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The Evening Ritual

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Every night I walk up stairs, Maggie chasing behind me and Dexter slowly waddling up, after her, bringing up the rear. We go into the master bed room and I close the door, turn the desk lamp on that sits on my headboard and prepare to retire for the evening. The dogs vie for positioning on the king sized bed and I take off all my cloths and neatly fold them up and brush my teeth and creep into bed as naked as the day I was born. I like sleeping naked, I always have, i"m not sure why, perhaps its the warm comfortable feel of the sheets against my body, or the ease i can touch my self, or even some other reasons i havent even thought of, but none the less i like sleeping naked.

Positioned on the head board is the TV remote, a bottle of water and a small hand towel. Grabbing for the remote, I turn on the 46inch HD LCD TV, stack the pillows beneath my back and settle in for my nightly ritual of "thinking" about you. I take the bottle of water swing back a large gulp, set the bottle back on the headboard, pick up the remote and I casually press the channel button as I try to find some thing of relative interest to watch., Law and Order.. no that?s a rerun, QVC.hmmmmmmmm, nothing catches my interest, HSN nothing there either............................ news, no I?m not in the mood??????hum??. I?m not in the mood to get entrenched in a movie either besides that?s a rerun, oh, Playboy channel; really dont like soft porn, whats the point?.........Ecstasy channel, let?s see what real porn is on tonight. The picture settles in and the room fills with the sound of grunts and groans from the action taking place on the screen. Both dogs lift there heads to glance at the screen, for the sounds have awoken them and than after a moment put their heads back down and drift back off to thoughts of cats, and balls and bones and chasing squirrels....and snoring.

The screen is lit up with a woman feverishly rubbing her clit and moaning as a rather large, ugly looking man is standing over her face, plunging rhythmically his curved erect cock in an out of her mouth..while another odd looking man thrusts his erect memeber in and out of her tight well lubricated ass.

Where do they get some of these people to do this, they are so ugly! She has tattoos over 40% of her body, a nipple ring in each of her large pendulous breasts and a piercing in her clit and tongue..not to mention the oddist colored hair i have ever seen. He looks like he hasn?t showered in 2 weeks, his hair matted and greasy and also tattoos over much of his visible body..and the other guy isnt much better. Nonetheless the sexual action is building and my mood is one of slight arousal as I slowly put down the remote, place it back on the headboard with my left hand as my right hand slowly finds its way under the covers to my semi hard clean shaven member. I slowly, yet methodically grasp my cock and start to pull the skin up and down and back and forth as I periodically run my fingers over the smooth skin just above the shaft and my ball just below. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm How I wish it were your soft hands touching my smooth clean shaven rock hard cock.!!!!

Shaving my pubic area was one of the most sensual things I had decided to do several years ago. I don?t know why it turns me on so much, but it does, feeling the smooth, soft skin when I gratify my self, when I?m all alone. You seem to like it; I did it for me, to increase the physical sensation when I masturbate,

I 'm glad that you seem to like the way it looks and feels to your touch............................ and that there is no hair that could get in your mouth when you take my erect member into your hungry mouth. Pulling pubic hair out of ones mouth can sometimes break a stream of passion.......................but i know secretly you dont want me to shave , but youd rather have fun and play and wax me.

Five minutes go by and no matter how I play with my self I just can?t seem to get a full erection. I have always had that problem with pornography, it is rare that I can get a full erection and jerk off, it just doesn?t do it for me, it?s my mind that?s the real sexual organ, I need to focus on a fantasy or past experience with you, that I find erotic in order to achieve my ultimate goal. The x-rated movies are good for a starter, like jumping a dead car engine, or a kick start; so I grab the remote, turn down the volume and start to lean back a bit more, relax my body, pull off the covers and sheets and prepare for the sexual journey in my mind. My body relaxes as I pull the covers down to my knees and spread my legs so my bald pubic area and penis are in full view. I am such a visual person and it?s not enough for me just to stimulate my self manually, but watching me manipulate it and how it changes states adds to the excitement that I produce for myself. With out sounding too conceited, I think I have rather a handsome looking cock, it?s a good length, has girth and when erect stands rather straight with a small curve and with no pubic hair gives the illusion of even greater size. Sometimes I just like to look at it when I?m hard and just lightly run my fingers over it and gently pump it until the head turns a bright red and then when I?m just about to explode; stop and wait for it to shrink down again and then do the same thing over and over again. Sometimes ill put on a cock ring and let it get big and hard and veiny until i can feel the pressure building and about to explode............then take of the ring before i cum and let it slowly deflate to a flacid state. The more I do that; when I do cum, my juices are shot a lot further than if I just came the first time. I guess it?s a pressure build up thing! I?m very sensitive to that, now that I have only one testicle.

