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Thinking Correctly, couple, romantic, mutual masterbation,

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She was sitting on the bed scrolling through her camera phone looking for the best one to send to him. She had just spent the better part of an hour in her sexy French maid outfit taking them. There were pictures of her own finger, some were flashed out and others were so out of focus she couldn?t even tell what part of her body she actually took a picture of. Finally she found 4 of them that were pretty decent. He always liked the playtime outfit she was in; complete with the long stockings and the outrageously high heels that matched them. It was her full length shots that captured her shapely butt she figured he would like the most. After his call the other day giving her his arrival time she figured she would add some incentive to come straight home. She was so consumed in her editing and selection process that she was oblivious to the bedroom door opening. She let out a squeal of surprise when she saw him standing in front of her.

With a grin he asked; what are you doing all dressed up; is that how you look when I am not home?

Looking up into his smiling face she said; No.

So whatcha doin?

With a pouty response she said; I was taking pictures to send you. By the way what are you doing here?

I live here remember.

No; not that, why are you here now? You weren?t supposed to be here until tomorrow.

Sorry; I grabbed an earlier flight so I could surprise you. Apparently; I did.

She frowned up at him and said; well I guess I just wasted my time then.

Naahhh?send them to me now.

She giggled; kinda defeats the purpose don?t you think.

I suppose.

They just looked at each other for a few seconds and in that time the sexual tension between them seemed to grow exponentially. He eventually spoke first;


She breathed in and let out a sigh filled with a hint of disappointment and replied;

I spent a lot of time taking these pictures for you so I could email them to you. I like being sexy for you and when I think that you are staring at your computer looking at me it makes me feel wanted. I like believing that you can?t stand not being able to touch me. You would want me so bad; that the sight of me on your computer screen would make you pull down your pants and start whacking off. She looked up at him and let her words sink in. She then continued; thinking of you doing that actually gets me hot. So hot in fact; that I was thinking of grabbing my dildo just before you walked in.

Her disappointment had faded to the posture of a sultry feline.

In an eerie calm voice he said;

Sit back up onto the bed then and keep the shoes on.

He asked with a certain amount of command in his voice that actually thrilled her and she complied.

By the time she had her head and shoulders propped up on the pillows his pants and shorts were down to his knees and he was already working his dong in front of her. Watching him work it in front of her sent her into her own action. Spreading her legs apart and using the height of her heels to intensify his view she began to pinch her nipples through the fabric. His strokes started to get slower and longer; showing a bit more purpose in heating himself up. This only added to her own flame that was growing in her groin. Lowering one of her hands, she began to stroke her own crotch. He moved closer to the bed to see what was now becoming a damp set of panties. While they smiled at each other, she reached into the drawer and grabbed her favorite toy and flavored lube. She deftly primed the dildo like she would have done to him. She didn?t need to take the next step. Her entire body was being covered in goose bumps as he reached over and pulled her lingerie bottom down and let one foot escape through it. As she put her feet back down with one still hooked in the silky fabric she played with herself with new vigor. Everything that was happening now was just as she imagined it would be and she began to writhe in sensual throws of self pleasure. Never taking her eyes from his manhood she inserted her smooth phallus into her wanting love box and matched him stroke for stroke. As she began to moan the first drop of his spunk was leaking out sending her latex joystick straight home to her g-spot. As she neared the big O she felt him creep up onto the bed in front of her. Kneeling in front of her he increased his tempo and beat off like a manic in front of her sweetness. The timing was pretty close. By the time the second arc of his ejaculate was airborne she was screaming in her own flow of release. Her wetness began to drain down into the crack of her ass just as fast as his was soaking in her bared skin.

Sitting back on his haunches he just starred at her and she starred back as they both enjoyed the after tremors. His next statement was very clear;

You were definitely correct in your thinking.

jeff g © 2010

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