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A SUMMER DAY & NIGHT & MORNING The wife was in bed sleeping, she started talking in her sleep about Roger. Now Roger is her boss, who has been hitting on her for about a month now.

Let me back up my wife is a looker for 51 years old 5 Ft. 3 inch size 4 in pants, long blonde hair, blue eyes that are like clear blue water, red natural lips, 34DD chest with killer nipple?s that get their before her an a sexy little ass. I?m 55 6ft 230 good shape, a little bald on top but can hold my own in the looks department.

Sally (wife) likes men and women and I like women we both have a very high sex drive. We started swinging about 5 years ago. We found out sally had a feeling about women when a college friend Mary came for a visit. They were drinking wine; a few bottles started chatting about sex. Mary kept looking at sally with those hot sexy eyes of hers. She knew something was up. They both where wearing crop tops & shorts with no bras. Mary went to the bathroom and had to go by sally to get there. She did sally reach up, in her top pinching a nipple hard. Made Mary smile and said you?ll pay for that with a wicked smile.

When Mary came back, she tiptoed up the back of sally , reach inside her top an pinched both nipples an sally just moaned with pleasure going right to her pussy, making her wet an her clit get hard.

Sally pulled her down, kissing her with lips tongue an all and Mary responded right back, with the same. They held each other and felt their bodies grinding into each other. Mary said ?I?ve wanted to do that to you for years. They headed to the extra bedroom where Mary had her stuff; they went right past where I was sitting on our bed with my boxers on not thinking about them because they normally sit, chat all night anyway. By the time they got pass our bedroom they both had their tops off, which needless to say caught my attention. Now Mary is single an same age as sally, a red head who is a little plump but very sexy looking, 36 d tits has nice curves where you want them.

I followed them the down the hall an stopped in the doorway of the bedroom, the both started kissing an playing with each other tits caressing each other aurora?s an lightly feeling each other nipples. Mary pulled down sally shorts to find her bare ass naked, slick, shaved, pussy, sally never did like wearing panties or thongs. Pushed her down on the bed, planted her face in the middle of her pussy licking her from hole to clit. Sally is a squitter, it didn?t take long for her to get wet and had her first orgasm, it cover Mary?s face, she sucked all the cum juices right down her throat. She crawled up on sally, kissing her so she could taste her own juices. Sally licked her cheeks & lips clean. Looked at her and said I want to try that. TEACH ME!

Mary told her to get between her legs and she would teach her. Sally got up and saw me smiled and got between her legs. Mary saw me with my boxers standing out like a tent. She smiled real big! Sally spread her leg, it opened up Mary?s pussy, she told sally to start licking her pussy lips which were already wet from her orgasm while, eating Sally. She licked softly the taste drove her wild, she lick the inside an she started licking faster, harder from Mary?s pussy hole to her clit which was standing up an hard. She has never tasted something so delicious. Mary started cuming, pushing her cum out her hole; sally would lick it as fast as it was cuming out of her. Nobody has to teach you anything you?re a natural pussy licker said Mary as she was panting hard.

By this time I was stroking my 8 inch large head wide cock. Mary saw me stroking, said come here let us take care of that big baby. I laid on the bed both girls started working on me from my balls which were hard, to the tip which was staring to produce precum. Mary on my balls, sally on the tip then she took me down her throat which was unusual for her. Then Mary changed, the both licked my cock which brought me to climax spewing cum on both pf them, which they licked & swallowed. My cock stayed hard, Mary got up over my cock positioning her opening right over it she asked sally if she could have me. Sally was hot as I have ever seen her, she nodded yes, Mary took me I all the way down to my balls. Needless to say I took a long time pumping her while she rode me for over 20 minutes saying ? fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,? before I felt the sensation building. I told her I was getting ready to explode again she said put it in me. All the time she was riding me Sally was licking my cock & Mary?s ass licking all the juices that came out of her. I plunged deep into her, filling her full, so much it came out, sally licked it all. We stayed in bed most of the day till we all needed food for energy. After we ate we all went for a swim in the pool a relaxed for the night.

