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A Cruise Opens our Eyes

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A Cruise Opens our Eyes We had just embarked on our fourth cruise. It was just a quick getaway for my wife and I. We are both teachers and decided to take advantage of a short week at school. We had been married for 5 years now and still felt like we were newlyweds. I was 32 while my wife was only 26. We didn?t have any children so we were both still in great shape. I coached a couple different sports in school and my wife went to the Y every day after school. She is still as hot as the day we met. She stands about 5ft 9in with long dark hair and the greatest legs you have ever seen. Her tits were only a b cup though. She always dwelled on this but they were very perky and looked perfect to me.

We are both pretty simple people. When around home we never went to any wild parties or even drank when we were out eating. We felt like we need to be professional all the time because of our jobs. At home was a different story though. My wife was wild in bed. She loved to dress up and tease me. I always pushed her to dress slutty when we went out, but she always chickened out and used our jobs as an excuse. The only time I have ever gotten her to be a little daring was on a previous cruise. I convinced her to wear this very tight mini skirt and 5 inch heels to dinner one night. She was amazing. Every guy in there was fucking her in their mind. It always turns me on when I see her getting noticed by other guys. We went to one of the clubs later that night and she actually danced with a couple other guys. I was so turned on. When we went back to our room I talked about it while we made love. It drove both of us crazy. We have since used that in bed many times. I would mention how much the guys wanted her and how they were picturing her while they were fucking their wives. It drove her wild. Although we both enjoyed the talk in bed, it never went past that. We never talked about swinging or her fucking another guy, but I knew it turned her on.

Once we boarded the ship, we made our way two our room. We wanted to change clothes since we had dressed very casual for the drive down. I had convinced her to bring some really sexy clothes for the trip and she had obliged. She put on a dark blue sun dress. It had small straps that led down to a very low neck line. She also had on some 4 in wedges. The dress hung down about half way to her knees making her legs look killer. She had hit the tanning bed a few times and had her legs very nicely tanned. As expected it was very windy outside. Several guys got some good looks at her ass as we walked around the ship. There was some music playing and some food being served on the deck around the pool for the boarding guests. We grabbed a bite and sat down to enjoy the music. Another couple came and asked to sit with us since all the other tables were full. I glanced around and saw a couple free tables not too far from us, but my wife, Dee, said sure and made some room on the table. They introduced themselves as Colleen and Ray. They looked as if they were in their late forties or maybe early fifties. Ray was about like me. 6 ft tall and in good shape. He had very dark skin and black hair with some grey mixing in there too. I was probably built a little bigger than him but he was very toned just as I was. Colleen had two major assets that drew my eyes in immediately. Her tits were about to burst out of her top. She had on a white tank top and a dark skirt on that went to just above her kneess. We hit it off with them right away despite our age differences. We all seemed to like the same sports, tv shows, etc. We sat there and people watched and listened to music for a few hours till we were out in the ocean. The time flew by and our conversations were going great. I had noticed how Ray had slid his chair more to the side of Dee so he could see the stage better. Colleen had done the same towards me. The conversations eventually ended up as Ray and Dee and me and Colleen. Ray was not shy about his flirting with Dee but who could blame him? She looked so hot sitting there. I was getting my fair share of flirting from Colleen. She would laugh and put her hand on my knee or brush something off my shoulder. I didn?t really think of it as flirting at the time. We were just all being friendly is what it seemed. We finally left to go get ready for dinner. Ray and Colleen went to their suit as Dee and I went to our little ocean view room. We never spent much on our rooms because we never went in them much. Ray had suggested we all sit together at supper so we didn?t get stuck with some old bores or foreigners. We agreed since that had happened to us before. We knew with it being winter it would still be cool outside at night on the water so I had convinced Dee to wear stockings at dinner every night. She didn?t protest because she knows how hot they get me. She was wearing a sexy animal print cocktail dress. It hung down to just above her knees and she had on 5 inch black leather heels. Wow, I was all over her in the room. I was rubbing her tits and her pussy while she was trying to do her makeup. She was telling me to quit but her panties were soaked by the time we were leaving. As we arrived at our table Ray and Colleen were sitting on opposite sides of the table. Ray stood up and pulled the chair beside him out. I didn?t figure he was doing this for me so I stepped to the other side of the table. Dee sat in the chair and thanked him as he sat down beside her. With the noise of the dining room we spent most of the meal talking to each other?s spouses. Ray and Colleen both complimented us on how well dressed we were. Colleen was dressed very sexy too. She had on dress pants but had a very low cut tight top on that showed a little bra at the bottom. I was chubbing a little while at the table. By the end of the meal, with a couple drinks in him, Ray had mentioned how hot Dee looked. Dee laughed it off and told him to stop flattering her and everyone just laughed. After dinner we went to the casino and then to the comedy show. Eventually we headed off to our rooms and to bed. Dee jumped me in the room and we fucked like crazy for a couple hours till we went to bed. I asked her what had gotten her so excited and she just said she felt really sexy and that turned her on. I told her the same things I always had so I figured it had to be Ray?s remarks and the attention he paid her.

