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Weekend to Remember Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

They stopped at a little diner about 20 miles from Daniel's shop. The smells inside were heavenly and He let her order whatever she wanted. They chatted about little stuff over the food, simply relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Every now and again she would reach up and touch her collar and a smile would spread across her face. He loved watching her like this. She took such pleasure in life and what she was given. He was glad He had commissioned the collar because she loved the unique.

When they finished their meal and left the diner, He held the door open and pulled her up against Him for long, smoldering kiss before helping her slide into the car. When He got in, she scooted over against Him and laid her hand on His leg. He was glad He kept this old car. Other men could keep their fancy seats, but He loved how close she could sit on this old bench front seat.

He reached over and slid the hem of her skirt up and bunched it into her lap before starting the car. She laughed and skipped up a bit to pull the skirt up behind her before buckling the seat belt. Now her bare ass was on the seat and He could smell the sweet aroma of her as they headed off down the road. His hand rested on her leg and His fingers teased and tickled between her legs as she opened them wider to give Him plenty of room.

She reached over to touch His hardening cock and was surprised when He moved her hand back onto His leg. "I need to drive, not wreck the car. There will be time for that later," He promised.

At every traffic light, He slipped His fingers into her dripping pussy and diddled her while they were stopped. Sometimes He would bring His fingers up to her lips and have her suck her juices off His fingers, Other times, He would teasingly drag His fingers across the top of her breasts or between them, leaving a wet, slick trail of juice behind. Several times His antics got them disapproving looks from the drivers of other cars, but most either didn't notice or smirked as they watched.

By the time they reached their destination, she was truly wet and sitting in a puddle. He handed her a towel to wipe the seat with when He handed her out, and rubbed suggestively against her as she bent over to dry the seat. She giggled as she straightened up. "Well, I guess they've seen that before here," she quipped as she looked around the parking lot of the large adult sex store.

They walked in together, hand in hand, and He grabbed a basket and headed immediately over to the vibrator section. He began to peruse the displays, muttering softly to Himself. Finally, He stopped and reached for a large 12" long, very fat vibrator with large balls on the base. Her eyes widened as she looked at the monster cock.

"I don't think I can get my hands around that, much less find a place it will fit in," she gasped. "You can't be serious!"

"Mmmmm, I think after watching you last night, I know exactly what will fit where," He whispered. "I think it's exactly what I want."

She didn't look convinced. She looked even less convinced when He selected a remote controlled butt plug and remote cock-shaped vibrator set. Both toys had securing straps. His next stop was over in the bondage area where He selected a new crop.

"Bend over and tell me how this feels," He whispered and then popped her ass smartly when she did.

"Ouch!" she gasped. He laughed and added it to the basket, ignoring the negative response of the cashier.

When the man looked away to attend to another customer, He lifted her skirt and peered at her bottom. "MMM, nice red mark. This will make a nice addition to my spanking toys," He teased. "Wonder if this will make you wet."

She turned and stuck her tongue out at Him. He wagged a finger back at her. "Not a nice response. Be a good girl or you may be very sorry later."

She nodded and moved off to look at some of the clothing while He grabbed some warming lube, strawberry-flavored lotion and a big pack of batteries. He headed up to the cashier to pay and carried on a rather lengthy conversation with him before coming back to retrieve her, His large sack of purchases in hand.

"Come on, we're going in the back," He whispered. "Let's head into the gallery and see if we can have some fun."

"You can't take that back there," she whispered.

"Yes, I can. I cleared it with the cashier. We are taking our stuff back there and I have batteries, Come on, let's go!"

She knew it was a waste of time arguing with Him, so she followed Him, hoping the man would stop them before they entered the gallery, but he didn't. In fact, they were met by another man about halfway down the hall who motioned them into an open door. He flicked on the light and then closed the door behind them. The curtain on the window in front of them parted as He put down their purchases in a chair in the corner.

"Take off the dress," He ordered. She reached for the hem and began to pull it over her head and stopped. On the other side of the window in a darkened room was a man and he was watching. "There's a man watching us," she gasped.

"I know. Take off the dress!"

He was arranging several of the items on the edge of platform in the center of the room. He turned to stare at her with impatience until she reached for the hem again and pulled off the dress. He took it and folded it neatly and placed it in the bag.

"Get up there and dance for the nice man. Touch yourself. Give him a show," He ordered.

She climbed onto the platform and began to sway when the music began to play through the speakers near the ceiling. She found it easier to dance if she closed her eyes and ignored the man who now had his cock in hand slowly stroking himself as he watched her dance. The curtain over a second window parted, and she opened her eyes quickly. She could just make out a man in the darkened room on the other side of the window. He too, began to stroke himself as he watched her dance.

