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When he finally reached the top of the ridge, Theo stopped to rest against a thick and gnarled pin oak. He drank in the warm, humid southern Indiana air, relishing the scents of wildflowers, ferns, moss, and moist decay. Though he knew it was the odor of disintegration, it was also the signature of the forest: a delicious earthy scent that rose up from the woods all around him and told him that he belonged here, that he was part of this natural world, that his home was here with the chattering squirrels and puffballs and fallen timber and rolling ridges.

He mopped his brow with the bottom of his T-shirt and looked back down the trail. Thanks to the rich humidity of late summer, the bottom of the ravine appeared hazy even though the climb had not been particularly steep. Still, it allowed Theo to smile and imagine that his ascent had been a far more epic journey than reality admitted. And, after all, wasn't fantasy the biggest part of the emotion that had called him to the woods today?

He wondered idly whether he'd walked far enough along the trail for it to be safe yet. He checked his watch--it said that he'd been winding along these ridges for almost two hours now--so that should be about halfway, right? But he'd stopped to rest as well, and there was a lot of up and down, too... Best to keep on going. The farther away from the trail head he was, the less likely that another weekend hiker would stumble across him.

Still, he felt that he owed something to the restless stirring in his loins that had waited these two hours so patiently, so he pulled the T-shirt over his head and tucked the bottom into the waist of his jeans. A gentle breeze rustled through the trees then, and the welcome cool air caressed his smooth-muscled chest and caused his nipples to tighten. Ah... onwards, then.


Coincidentally, it had also been about two hours since Susan had begun hiking the same ten-mile loop, proceeding in the opposite direction. She hadn't made quite as much progress as Theo had, but the first few miles of the trail in that direction were probably the roughest, and she had stopped often to rest and admire particularly interesting fallen trees, ferns, and flowers.

And, of course, she had lingered at each rest stop, her gentle young features flushing at the thought of what she planned to do when she got just a little bit farther down the trail, just a little bit farther... It wasn't just her face where she felt the sudden heat;

Susan could feel it all too well as her nipples pressed against the fabric of her sports bra and begged for release.

This pause to catch her breath and try to rein in her raging hormones until she had gone a little farther was no different. As she crouched to study the intricate silken web of an orb spider, she absent-mindedly stroked her breasts, and the tips stood at attention, emitting a tingling sensation that spread through her whole body. She shivered as the warm tingle rolled across her belly and tickled her clitoris.

Smilingly self-aware, she addressed her misbehaving breasts. "My goodness, is the novelty really too much for you? Just a little bit more down the trail, and then I'll let you out, I promise." She cupped a soft, restrained breast in one hand and punched the nipple lightly. "Now be good."

Susan began to walk down the trail again, but allowing herself that last playful tweak had been her downfall. Now, as she struggled to reach the summit of the next ridge, the muscular contractions of her thighs caused her moistening labia to slide against each other. A warm glow slowly began to creep over her body, beginning at her denim-covered crotch and her trapped breasts and roaming over the rest of her body with soft, massaging fingers. She found herself thinking less about where to place her next footstep and more about whether she had remembered to pack extra batteries in her backpack along with her vibrator.


Finally, Theo reached the crest of a large hill and realized almost immediately that he had discovered the clearing he had been holding out for. The top of the hill was bare, but the trees encroached just enough on the clearing so that the late afternoon sun could no longer scorch the hard-packed clay of the ground. The slope of the hill fell away gently enough so that he could lie down comfortably without worrying about accidentally rolling all the way back down again. If he picked a spot a little bit below the peak, he could keep an eye on the approaching trail. No sun in his eyes, a light breeze gusting along the ground and replacing the sweat of exercise with the sweet scent of summer--nothing could be more perfect.

Theo picked out his spot and unslung his backpack from his shoulders. He fished a beach towel out from among the rest of his hiking supplies and spread it out on the ground. When he lowered himself to the blanket and his buttocks finally hit solid ground, Theo shut his eyes and breathed a deep sigh of satifaction and relief.

/But no release/, he wryly commented to himself as he began the tedious task of loosening the ties on his hiking boots. When he had removed the boots and peeled the thick socks from his slightly tender feet, he raised his feet to the sky and spread apart his toes, grinning as the breeze tickled the soft webbing between the digits.

Theo's feet returned to the ground, and he lay there luxuriating in the warm summer air, which now felt at least ten degrees cooler than it had just a moment ago. But some parts of him were objecting to this observation and demanding that their voice be heard. With his eyes shut and a blissful smile upon his face, Theo moved his hands down his chest and his tight abdomen and fastened them upon his belt buckle.

A quick, dexterous motion, and the obstacle of the belt was no more;

an instant later, the button at the top of his jeans followed. His fingers found the zipper of his fly and slowly dragged it downwards.

Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and raised his butt as he eased down both his jeans and his underwear.

He gasped. The cool breeze had felt good enough on his tired feet, but the feeling that seized him as his descending jeans exposed his dark and curly mass of pubic hair and the wind coursed through it could only be described as pure bliss.

He reached down to free one leg from the confines of his pants and worked the other one off using the toes of the opposite foot. Now completely naked, Theo closed his eyes and moved his legs farther apart, his smile deepening as the breeze discovered his scrotum and carried the summer heat away from his balls.


For all this enjoyment, Theo had been quiet enough in disrobing that Susan had not the faintest notion that there could be another person on the other side of the hill, and she laid out her own beach blanket and took the load off of her feet.

Sitting on the blanket with her knees bent, Susan gazed into the trees and wondered how far she could see if the endless mass of thick hardwoods were not obstructing the view. She wondered if from this height she would be able to see the full fifteen miles to the office where she worked, the place where no one in a million years would ever imagine that this attractive but shy woman would ever walk five miles out into the woods to masturbate outdoors.

/Masturbate/. The word felt deliciously dangerous to her today, almost like a command.

Susan was not a regular hiker, and she had only worn tennis shoes for this trip, so her feet were quite sore as she pulled off her shoes and shook out a few fragments of bark before laying them on the ground. She stripped off her socks and stuffed them in her shoes, inspecting the soles of her feet breiefly for blisters (none yet) before massaging them firmly with both hands, first the left, then the right--and the relief of tension this brought allowed her to sigh deeply and grin into the woods.

But it had another effect too, for when she drew in her breath again and her chest rose against knit fabric, there was the insistent chorus of her nipples again, urging her to rub them, squeeze them, gently twist and pull as the blood coursed hotly through them.

/I guess it's finally time that I can let you gals out,/ Susan thought to herself, and she gripped the bottom of her sports bra with both hands and pulled it above her head. Her breasts popped free of their confinement, and the skin around her already rigid nipples crinked as her aureolae caught the breeze. She laid back on the towel, shut her eyes, and grasped a breast in each hand, allowing the stiff points to project through twin circles formed by her thumbs and forefingers.

/I can't believe I'm doing this,/ she told herself as her fingers moved together and pinched her nipples, causing the warm glow she had felt earlier to again wash over her body. She rolled the small buds between her fingers, relishing the sensations and sighing softly. The electricity that sparked through her nervous system was even more exquisite, more thrilling than she had imagined in her fantasies last night, when she had planned this trip.

"Oh, God," she mouthed as she tensed her thigh and pelvic muscles briefly, testing the waters. The warmth was in her pants, too, and inside of her cotton panties, her clitoris throbbed as if it were sweltered under thousand-degree heat.

/I bet I'm so wet,/ she told herself, and this thought excited her and made the juices of her vagina flow even more quickly as she decided she could not stand to deny herself any longer and began to fumble with the snap of her denim shorts.


Only a scant twenty yards and yet still a full thousand miles away, Theo lay on the other side of the hill and enjoyed the peace and solitude of the forest. He held his limp penis lightly in his right hand, barely gripping it as he began to pull the skin very softly up and down the shaft. The blood began to flow into his sexual organ, and he used his left hand to pinch his nipples roughly as his other hand coaxed his penis into full erection.

The ground beneath him, the rustling of the leaves on the trees as the wind stirred the braches, the scent of blossoms and moist earth, the warmth of the sun--everything was erotic as Theo grasped his stiffening cock and felt the cooling current of air compete with the burning heat that radiated from his shaft. He continued to stroke himself gently as blood continued to engorge his genitals and his cock become so turgid that it was insistently tugging his balls from his scrotum up toward his body.

He released his member and allowed his hands to fall to the ground.

He extended his arms out from his sides, and his legs parted further. Theo's hands and feet were points on a circle, the model man once drawn by da Vinci, and there in the center of the circle, rigid and bouncing with its own pulse, was his penis.

As it bobbed gently, it pleaded, begged, /ached/ to be touched--but Theo would not, not yet, and the burning pleasure and need to be touched grew in his groin until he thought he could barely stand it for another moment without going mad.

But still he kept his arms beside him as his desire grew, grew, grew, and he could close his eyes and imagine that he was spinning, that his entire body was rotating around his cock. His stiff penis was the polar axis of his wildly spinning universe, and only by grabbing on for dear life did he stand a chance of not flying off into space.

Dreamily, he propped himself up on one elbow and searched through his backpack for the tube of personal lubricant he had brought along. He fell back to the ground and thumbed open the cap of the lubricant. Theo held the open container directly over the sensitive head of his prick and squeezed lightly so that a single glistening drop of lube hit the spot where his glans met the shaft of his penis.

