a very important client. So that was that! Dam I was hot and had a very wet wet wet pussy.

That?s when I called Edward telling him about Roger finding us on sls, seeing his large long cock in his pants not what I almost did. We chatted with my mind telling me to get Edward to agree to have him over. That?s when he asked what I wanted to do. I told him I want to suck him dry & fuck him covering his cock with my cum. Edward said well with Mary was there we would have a couple so invite him to dinner and we?ll see what happens. It?s Friday so let just see what we can make happen.

We did not tell Mary what was going on when we got home, so she was surprised when Edward started grilling four steaks for dinner. She asked him if he was real hungry, that?s when we told her about Roger was coming over. Mary looked at sally asked are you fucking your boss? Sally said not yet bit the night is young!

Sally told Mary about the conversation at work, leaving out the information about Rogers cock. Mary said let?s get dressed to show this man what he might get. They both went to the bed rooms looking for outfits. It was a good hour before the doorbell rang. Edward answered the door Roger looked at him and asked if Sally had chatted with him. He grinned and said yes come on it, roger relaxed. Lol Edward told Roger they were getting dressed for company, so he asked if he would like a drink, he said please it might relax me, so he fixed him a double martini. He had one also they headed out to the patio to finish the steaks. Everything else was done so we got the steaks ready just as the girls came out.

Needless to say we were hot classy looking sexy women; Mary had a red dress that stuck to her body. She showed lots of cleavage showing off her big tits barely covering her nipples with a bra showing real nice. High heels that showed off her lovely legs hair done an all. I had on a black dress that was barely below my pussy by three inches. One we used when we went to the clubs in anther town, stiletto heels and no panties ?

Roger was dumb struck when he saw both of them, saying he didn?t know about our company. I said I planned that way Roger. We introduce them and set down to dinner with lots of wine making everyone very relaxed getting horny I could tell. Conversation was very light but lots of light suggestions about sex, which was driving the everyone crazy, we girls wanted each other since it had been 24 hours since sex had happen. Mary & I went to the powder room to freshen up, little did the guys know what we had planned, something that would be hot as can be. Edward fixed Roger am himself a drink while we away after about 15 minutes Edward said let me check on them. He looked in the powder room and they were not there He them checked our bedroom thinking they had went to our bathroom. He opened the door and his jaw dropped to the floor.

We had stripped down put on garter belts, black hose with our heels an nothing else. We were in a sixty nine position licking each other. Candles where lit around the room making it sexy as can be. We looked up and said it took long enough LOL Edward called roger to come up here and see what he found; he came in and was a very happy man. Edward told him that we had just found each other the day after being away for each other, & loved making themselves very happy while we watched. I said you both can strip also; you have way too many clothes on. Then we went back to licking each other. We licked a sucked on each other till we made each other orgasm making each other?s face very wet. Roger and Edward striped needless to say I was right he had a good 10 inch wide cock that had a good natural cure in it. Sally walked up to Roger said I just have to suck that monster and bent down to her knees & stated licking. I said Edward you can come eat me some more, you know I like that a lot. Mary sucked on him almost to his balls taking him down her throat, he wasn?t long till he was ready to erupt sally knew it. She was making him as hard as he ever had been. She finished sucking him till he busted and filled her mouth full more that she could swallow. She took the rest with her fingers and fed it to me; I was very impressed it tasted sweet to both of us.

I then started sucking on roger making him hard which didn?t take much, I straddled Roger and rode him moaning more than I had ever I believe. I was taking that cock where no man had been deep inside me. Making me cum at almost every stroke, I squirted all over his cock and balls making the bed wet. Roger was moaning saying I have wanted you forever an now I going to have you. We fucked in every position for over an hour. Me on my back he took his time an slowly sent his cock deep into me feeling my pussy suck on his cock, on all fours I became a wild women yelling fuck, fuck, fuck me deep, deeper, deeper, I and he were enjoying so much we never knew we were there with anyone. I had squirted so much the bed was wet and roger was coated with both of our cum. Finally both exhausted we looked at Edward & Mary as they too had been in many position an enjoying it.