As I slowly knead my member, my mind starts to drift off to you. It?s only been 1 day since I held you in my arms, your body pressed against mine; your soft breasts pressing against my hairy chest, my cock in side of you going up and down and my tongue exploring the insides of your mouth. I love kissing; it?s the key to my soul. I can stare at the most gorgeous of naked woman and still not get an erection. But because I feel a strong attraction, and chemistry and love you; all I have to do is press my lips against yours, let my tongue dance with yours, inhale your sweet body aroma and I get harder than the Rock of Gibraltar??.even if you are wearing a turtle neck! The attraction is great, I sometimes have to fight back tears when we have dinner, for I?m so happy and in awe that we are sitting across from each other......after all these years. That someone as beautiful and as wonderful as you, could be in love with someone like me. The more I marvel at this, the more my cock starts to grow under my own touch. My hand has just about stopped moving now, for my mind is so focused on all that has been taking place between us and I have lost my focus on self stimulation, but inspite of that my ?weapon of mass destruction? grows larger.

Perhaps it?s a function of my age, perhaps it?s a function of unconscious desire to embrace you all the time, but I can?t seem to focus on anything other than holding you, tasting you and making love to you. Also, what is very real to me, what vivid thoughts that I cherish, like it was only moments ago; is the sweet smell and taste of your essence. I am very oral; sometimes I?d rather satisfy you with my tongue than with my penis. I can see your beautiful vagina so clearly in my minds eye. The way the inside of your thighs sweep up to your finely waxed Venus mound. The smooth white skin, the soft feel, reflecting the light perfectly and holding my attention and calling to me ?????..the way the sirens called to Ulysses and beckoned him until they drove him mad with desire. I remember so clearly running my tongue around your butterfly lips and gently sucking your forthcoming fluids out of their point of origin. I love resting my head on the inside of your thigh running my finger on your other thigh and watching the moisture build up between your swollen pussy lips and start to slowly run down and get caught by your cute little ass. The more I reflect and recall the sweetness of how you taste and smell, the harder my cock gets and the more furiously I stroke it.

Fifteen minutes have gone by and all I can do is think about taking you, eating you, resting my head on your shoulder and playing with your nipples as I watch your eyes roll into the back of your head and you moan in low dulcet tones. I?m 55 and my sexual prowess is somewhat different than it was years ago. Back then I could get an erection 3 or 4 times in an evening, but on the down side, I?d cum in 4 or 5 minutes each time. Now that I?m older, I am able to get an erection twice in the same evening, but on the other hand, I can stay rock hard for 2 hours at a pop with out loosing control, so I guess it all comes out in the wash??so to speak.

I can?t seem to stay focused on what I?m doing, my mind drifts back and forth between, eating you, holding you, kissing you, slowly peeling your cloths off ???.then all of a sudden my mind shifts to a fantasy of you eating another woman?s pussy and watching the look on your face as you put your arms around her and gently take her and kiss her and lick her wet cunt, as your hands rub a set of large round breasts,.......................... or my kissing you and carrassing you as she feverishly licks your sweet juices...........and you stare into my eyes, with love, lust and accepting approval????or maybe.yes................mmmmmmmmmmm????.watching you grasping a cock, one in each hand with singular focus; playing, sucking and jerking them up and down, as you nibble the heads and try to coax out the secrets that they hold inside ???me and someone else, lying on the stratled betwen us, facing us, my cock in your left hand, and his cock in your right hand, and you playing and stoking both cocks , playing, giggling, sucking, licking ?mmmmmmmmmmmmmm????it sends shivers up my spine. I don?t know why, but the thought of watching you with others and joining your sexual fantasies, in sexual play just excites me so fucking much. Sharing in each others lust, and playing???..pure sexual play, just for the fun of it, gets me so hard that my cock can almost explode with just the slightest touch. This affects me in ways that I never can really share with you, for I know it makes you feel uncomfortable, but when I am alone doing my ?ritual? it becomes my Achilles heel, almost more than when you put your head in my lap and unzip my fly and suck my cock when I drive someplace, or when you take all your cloths off in the car and touch me and your self and demand i pull over and do you!???..

