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2 Girls and a Guy First times for all

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San Diego how you've made an impression!

We travel together on each other's work trips as much as possible so we find ourselves in new places and different faces a lot. This quick weekday trip to SD was no different. We try not to stay where the other work people are just for some privacy when they are all occupying the hotel bar and we are trying to leave.

This particular trip was for his work so a less stuffy crowd than mine and they like their separate time to go party or sight see. We stayed downtown in a cute boutique hotel. So I found myself wandering during the day shopping while he was in meetings. We text about sex all the time so as I wander and we flirt I'm getting more hot and bothered as the hours go by. I find myself buying a cute short dress and some new platform pumps. I know he loves this look and the slim possibility that I show my ass on accident to some unsuspecting less fortunate husband than mine in the sex department. People think we are younger than our 40 something ID's so we both have fun teasing our age people. Maybe it's that we work out or have young kids, genetics but whatever we are mistaken for early 30's which gives us an advantage over other 40+ folks in both sex's when flirting cuz we fit the potential fantasy thoughts. This can be fun!

So this particular night in all our sexual text we've decided to be 2 singles that happen to meet at a bar. If you've seen the movie 4 Chistmases you know this is fun and that's where we stole the idea, with more hands and more flirting with others!

I went to the hotel, feeling sexy with my new purchase and having a couple hours before I was headed to the bar I decided to watch some pay per porn... I surf the titles because that's my favorite part and land on Busty something...because I'm seriously considering a breast enlargement/lift so thought I could do research and get off at the same time. Of course the moaning, rubbing amid masterbating started on TV and I followed suit like all good girls should. My pussy was freshly waxed and feeling particularly smooth today which was a turn on too. I quickly went to get the new big black vibrator that we brought along (I always wonder what they think when scanning our luggage). I fucked my pussy fir 15 minutes pretending to be a stranger and my husband watching, which is a fantasy that really gets us both off. It was so wet and I came twice licking my fingers in between because I love the taste of my own juices... I've never tasted another woman and thought that might need to go on the sexual bucket list. Now that I was more relaxed and thoroughly self fucked I decided to pick out the tiniest thong and pretty bra to go with my short light dress and fuck me pumps before I headed to the shower.

All showered and reading my dirty minded husbands text I decide to venture to the bar about and hour before he arrives. Gives me time to flirt, check the crowd and have a drink. So off I go, didn't see anyone in the hall, elevator or many in common area so I kinda thought this Tuesday night bar idea may be a bust...

I soon found out the bar was packed because the World Series playoffs were on. Another bust because businessmen away from home like sports more than flirting or girls. But what I didn't realize is business women love to flirt with other women when getting ignored by their sports minded counter parts. Which I shoulda known as I'm an executive in my day life when not goofing off but like I said we tend to travel on each other's work trips so I'm seldom solo or bored.

I worked my way in the bar a soon found an empty seat at a table of 2 guys in suits and 1 woman in a suit. I asked if I could join them and said I didn't expect the hotel bar to be packed and couldn't find a single seat. They said of course and neither guy even looked twice at me, I really had my work cut out for me. I did quickly notice the suited girl wasn't wearing panty hose and had some very attractive platforms on as well, little spice in her business attire.

We struck up a conversation. She told me the only thing she knew about baseball was she liked the guy playing, I agreed. We talked about my corporate world and I ended up telling her about my husband and I and our fun thrilling flirt and explained my outfit. She thought that was great and decided she wanted to try the flirting part too. She decided 2 girls flirting could get a guys attention. I texted hubby our plan and told him to meet us their once he showered and changed.

She moved in next to me and leaned in close to chat. We decide to see who was paying attention and she put her hand on my very bare leg because my dress was barely covering me. I reached over as we giggled and unbuttoned a few of her stuffy tops buttons to which I could see her very lacy bra and nearly to perfect breasts. I had to ask if they were enhanced, she giggled and said yes it was a failed attempt at getting more attention from her husband. I explained I was actually 45 and just thought they'd be better braless if I had it done but was worried I would like how they feel or I'd lose sensation in my very sensitive nipples. She said the nipples would stay sensitive and felt that hers were very good to feel and offered for me to feel. I eagerly reached into her top and with my small hands gave them a very thorough exam and to my surprise became very aroused and started to feel the warmth of blushing and wetness in my pussy. We laughed some more as I realized she was now rubbing my leg and inner thigh while holding my hand with her other. Her hand brushed my thong over and over as she lightly rubbed. My nipples were so hard I could believe it. The boys at the table were nice enough to order drinks for us all and occasionally during commercials even talk to us. I was getting so horny I couldn't wait for my husband to get here and take me to the room for a great fucking session.

The game played on both on tv and in our little group that now had 5 guys and us 2. Husband was finally here and made his way into the group. He is a former ball player and grew up in Cali which shockingly for only a college career still gets recognized by those that closely follow the sport, of course we had to have one at our little table that happily booted another to get to talk ball with him. Better for me because he was introduced to Jill and me.

By now my pussy had soaked my thong we'd finally gained some attention and my husband was there flirting with both of us and egging us on for the guys. I could see the glisten of moist pussy on her hand as she'd rub my thigh and to my knee. Now I had my hand on the small of her back where I could run it down her skirt to the top of her tiny thong. I needed an orgasm and needed it soon. I'd never been with a woman and had no idea how much of a thrill the thought would be. This may be my moment but how do I ask and what if she doesn't want my husband too, I want it to be us.

I send him a text that says "my pussy wants you and Jill? Please..". To which I got a look, blush from both and a text back saying "Will she, can I, holy shit! Yes!".

