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A Foursome That Was More Than I Bargained For

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Mark and Stacy, a couple I swing with somewhat regularly now that I got back into the lifestyle, call and invite me to dinner for the coming Saturday night. After working out babysitting issues (I?m a single dad) I?m all set for Saturday. Mark mentions that there will be a lady friend of Stacy?s coming with us. When I hesitate a little thinking they are trying to set me up, Mark assures me that Bianca understands our relationship and is very interested in joining in. For the next three days, I?m horny as hell but I won?t even jerk off knowing that if this goes well, I?ll cum a ton Saturday night.

When Saturday arrives, I?m even more ramped up than I was all week. I shower, clean everything up and get dressed for dinner. Nice dress pants and a nice shirt and a tie as we are going to a very upscale restaurant. I decided to have a little fun and passed on the boxers going commando which just kept me semi-hard all night. I met Mark, Stacy and Bianca at the restaurant. Stacy looked incredible wearing a very tight dress showing off that hot athletic body. Stacy is 5 feet 5 inches and barely 100 pounds with small B tits with very sensitive nipples and a beautiful shaved pussy that is always wet. She wasn?t wearing any stockings so I know she has on a sexy g-string or like me isn?t wearing any underwear. I can tell she?s not wearing a bra as her nipples are erect and poking against the dress. Mark is dressed like me and is looking good too. Mark is 5 feet 10 inches, athletic, clean shaven and has a cock that likes to fuck me almost as much as his wife. Well, maybe not that much. But part of my excitement for this night was knowing I?d have Mark?s cock in my mouth and ass.

Now Bianca looked amazing too. Being 5 feet 9 inches I have met women who are taller than me or at least are when wearing heels. But Bianca was probably 5 feet 9 inches or a little taller and then coupled with her wearing 3? heels was even taller than Mark. Which was hot as well as a little weird. Bianca was wearing a form fitting dress too and had nice large fake tits that were being shown off by the plunging neck line. Maybe 36Cs. She also has a nice ass but a little on the bigger side. She has long dark hair and an olive complexion. So pretty different from what I?m normally attracted to. We had a great dinner and enjoyed a decent amount of wine loosening everyone up. Towards the end of the meal, the talk turned to sex with Bianca asking a lot of questions about the three of us. She asked Mark how he can share Stacy and then asks me if I play with both of them. When I say yes, she gets visibly excited and continues to ask questions. And they get more intimate. Like, ?Do you suck Mark?s cock?? When I say yes to this one, Bianca says, ?Do you two fuck each other?? I just nod my head yes and smile. Then Bianca says, ?I think we need to get out of here.? We all laugh a little and get the check.

On the drive to Mark and Stacy?s house, Stacy actually rides with me telling Bianca, ?I?m not letting you get started on your own.? The whole ride to their house Stacy drills me. With questions. Do I think Bianca is hot? Do I want to fuck her? I find it a bit weird and finally say, ?What the hell?s going on Stace? The four of us are driving back to your house to fuck each other?s brains out. Why all of the questions?? Stacy says, ?No reason? and just lets everything drop. Which just turns my radar up 10 fold. When we get to the house, we jump right to the bedroom. The ladies undress the men removing our ties, shirts, shoes and socks. They leave us in our pants for the moment. Bianca and Stacy then turn to each other and start to make out and feel each other up. It doesn?t take long for Mark and me to be rock hard. I even reach over and rub his cock. This makes Bianca moan mid kiss. Bianca then slides Stacy?s dress off leaving Stacy completely nude except for her heels. So I was right in thinking she wasn?t wearing a bra or panties. So fucking hot.

I then say, ?Hey Stacy we have something in common? and I stand and drop my dress pants showing everyone that I wasn?t wearing any underwear either. Without saying a word, Bianca kneels in front of me and almost swallows my cock. She deep throats me and sucks me hard and fast. She pulls off and says, ?I?m not stopping until you cum down my throat so don?t hold back or try to stop me. Give me your fucking cum now.? With that she deep throats me again and sucks me hard. So I don?t fight it and after only a couple of minutes scream out that I?m going to cum and explode straight down Bianca?s throat. My load if fucking massive as I haven?t cum all week. Some of my cum actually leaks out of her mouth and when she?s finished, I pull her up and kiss her cleaning up the mess I made. All she says is ?Oh fuck.?