My arm is getting tired, I used to be able to switch arms and masturbate with either one, but since my arthritis, and I?m limited to one arm and need to rest after a while.

I stop and take a sip of water, and even though I am no longer stroking my love muscle, it?s still hard as my thoughts have not left you and I am still fixated on the warmth that is in my heart and all I can see is the laughter in your eyes and the devilish smile on your lips.

I reach for the phone and hit the auto dial and in a heart beat I hear your sexy voice say hello and my cock again still hard ,starts to point toward the ceiling and a smile starts to form on my face as we begin our sexual, flirtatious banter. So there I lay on the bed, the phone wedged between my chin and shoulder, my left hand lightly touching my scrotum and my right hand dancing around my erect member and rubbing and tuggin and pulling it methodically.

We playfully chat and my thoughts go in and out, focusing on my self and wondering if you?re also lying in bed allowing your hand to explore your own sexuality???. as we speak. You allude to it, imply it, make subtle references to it, and the thought of you talking to me as you?re fingering your wet pussy and rubbing your ?clit?, adds to my excitement. As now my eyes are rolling in my head and I?m visualizing your beautiful breasts bouncing as you convulse into orgasm after orgasm. Not only that you?re satisfying your self, but the fact that you?re satisfying you?re self with the thoughts of me????"Your Larry". We talk and flirt, get side tracked and before you know it I have lost all signs of arousal for I am too entrenched in a deep conversation with you and the satisfaction I am receiving from the mental and emotional stimulation is more gratifying than playing with my self and ejaculating. The call winds down, it is late, we say good night and the moment I hang up the phone, my mind shifts back to you feverishly rubbing you pussy and squeezing your nipples and/or playing with your pink toy and again my cock jumps to attention as if it were in the army and a superior officer just walked by.

How I enjoy watching you satisfy your self, and as you do it, hold you and kiss you, gaze into your eyes, perhaps even give you some light assistance by softly running my tongue around the inside of your smooth white thighs, licking your dripping, swollen love lips and running my hands and mouth all over your ?axis of evil? ...........or just squeezing and licking your erect nippples, or mabe teasing your softy, inviting ass.................................... Ah what an ass, but that?s a whole other fantasy, I?ll masturbate to that tomorrow night!

As my mind races to your masturbating for me, I see my self kneeling over you and masturbating for you. What a wonderful fantasy. Two people who have such a healthy trust and respect and love for each other to do something so personal for each other to watch. To share the intimate moment that usually takes place in the privacy of ones own bedroom................but now for our mutual enjoyment and erotic enjoyment. I?m getting ready to explode now, I didn?t even realize I was jerking my own cock with such wild abandon as I see in my minds eye your fingers going in and out of your own love tunnel and your forefinger pressing harder and harder until you start to flow and moan and break into eruptions that could rival Mt. St. Helens. I then imagine dropping to my knees and slowly lapping the milky fluid into my mouth as you lay their spent....convulsing with every movment of my tongue over, around and on your sensative clit. I then creep over you still pulling my own tool vigorously and you reach up and slide your index finger into my ass and say: ?Come for me Larry ?I want to taste you!? and with that I start to shoot my hot cum all over your beautiful face and breasts and you pull my closer and take the last few pulsationg strems of hot cum into your mouth. My anus is squeezing your finger and you giggle as I give out a yell. I collapse beside you and roll over to kiss you as I taste my cum in your mouth and you taste your cum in mine. ................and we kiss passionatelly and hold each other.

My timing is good, and as I finish cumming in my fantasy, I start to cum for real, shooting my hot fluid high into the air; first landing on my face, then my chest, then weaker spasms shoot more jism on to my stomach and finally just pulsating streams of cum flowing out of the red swollen tip of my cock onto my tightly grasped hand wrapped around my cock???????.and I watch it drip slowly down between my fingers. I reach for the hand towel; wipe off the drops of sticky cum from my hands, stomach and chest and face, set the timer on the TV, pull up the covers and switch off the lights. I reach for the remote, put on Jay Leno; turn up the volume (ever so slightly) and roll over and try to go to sleep. As I tuck my hands under my pillow and think about you and how our love for each other is a gift, I drift off to sleep hearing you say; ?Oh Larry, I want to taste you? ?????and look forward to seeing and holding you???????.and if that can?t happen, then settling for my bedtime ritual tomorrow night will jsut have to do..

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