Mary was panting as Edward plunged his cock in her deep loading her pussy with a big load of cum for her. They had also been in every position an enjoyed it all but Mary was really enjoying their last position on all fours more than she ever had before, She and he had cum so much it was running down her ass. Edward was rubbing his cock over her clit which was standing up an every time he touched it with his cock she was orgasming. While he ran it over her wet hole, he rimmed her sweet little ass with his big cock she said ooooh that feels very good. He asked if she had every been fucked in her ass, She said no. he looked at her and said want to try. She smiled and said yes but you?re so big it will hurt too much, he said I will take my time be gentle. He lured her ass with her an cum an gently applied pressure after a little more he got passed her tight sphincter muscle with a little pain for her. After slowly inserting his cock into her tight ass. He started pumping her, it felt so dam good, she was cuming even more than when I fucked her ass with a dildo in college. She orgasmed, when she did she squirted all over her & him. He told her he was going to fuck her ass off; she was surprised she had never squirted before then, just cummed hard. He pumped her ass hard & deep she loved it. He then loaded a huge load of cum into her ass making her cum again hard; she loved it she said more please. He said lets rest all of us for a while, which we did.

We all went to the showers got cleaned up then jumped into the pool naked and relaxed for a while, at least Edward & I did. Mary wanted some of that big cock so she put Roger up against the pool wall an rode him for quite a while. She said he loaded her with cummed fairly good. We all swam for a while and then got out relaxing on our chaise lounges.

By this time it was getting late so roger said he would have to get some sleep and started to get ready to leave. That?s when Mary said why you leaving you can sleep here. I looked at her saying with you smiling the whole time. Yes with me she said if he wants too. Roger was surprised and was happy at the same time. I think it would be best for me to sleep at home, Mary said why? You afraid I won?t let you sleep much chuckling at the same time. Roger said I?m afraid we both won?t get much sleep, but if you want I will stay with you. Mary smiled as I did too.

We all went to bed around midnight I fell asleep quickly being I had fucked both of the guys most of the night. Around 4am I was woke up by noises from the other bed room. Mary and roger where in a rip roaring fucking session that was loud as can be. I was hot as can be I went in stated sucking on Mary nipples and got hot doing it so she got into a 69 position on top of me. I was eating Mary and licking roger as roger was fucking her doggies styles they both where moaning. Mary was yelling sayings eat me & fuck me please don?t stop... Roger was sliding that big long cock up Mary?s cunt and I was eating her making her squirt and licking his long cock. Me & Mary switched places she started licking me on top of her and roger plunged his cock in to me making me scream harder harder. Roger smiled telling me, I told youall we wouldn?t get much sleep. Edward switched places with Roger after he fills me with a largest load of the morning. Edward then fucked my sloppy wet cunt saying he was in heaven. Then Edward made us Mary & I switched again, Edward plunged his dick into Mary she was it heaven, he was a little wider than roger it filled her good. It felt so good to have a different pussy around his cock that it didn?t take him long to loaded her up good. He was pulling out when she said fuck my ass! He had enough lube with her cum and his he pushed against her ass with a little pressure and was fucking her hard an deep she was eating me hard and it made her squirt on my face. But I kept right on licking and sucking her juices down. I sucked on her for a good 10 minutes, till I came hard as she did too.

Needless to say we all were very happy people. We fixed breakfast Roger did leave afterwards but asked if he could come back at a later date. We all agreed that all he had to do was call or ask me at work.

I & Mary had another hot session before she left that afternoon. She said she was going to check to see if there were any jobs available Monday if so she wanted to move here. I grinned and said Edward is looking for a secretary aren?t you honey? I said why yes I am he said. But that?s another story!

Now you know why I might have been was talking in my sleep about Roger ?

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