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10-25 am

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I look out the kitchen window and see Megan walking up to the back door. I?m just finishing the breakfast dishes and contemplating my Saturday chores, so it?s perfect timing on her part.

?Hey there, come on in,? I call, ?the door?s open.?

?Hi, Dee! Any chance there?s still some coffee around?? she asks. ?I?m already running on fumes.?

?Of course there is. Grab a cup from the cupboard? I?m just finishing these dishes.?

Megan pours a cup and sits back down at the counter.

?So, up late with Alec, eh?? I ask, shooting her a mischievous smile and raising my eyebrows.

?Yeah, but that was only fifteen minutes of THAT,? she says raising her eyebrows and smiling, ?the rest was a ?late night foursome? with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers.?

We both laugh. I dry my hands and go to the fridge to pull the chicken and a couple of other things into the slow cooker for dinner later.

?Why are you smiling, Dee??

I realize she?s caught me in a recall of a foursome Abe and I once had years before.

?Well, a foursome can be fun, but more so with the tv off,? I say with a wink.

Megan peers at me over the cup poised at her lips.

?Oh shit,? I think. TMI.

Megan and Alec live in the other ?half a house? connected to ours. They moved in shortly before we did. Though they?re barely thirty, they?ve lived together for almost five years. We share a common backyard as do all the neighbors on our street. Folks around here aren?t big on fences and this was a concern because Abe and I do enjoy our privacy. Having young neighbors was a big factor in our decision to live here, because we like to entertain, play our music loudly, and are loud in other ways, too.

?That?s probably true, but it?s just enough work these days to get Alec to make love to me, let alone more than one of me,? Megan laments. ?Besides, that?s just more of a guy fantasy than anything. That never happens in real life, I?m sure.?

I sort the ingredients and grab a knife and cutting board. I?m tellingly quiet.

?Oh my God, Dee. Are you saying, or NOT saying, that you? I mean you and Abe?? Or Abe?? I mean???

?That was a lot years, ago, Megan. But, yes, Abe and I do enjoy ?play? with others on occasion. I hope that?s not as shocking as it may sound.?

Megan takes another sip of coffee and I am suddenly really regretful for having opened my mouth about anything.

?So, was it a couple?? she asks.

?No, just one lucky boy Abe and three of us. Three women.?

?Holy fucking shit, Dee!?

?I?m sorry, Megan, I spoke out of turn, and now you?re clearly shocked, horrified, and shocked.?

I?m trying to cut up the chicken and play it all matter of factly, though my stomach is fluttering nervously from too much coffee and too much sharing. Abe is gonna kill me for scaring away the neighbor now that we?ve all become good friends.

After a few moments of awkward silence, I offer, ?Megan, please just forget what??

?No. I mean, um. I was just wondering, well, what?s it like to have, I mean, to be with another woman? I mean, I didn?t know you were gay,? she says. ?I mean, do you have like a girlfriend to???

I laugh nervously and look up at the ceiling.

?Uh, no. First of all, I?m not gay. Not that there?s anything wrong with that. I?ve never been with another woman without Abe. But I can tell you that over the years we have found that exploring other aspects of sex has certainly kept things spicy between us and has never interfered with our day to day sex. Would you like some more coffee or maybe a drink, LOL??

?No thanks, Dee. I?m just a little, I don?t know. It?s clear to everyone that you and Abe are hot over each other, in a really cool way, don?t get me wrong! I just assumed it was more of a Latin kind of thing, you know? I?m really a little jealous of that, actually. Alec is the only guy I?ve ever been with except for my clumsy boyfriend in college. Sex is nice with him. But, I guess I?ve always wondered if this is as good as it gets.?

I realize once again how lucky I am to have Abe. Nine times out of ten when my girlfriends talk about sex it?s all nostalgia blended with boredom and two side servings of repetition.

Turning to the sink, I begin to rinse the potatoes. The phone rings and I move to pick it up from the counter and in doing so, bump full on into Megan! She?s staring straight at me and says, ?Um, I?m sorry, but, um, do you think I?m, well, um??

?Do-able?? I ask.

?Aw, fuck,? she says, ?I?m sorry. What am I doing?? and starts to back away.

Jesus, what the fuck is she doing? Yet, I reach quickly for her wrist, and quietly ask, ?Hey, what are you doing??

Swallowing down the lump in my throat, I can see her do the same. I smile and squint realizing that her heart is racing, too, and it?s practically audible at this point.

Megan is only slightly shorter than me, with full hips and very full breasts. Abe has commented one too many times for my liking that she has an ass made for tapping.

I slowly exhale and deliberate on what I?m going to do next. If I move too quickly she?ll bolt and it?ll be uncomfortable between us for the rest of eternity. On the other hand, what can of squirms am I about to open here?