I then reach behind her and start to unzip her dress. But Bianca quickly turns around and tells me to do it from behind. Again my radar goes up wondering why she did that but I continue. I also notice Mark is now naked but Stacy and he are just watching. So I continue removing Bianca?s dress. I look at her in a nice sexy bra and g-string and reach around her to play with her tits and stomach. I rub my cock against her ass cheeks keeping myself hard. When I play with her tits I feel her push back against me and she reaches back and unhooks the bra. Her fake tits feel awesome and very real. And her nipples are rock hard. I move my hand down and when I get to her stomach she stops me. She says, ?Wait.? Again, the radar is going crazy in my head and I finally say, ?What?s up? Something?s not right here. What the hell is going on?? With that Bianca turns around and when I look at her I see the gorgeous woman with a beautiful set of tits, a flat stomach and what looks like a solid 8 inch cock.

I say, ?Oh fuck really? Fucking awesome.? And I jump to the ground, rip off Bianca?s panties and deep throat her cock. I suck her just as hard as she was sucking me and Stacy says, ?I told you not to worry Bianca. Now fucking cum in his mouth. He loves cum. Fuck his mouth and fill it.? Never having the pleasure of being with a tranny, I go nuts on her cock. I suck Bianca off like there is no tomorrow. And she doesn?t disappoint and just as fast I came, she does too. She explodes in my mouth filling it with her hot, sticky cum. I suck her dry and when I pull off of her cock, I show her the load in my mouth and then swallow it all down for her. I then say, ?Stacy, let Mark eat that sweet pussy of yours while Bianca and I suck him off. He needs to cum too.?

So Stacy face plants her pussy on Mark?s mouth who jumps right in tonguing his wife?s pussy. Bianca and I start to suck Mark?s cock and balls. With Mark?s cock in Bianca?s mouth, I whisper in her ear, ?I cannot wait for that awesome cock of yours to be deep in my ass.? She moans while continuing to suck Mark off. We work his cock, balls and even tongue his asshole until we know he can?t hold back any longer. Stacy has already cum twice and is now just watching us. Mark is too and when I feel his cock swell in mouth, I pull it out and pull Bianca?s face next to mine. Mark explodes and shoots his load all over our faces and in our open mouths. Bianca and I swallow down what hit our mouths but Stacy cleans my face while Mark eats his own cum from Bianca?s face.

We take a very short break where Bianca says that she cannot believe I was cool with her being a tranny. I look at her and say, ?I love sex. If it feels good, I do it. It doesn?t matter who I?m doing it with. As long as it feels good.? I then grab Stacy and say, ?Now I want to feel good again? and I lay her on her back and slide my cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. With Stacy on her back and me standing next to the bed pounding her pussy, I guide her hand to her clit. Knowing exactly what I want, Stacy complies. Soon, about 3-4 minutes, she says ?Now!? I pull out and Stacy explodes squirting that perfect pussy cum all over the place. She hits me in the groin and stomach and some even back on herself. Bianca nearly came just watching and can?t believe it. Mark then guides her onto her hands and knees with her face less than a foot away from Stacy?s pussy. As she watches me re-enter Stacy?s pussy to help bring on the second squirt, Mark slides in behind Bianca and places the head of his cock at the opening to her asshole. Bianca screams out, ?Oh yes Mark. Please fuck me. Fuck my tranny pussy. Stuff that hard cock deep in my tranny pussy.? And Mark does just that. He pushes into her ass balls deep and fucks this hot tranny?s ass hard and fast. Stacy looks over at her husband fucking a tranny for the first time and along with me fucking her and her playing with her clit, she?s ready to blow again. When she tells me now, I don?t pull out yet. I let the juices start to flow and then pull out. Her pussy erupts with cum and half of it shoots out all over Bianca?s face. Bianca screams out ?Oh fuck yes. Cum on me Stacy. Oh fuck.? Then her ass tightens and she screams again. ?Oh fuck I?m cumming. I?m cumming.? And I look over and see her cock shooting cum all over the bed. When her orgasm ends, she?s upset that she came so quickly. But Mark and I put her at ease telling her it?s okay and that there will be plenty more shooting from her cock tonight.