I tell Jill I need to use the girls room, she agrees and says she'll follow. We head to the bathroom and as we were the only 2 women in the bar we were in the bathroom. I went to the handicap stall and it was clean thank goodness. Jill followed me straight in and before I could think she grabbed my ass under my skirt and kissed my bare shoulder. My body shuddered and I felt the warmth of an orgasm coming on. I felt her hand move into my thong and fingers on my pussy, I leaned my head to feel her kiss my neck, she rubbed my clit the way I do...I came within a few minutes as she firmly grabbed my breast and kissed my neck.. It was incredible. I turned to kiss her as our tongues moved like they had met before. I pulled up her skirt, rubbed her ass then found that familiar spot that I find on my pussy and started to rub as I slid my fingers in and out and realized she was as bald as I. I did this until I felt her cum then I quickly moved my fingers to her mouth as she licked them then I kissed her again. I had just been fingered by a hot girl and liked it!

We stopped and both breathing heavy, smiled huge and let out a laugh. "I thought I'd never get out of there and get this chance, I've never done that but the tension was intense. I didn't know if you were bi." She said. I said "I didn't think I was but the time was right I see.. But I am straight first and this was just to good to pass up. Wait until I tell my husband, he's gonna do me like never before". I then heard "he's really attractive and I know how perfect you both are and in love. Can we tell him or show him together?"

I texted Todd to meet me in the room in 15 minutes. Giving us enough time to change and freshen up. We headed straight to my room and on the way talked like old friends. She said she was nervous because she's been with her husband 10 years and they work in the same law practice but there's been no sex for over a year. She thinks he's having an affair but didn't want me to think this is revenge just a much needed release. She also informed me he was flying in late and she had just a couple hours so if she bolted that's why but we'd meet fir lunch to gossip about tonight as she feels like we've known each other for years. I am feeling the same but my sex life is pretty incredible so I sympathize. I tell her Todd and I have had a couple random but fun threesomes with another guy but never a woman. We are in the room, the tv still on my 8 hour purchase of busty something's makes Jill giggle. Told her it was research on boobs and to masterbate

We quickly strip to our thongs and bras and decide to leave the shoes on. I text Todd to use his key and lock the door behind him. We jump on the bed trying to look our sexiest and watch our porn. Both of us start to rub our pussies, we are comfortable and it's easy with Jill. I hope Todd likes this, I'm nervous. Jill asks, are you okay with him fucking me? I say yes, since I've already sampled you... We laugh. In walks Todd with a look of wow on his face. He walks to the bed and puts out his hand to introduce himself and Jill pulls on him and pats the bed to get between us and says "you need to lose some clothes first". I saw shirt and shorts fly and like a little kid he jumped on the bed. I began to kiss him and we told him the story of our evening. His dick was getting harder by the second as we both took turns rubbing it and fondling his body. He was obviously okay with it.

Once story time was done and Todd was hard and we were wet and all of us were breathing heavy I spread my legs and pushed Todd to lick my pussy. Wow, this was intense. I could see Jill's naked body facing me as she sat beside Todd rubbing his back and watching him lick while she rubbed her clit. I said "Jill's turn baby, while you fuck her" Jill came face down into my pussy and put her now familiar fingers in me and started to eat me out. I saw Todd move in behind her and guide his dick in her waiting hole with one had while with the other he guided her hip. I felt her shudder and stop licking while she came and that made me cum too, we both let out gasps and squeals and she quickly licked my cum like it was her favorite frosting.

We are changed positions as if we knew what the others were thinking. I winked at Todd as I turned to go down on Jill standing with my ass up heels on and her laying back on the bed, I licked her sweet pussy and did circles on her hard clit while I fingered her tight hole with my small hands. My broader than normal shoulder for a girl from years of sports spread her legs well while I felt Todd guide his rock hard dick in me and pull my by my small waste but slightly broad athletic ass. He said "I love this squat ass!". Words that told me I'm the woman he will always enjoy. He filled my pussy with his cock and pounded my while I licked Jill and I loved it. I came within minutes and so do Jill. We then moved Todd to the bed with our asses facing him so he could finger our soaked holes while we stroked him and sucked him like a tag team of sex. We both leaned in when he said he was about to cum and let his juices hit our tits and then licking each other clean. We then asked Todd to watch as we moved into a 69 with me on top and I licked her pussy with every section of my tongue while spreading it open with my finger so I could taste all she had to offer. I could feel her doing the same and we both moaned as we licked and sucked and fingered each other until we came almost together just seconds apart.

As Jill asked for a break to check her phone and look at the time over an hour had gone by of licking, sucking and fucking. I laid in Todd's familiar arms and said thank you for yet another fantasy fulfilled and he said "are you kidding, I just got every husbands dream fantasy with my hot slutty wife!" He knows I love to be called his slut.

Jill announced that her husband was on his way, she needed a shower and to look proper and bored when he arrived. I kissed her goodbye and told her to text if she wanted to grab lunch she kissed Todd's cheek and grabbed his dick and said thank you for it and his wife. Todd asked if her hubby might be open to fun and she said no, he'd make it boring and I want this to be my perfect memory. Off she went and back to the bed we went to use that already hard again dick and my wanting pussy for more fun.

Yes, we met for lunch. We stayed in touch. Her husband turned out to be having an affair with an attorney at the firm but a young man. Once she found out they remained close and friends and she almost understood. We haven't met up again and it's been about 8 months but we are all suppose to be in Chicago next month, so maybe if you see 2 girls in a bar with their hands in each other's skirts you'll pay attention to us because you might just get a great show or time!

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