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The exhibitionist

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As I enter the dark quiet apartment, I don’t even bother to turn on the lights. The night light plugged into the corner socket is all I need for now. Just a dark room to go with my dark mood. I began to undress. Rapidly I discard my shoes. I unbutton my white chiffon blouse. God I can’t get it off of me fast enough. I fumble with the buttons, my fingers shake uncontrollably. Damn it! I want this off of me now! I scream inside my head. I rip and claw at the material, finally the buttons give way to the strength and fury of my wrath, and they sail helter skelter across the room. Their landing breaking the ominous silence that filled the room. No longer hampered by those annoying constraints, I easily discarded the remainder of the now mangled cloth from my body. Next I reach for the front locking clasp of my underwired bra. In one clumsy motion, I flip open the clasp and yank the bra from my shoulders. In the process, a few strands of my wildly flailing hair get caught in the straps. Unsympathetically, I painfully dislodged them from there roots, and in the faint light of the room, I watch them like burnt moth wings, flutter silently to the ground. The belted waistband of my pants has dug deeply in my skin all day long, leaving an indelible print as if in a constant reminder of their tortuous vice like grip.

This morning I welcomed it's smothering embrace and I marveled at the way my tight black pants hugged my ass and hips. They made me feel sexy, desirable, and wanting, but now, just like the previous clothing that lay amassed on the floor, I want them off! I violently jerk at the buckle. My pants fly open at the waist as another button is sent airborne across the room. This one however, almost as if playing a game of hide and seek from the other the buttons, bounces and skips off into it’s own little corner in the darkness. I begin to dance and jump. I hurriedly shake, rattle, and roll the pants down my aching thighs. Thighs that have spent all day craving to expand to their full natural bloom. I bitterly struggle to get out of the pants. Then almost as if they were on fire, in a state of panic, I fight valiantly to rid my body of them.

Stumbling without losing my balance, I win the tug of war with one last exasperated kick. I shrug the pants free into a separate heap all of their own at the base of my feet.

Completely naked now, I suddenly realized this apartment is bitterly cold. Thousands of goose bumps rise in unison, dancing across every inch of my skin. Both of my nipples stand out at attention, they are like armed sentries guarding a precious cargo. I shiver, but not from the cold mind you, this was my body celebrating its freedom. It loves being uncovered, unrestricted and free. Already I feel the all too familiar sensations creeping into my loins. My scent begins to fragrance the stale air of the quiet room.Nervously I pad lightly across the cold floor and over to the window. Then I gather myself and brazenly yank open the curtains and bathe naked in the starlight that suddenly streams into the room. The light seems to make my body glow, or is it the ebbing fire that now burns deep inside me that actually illuminates my body?

My womanhood begins to call out to me. “Touch me. You know how much you want to touch me.” I fight hard to resist.” Then as if in anger of my rebellion, she fires the first shot by convulsing, and sending a pleasure wave ripping through my nervous system. Uncontrollably I coo softly. Damn it!.. No!... Be silent, please don’t you dare betray me again. But it’s too late; she already knows she has me. My wetness begins to seep from between my folds. Unconsciously I reach down to wipe it away. My fingers touch the hot sticky moistness and linger there. They savor the smooth silky texture, as it covers the tips of my fingers. Robotically I bring my fingers to my mouth. Then as a sign of uncertain surrender, I suck the sweet nectar into my throat. I sigh out loud. The taste is intoxicating. No longer reluctantly, I now give in to the electricity coursing through my veins. My fingers creep clandestinely down to my breast. My breathing acts as their ally, and rises in time to meet them halfway. The tips of my fingers wickedly touch the two sentries. They too surrendered there weapons, and then bare their sensitive nerve endings to the invaders.Again I tremble.

The cold penetrating the window pain collides with the warmth escaping my body. In the starlight I can see the newly created steam rhythmically dancing on the moon beams. I stare out in a daze as my soul lifts itself from my body, and like the voyeurs that now gather in the court yard below, it turns to watch my erotic show. My glowing naked body dances for them, in time to the music played by my aroused sex. I reach up and squeeze my breast hard. I want to punish them for there betrayal. They both scream in agony. My nails dig deep into their flesh. “Arrrgggghhhh” I cry out as my voice now joins the mass of mutineers that was once my body. I turn my back to the crowd below. My buttocks use the dew to paint the window with mirror images of its firm rounded globes.ummmmmm! The chill of the glass pane only serves to turn up the volume of my senses. Like a prima ballerina, I gracefully bend over and press my ass hard against the glass. I pray for it to break into a thousand pieces that would cut me deep with every shard, to punish me for my deviant behaviour. I reach between my legs and spread wide my enflamed love zone. As I do this, someone from the crowd below illuminates my sex with a spot light. The blinding light forces me to shamefully close my eyes. I then curl my fingers and mercilessly shove four of them inside me at once. “Ummph” I groan as I push back on to the spindly intruders. Fighting back, I trap them against the glass and assault them again and again with my womanhood . She in turn attempts to drown them by spewing her wetness on them in massive volumes. They retaliate. My thumb finds my pleasure button, and launches a frantic attack. In a smooth circular motion it slides across the bulging knob. The intensity of this ferocious counter attack is more than I can handle. I spread my legs wider. My asshole opens and closes as if gasping for breath. I bare down hard on the invaders inside my throbbing tunnel. Clasping and releasing them with rapid pulses from the walls within. With my other hand I once again tear at my aching breast. I grasp firmly one nipple and pull as hard as I can with all the remaining strength that I have left in me.

The end comes quickly. My body suddenly begins to shudder incessantly. My legs are barely able to hold me upright. My loud cries echo off the walls of the vacant room. My complete surrender comes as I willfully give in to the tidal wave that washes through my racked body. Still trembling I slump to the floor. My dripping honey glaze distorting the previously imprinted artistic images, leaving them as shapes of unrecognizable blotches.

Later, it is there that you find me, a timid and huddled naked ball. My tear streaked face still glowing and glistening in the moonlight. And even though the crowd has long since dissipated, you quietly reach up and close the curtains on this erotic fete. Kneeling down by my side, you embrace me with your warmth. Undeterred by the unsightly wounds of my battled scared body, you comfort me. Your voice is soft and melodic. Your touch is soothing and reassuring. You draw me deep into your sanctuary, where again this evening I offer my surrender. Only this time, it’s to the warmth and serenity, of your waiting arms….

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