She looked behind her and saw that He had taken a seat in the chair and was watching her. "Dance for Me. Pretend we are back at the house. Just go with it. You can do it. I know you can."

She nodded, but not too convinced and decided to just watch Him watch her. She began to move more freely and had almost managed to tune the two men when the third curtain parted to reveal another darkened room, this time with a couple in it. He was touching her as she sucked his cock while he watched her dance. It was almost too much until she looked at Him. One eyebrow was cocked up as He tapped His foot on the floor. Knowing that He was not pleased, she tried again to focus on Him and try to tune out the others.

The music changed and the beat was faster and more intense. She changed her dance to conform to the music. She closed her eyes and began to play with herself as she struggled to tune out everything but Him and the music. Soon, she was rubbing her tits, twisting her nipples and thrusting her hips in time to the beat. He was smiling again and she began to work harder at her movements, making them more seductive and suggestive.

He pointed to the edge of the platform. There was the cock-shaped vibrator sitting on top of the box it came in.

"Pick it up and use it," He ordered.

She reached down and picked it up and began to dance with it, rubbing it over her body. She brought it to her lips and began to lick up and down the shaft while her other hand toyed with her nipple. He nodded approvingly and she took the encouragement as a sign she should begin to suck the vibrator like she would His cock. He continued to nod, and she took her hand off her nipple and began to seriously suck the vibrator.

She danced as she sucked, watching Him for clues as to her next move. He had her dancing around in circles so the watcher could see what she was doing. He had her rubbing the vibrator down her body and slipping it between her legs. All the while, the watchers watched and quickened their pace to match their growing erotic fascination with her moved.

He got up and placed the chair on the platform. He motioned her to sit down and spread her legs wide. As she began to tease the vibrator at the opening of her pussy, he flicked a switch on the wall. The platform began to slowly turn. She faltered for a moment, and then started her seductive motions again.

As the platform slowly revolved, she knew that each of the watchers would get a turn to see what she was doing. She made sure that the platform made a complete revolution before she started to do something different.

As she slid the vibrator all the way to the base into her pussy and started to pull it slowly out, it began to vibrate in her hand. He was smiling, standing there with the remote in His hand. She smiled back and picked up the pace as the sweet sensations began to really make her hot. She was beginning to get into this and have fun with it.

He came to the edge of the platform again as it rotated her towards Him and held out the plug. It was wet and slick, and she knew exactly what He wanted. She shoved the vibrator into her pussy and fastened the straps so it stayed in place and then took the plug and walked back over to the chair. She knelt in the seat and leaned over, reaching around with one hand to grad a butt cheek and pull it to one side. With the other hand, she slowly inserted the plug into her ass and began the push and pull motions, deeper and deeper into her ass. Soon it was buried to the base in her ass, Now He was on the platform, fastening the straps so it stayed in place. He pulled her forward on the chair until her tits hung over the back of the chair. He reached into His pocket and pulled out a set of nipple clips and clipped them on, the points biting exquisitely into her tender nipples. He turned on the plug and it began to vibrate her ass, Her breath quickened as the two vibrating toys pushed her closer and closer to the edge. She began to make mewing cries in earnest as her hips began an almost involuntary thrusting motion. As her cries became louder, He began to slap her ass with the crop. He didn't hit her hard enough to hurt; just enough to make her hotter and wilder with desire.

Just when she thought she couldn't take it any more, she heard Him hiss, "COME!" With that one hiss, her body erupted into spasms that almost slid her off the chair. Cum was dripping down her legs and forming a puddle at her knees and still she quaked and shuddered. She hung on to the back of the chair as her body bucked. Her cries filled the room as He continued to slap her ass with the crop.

Suddenly the crop stopped falling and then the vibrating toys slowed and stopped. The platform stopped moving. He reached down and helped her off the chair and turned her so she could sit and calm as He softly stroked her until she settled.

She heard His whispered praise as He told her how hot her performance had been. He told her how hot it had been to see how excited she had made the watching men, as they one by one blew their load.

When she was finally still, He helped her up and into her dress. She sat on the edge of the platform as He pulled all their things together and then stood as He walked towards the door. The curtains closed and He turned off the light as He walked out of the room.

In the hall, the watchers waited and applauded. He nodded and hurried her past them and through the doorway into the store. He waved at the clerk as they headed out the front door and He guided her across the parking lot to the car. As He slid in beside her, He kissed her forehead, "That was so hot, Pet. I'm taking you home so you can rest. We have one more event for the day. I can hardly wait!"

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