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Xmas Party

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This only just happened and I just have to tell someone about it.

As it is Christmas time we are having our typical round of parties and get togethers. Last Friday it was time for my work Christmas break up. My husband usually hates going to my work parties because he doesn?t know anybody but always drags himself along. This year was no different so I told him that at the very least I would dress up for him and wear one of my short skirts. He loved to see me in short skirts and I love the way it gets him excited when he sees me in them. So he was happy because I was in my skirt and I was happy because we were off to dinner with a bunch of people I have had a great year with.

We arrived to find that the 25 of us had been allocated two long tables along the wall at the rear of the softly lit restaurant. One of the tables was already almost full and looking a little crowded so we made our way to the other. The place settings were extremely tight so I chose the seat at the head of the table (which was just like me - in the control position) in the corner of the restaurant and my hubby took the seat on my left against the wall next to Sue one of our marketing managers.

Adrian was the next to arrive and joined us at the end of the table. At 28 and ten year my junior I had often found he triggered imaginings in my mind and memories of the days before I was married, hitting the night clubs and doing things with young men like him ? stories that I am too embarrassed to talk to anyone about today. He had occasionally caught me staring at him as I relived those events and I wondered sometimes that he might have been reading my thoughts.

I was thoroughly enjoying the food the wine and the company and hubby had relaxed into discussions with Sue, Adrian and myself. The night was going really well. Adrian was engaged in a discussion with my husband across the table when to my surprise without so much as taking a breath he placed his hand on my bare leg under the table. My face flushed and immediately there was a lump in my throat. It was a thrilling feeling. I felt embarrassed, I felt shocked but I felt turned on. I couldn?t believe his front. With my husband sitting directly opposite him he was now ever so lightly stroking my thigh.

I was torn between pushing him away and begging him for more. The conversation kept flowing. I opened my legs ever so slightly. He reached deeper between my thighs and I found my heart firmly in my mouth. I looked at my hubby to see if he had detected any change in the mood and then searched quickly for any other knowing eyes. No one seemed aware, least of all my husband. My legs widened more as his strokes moved ever so gently up my thigh. My mind was racing as my hubby turned to me looking for confirmation of what he just said to Sue. God I didn?t know what he said ? my mind was spinning too fast to cope with conversation. I just had to agree and hope what I said was right.

I opened my leg further towards Adrian. With my right leg now almost brushing his outer thigh he could now reach the top of my leg. He slowly - too slowly slid his hands towards the top of my legs. Embarrassed I had to say something before someone noticed my silence. I blurted out something that the boys laughed at and then Sue asked me about our holiday plans.

Before I could answer Adrian reached my panties and flicked his finger across them. I gasped slightly and had to have a quick sip of wine before I could continue telling Sue about our plans. Hubby added pieces to the puzzle as I tried my best to answer Sue. What made it even more difficult was when Adrian asked me questions. How he maintained his composure just made the whole situation all the more surreal. I looked deeply into his eyes when I answered hoping he could understand the level of desire to which he had brought me.

With my mind spinning out of control I decided I had to have more. I closed my legs, leaned over to my hubby and said I was going to the toilet. Adrian pulled his hand away and allowed me to stand up. Hubby turned back to talk to Sue as my eyes met Adrian?s. ?I?ll be back soon? I said to him as I picked up my bag.

I went to the toilets and looked at myself in the mirror. Tiny little beads of perspiration had formed on my face as my body tried to cope with the flushes I felt. I ducked into a cubicle and stripped off my panties and pushed them deep into my bag then made my way back to the basin and adjusted my make up and sprayed some perfume. I looked at myself again. I couldn?t believe what I was doing but the rush was overwhelming. I walked back to my seat. Hubby looked up and smiled at me then re-engaged with Adrian.

I sat waiting as Adrian continued to talk. I wanted him but he seemed to be teasing me now. The minutes drew out almost agonisingly until finally he reached for my thigh. I opened my legs to him again and asked him to tell me about his Christmas plans. I moved in closer to the table and he slid his fingers up to my pussy. My juices were overflowing as slid his forefinger inside me. I closed my eyes for a brief moment as I drew upon the sensation. I lifted my hand and laid it on my hubbies at the table. He gave me a brief glance and smile still oblivious to what was happening right next to him.

As Adrian slid his finger in and out of my pussy he rubbed his thumb over my clitoris. I was in heaven. I couldn?t help but occasionally thrust myself forward in the chair. At times I squeezed hubbies hand involuntarily. Each time he would turn smile and squeeze my hand in return almost reassuring me. Perhaps he thought I was worried that he might have been flirting with Sue.

I could feel the first waves of delight coming over me as Adrian began to subtly work a little more frantically. I looked at him and I knew my screwed up orgasmic face was starting to form. I could feel my eyes staring wildly and my face blushing with tension as my orgasm was starting to roll. I looked down to see my skirt hitched up over my waste and Adrian?s hand working feverishly in and out of my pussy.

Then bang it hit. This crescendo of ecstasy rushed throughout my body and I sucked back my moans as my eyes felt like they were going to burst out of their sockets. I reached down and pushed Adrian?s hand away and squeezed my legs tightly as I desperately tried to regain control of my body. The waves kept pulsing through my body as the orgasm slowly subsided. Sue looked at me. ?Are you alright?? she asked? Hubby turned to see me looking slightly distressed. I told them that Adrian had got me excited and my wine went down the wrong way. At least it was only partly a lie. I squeezed my hubbies hand and hope he understands when I tell him what happened.

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