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Train to New York

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Train Trip to New York

A couple of times each month I travel to NY to service a client of mine. It?s just about 2 ½ hours from Baltimore and generally I fill my time with work ignoring those around me but today?s trip would be a little different.

Maybe it was just how horny my husband had made me that morning. He slid his hand across my slick mound and began to play with my wetness while his tongue flicked at my nipples. They were so hard and my pussy so wet?.. I tried to reach and feel his cock but he pushed my hand away and began to suck on my tits, gently biting my nipples? but his fucking hands? his fingers were deep inside my pussy and I just wanted to explode but he was teasing me. Bringing me to the edge of an orgasm and stopping. Time and time again until he kissed me deeply, and told me he?d finish me tonight. And he left.

I was just so horny. I wanted to play with myself, wanted to slide my dildo deep inside but there was no time and I had a train to catch. A quick shower was all I had time for. I wanted to rub my body, I wanted to stick my dildo to the wall and fuck it but no time.

I rushed to get dressed just pulling on a pair of white boy shorts for panties, a matching bra and a summer dress. The summer dress had buttons down the front and I had left several of the tops buttons undone. With my bra you could see some cleavage and if I leaned forward well a good deal more I guess. I didn?t mind teasing the occasional guy or letting him get a glance at my body?what had me nervous and a little excited was my panties? they were crocthless and my hubby had me so worked up I was still dripping wet.

There was no time to change?just park the car? and run to the train. They were boarding and my ticket had me in business section. I grabbed my seat with no one close by. I wanted the space to work but today I was just too horny to pay much attention to my work. Right now all I wanted was for something to please my pussy and something to suck on.

My husband didn?t help; he sent me pictures of his hard cock with a nice mail message about what his new intern would do to him at lunch today. It made me wonder? I knew he had a new intern and a cute one at that but would she? As noon came, and I wanted to cum, I got a couple more pictures ones showing my he sweet little intern on her knees sucking his dick, another of her bent over with his dick deep inside and yet another with her mouth open showing the load of cum he left behind. I wouldn?t say we have an open marriage or even call us swingers?. Sometimes though we just go a little wild.

My day was filled trying to concentrate on my clients and the work they wanted done but it was nearly impossible and I just could not wait until it was time to head back home on the train. All day my hubby teased me, sending messages about what he would do with me, about meeting me at the station to fuck me right there?. And I just dared him to. The thought of him taking at the station made me even wetter and made my pussy even hungrier.

I found my seat in business class and quickly realized I?d have the car to myself. A late night back and not much company. I looked forward to sliding my fingers between my legs, looked forward to making my tight little box as hot as it could be? I hoped to have enough time to myself to make a wet spot and release some of my frustration.

As we left the station I undid my bra and took it off, I undid a couple of buttons from the bottom and top I started my reply to him, not realizing that I had company and not realizing that I left one too many buttons undone. The guy across from me was staring at my chest. I caught him and he quickly glanced away?. But I kept staring at him and the bulge in his pants?

I undid a couple more buttons, some from the top and some from the bottom. I kept staring and waiting for him to catch me. He finally looked my way, right at my chest and then towards my thighs, and I stared at his bulge. When his eyes caught mine I just smiled and let my hand run across my tits and down to my thigh. His eyes followed my hand and I wanted to tease him. He was cute, seemed well built and judging by the bulge had a nice size cock.

I was hoping the train would be empty. Last train home, late at night usual is and tonight was no different. There was only one of person in the business class car, so piecing a seat far away was not a problem. Given how I had been teased all day with details on what his former intern was doing to him, and even some pics sent my way. I needed some pleasure....

I grabbed a blanket and slid my panties off. With the armrest up I could easily spread my legs enough to make sure I could put a couple of fingers deep inside my dripping pussy. I teased myself.... I ran my fingertips along my inner thigh; I'd press my fingers against my clit and rub..... I'd push my pussy against my hand to have something to grind on... my fingers would trace little circles around my nipples... then squeeze them, real hard, pull them even harder . I was so hot, so horny... that I did see someone else had come into the car and sat across from me.

I didn't notice. I was lost in giving myself pleasure.... lost with my fingers deep inside my swollen pussy, pressing against my lips, fingering my sweetness, just so close to cumming. I didn't realize he was watching me, didn't realize his cock was in his hand and that my own pleasure was causing his pleasure. All I could think about was being bent over to satisfy my husband. To feel his cock inside of me....... I felt that wave wash over me..... More wetness on my fingers as I came. I opened my eyes to see his hard dick, to see him stroking his shaft. My breast was hanging out for him to see.... I looked up from his cock to his face and he smiled...

