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Visit to the Doctors

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Im an guy from the UK, who is married and living in Asia. The Philippines to be more exact. The home of some of the cutes women on earth in my opinion. Me and the wife have been trying for a child and it hasnt been happening so I decided to go and see if my swimmers, were, well still swimming. Anyhow, I normally see a doctor here who is a German guy, but on the ocassion where I needed to test my sperm, I was confronted with an appointment with a very cute local female doctor. She must have been about 5'4" tall, brown, shimmering skin and under the white coat was a nice pair of pert tits in a tight little roll neck top. She had on a professional pencil skirt that showed there was a very shapely pair of legs there too.

We sat down and discussed what was going to happen, and the test they would make, and how she needed me to go into the little room at the side and provide her with a deposit. I went into the alcove with my plastic cup and sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the cup. Ive never had any problem wth masterbating in general, but the surroundings...well lets just say I would have appreciated some encouragement. I did stick my head round the corner and asked if there were some magazines and she looked up and smiled and said. She then looked at me and said she was sure that I could think of something.

I nodded and slipped back. I sat on the edge of the bed and undid my pants and dropped them to the floor together with my boxers and started to stroke my flacid prick. I was making some progress but not really getting there, and in a little while heard a little voice round the corner asking me how I was doing. I stopped stroking and said that things were not comming to speak. She then walked round the corner and her eyes dropped to me holding my semi -hard cock in hand. I think I felt myslef color up a little and she walked toward me. She stood very close to me and looked down.

"This wont do at all, Mr Smith, now is there anything I can do to help you?" she said softly but firmly She was already doing it as the words left her mouth, I felt my cock harden. I nodded and she ran her hand softly up the inside of my thigh and her fingers lightly ran over my balls and up to my length. She then took my now very hard 8" prick in her small hands and looked me in the eye.

"Mmm you have a nice long penis Mr. Smith, would you like me to make you cum?"

I nodded again and swallowed, "Now this is something between you and me, ok?" she said "Yeah" I barely got the word out.

She then let go of me and slipped off her white doctors coat. then stepped again towards and and pushed me back onto the bed a little. She then parted my legs and moved between them, her warms hands resting on the tops of my thighs, stroking with her nails lightly down my skin. Fuck my cock was hard now.

"Now you will tell me when youre close wont you, I want to get all that lovely semen in the cup ok" I didnt say a word and instead watched as she cupped my heavy balls in one hands and started to massage them gently and took a firm grip of my cock with the other,.

"Good erection, Mr. Smith"

The faux professional reserve was really turning me on and I watched as she slowly stroked me, her gaze intent on my cock. Without warning she pulled away and stepped from between my legs, and then smiled at me pulling her top over her head and unclipping her bra. Her brown pert breasts looked great against the white lacy bra. Then as she slid off the bra her light brown nipples appeared erect, she had a great body. She then slipped out of her black pencil skirt and picked it off the floor carefully folding before placing it on a chair close by. As she turned and bent over I could see she was wearing a white thong, and she had a great tight little ass. In only her heels and panties she once again manaovered herself between my legs and took hold of my cock.

" wouldnt want to get covered in your semen Mr. Smith, just in case you dont get it all in the cup"

She started to stroke me slowly at first, her hand gripping me hard whilst the other caressed my thighs and ocassionally cupped my balls. She also started to make 'mmmm' sounds as she stroked me, and seemed to get off on doing this as much as I was.

" mmm you are hard Mr. Smith"

She leant forward and placed my cock between her little tits and then took the head of my cock and rubbed it over her hard nipples, looking me right in the eye as she did. I thought I was going to cum there, but she once again broke away and with her back to me bent over and slipped her panties over her smooth brown legs. I could see her pussy framed by her legs and ass from behind, and as she turned around I could see she was perfectly shaved. Without a further word she assumed the position and I watched as her other hand that was stroking my balls now slipped between her legs as she toyed with her clit, the other hand stroking my length. To my further surprise she then took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking me furiously. I watched her cheeks suck in as she tried to take my entire shaft down her throat. Fuck I was close. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock and I could feel the cum rising.

" Not yet Mr. Smith" she said as she pulled her mouth of my cock soaked with her saliva. Moving over to the edge of the cabinet she vaulted up on top and spread her legs weide. I could see her glistening as she took her fingers and parted her pink lips. With the othet hand she beckoned me forward. She pulled my head between her legs.

"Make me cum Mr. Smith" I ran my tongue over her wet warm slit tasting her for the first time. She was really wet and my face and mouth were now covered in her juices as she pulled me into her hard, gripping the hair on my head.

"Just there, thats it, suck it and lick it, I like it hard" she directed me I licked and sucked her clit for only what seemed like a couple of minutes before she started to shudder and shake and pull my head away from her pussy.

In another moment she has slid of the cabinet and had pushed me back again the wall and was on her knees felating me. Hard and fast. I told her I was close to cumming and felt the first spurt leave whilst I was still in her mouth. she quickly took my cock out of her mouth and milked the rest of the cum out of me into the cup . Standing up she had my cum dripping from her chin, which I pointed out and she looked me in the eye and took an finger, wiped it off her face and put it into her mouth swallowing it.

"Full of protein" She said smiling and placed the cup on the side. " I think you can get dressed now Mr. Smith and we will see you back here in a few days for the results ok?"

I went back for the results which was another story.........

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