We awoke on day two and went for some breakfast. Ray and Colleen came into the dining room in their swimming attire. They had gotten up rather early and claimed a few chairs on the adult deck. They convinced us to go change and meet them up there. While we were changing I kept molesting Dee until we had a quicky before heading up to the deck. It was hot and unexpected. Dee looked killer in her little bikini. Ray was instantly mind fucking her as she sat down in the chair beside him. Our chat picked up again and we were having a great time. I decided I wanted to grab some ice cream and asked if anyone wanted something. Everyone wanted something and I couldn?t carry it all so Colleen spoke up and said I will give you a hand. I let her up the stairs first. I had to admire her ass as it was only inches from my face. Her tits also were begging to be released from her top. We walked around a little and chatted as we got what everyone wanted. She even gave me this sexy little look as she licked her ice cream cone and moaned a little over how good it tasted. I had to look away because it excited me more than a little. I will never forget what I say as we arrived back to the adult deck. Ray was sitting on the edge of my wife?s chair rubbing sun tan lotion on her legs as she lay with her face buried in a towel. His hands couldn?t have been more than a couple inches from her pussy. Colleen looked back at me as we stepped off the steps and said ?look at that sly devil.? I was looking and getting a hard on at the same time. Things calmed down as everyone just enjoyed the sun and continued chatting. After lunch we all went back to the adult deck and decided to have a few drinks. My wife hardly ever drinks so when Ray announced that the first ones were on them I almost protested for Dee. She asked for some fruity drink so I just smiled. I know how horny alcohol makes her. Sure enough within about one and a half hours she asked if we could go to the room and rest a little before supper. I jumped up and didn?t waste any time. We walked in the room, jumped in the shower and were fucking within seconds. A short nap later and it was time to get ready for supper. This was the night of the captains dinner. So I had on a shirt and tie and Dee went full call girl. Just seeing her lay the outfit out got me excited and we fucked again. I bent her over the bed and she didn?t protest one bit. I knew I wasn?t going to last too long but I was surprised at how quick she came. I knew she was very turned on and that there was only that one reason for it. As we were getting dressed I decided to ask her. She told me that Ray?s flirting with her had gotten her really hot. She even said she felt bad for liking it so much. I told her it was nothing bad and how I had noticed his flirting. She apologized again and I reassured her I was ok with it and how hot I thought it was. I told her if she thought he was flirting with her before, wait until he sees her tonight. She had on a very sexy tight black dress on. The lower part was so short that she had to wear pantyhose with it. She again put her black 5 inch heels on and her bright red lipstick. I told her to be sure to strut her stuff cause every man on the boat would be looking at her. She laughed and said yea but I am only going home with one of them. I asked her was she talking about me or Ray? She slapped my shoulder and said ?he is pretty hot for an older guy, but you know I would never do that.? I told her that I thought she might after watching the two of them for the past two days. She didn?t say anything. I found her silence odd so I asked her if she had thought about it. She admitted that she has been thinking about it and that was why she had been so horny. I told her I knew it was. She looked a little ashamed again and I told her that I loved her very much and I had never been attracted to her more than the last two days. I confessed to her how much I liked to watch other guys admiring her. I told her how much it turned me on to see them undressing her and fucking her in their minds. I told her that I think about guys fucking her sometimes when we are making love. I had always felt bad for it but couldn?t help it. It really turned me on. She looked surprised but excited at the same time. I told her to turn that flirting up a notch and lets see how hot she can be. I knew that laying a challenge in front of her would get her going. She gave her makeup one last check, adjusted her tits and turned for the door.