She?s no longer pulling away, so I realize it?s now or never.

Her eyes are closed and I step forward, tilting my head to kiss her. As I do, her body shakes just a little and her lips part just enough for our tongues to touch. She begins to kiss me back and my hands slip around her waist.

I pull back and survey her face. If I sense fear, I?m stopping now, before I become the creeper lesbo next door. If not, then what? Oh, jeez.

?Are you, I mean, is this okay?? I ask.

Without a word, she slips her hand up to my neck and leans back into me for another kiss. We continue kissing, our tongues becoming more and more brave.

I bend and begin to kiss her neck, soothing her brown hair away from her temple with one hand. She?s breathing more quickly now and it?s clear she?s really turned on.

After a bit, I stop and take her hand, leading her to the couch. The blinds are tilted closed enough to darken the room from the mid-morning light and from potentially peering eyes should someone come to the door. I detour to make sure it?s locked anyway.

She?s half sitting half reclined against the cushions of the couch. Her hand is across her forehead and her eyes are closed. I can see her chest rise and fall under the blue tee shirt she?s wearing. If she?s as excited as she seems to be, I wonder how long it will be before a dark spot between the legs of her light colored sweats reveals her lust. I?m not shocked to find that my own pussy is already slick as I walk across the room to her.

I slowly kneel down before her and pull her toward me until she?s just at the edge of the couch. We embrace and our kisses grow more passionate, our caresses more aggressive.

Her nipples are swollen little peaks showing clearly through her bra and shirt. I cup her left breast in my hand, brushing my thumb lightly across the nub. She moans into my mouth. Still more daring, I pinch it lightly and her back arcs.

Now, I tug her tee and bra upward to reveal a light brown nipple poking out at me. I bend and move my mouth from hers to her breast, sucking and licking as my left hand slides down her hip to between her legs. I begin to rub her slowly from back to front, back to front.

She?s breathing heavily now and so am I.

Her fingers are all knotted up in her hair now and her hips are beginning to move in rhythm with my strokes. Yes, she?s clearly enjoying this now!

In my next brazen move, I pull her shirt and bra over her head, freeing both her breasts. Then, I reach to undo the knot at her top of sweats. She looks down at me with an almost drunken, sleepy look on her face. I pause. She nods and undoes the tied strings then her hands move up to cup and pinch her own nipples. She?s alternately moaning softly and whimpering. She?s breathing through a slightly open mouth and licking her lips.

Yeah, her yoga pants are soaked now.

I pull them down around her ankles, then lift each foot to remove them entirely. Her flip flops must have stayed in the kitchen.

Ok. Here goes. I spread her legs then pull her toward my mouth. With one hand stroking her belly, I go down on her, softly kissing her slick and rock hard clit. Her hair is cropped short in a neat bikini wax. She moans loudly and her belly is quaking under my fingers.

I lightly lick and suck at her clit, just like Abe does to me, and it seems to be having the same desired effect on her as it does on me. When he puts his mouth on me down there, my mind goes blank and all I know is it feels better than anything except for?

That?s when I slip a curved finger up into her pussy searching for and finding that little sweet spot.

She?s writhing around now and just when I?m about to take it down a notch, her body starts to quiver and she digs her nails into my shoulder. She?s about to cum and my own juice is starting to run down my leg now, too!

Click. Slide.

OH, MY GOD! The sound of the key turning in the front door lock!

In the midst of our scurry to somehow get out of this, fucking, oh fuck, yes we?re busted, Jesus? There Abe stands, halfway in the room, pulling off his shades, his mouth agape.

He closes the door behind him and closes his gaping mouth, too.

?Hi, lover,? I offer, sitting guiltily on the floor with pussy on my chin.

?Hi, lover,? he says back in the same nonchalant tone, though his eyes are flashing back and forth from me to Megan and her nakedness.

?Um, I could use a little help here, actually. Abe??

?Hi, Megan.?

?Hi, Abe.?

?Could you use a little help here, Dee??


?Can I be of service here, Megan??

?Um, yes! This is our little secret right??

?Absolutely, Megan,? we say at the same time.

?As you ?were?, ladies,? Abe says, and begins to quickly shed his own clothes, then remove mine.

So now, at 10:25 am, Megan has her legs over my shoulders and she?s cumming all over my face while I?m heading toward my own spectacular orgasm with Abe's cock shoved so far up into me I want to scream.

At some point, we?ll all discuss what has just happened.

I hope that we can explore further play with both Megan and Alec, next time. I quite enjoyed my first solo girl on girl, and I plan to get the food into the slow cooker as quickly as possible, so that Abe and I can get upstairs and fuck the rest of the day away.

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