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Whats For Dinner

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By Analis Ayer 09/24/07

He came home from work pissed as hell. He’d lost the promotion promised him and as he tore off his suit jacket, he realized he wanted nothing so much as to take out his anger on someone. And there she stood. She was bent over the kitchen counter, quietly reading the recipe book and preparing to make him something new for dinner. Food wasn’t what he wanted right now. What he wanted was revenge.

“Suck my cock, bitch,” he said without any real expectation that she would comply.

But, as she looked up at him startled, he saw her pupils dilate and he quickened at the thought that she might actually accommodate him. She walked smoothly to him; never taking her eyes from his and upon reaching him, she grabbed his waist band and unbuckled his belt without looking down. She rubbed his hardening cock through the material of his pants as she looked into his eyes.

“Fuck you,” she said, but she said it as she grasped his cock in her hand and dropped to her knees in front of him.

God, this was what he wanted: a fucking slut to service him without any bullshit or discussion; no pretty words, no foreplay or pleasantries. She unzipped his trousers and extracted his cock. He hadn’t worn any briefs that day. Perhaps that explained his edginess as his dick and balls had been constantly irritated by the material of his pants; provoking him with sensations better left to the bedroom than the boardroom. As she cooed over his expanding cock, he loosened his tie and pulled the tails of his shirt out of his pants to afford her access to his entire torso. She looked up at him from her knees and raised her hand to pinch his nipple as she held his dick firmly in her other hand.

“Suck me bitch,” he repeated and held her head to his cock, forcing the tip to her lips to let her know he didn’t have any patience for her teasing games.

“Suck me hard and do it now,” he further demanded as she licked the rim of his head and flicked her tongue at the most sensitive spot on the underside.

She put him all the way into her mouth as she stroked him with one hand and played with his balls with the other. He threw his head back in the exultation of the moment and then looked down at her ministering to him, feeling his cock continue to stiffen and grow in the warmth of her mouth. He held her hair in his hand as he directed her head in the rhythm he wanted and he wished that she would deep throat him. He forced himself deeper and deeper into her mouth. Frustrated that she couldn’t swallow him whole, he was pleased to hear her gag. He wanted her to suffer; to be subject to his command and helpless under his domination.

He pulled her up by her hair to her feet and shoved his tongue in her mouth as she whimpered in subjugation. He pinched her nipples hard enough to hurt her and then turned her around roughly and pushed her down over the table, lifting her skirt and finding her ass naked. A sharp jolt of pleasure shot through him at her readiness for him.

He pushed himself into her without preamble or foreplay, giving no thought to her comfort and said,

“I could fuck you until you scream and no one would know. I could fuck your ass with you begging me not to and no one would rescue you.”

He said all this with growing excitement at his power and control over his lovely slut as she writhed and moaned and lay splayed across the table with her ass and pussy lifting up in the air begging for his attention. She was so wet, he could see her white juices on his cock. Plenty of lubricant for what he wanted. He shifted his cock from her pussy to her ass as she cried out in shock and pumped her ever faster, disdaining to care for her comfort or pleasure but fucking her as hard as possible, only seeking his own release.

In small concession to her sexual excitement, he leaned over her and bit her neck while searching with his hand for her pussy. He plunged four fingers into her weeping cunt as he continued to fuck her ass. He groaned as he continued to bite and suck her neck while he masturbated her cunt and fucked her ass, pumping her deeper and faster until he reached his peak. As he climaxed, he stood up and grabbed her hips as he fucked her as deep and hard as he could, finding his release as his jet filled her ass and then began to leak out.

“God, you are the greatest fuck of my life slut,” he told her as he continued to pump her pussy with his hand.

At this last, she closed her legs and humped his hand, begging for more, and as his movements became harsher and her legs squeezed against his hand, he felt her come and revel in her own rush of lust over his harsh treatment of her. As she continued to come, he put two fingers into her ass and continued to pump her roughly in both holes as she begged him not to stop and convulsed in ongoing orgasms, finally shuddering as her last spasm rippled through her and she lay sated over the table.

“That’s a good slut,” he said in praise of her as he stood up zipping his pants; “now what’s for dinner? I had a fucked-up day.”

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