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The All-Star Game

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This story begins with my employer giving me two tickets to the All-Star baseball game in Atlanta a few ago. My husband is a fan and I thought this would be a great time to visit Atlanta, see the game and have some private time to rekindle our sex lives. We made reservations at a great hotel and started preparing for our getaway.

About a week before the trip, I was talking with a coworker who really wanted to see the game. I liked being around him and although I didn't admit it, I often found myself fantasizing about having sex with him. The thought of him going to Atlanta with me to the game started to consume the point that I asked my husband if I could let this guy use his ticket. My husband and I have often talked about me having sex with other men, and although I'm certain he didn't think it would really happen, he agreed to give his ticket to my coworker.

I was excited about the thought of being together with my coworker away from the office, in a wonderful city, and staying in the same hotel. My coworker suggested that since the hotel room was a suite that it didn't make sense for both of us to pay for different rooms and that we should stay together to save the money. I was little worried about how my husband would take that idea, but he eagerly agreed. I know he was thinking that being together with my coworker in the same suite would certainly make the opportunity for fulfulling our fantasy of me having sex with another guy more likely. The idea of having another man's cock inside me, especially with my husbands encouragement, kept me aroused for days leading up to the All-Star Game.

Finally, the day arrived when we left for Atlanta. We drove separately...not wanting to attract attention from others we worked with. I checked in the hotel around 5:00pm and about an hour later I heard the knock on the door. My heart raced as I opened the door to this man that had so filled my mind with wonderful thoughts and had unknowingly played a major role in some of the best sex my husband and I have had in years. He was very polite and had never hinted about expecting anything from me other than going to the game with him. We had about two hours before game time so we decided to get something to eat before heading to the ballpark. I was so nervous, this was the first time in over seven years of marriage that I have been so close to a man other than my husband...and that I wanted sexually. During dinner, I had a few drinks and for the first time since meeting my husband, I leaned across the table and kissed another man. I was on fire as our lips met and I uncontrollably moaned as our lips parted and I felt the warmth of his tongue press against mine. I felt my clit twitch as we probed our tongues deep inside each others mouth. I suggested that I really wasn't interested in going to the game and he immediately agreed. We quickly paid the check and headed back toward the hotel. Sitting close beside him as we drove, I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to taste his cock and have it slide into my wet cunt. He must have sensed what I was thinking as he gently took my hand and placed it on his leg. I was trembling but slowly began to slide my hand along his leg inching closer to his inner thigh toward the bulge clearing growing beneath his pants. Oh how I wanted to unzip his pants and free his cock so I could take into my hungry mouth and taste his manhood. As my hand finally reached his cock, I was in awe at the size of his still growing cock. My husband isn't quite 6 inches so I knew this cock was at least 8 or 9 inches. I was worried that I might not be able to take it all inside me but I was determined to give it a good try. Before I could do anything more, we were back at the hotel.

As I closed the suite door behind us, he pulled me close to him and we kissed passionately...devouring each other as we pressed our bodies into each other. He stepped back and began to undress me...slowly at first, but more quickly as I continued to caress his cock and begged him to let me suck his wonderful cock. In no time we were naked in each others arms. He picked me up and carried me to the bed and as he laid me down he moved his mouth from my lips to my breasts, gently sucking each nipple. While his one hand caressed my tits, his other hand made its way to my mound. He gently opened the folds of my pussy and then eased one, then two fingers into my wet hole. His touch was so incredible that in just a few seconds of his fingers probing my hole while gently sliding them across my swollen clit I was quickly on the verge of an orgasm. Waves of ectasy flowed over my entire body sending me to a place and feeling I never thought possible. Never had I felt an orgasm so strong or one that lasted so long.