The lubricant was cool and tingling, and Theo let a few more drops of it coat the underside of his penis before grasping the shaft with his right hand and beginning to pump his fist slowly up and down the length of his cock. The pearly pre-come that had already been flowing from the tip mixed with the lubricant, and waves of pleasure began to course through Theo's entire body as his tempo increased.


On the other side of the hill, Susan had removed her shorts and was moving her hand lightly up and down her pantied crotch, relishing the sensations that her touch awoke inside of her. The fabric of her panties was very moist now, and the breeze brought a whiff of her intimate fragrance to her flared nostrils. She pressed down on her clitoris through the cotton panel, and the erotic response was intense enough so that her buttocks tensed involuntarily and her head tilted back as she sighed deeply.

Susan kept her index and middle fingers on the crotch of her panties, and she pressed down with slightly more pressure now as she stroked them up and down the length of her hidden vulva. Her wetness had begun to soak through the fabric now, and unable to bear this indirect contact any longer, Susan raised her legs in the air and skimmed off her panties.

Her thighs moved apart as her legs returned to the ground, and her knees bent, causing the lips of her moist pussy to part slightly and expose her soft inner folds to the outdoor air. Susan thrilled as the breeze tickled the hair on her outer labia. How different it felt outdoors, how unlike the bed in her apartment! Here in the woods, she felt no restriction, no confining walls, just the cheerful caress of the summer sun on her naked body.

Susan returned her hand to her groin, and she was not at all surprised to discover that her pussy was sopping wet. She dipped her middle finger between her labia and coated it with her slick lubrication. She repeated this with her index finger, and then her ring finger, and so on until her entire hand was wet with her secretions and the kinky curls of her brown public hair provided the only friction between her rubbing hand and her hot vulva.

"Oh, God, I'm so wet," murmured Susan, and the forbidden feeling of saying the words--and saying them outdoors--sent an erotic shudder through her body.

"I'm so wet," she repeated as she used one hand to massage her breasts and the other to rub the slick lips of her creamy pussy.

The tip of her middle finger dipped briefly into her vagina and then brought the renewed wetness it discovered there to the hood of her clitoris. She parted her fingers slightly so that the shaft of her clitoris would side between her fingers on each stroke, and her whole body began to buzz with building sexual tension.

As her passion grew, Susan's breathing quickened and became more ragged. She gasped as one of her knuckles inadvertantly pressed against the tip of her clitoris where it protruded from its silken pink hood, and she moaned softly as she dipped two of her fingers into her vagina and pushed them in and out a few times before scooping more of her creamy lubrication up to her clitoris.

Susan continued to frig herself to orgasm, and as she felt the first fragile form of an orgasm begin to take shape in her body--not impending just yet, but warning of a growing need for release that would have her body and soul at its mercy--Susan began to vocalize her desire.

"Oh," she moaned, twisting her head to the right as she cupped that breast more tightly. "Oh, yes. That feels so good. Oh, God, yes.

So good, so good. I'm outdoors, and I'm... I'm fucking myself. I'm fucking myself outdoors and I'm so wet and it feels so good!"


Theo didn't hear Susan's moans because he had become lost in the rich and vibrant world of sensation that enfolded him as he pistoned his hand up and down the glistening shaft of his penis. He ran his hand along the entire length of his cock for a few strokes, then masturbated just the base of his penis for a while as his ultrasensitive glans cried out for more attention. In response, he would wrap his closed fist around the head of his prick and bob it up and down slightly as he shuddered at the intensity of the sexual feeling this movement created.

His left hand had been twisting at his nipples, but now it abandoned that task and moved slowly down his body, skimming over the wiry hair on his belly that pointed the way to his rigid penis. He cupped his balls in his hand, relishing the sensation of his warm, soft hand caressing his testicles. Very gently, he began to massage the skin of his scrotum, and his pumping fist moved faster and faster along the length of his cock.

Theo thrust his pelvis up against the open air of the countryside, and the skin on his penis became more taut as he flexed his buttock muscles. The increased friction between his cock and his hands caused his passion to intensify, and another drop of pre-come oozed from the tip of his prick and became lost in the furious masturbation on his shaft.

His grip tightened, his rhythm quickened, his breaths drew closer together, and the sexual energy in his body began to condense into the force that would soon be his orgasm. Lost in blissful self-stimulation, Theo's mouth opened slightly, and he began to moan in a voice sodden with passion and hoarse with lust.

"Oh, shit, yeah! Oh, hell, yeah, that feels good! I'm stroking it, I'm strokin' my cock... yeah, my balls, my cock. Jacking off in the woods, doing it outdoors. Ah, yeah, that's right... outdoors. Oh, shit!"