Bianca then moves above Stacy and plants her mouth on Stacy?s clit while Stacy takes Bianca?s cock into her mouth. Mark then continues to fuck Bianca?s ass while I slide my completely pussy cum drenched cock deep into Stacy?s ass. Bianca works Stacy?s clit and pussy over making Stacy cum over and over again. After about 5 minutes, Mark and I switch and I get to fuck a tranny?s ass for the first time ever. Even though I?ve fucked guys before, this is different. Not sure if it?s more taboo or not, but it takes a lot of effort not to cum. Mark and I then spend the next half hour slamming Stacy and Bianca?s ass switching back and forth every 5 minutes or so. Stacy has cum almost constantly and has squirted a couple more times. And it?s so fucking hot when she?s squirting all over me while I?m continuing to fuck her ass. Both Mark and I are covered in her cum. When Mark is back in his wife?s ass, I say, ?Cum in her ass Mark. I?m going to fill this whore?s ass with my cum. Then we can watch as they eat the loads from each other?s assholes.? Bianca reacts by saying, ?Oh yes. Cum in my ass. I?m such a fucking whore. Fill me up. Please.? When I cum, so does she. It almost feels like my cum is shooting from my cock through Bianca?s body into Stacy?s mouth. As I fill Bianca?s ass, she fills Stacy?s mouth cumming for a third time already. Mark follows close behind and shoots his load deep into Stacy?s ass.

When we finish and pull out, we watch as Stacy eats my load from Bianca?s ass and Bianca eats Mark?s load from Stacy?s ass. We then go and clean up and we all take another short break. When the break is over and the girls start noticing a revival in our cocks, Stacy says, ?Okay, our turn.? With that she grabs her strap-on and commands Mark and me to our knees. Stacy?s ?cock? and Bianca?s actual cock are presented for sucking. Mark and I comply and suck both cocks until they are both ready to go. We are then bent over the bed and our assholes are lubed up. Stacy moves in behind me and Bianca behind Mark. Together our asses are violated and for the next half hour, Mark and I are treated like anal fuck whores. Stacy pushes the dildo deep into my ass at the same time Bianca slides deep into Mark?s ass. We are then talked to like dirty, nasty whores. Stacy says, ?Come on whore; take my cock deep in your ass. Tell me you want it. Come on whore, beg for my cock.? My response is, ?Oh please Stacy. Please give me your cock. Please fuck my ass hard with your cock. Give it to me hard. Please.?

Mark is saying the same things to Bianca begging for her cock and she?s saying things like, ?Yea bitch, take my cock in your boy pussy. I?m fucking your boy pussy hard. Tell me you want it hard.? They switch back and forth every five minutes or so and after about 20 minutes, they tell us to turn over. This is what I?ve been waiting for ever since I realized Bianca was a she-male. Bianca moves between my legs and spreads them out wide. Then while looking at her gorgeous face and incredible tits, I feel her cock slide into my ass again. Watching a gorgeous woman with perfect tits fuck me with a real cock is mind blowing. I can?t wait any longer and I reach down and start pounding my cock jerking off. ?Cum inside me Bianca. Fill my ass with your hot cum. Please. Please.? She then arches her back and pushes all the way in causing me to orgasm when she does. For every stream of hot cum she shoots deep into my ass, I shoot an equivalent stream of hot cum all over her body.

Mark watches and does the same thing cumming right after me and coating Stacy?s body is his cum. The girls then lie on their backs on the bed and tell us to lick each other?s load clean. When Mark starts lapping my load up off of Bianca?s body I move above her head and say, ?Now eat your own load. Mark and I have so it?s your turn.? Bianca then sucks her cum from my ass and once she drains it all out, I lick Stacy?s body clean. Unfortunately while cleaning her up, she drenched me squirting on me twice. So Mark, Bianca and Stacy lick me clean. Now of course, all three cocks are rock hard again and Stacy?s pussy is still dripping wet.

So we decide that it?s basically a free for all. Nothing planned; nothing paired off. Do whatever. Knowing I can basically have Mark or Stacy anytime I want, I lay Bianca on her back, slide a pillow under her ass and re-enter her nice, tight butthole. While fucking her, we both reach between our bodies to play with her cock. Out of nowhere, Stacy moves between our faces and places her pussy on Bianca?s mouth and her asshole on my mouth. We immediately go to work. Without looking, I know what?s coming and I can?t wait. Mark squirts the lube between my ass cheeks and slides his coated cock deep inside me. This is my favorite feeling in the world. My cock deep inside an ass while a cock is deep inside mine. Bianca and I lick Stacy to multiple orgasms and even a bed sheet drenching squirt that nearly drowns Bianca. Stacy then climbs off and watches as Mark and I then switch taking turns again deep in Bianca?s ass. And when we aren?t in her ass, we are in each other?s.

We feel our final loads of the night coming and before anyone can say anything, Stacy demands them all. So when each of us is ready to cum, we walk over to Stacy who deep throats us and swallows every drop. Bianca then showers and says good bye and leaves. I?m not long after her but I mention to Mark and Stacy that we need to invite her to one of our orgies. The others will love her.

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