We arrived at the table to find Ray and Colleen again sitting across from each other. Ray almost stumbled when he saw Dee. I was pleasantly surprised to see Colleen as well. She had a tight fitting dark blue dress on that went to about 4 inches above her knee. It had rode up a bit when she sat in her chair because I caught a glimps of her stocking tops as I slid into my seat. Her tits were again spilling out of the top of her dress. Her dress fit her curvy figure perfectly. About half way through dinner I could feel Colleen?s leg up against mine. I got hard right away. I wanted to fill her stocking covered legs so bad. There was a lot of touching whispering going on with Dee and Ray and they weren?t really paying us that much attention. I moved my leg a little and pushed my napkin off in the floor between Colleen and myself. I had to lean over her a bit to grab the napkin and I made sure to run the back of my hand all the way up her calm and up to her dress as I placed the napkin back on my leg. She let out a little moan as I did this letting me know she liked it. She slid her hand over my leg and placed it over my hardening cock. I was instantly rock hard. She began to stroke me through my pants. I slid my hand over and placed it on the inside of her thigh. I slid it up until I reached the top of her stockings. While doing this my napkin fell to the floor again. This kind of brought me out of my coma as I had to lean out into the isle to grab it this time. As I was grabbing my napkin I glanced back under the table to check out Dee?s legs. There I saw Ray?s hand buried in my wife?s crotch. Her legs were spread apart and he was running his fingers along her pussy lips. Her had was over in his lap and had his cock in it. At some point he had removed his cock and she was very gently stroking it for him. I did another look at it all and sat back up. I could not tell anything was going on above the table. Had the desert not come I think something else would have came at the table. After finishing our drinks we decided to hit one of the bars. Dee grabbed Ray?s arm and let him lead her out to the bar. I had to admire how hot she looked in the outfit. Ray even grabbed her ass once as he ushered her through a door. Colleen was also holding my arm as we got many looks from passer-bys. They knew what was going on even if we didn?t. We still thought it was harmless flirting mixed with some alcohol.