Susan was so strongly immersed in the world of her sex that she did not even begin to notice Theo's cries as they increased in volume and feeling. She did, however, continue to add her own as she moved the humming vibrator she had retrieved from her backpack against her clitoris. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh God oh yes right here."

But she could not bear to hold the buzzing wand against her clitoris for too long, and she thrust the vibrator deeply into her pulsing vagina. The plastic massager made her entire pelvis tingle with its hum, and she moaned as her G-spot swelled against the smooth plastic shaft and began to add to her pleasure.

As Susan rubbed vigorously at her clit and frigged herself with the phallic artifact, she began to fantasize. What if she weren't really alone out here in the woods? What if she were lying like this, masturbating, and some man happened to wander along the trail?

What would he think, this man, to see her there on the ground, her legs open so lewdly, her hands busy at work on her pussy and breasts, her vibrator pistoning in and out of her vagina? Would it turn him on? And what if, what if, it were the man she'd been waiting for all these years--would he turn away, disgusted?

No! He'd know, he'd feel it too, he'd know that this was the woman he wanted, and the sight of his love there before him would excite him... and soon that wouldn't be her hand rubbing against her clitoris, it would be his tongue, and that wouldn't be a white vibrating piece of plastic buried inside her, it would be his stiff penis moving inside, slowly at first, then more strongly, as he pushed himself deep into her and his pubic bone pushed against hers and her clit was caught in the middle...

"He'd make love to me," breathed Susan as she twisted her nipple roughly. "Yes, he'd fuck me. He'd fuck me, oh so good, so good, in and out, in and out... oh, fuck me, fuck me, oh... oh... OH!!!"

Susan cried out as her orgasm slammed into her, and nothing in the world existed besides her passion as every muscle in her body contracted and she ceased frigging herself and then relaxed and then tensed up again and then relaxed and tensed relaxed tensed relaxed oh dear God was that Four?! then relaxed, so very relaxed, and her entire body was limp and humming and moist with perspiration and felt so very, very good that she could not move.


During those same moments in which Susan was coming so strongly, Theo was progressing rapidly toward his own orgasm. As he slid his fist up and down his trembling hard-on, he continued to moan and speak lewdly to himself in a raspy voice. The passion inside of him continued to build, and as the muscles in his groin twitched, he knew that his orgasm was not far away.

Partly to coax the eventual explosion forward and partly unconsciously, Theo began to fantasize out loud. "Oh, yeah," he said. "I'm in the woods... I'm jerking off and it feels so fucking good. But I'm not alone. There's this woman, the woman I dream about, she's walking down the trail... yeah! Oh God, yeah, and she sees me beating off and it turns her on and she gets horny and she takes off her clothes..."

The motion of his hand on his penis became more disciplined and the rhythm became more regular he guided himself toward orgasm through his fantasy.

"Oh, yeah, baby, come here," he breathed. "Oh, baby, you're so beautiful... so beautiful... oh, yeah... oh, what are you doing? Oh yeah, that feels good. You're so good at that... yeah, oh, that's so good. Oh... what are you doing now? Oh, God, yes! Oh, your pussy feels so good, baby, oh fuck yeah that's good... yes, fuck me, fuck me... oh uh uhh uhhh AHH!"

A long and thick jet of come erupted from Theo's spasming cock and landed on his belly. It was quickly followed by another even stronger spurt, then a lesser one, and another, six in all before his orgasm finally began to subside and his whole body went limp and he gently milked his softening penis as he panted and settled back down to earth.


After their orgasms, Theo and Susan rested for a while, both of them still unaware that they had just climaxed simultaneously. At long last, each of them stood up, stretched, and bent to retrieve their clothing. As Theo threaded his leg through the his jeans, he did a double take. Was that a flash of wavy brunette hair he had seen off to his side? No, he decided, it must just have been some of the local wildlife, scampering about in search of food.

While Susan was struggling to fasten the snap of her shorts, she could swear that she had seen a man's head briefly peek over the crest of the hill. Instantly, she was filled with fear at the idea that she had been observed by a stranger while she was masturbating.

For her own peace of mind, however, she abandoned the idea and concluded that the wind had caused a branch to sway oddly or an animal had passed by, nothing more.

But when Theo and Susan were both fully dressed and ready to resume their hikes, both of them were shocked as they reached the top of the hill and found themselves staring at another human being. Their gazes met and locked together, and their faces blushed deep red as they both suddenly understood, without a doubt, what must have just happened.

"Um... hi," Theo mumbled as averted his eyes and hurried off down the trail.

"Yeah," murmured Susan with embarassment and frank curiosity as she turned to stare at the retreating form of Theo for a moment before hurrying along the trail herself.

Neither Theo nor Susan would admit it to themselves for days yet to come, but both of them had already decided that next Saturday would be a lovely time for a hike. Just to get out in nature, of course.

And to observe the wildlife.

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