Now back to Sally who was talking in her sleep, she had to work the next day so did I so Mary got to relax sun tanning naked at our place. She was working when Roger came up to her and said I would like to talk to you in my office please. Now Roger is a good looking young 42 year old single man. Sally had told me she always had made him hard when he looked at her and it was big as far as she could tell. She liked what she saw. Roger told her that he was on sls last night an saw her on our profile. Sally was caught off guard not knowing Roger was a swinger. She smiled her sexy smile asking what he thought. He said I was very impressed and would like to know if you and your husband every played with men. She told him it was just couples but would ask me. He then kissed her and showed her his cock which was limp and a good 8 to 9 inches long and wide. She got wet real fast. She almost went to her knees as she loves sucking cock but resisted & left his office smiling.

She called me and told me what had happen; I asked her what she thought? She wanted to suck him and ride him till he couldn?t take it anymore. Well with Mary at the house, hot as can be I thought why not let?s do it. Invite him over for dinner tonight being Friday; we?ll see where it goes. She was happy lady I could tell by her voice.

We did not tell Mary what was going on when we got home, so she was surprised I started grilling four steaks for dinner. She asked me if I was real hungry, that?s when we told her about Roger was coming over. Mary looked at sally asked are you fucking your boss? Sally said not yet bit the night is young!

Sally told Mary about the conversation at work, leaving out the information about Rogers cock. Mary said let?s get dressed to show this man what he might get. They both went to the bed rooms looking for outfits. It was a good hour before the doorbell rang. I answered the door Roger looked at me and asked if Sally had chatted with me. I smiled and said yes come on it, he relaxed. Lol I told Roger they were getting dressed for company, so I asked if he would like a drink, he said please it might relax me, so I fixed him a double martini. I had one myself then we headed out to the patio to finish the stakes. Everything else was done so we got the steaks ready just as the girls came out.

Needless to say they were hot classy looking women; Mary had a red dress that stuck to her body. She showed lots of cleavage showing off her big tits barely covering her nipples with a bra showing real nice. High heels that showed off her lovely legs hair done an all. Sally had on a black dress that was barely below her pussy by three inches. One we used when we went to the clubs in anther town, stiletto heels and I knew no panties ?

Roger was dumb struck when he saw both of them, saying he didn?t know about our company. Sally said I planned that way Roger. We introduce them and set down to dinner with lots of wine making everyone very relaxed getting horny I could tell. Conversation was very light but lots of light suggestions about sex, which was driving the girls crazy, they wanted each other since it had been 24 hours since sex had happen. The girls said they wanted to go to the powder room to freshen up, little did I know that they had planned something that would be hot as can be. I fixed Roger am I a drink while we waited, after about 15 minutes I said let me check on them. I went to the powder room and they were not there I them checked our bedroom thinking they had went to our bathroom. I opened the door and wow!

They had stripped down put on garter belts, black hose with their heels an nothing else. They were in a sixty nine position licking each other. Candles where lit around the room making it sexy as can be. They looked up an said it took long enough LOL I called roger to come up here and see what I found; he came in and was a very happy man. I told him that they had just found each other the day before & loved making themselves very happy while we watched. Sally said you both can strip also; you have way too many clothes on. Then they went back to licking each other. Bothe of them licked till they made each other orgasm making each other face very wet. Roger and I striped needless to say Sally was right he had a goof 10 inch wide cock that had a good natural cure in it. Sally walked up to Roger said I just have to suck that monster and bent down to her knees & stated licking. Mary said Edward you can come eat me some more, you know I like that a lot. Mary sucked on him almost to his balls taking him down her throat, he wasn?t long till he was ready to erupt sally knew it. She quit making him as hard as he ever had been. She the laid him down next to us on our king size bed and said now I will finish you sucking him till he busted and filled her mouth full more that she could swallow. She took the rest with her fingers and feed it to Mary who was very impressed it tasted sweet to both of them.