We all began to dance once in the club. I started out with Dee and 3 songs in Ray broke in to dance with her. I was fine dancing with Colleen as she was a really good dancer. She would grind her ass into me and I would slide my hands up and brush against the sides of her tits. We saw Dee and Ray headed to a table after a couple more songs so we joined them. Ray said he was going to the casino to cool down a little and get away from the crowd. Colleen said she wanted to dance some more so, to my surprise, Dee said she would go. I told her not to blow all her money and she just laughed and said she was buzzing too much to gamble. She was just going to be Ray?s good luck charm. She kissed me and said ?I love you? to which I replied the same and they left. I thought it seemed strange but Colleen grabbed me and dragged me to the dance floor before I could think about it. With our spouses gone it was game on. We were all over each other on the floor. I would get behind her, run my hands from her knees up her thighs, then from her thighs to her tits and grab both tits with both hands. Her ass was grinding back onto my cock and it felt amazing. I was kissing her neck and finally turned her around and kissed her for real on the lips. Her tongue met mine and we made out right there on the dance floor. I slid my hand down to her ass and pulled her leg around mine so my cock was jammed into the front of her. I slid my hand up her thigh exposing her stocking top but she didn?t care. She told me we should go find somewhere a little more private. I wasn?t thinking with my mind so I said sure. As we walked by the casino I looked in for Ray and Dee. There was no sign of them. Colleen said they probably went to another bar or to walk around. Colleen said their room was only one floor down so we should go back to our room. It sounded like a good plan to me so down the elevators we went. I played with her ass as other people joined us on the elevator. She tried not to draw attention to us despite my best efforts to. As we reached mine and Dee?s room I fumbled in my pocket for my key. I pulled it out and slid it into the slot. I pulled the card out, pushed the handle down and pushed the door open. I will never forget the sight in our bed that night. There was my wife laid back on the bed with her legs running up Ray?s chest and shoulders. Her pantyhose had been ripped at the crotch and her skirt slid up to her waist. Her top was pulled down exposing her tits and her black 5 inch heels were up at Ray?s face. Ray looked over at us then just looked back at Dee and continued to pound her pussy. Dee never even acknowledged we were there. Ray took our presence as an opportunity to show his abilities. His pace quickened as we walked in and the force with which he was fucking Dee was amazing. She would open her mouth to scream but nothing would come out. Ray asked her if she liked his cock. She didn?t say anything. He slowed down a little and asked again. I guess slowing the pace got the response he was looking for because Dee replied back I love your cock. He asked her if she wanted more of her cock and she screamed ?yes Ray I want more of your cock.? Who does this pussy belong to for the rest of this cruise, he asked her. ?It belongs to you Ray. My pussy belongs to you.? I couldn?t believe what I was hearing. I was so hot and found that I was rubbing my cock through my pants. Colleen took the hint and pulled my cock out of my pants. She started blowing me there while I watched Ray fuck my wife. Ray soon announced that he was going to cum. To my surprise Dee ordered him to cum inside her. At her request Ray began to unload in my wife. It was too much for me to bear and I began to cum in Colleen?s mouth. She swallowed every drop, cleaned my cock off, and pushed it back into my pants. I looked over and Ray had collapsed on top of Dee. They were making out and he was telling her they were going to fuck all night. Colleen zipped my pants up and pulled me towards the door. She said I had some work to do on her too. We went back up to their room and fucked all night. I have never came as much as I did that night.

The next day Colleen and I woke up, fucked again, and showered. I put on a pair of Ray?s swim trunks and we went back to the adult deck. About 30 minutes later, Dee and Ray appeared. Ray had a pair of my trunks on as well. He had is arm around Dee like he was her prize. We all sat down and talked about what had happened. I talked with Dee and she was ok with it all. It eventually came out that Ray and Colleen were swingers and had set their sights on us while we were boarding the boat. They shared a couple of experiences they had had and then we talked about how Ray had told Dee he was going to fuck her before this trip was over when he was rubbing the suntan lotion on her the day before. Dee said he was fingering her through her pantyhose as they were at the table and on the dance floor. They said they only gambled a few hands of blackjack before Ray said he was ready to fuck Dee. She protested at first but he grabbed her hand and drug her to the elevator. He pressed her against the wall in the elevator and they made out till they reached our floor. Once in the room he pushed her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to the bed. He ripped her hose open and ate her pussy for a few moments before fucking her. We shared the details of mine and Colleen?s night and through to this morning. As we finished talking Ray stood up and told Dee to get up. As she stood he grabbed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She met his tongue with hers and they made out right in front of us. Ray even reached around and grabbed her ass. He looked down at us and said they might fuck the rest of the day so not to wait up. I looked at Colleen and said good idea. We headed off to their room. Ray and I ended up switching rooms for the rest of the week. We fucked every way imaginable that week. We have played with Ray and Colleen a few times since the cruise. We can?t wait for the next one.

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