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A Fantasy of my first bi experience

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I am a 50 yr old man who is happily married to a wonderful woman for the last 17 yrs. Now my wife has always been a bi-curious woman which we talk about alot. We go to SLS parties, watch the fun but mostly just hang back and spend the time with ourselves. She has no interest in being with another man and I have no interest in being with another woman. What I want is to see my lady get it on with another woman. As does she. It hasnt happened yet but When the right lady cums along, Im sure it will be out of this world!.

We have talked alot about her bi curious nature and it is a turn on. I too have been curious for most of my life but never acted on it. We havent talked about my bi-curious nature because once I had hinted about it, she didnt like the idea. I love my wife more than anything so I would never do anything to upset her but I have been having more Male sex fantasies as of late.

Now during our years together, we have experimented with some different sex toys and positions. She enjoys the occasional anal sex and loves to have a toy or finger in her ass as I eat her. She has also given me the pleasure of fingering my ass while she blows me which is incredible to say the least.

That turned into her using vibrators or glass wands on me a few times which totally blew my mind. The first time she fucked me with a toy I whimpered like a school girl. I actually could not believe How amazing it felt!

Not long ago, I purchased a strap on for her. I told her it was for if we ever met a woman she clicked with, they might want to experiment with it.. Then I said, "OR... you could try it on me sometime." She smiled and said "Really??? You'd want that huh? Maybe someday" And left it at that.

Needless to say, it has yet to be used.

Now I may be 50 but my sex drive seems to have gotten stronger as of late.

Sometimes when she is at work I may click online and start to jerk off and at times, use one of the glass dildos on myself...

Lately, I have been getting strong fantasies about meeting a man and exploring my bi side.

I have 2 jobs, one is working as night time security for a fitness center. I close the place up and lock the doors, turn out the lights and basically have the entire gym to myself. I can work out, swim, use the sauna, whatever I want so long as I keep the place clean.

My bi fantasy starts there.

I have just locked up, there is no one around and the place is dark. I decide to get a quick workout in when I hear someone knocking on the door. I walk over and there is a man standing there looking in at me. "were closed!" I shout.

The guy says he has to leave in the morning on a short notice business trip and was hoping to get in a quick workout before he has to head to the airport.

This guy is maybe 53 yrs old, he looks harmless enough and what the hell, I am going to be working out anyway so why not.

I let him in and he introduces himself as he apologizes for the inconvenience. No problem,I say, I will be here for about an hour so enjoy yourself.

I walk him to the locker room so I can finish getting into my sweats. As he undresses I cant help but notice him Looking at me and smiling.

I smile back and walk out to the weights.

As I am on the bike warming up he climbs on the bike next to mine and we start up a conversation.

He seems like a good guy, the more we talk the more I like this guy. After my time on the bike I go to the Bench press and load up the weights. He asks if I could use a spotter and I tell him sure why not. I lay on the bench and lift the bar. As I lower it he moves over top of me. Im looking right up his shorts and he has no underwear on. I am mesmerized by his soft penis just hanging there only inches from my face. I finish my set but I think he noticed my admiration and smiles as he walks away to start his workout. Sitting on the edge of the bench I am kind of shocked at what had just happened yet very turned on, Which I think was also beginning to be noticeable. I laughed it off and finished my workout. I got undressed and went into the sauna to relax before showering. Only a few minutes pass when he he enters the sauna and asks if he could join me. What can I do, "Sure make yourself at home" I say.

So he enters the room and sits in front of me. The heat sure feels nice and relaxing and soon we start up a conversation. He tells me he is divorced, and loves being free to do whatever he wants. We have a few laughs and then I notice him checking me out. "You ok?" I ask.

"Sorry, didnt mean to stare" He says as he turns away.

I laugh and jokingly reply, " see anything you like?"

He turns towards me and says, I sure do, and before I know it, he has his hand on my thigh.

Im stunned, I never thought something like this could ever happen to me. My cock almost instantly begins to throb and grow. He leans in close to my crotch and softly takes hold of my growing cock. He begins stroking it and asks if I like it. I nervously say yes and tell him I have never done anything like this before. He leans back and smiles at me and says, "well then this should be fun!"