After my tembling slowed and I was able to think again, I turned my attention to this man. I had him lie on his back and I slowly caressed his body and kissed him from his head, down his chest...stopping to kiss, lick and suck his nipples...before working my way to his throbbing cock. I had seen cocks this big in XXX movies but I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have my mouth just inches away from one. It was beautiful and as I gently began to stroke it, I knew then that size does matter. A large drop of precum had formed on the tip of his cock and I slowly lowered my head and gently licked the glistening drop up with my tongue. The taste was incredible...sweet with a wonderful texture as I rolled it around in my mouth. His cock was twitching with anticipation as I licked the entire length of this magnificent tool. Over and over, I licked his cock and gently sucked his huge balls into my mouth. I was getting so turned on again that I couldn't hold back any longer and engulfed as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I loved the feel of this big cock in my mouth and after awhile I was able to relax the back of my throat enough to get almost all of him into my mouth. Over and over I wrapped my lips around him and took him as deep as possible. I could tell he was getting close to cumming as his moans were getting louder and he put his hands behind my head as he started to fuck my mouth. I always enjoyed giving blow jobs but wasn't real big on swallowing cum...but I now desparately wanted my coworker to fill my mouth with his hot juice. I moaned that I wanted him to cum in my mouth which sent him over the edge. I felt his cock stiffen and then felt the first blast of his thick cream hit the back of my throat. Never did I imagine a man could cum that much. Stream after stream of his sweet cum emptied into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed as much as I could not wanting to miss a single drop, but no matter how quickly I swallowed...I couldn't get it all and several streams of his cum escaped my lips and dripped down my chin onto his cock and balls. I continued to stroke and suck his cock milking every delicious drop.

He then pulled me up to him and we kissed some more as we shared the lingering taste of his cum between us. He told me it was his turn now to taste me so he had me lie back with a soft pillow under my lower back to elevate my pussy so he could be at a better angle to lick my cunt. I love having a guy eat my pussy...but other my husband, the other guys I've been with either didn't know how or just didn't care enough to really pleasure me so I wasn't really sure how this experience would be. Let's just say that I had nothing to be concerned about. His tongue performed like magic. He was soft and slow when I wanted it and hard and fast when I needed it. He was so in tune to what I wanted that before long I was pulling his head into my cunt begging him to make me cum which he did, not once or twice...but three times. I've had multiple orgasms before but nothing like this. It was incredible.

After my last oral orgasm had subsided, we were both ready for some good old fashion fucking. We started with him on his back and with me sitting down on his huge cock. Slowly I worked my way down over his cock...the feeling of being streched like this was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I soon became so sexually intense that I started moving up and down faster and faster. Each time lowering myself further onto his manhood. Before long we had worked it all the way into my pussy. Never had I been penetrated like this...even with some very large vibrators that my husband and I often use while having sex. I can't explain the feeling. My pussy was on fire deep within...the pleasure of having a cock deeper into me than ever before was so wonderful. Slowly we began to move together sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. Gradually increasing our tempo as the pleasure began to take control of both our bodies. Before long I was riding his cock so hard that I could feel my orgasm growing deep within. I didn't want the feeling to end but I didn't want to stop either so I just kept fucking him faster and faster until I felt the first wave of my orgasm explode and my body convulsing with each thrust of his cock against my clit. I slid off that massive cock just long enough for him to get me on all fours. He quickly moved behind me and I soon felt the tip of his dick slip gently into my wet cunt. I moved back against him urging him to fill me with that big cock and fuck me like I've never been fucked before. It was all the encouragement he needed and soon he was slamming that huge rod all the way into me...over and over I felt his cock go deeper than I had thought possible. I was able to slip one hand behind him and caress his balls as they slapped against my ass. We fucked like this for probably fifteen minutes and I had one more intense orgasm. It wasn't long after my last orgasm that I could tell he was getting close to his own climax. I knew I had stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago and the possibility of getting pregnant by this man wasn't something I wanted to happen...but at the moment I just didn't care. All I wanted was to have him fill my pussy with his hot cum. I started screaming for him to cum inside fill me up with his sweet cream. That sent him over the edge and I soon felt his cock stiffen inside me and then I heard his groan as he shot his first load deep inside me. Over and over, I felt his cum spurt into my pussy filling me up and then overflowing out of my cunt. It was such a great feeling to feel this man's cock twitching inside me as he emptied his huge load of sweet juice. We collapsed on the bed and slept for awhile but we fucked several more times that night and the next day before leaving. It was certainly an All-Star performance, but little did any one know (except my husband) that it had nothing to do with baseball.

My coworker and I met several more times at a hotel near the office but I was soon transferred to another location. My husband and I have had several threesomes with different guys...which have been great and I really enjoy; but I still think of that All-Star encounter in Atlanta that opened our lives to such incredible sex. My husband still encourages me to try and get back in touch with my ex-coworker...and now that I wrote this story about our adventure...its made me think that maybe I will.

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