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A different BBC party

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                                                                            REAL BBC

Bill  & Sue  were a mid 50's  second marriage couple. Bill had experimented with swinging in his pre marriage life. Sue didn't but was eager to learn when the subject was broached.

During the previous years they had participated in threesomes, moresomes and other kind of crazy escapades. Sue had evolved into a Hotwife and Bill a Cuckold. It didn't happen over nite. Initially Bill anticipated swapping but he so enjoyed Sue  being taken that it became their thing. Sometimes he was involved, sometimes he would be driving as she was in the back seat on a "car date". It was always a ton of fun.

Though Sue had tried BBC it really wasn't her thing. She liked black men but found them a little rough around the edges. She desired more of a gentlemen than a "Slam, bam thank you mam "kinda guy.

An old friend Stu was from her days as a bartender at a swing club in Manhattan. He was a large black man that was always good to the bartenders . Leaving them generous tips and giving holiday gifts. Stu texted Sue several times about BBC parties he was putting on in a NJ hotel. Sue usually ignored the invites but one day she said " lets go to one of his parties. He's a great guy and I don't have to play"

This party was very different. A two bedroom suite with a living room in the middle. A great place to meet & greet. They got there at about 8:30 and a lot of folks were coming in. About a dozen couples and about a dozen BBC were there. All the white women were beautiful and around the 40-55 age group.  They were all present with their husbands /boyfriends.

Sue  met two great guys and engaged them in conversation about where they lived, what they did for a living and of course the Lifestyle. Bill basically stayed away allowing them to get to know each other. Tony was a Philly Police Officer and Joe was a  financial guy. These guys were different. Dressed to the 9's that smelled good and the conversation flowed. Bill would come by every so often and stand at her side.

At about 9:45 Bill thought to himself. Its do or die time. Is she gonna play or say "We gotta get going?" As he approached the small group she said "Whats going on in the bedrooms?" It meant one of two things. She was looking for a place to play or she was just curious and maybe she would go in to just watch.

Bill did what he was told and checked out the rooms. In room one was about four women playing on both beds with a large group of BBC. The other room had one women on one bed with a few men and the other bed was free and obviously was not used as it was made up like the cleaners just left.

He went back to his wife and told her what was going on. She said okay but didn't give any indication as to what she was up to.

About 15 minutes later she stood up , held both guys by the hand and walked towards the bedroom with the vacant bed. Bill followed behind. As they got to the room she turned and said "You stay here. I will call for you if you are needed"  It was the first time she wanted to play by herself. Bill felt a twinge of humiliation  but he loved Sue and truly wanted her to enjoy herself.

Bill spend the next hour helping tidy up the living room and chatting with the other guests. He wondered what exactly was going on in the room. The only indication he got was when someone opened the door and he could hear her cries of passion. He wanted to go over to the door and see if he could hear or see anything but he wanted to play in cool, He was a cuck and he knew it. And liked it.

Stu came into the living room area and asked Bill "Where is Sue?" He said in the other bedroom. He started towards the room and was unbuckling his pants. Bill wondered what he had in mind.

Sue was never with Stu. She was a petite women with large 36 D breasts and she felt he was just way to big for her to handle. As he looked in the bedroom he saw two men on a bed without Sue and figured she must have gone into the bathroom to freshen up. He approached the dimly lite area and waited for her to come out. A few moments later he appeared and asked her "Sue, are you enjoying the party?"  She said she was and he approached her. Bending down with his large frame he kissed her lips and her neck area. She responded and they made out like two teenagers. She started to feel his large cock , now free from his pants rubbing against her mid area. He looked down into her eyes and lowered her head onto his cock. Sue was very horny from the two other guys and she eagerly took it into her mouth. His cock wasn't just big but was very thick. She went to town and serviced him on her knees. He held her head to show her how he liked being taken, A few others had came by to watch the partys host enjoying the cute blonde haired blue eyed beauty.

He looked over and said to one of the guests "Go get her husband. I want him to see this" When Bill came into the room Sue looked up at him and winked. Bill couldn't  believe she was  taking this monster cock. He was turned on and had another extreme feeling of humiliation.

After another 20 minutes Bill was convinced she was going to get a reward and a big one at that. But Stu had other ideas. He eased her up and brought her into the room and onto the same bed she had just performed on. The other men got off the bed and make room for the party host.  He layed her on her back with her legs spread. She had a look of both eagerness and fear as she realized she was gonna get fucked by this monster cock. He took out a Magnum condom and handed it to her cuck and said "Put it on me" Bill did what he was told. He never touched a black cock and was amazed at the hardness and girth. But this wasn't about his pleasure , it was about hers.

She plead with him to be gentle and he assured her he would be. He then something he or she  never heard in a swing club. He said "I have waited for this moment for a long time and I want to make love to you" A crowd had gathered eager to see their friend take her.

He started easing his cock in her. Her pleading went from "Its too big" to "Its fucking big" She accepted her fate and took the cock like a women in need. The show went on for a good half hour when he decided to turn her over and take her doggy style. The crowd of watchers gasped as it pulled out of her and they all could see thus truly magnificent cock. She was nervous as being taken from behind would even be deeper. Luckily the first two lovers opened her up nice.

After another 15 minutes he announced he was gonna fill the condom and unleashed a 30 second orgasm. He collapsed onto her and they both held each other  in ecstasy . She thanked the friend for taking her to a place she was never at before. He called Bill to the bedside and asked him to take the condom off. Bill did what he was told and couldn't believe the amount of cum filling the condom.

After many minutes she felt strong enough to get up and end the evening. She thanked the trio and get ready for the trip home.

When she got home Bill got into the bed and was ready to reclaim his beautiful wife. She turned to him and said "Im too tired, go to sleep"

The End

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