He cups my balls in one hand and starts stroking my cock with the other. Then he brings his face close to my hard cock and kisses its head. I gasp as it sends a shock wave through out my body. He smiles and parts his lips. Slowly he inserts my cock between his lips. Drawing it deeper into his mouth. I gasp again and put a hand on his head. He looks up at me and smiles. He begins a rhythmic bobbing up and down on my cock. It was amazing. He takes my cock out of his mouth and sucks my balls then licks his way back to the head of my cock. He hungrily gobbles it up and sucks me for all he is worth.

I cant keep from moaning and telling him how wonderful it feels. Suddenly he stops, he pulls me out of his mouth and asks if I would like to try him. I cant speak, words will not come out of me. I can only nod as I switch places with him. My hands tremble as I reach out and grab hold of his hard on. My mouth suddenly becomes dry and I swallow a few times to get it wet. I softly jerk him off with one hand while my other is holding my still saliva soaked cock. I can feel his cock throbbing and pulsing in my hand. He reassures me that I dont have to do this. Thats when I lean forward and place his head against my lips. Its hot. Smooth and has some precum beginning to ooze from it. I kiss it lightly. The taste is salty but nice. I kiss it again and his precum enters my lips. I pull back a second and lick my lips clean. Its sweet! I stop and admire this wonderful hard cock I have in my hands when all my inhibitions suddenly disappear. I part my lips and take him in. He is of average size. about the same as mine but he feels massive in my mouth. I feel like an animal has taken possession of me and I begin wildly sucking on his cock as he moans and tells me how good it feels. He puts both hands on my head and guides me back and forth as I cant get enough of this wonderful cock. I moan and suck and my tongue dances all around his shaft. I pull it out of my mouth and lovingly gaze at it gleaming with my saliva.

I put it back in my mouth and suck it some more.

Now my hands are rubbing his thighs and moving up and caressing his ass. It feels so good in my hands. I push on his ass. forcing him to fuck my face. This is the most exciting experience I could ever imagine!

He pulls me away. My mouth still hungry for more and turns around and shows me his ass. I run my hands all over it and into his crack. My fingers dance greedily as I begin to poke and lightly probe his hole. He moans and tells me its mine if I want it. I lean in and kiss it. Then My tongue darts into his hole and licks deep. I take hold of his still heavenly member and stroke downward as I lick and probe his wanting ass. I insert first one finger, then two.

He thrusts his pelvis as I stroke him and finger him in unison. I tell him I had always imagine how this would feel.

He pulls away and asks me if I would like for him to show me.

I am nearly orgasming at the thought of this man fingering me. I cant turn around quick enough. He smiles and tells me to relax. He starts off by sucking my already engorged cock. His hands begin to explore my aching ass and soon his fingers find my honey hole. I jump when they first touch me there but I soon relax and he leans into me and jabs his tongue deep into my anus. Oh God! I exclaim as his tongue explores every inch of my ass. Soon I begin to feel pressure and he inserts his first finger. Slowly it enters me. It hurts at first but the pleasure beats out the pain.

I tell him to wait and he pulls out. he thinks I have had enough but I just want to be on my back and watch him.

I bring my legs up to my chest as he once again enters me with his finger. Slowly he moves it in and out. The smile on my face tells him he is doing a good job. He pulls out and slowly puts two fingers in me. Again its like a hard pinch bit soon the feeling turns to exstacy rather than pain. With his free hand he begins stroking me. In my position, I can now return the favor. He eventually inserts a third finger and fucks me wildly. I am able to maneuver so I can reach his hard cock into my mouth. Its hard to stay focused on his pulsating member while he fucks the hell out of me. His cock tastes sweet as it slides in and out of my mouth when he suddenly begins to breath very heavy and rapidly. I feel his cock grow even harder. I know he is about to explode in my mouth! I have never taken a mans load and I slip his cock out of me and stroke him until he gushes all over. At the same time I cant control myself any longer and cum harder that I ever came in my life!

We both drop from exhaustion not speaking a single word.

Eventually we both get up and take a shower. While getting dry and putting our clothes on he looks at me and says. "I will be gone for about two weeks. Want to work out together hen I return?"

I smile and tell him I would love that. We leave the building and go our separate ways, Thinking maybe next time we will go further.

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