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A Pool Party

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I had realized for some time that my wife Anita and I would be getting it on with our good friends Mark and Betty. It had to happen. Each time we met you could sense the erotic tensions increase among the four of us. I had cast the first stone when I had fucked Betty beside her back yard pool. Mind you, it was not all of my doing, Betty was looking for it that day and the fact that we were alone pretty well sealed the deal.

I was returning some chairs to their house one Saturday morning. We had borrowed them for a little party the night before. Betty and I had got hot and heavy while we danced that evening, but I had no idea that she would be alone when I returned the chairs that morning.

She was wearing, or better yet, almost wearing, a bikini when she answered the door. She looked spectacular, tits bulging out of the tiny bra and her round mound pushing out the front of the panties, it was instant hard-on for me. Her ass was virtually naked with the tight strap snug between her cheeks and through her crease. Her eyes were bright and lusty; her full lips parted a bit to show the white of her teeth.

"C'mon in, Mark was called for work this morning, you will have to carry the chairs yourself. Follow me," she grinned as she headed through the house towards the back yard. It was no problem following her, the only danger was running into something as my eyes fixed on her bouncing cheeks.

"Jesus, you look good Betty," I offered as I stumbled along nearly knocking over a vase off a table.

She turned provocatively, looked down to check if I was getting hard and said, "You like? I thought that you might. Did you know that you are bulging Jim?" This last said with a laugh.

And I was bulging, and becoming very aroused. But I was still not expecting to nail her; it just seemed like more of our erotic interaction, much as we had been doing for several years. I set the chairs down on the patio and turned to her once more.

"You are sweaty Jim, what say we have a dip?" Betty obviously wanted to see more of me.

I shrugged and said, "Don't have my swim trunks sweetie, couldn't go in nude now could I?"

Her response was to untie her bra and let her big tits tumble out. She was smiling, "Does this make it easier for you? C'mon, swim in your shorts."

I had felt those tits many times while dancing with her, but had never had my bare hands on them before. I paused before peeling of my shirt and dropping my pants. I turned partly away from her to hide the tent in my jockey shorts, but she just grinned and jumped into the pool. She looked up at me from the pool, her tits floating up under her chin. I dove in and came up in front of her.

She moved closer to me, brushing her nipples against my chest. Her eyes were more serious and she reached down and pulled off her panties and threw them on the deck. I accepted the challenge and pulled my shorts off and threw them beside her panties.

"Are you sure that Mark is at work?" I sort of groaned as I lifted a beautiful tit in my hand.

"Oh yes," she said, "but I don't care if he does come, he knows I want to fuck you. And he wants to fuck Anita. Interested in a swap?"

I was not sure about a swap right then, but I certainly wanted to fuck Betty. She had my cock in her hand now and I had a big nipple in my mouth. We were standing in the shallow end, so she moved closer and slipped my cock between her legs and along her slit. We stood there kissing as our passion grew and she moved her ass back and forth, sliding her slit along the top of my cock.

"Can't be done in a pool Betty," I said as I pulled her to the side of the pool and lifted her up to sit on the edge. She spread her legs as I moved in between them, staring at her pussy, the full slit exposed and ready for action. She knew where I was headed and with a small sigh used her fingers to part her swollen pussy lips. I wasted no time, sliding my face between her wet thighs and sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow. She sat back, braced on her arms as I lashed away at slit and pussy lips.

I straightened up a bit, and she moved a big nipple to my lips, "Ah damn," she groaned, "I have been dying to feel your mouth on me for years. Let me suck your cock."

I quickly jumped out of the pool. She turned on her knees and with water still streaming off of my body slipped her mouth down over almost all of my cock in one movement. I held her head in my hands as I stood there trembling, and fucked her mouth.

As I lifted her up in my arms she said, "The cot on the patio, fuck me there."

I carried her over and laid her down on her back. Her eyes burned into mine, she lifted her knees and spread wide, an open invitation to use her. We did not really notice that our bodies were still damp from the pool, there was only one thing on our minds and she arched her hips up as I sunk my cock into her and did not stop stroking until we both got off within minutes.

There were no "after fucking" regrets. In fact, after we went for another short swim I lay on my back on the cot and she rode me until we enjoyed another toe curling orgasm.

What a beautiful memory; a sunny day, me on my back, a great looking gal sitting on my cock and swinging her big tits in front of my face. What is there to regret?

It was a week or so later, when Anita called me at my office. "Come over to Mark and Betty's for a barbeque. Bring your swim suit, it is a beautiful evening."