I pulled the blanket to the side and turned my body in his direction so he could see my slick pussy. So he could watch my fingers go in and out. See me fingering myself until I would cum again. My legs were wider now; I spread my lips with one hand while I pushed my fingers inside my cunt. I pulled them out and placed them on my lips and then licked my juices off... I kept playing, getting my fingers wet and then sucking on them.... I could see he wanted to cum, his strokes became faster and faster. It was a nice fat cock, not real long but I could imagine his dick inside of me, his balls banging against me, I could imagine being on my knees to suck him off...... faster my fingers pressed on my clit, until,,, I came.... shooting a nice stream of juice across the seats. I licked as much as I could of my cum..... and watched him explode.... he kept stroking it and I stood up.

I walked over and wrapped my hand around his cock; I stroked that fucking dick, rubbing his cum on my hands, my fingers and into my mouth. I got on my knees and pressed my lips against his cock. Licking his dick and slurping up more cum. I squeezed the last drops out onto my tongue. I got up and thanked him for such a wonderful surprise. "Maybe if I had seen you earlier your cock could have enjoyed my pussy, maybe next time".

I adjusted my dress and buttoned up.... I was going to wash up a little. I was quite proud of myself. I loved showing off, loved making guys? hard and loved thinking about them jerking off but seeing it happen, making it happen, was such a fucking turn on.

I was headed back from the bathroom when the conductor stopped me. Asking for a ticket... I explained it was back at my seat. He started to follow me back when he said how cute my ass was, how much he wanted to put me on my knees to suck his dick.... ?I saw you playing with yourself. I watched to suck that dick. ". He pushed me up against a door. I could feel his manhood growing as he pressed his groin into me. He pushed to door open, pushed me through it and closed it behind him. "You know when you tease a man, when you put on a show for him. You have to satisfy him." With that he pressed me against the wall. He was grabbing my breasts and squeezing them with one hand while the other found its way to my pussy. Still wet, still horny I wasn't planning on stopping him.

Pushed against the window I could see myself, see his hands on my tits, and watch him lifting my dress up to see my ass. I pulled my arms behind me and slid my dress completely off. I could feel his hard cock pressed against the crack of my ass, rubbing against me. "I should put you on your knees and shove my cock down your throat." I let out a moan. "You would like that wouldn?t you?" Another moan... my eyes closed I arched my back to press into him. I pressed hard enough that I was now a little bent over and he was sliding his dick along my pussy. Rubbing his head against my pussy lips and my clit. Another moan, I wanted to beg him to fuck my mouth to cum on my face but all I could say, "Fuck me, just bend me over and fuck me."

He did, he drove his dick deep inside of me in one thrust, he stayed deep inside of me for a minute, ?You have such a juicy pussy, nice and tight. ", "Just fuck me, just fuck me as hard as you can. I want to feel those balls bang against me. "

He did, he started driving his dick in and out of me fast and hard, faster and harder. My moans were loud, my pussy ready to explode, my breathing was heavy, and my chest would heave up and down each time he slammed into me. I could feel his hands on my hips; pull me into him with each stroke. Jus fuck me baby; just fill me up with cum baby." He just kept pounding me, balls hitting my cunt, dick inside of me and every now and then, he'd pull his cock all e way out and stop for a second, then slam back into me, and smack my ass with his hand.

I came so fucking hard, I pushed his cock out, juices flying out of my pussy, soaking my dress, covering his cock...... and he pressed me down to the flow. On my knees I turned and took his cock in my mouth. "Go ahead and suck it, suck it dry, swallow every drop like a good slut." I took his cock down my throat and kept swallowing. I pulled him out of my mouth and started stroking is dick, pumping it. "Cum for me, on my face, on my tits, cover me....." He grabbed the back of my hand and pushed it down onto his cock and started cumming, I swallowed the first couple of spurts and then let him finish on my tits, on my face. I licked the last drops of cum from his cock, swirled my fingers in his juices that were on me and licked them clean. He pulled his pants up and left. Nothing said.....but I could see the smile as he closed the door behind me.......

I just wondered what my hubby would do when he heard, when he saw his sweet little slut, soaked in juice, see my dress soaked in cum......some pictures to show him.......

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