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Vis new 8 Brown Sugar

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My wife Vi hosted a Passion Party a couple of weeks ago for one of the ladies that she works with. The lady that showed up brought all kinds of toys but the one that my wife liked the best was an 8 inch vibrator titled Brown Sugar. she decided to order it and over the Thanksgiving weekend it arrived.

That evening when she arrived home from work we opened the package and pulled out this huge brown dick. I was surprised at seeing a dick that big. I asked her if she was sure that she could handle something that large. This was probably a stupid question as I knew that she referred to one of her previous boyfriends as "horse dick". She told me that she thought she could.

I was a little jealous thinking that she might like it better than me because I am not that well endowed. Although she has always said that she is quite happy with my 5 inches. Anyway after eating dinner and sending the kids off to their friends house, we decided that we would take a bath together and play around some.

As she stripped off her clothes I was reminded of just how beautiful my wife really is. At 5'4" with her long curly brown hair, her 36 DD's and her 28 inch waist she is a woman that gets me hard just looking at her. As she pulled her panties down her well toned legs I walked up behind her and pressed my growing manhood up against her ass.

Already getting hard? she asked. She reached around behind her and grabbed my cock through my pants giving it a nice little squeeze. "Keep it up," she said, "And we'll have some fun."

As she finished filling up the tub i removed my clothes and both of us got in. I sat behind her so I could reach around and grab her lovely breasts and play with her nipples.

I gently washed her back and then reached around and began to wash her tits. She turned around, began to suck my nipples and play with my cock. I kept playing with her tits and started kissing her on her neck. She turned her head and met my lips with hers. As her tongue danced over my lips she kept squeezing my hard cock. I reached one hand down to rub her pussy and could feel the slickness of her wets even though she was sitting in the water. As I fingered her she began to grind on my fingers. Her hands kept busy too. She began to stroke me faster and faster. Our tongues danced in each others mouth like two ballroom dancers spinning each other around on the floor. After about twenty minutes of this with each of us bringing the other to the verge of cumming and then stopping we finished washing up and headed off to the bed.

Vi lit the candles and turned on some soft music while I got out the lube and other toys. As I climbed into the bed I could see that Vi already had her newest toy, the 8 inch Brown Sugar, and was already rubbing it up and down her slit giving it a circular motion everytime she rubbed her clit. I could see the little pearls of her juices in the corner of her pussy lips. I opened the lube and after putting some into my hand, began to lubricate her new big cock. She commented on how hot it looked to see me stroking this strange cock. I asked her if she was ready to get fucked by it. She just smiled and spread her legs. I slowly pressed the bulbous head in between her wanting engorged feminine lips. Watching her expression I could tell that she was already starting to enjoy it. I began pumping this big cock in and out of her going a little deeper each time. She reached down and grabbed my hand and forced the entire thing all the way inside of her heavenly portal.

After a couple of minutes of me stroking her with it she said that she wanted to try it herself and began to slowly fuck herself. The jealously I had had early disappeared as I watched her enjoy being fucked by this huge cock. It was almost like seeing her get fucked by another man. Although I didn't think it was possible, my dick kept getting harder and harder as I watched another man's dick sliding in and out of my wife's pussy giving her a pleasure that due to my size I was unable to give. I was mezmerized. It only took a few minutes before she had her first orgasm. This was apparently not enough for her as she continued pumping her cum covered cock in and out. The site was so amazing that I just had to join in and began to lick her clit while she was fucking herself. It was such an amazing feeling licking her while she had this big cock going in and out of her love tunnel. I moved down underneath her and began to lick the the cum that was flowing out with each stroke of the dick. After a couple of minutes of this she started shaking again and squeezed her legs together as she came for a second time.

She asked me how I liked licking her pussy with a dick in it and I told her that I had really enjoyed it. She said that maybe one day it could be the real thing instead of just the rubber one that she had just used. She looked and saw how hard I was and the wets flowing down my dick and said that my condition told her that I must have really liked it. I told her again that I did. She then told me that since she had enjoyed her new dick so much in her that next time she wanted to see if I would enjoy it stuck in me. I smiled at her and looked at that cum soaked cock and wondered if she was serious. Licking the rest of the cum off of the cock she said, "Next time, we're gonna let you enjoy it as much as I did."

This story is true. It happened Friday night after Thanksgiving. I keep thinking about being with her while she fucks another guy and am amazed at how much that thought turns me on. Perhaps one day we will find out.

If you like this story let me know.


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