I stopped to pick up my swimsuit at home and drove over to our friends home. Betty met me at the door again, wearing a different but no less revealing bikini. She closed the door behind me and melted into my arms for a hot kiss. I looked around quickly, but it appeared that neither Anita nor Mark were in the house, so I felt her ass as we kissed again.

Betty stepped back and removed the bikini top. I checked again for the others, and then reached out and caught her nipples in my fingers. "You trying to get me hard again Betty?"

She reached down and rubbed my stiffening cock through my pants and smiled, "You bet, you are going to need to be hard before you go out back. Put your bathing suit on now."

When I paused a bit, she reached over and released my belt and unzipped me, "And I mean right now." She pulled my jockey shorts down and stroked my cock, looking up at me and saying, "I can't wait for more of that thing in me baby. Been dreaming of it since last week."

By now, I was not sure what was happening at this 'barbeque,' but I had a pretty good idea that Mark was messing with my Anita right then. I was not as concerned as I might have been. I pulled my swim suit on and followed the swaying ass of Betty. Before exiting the house she stopped and pulled me into the kitchen. There was a window over the sink counter with a view of the back yard and pool.

She pulled me over to the counter and whispered, "Let's watch and see what they are doing." I nestled in behind her, my hands holding her by the hips as I rubbed my cock up against her butt.

I was not really surprised to see Mark's big hairy body covering my Anita who was spread out on the cot that Betty and I had made use of the week previous. Anita's slender legs were partially wound around Marks back as his big butt was bouncing up and down, and every once in a while his thick cock appeared and disappeared in my wife's tight little pussy.

But she was not protesting. Fuck I was hard. I had not been sure how I would react to seeing her being nailed like that, but any problem that may ordinarily have arisen was buried under a deep layer of desire to fuck Betty again.

As Betty stared out at the activity in the back yard, I untied her bikini bottoms and pulled it out between her legs. "What are you up to," she protested weakly. I pushed my knees between her legs after dropping my bathing suit to the floor. I kissed her behind the ear and said, "Woof, woof."

She braced herself against the counter top and pushed her butt back as I kissed my way down her back, licking and nibbling at her butt cheeks. My hand worked its way up between her legs until my finger tips found her slit, my thumb teasing her butt hole.

"Not that one baby," she groaned, "Pussy only, but you can tease it."

We were naked, standing in a kitchen, looking out the window at our marital partners fucking their brains out in the back yard. I began to work my cock up into her pussy, nice and slow, her moving to adjust to get the best line. I held her tits in my hands as I began a slow stroking, the sound of my belly hitting her butt with each stroke.

As we fucked slowly we watched Mark lift Anita's legs over his shoulders and move up over top of her, driving his cock straight down into her. Betty moaned, "Oh were did he get that move? He is usually just missionary style. She's going to cum that way. Ah God, fuck me Jim."

I was humped over her, holding her tits as I slammed away while Betty moaned encouragement. I glanced out to see Mark pulling his oozing cock from Anita's pussy. The 'cum' column started working its way up my legs. "Here it is baby, going to cream you now, take it Betty, suck it out."

Betty cried out as her knees weakened and her body jerked in unison with mine. She bent down over the counter top, opening to receive my last desperate strokes. I held her there while her pulsing pussy worked my buried cock. As it slipped out of her pussy, I used my hand to guide it to her butt hole, rubbed the knob in it a bit. "Wanna try now?" I was kidding, there was no way to get into her with my softening shaft.

But she was enjoying it and said, "Try it yes, let me feel it."

I pulled back and smiled, "Never make it baby, maybe later."

We straightened up a bit, pulled on our swimsuits again and walked out to join our partners.

Mark was standing beside the cot, his cock soft and slimy from my wife's pussy. Anita lay there with legs spread, making no effort to close her legs, but admittedly looking a little sheepish and defiant at the same time. I realized suddenly that this had all happened because of Betty and I cashing in our chips the week previous.

I said to Betty, "You told her didn't you. You said that you wouldn't."

Betty replied, "I didn't tell Anita, I told Mark."

There was a laugh of relief from all of us, the elephant had left the room and we realized that our relationship had reached a new level. We bailed out into the pool, stood for a while in a group hug, touching and kissing.

It was Mark who asked the next question. Pushing the two naked ladies up against each other, he grinned, "Any chance to watch a little girl on girl?"

It is every man's dream. Would we finally experience it?

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