Sally the climbed on Roger an rode him moaning more than I had ever hear her, she was taking that cock where no man had been deep inside her. Making her orgasm at almost every stroke, she squirted all over his cock and balls making the bed wet. Roger was moaning saying I have wanted you forever an now I going to have you. They fucked in every position for over an hour on her back he took his time an slowly sent his cock deep into her feeling her pussy lips suck on his cock, on her all fours she became wild women yelling fuck, fuck, fuck me deep, deeper, deeper, she and he were enjoying so much they never knew we were there. Sally had squirted so much the bed was wet and roger was coated with his and her cum. Finally both exhausted looked at us as we too had been in ever position an enjoying it.

Mary was panting as I plunged my cock in her deep loading her pussy with a big load of cum for her. She and I had also been in every position an enjoyed it all but Mary was really enjoying our last position on all fours more than she ever had before, She and I had cum so much it was running down her ass. I was rubbing my cock over her clit which was standing up an every time I touched it with my cock she was orgasming. While I ran it over her wet hole, I rimmed her sweet little ass with my cock she said ooooh that feels very good. I asked if she had every been fucked in her ass, She said no. I looked at her and said want to try. She smiled and said yes. I lubed her ass with her an my cum an gently applied pressure after a little more I got passed her tight sphincter muscle with a little pain for her. After slowly inserting myself into her tight ass. I started pumping her, it felt so dam good, she was cuming even more than when I fucked her ass she was yelling it feels so dam good. She orgasmed, when she did she squirted all over her & I. I told her I was going to fuck her ass off; she was surprised she had never squirted before then, just cummed hard. I loaded a large load into her ass making her cum again hard; she loved it she said more please. I said lets rest all of us for a while, which we did.

We all went to the showers got cleaned up then jumped into the pool naked and relaxed for a while, at least sally and I did. Mary wanted some of that big cock so she put Roger up against the pool wall an rode him for quite a while. She said he loaded her she cummed fairly good. We all swam for a while and then got out relaxing on our chaise lounges.

By this time it was getting late so roger said he would have to get some sleep started to get ready to leave. That?s when Mary said why you leaving you can sleep here. Sally looked at her saying with you smiling the whole time. Yes with me she said if he wants too. Roger was surprised and was happy at the same time. I think it would be best for me to sleep at home, Mary said why? You afraid I won?t let you sleep much chuckling at the same time. Roger said I?m afraid we both won?t get much sleep, but if you want I will stay with you. Mary smiled as Sally did too.

We all went to bed around midnight I fell asleep quickly being I had fucked both of the girls most of the night. Around 4am I was woke up by noises from the other bed room, an found the sally had gotten up a little earlier an found Mary an roger in a rip roaring fucking session that was loud as can be. She went in an stated sucking on Mary nipples an got hot doing it so she got into a 69 position eating Mary an licking roger as roger was fucking her doggies style they both where moaning & yelling eat me fuck me please don?t stop. Not sure who was yelling what but it was a hot sight to see. Roger was sliding that big wide cock up sally?s cunt sally was eating Mary making her squirt. I watched as they had not seen me come in they switched Mary started eating sally on her back and roger plunged his cock in to Mary making her scream harder harder. I walked over to sally looking at her on her back going wild as Mary licked her good giving her my hard cock to suck, she swallowed it like a hungry wild women. Roger smiled at me said I told youall we wouldn?t get much sleep. Roger and I switched places after he fill Mary with his second load of the morning. I plunged my dick into Mary she was it heaven, I was a little wider than roger it filled her good. It felt so good to have a different pussy around my cock that it didn?t take me long to loaded her up good. I was pulling out when she said fuck my ass! I was lube enough with her cum and mine I pusher against her ass with a little pressure I was in fucking her hard an deep she was eating sally hard an made her squirt on her face. But kept right on licking and sucking her juices down. I fucked her for a good 10 minutes in that ass of hers till she came hard as I did too.

Needless to say we all were very happy people. We fixed breakfast Roger did leave afterwards but asked if he could come back at a later date. We all agreed that all he had to do was call or ask sally at work.

Sally & Mary had another hot session before she left that afternoon. She said she was going to check to see if there were any jobs available Monday if so she wanted to move here. Sally just grinned and said Edward is looking for a secretary aren?t you honey? I said why yes I am. But that?s another story!

Now you know why she was talking in her sleep about Roger ?

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