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Swing Party

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The young girl stretched out on the floor waiting. The other girl stood next to her waiting as well. The others stood in a circle watching the two girls waiting. The two girls both had a husband in the group watching. They were Sally and Doris.

They all had met on line on one of the adult sites, and eventually all agreed to meet for the swing party. It was to be a wild night. There were 6 couples in the group. Most were new to swinging and so there was a sense of excitement and expectation.

Sally and Doris were about to have sex for the first time. The girl on the floor was Sally and she stood up and faced Doris and smiled. John and Stan moved behind the others wife to encourage them and instruct them. They pressed close so the ladies so they could feel there hard cocks against their butts. Stan slipped his hand under and up and Doris felt his hand on her butt under her skirt.

This was the first time another man had touched her that way since she was a teenager and not since she got married. She was 22. Doris gasped and pushed back against his hand and leaned back against him feeling his cock pressed against her and his hands on her butt and than whispered in his ear feels good. He rubbed his hands up and down her butt and whispered back I am going to do you soon. She replied yes I know.

John reached around Sally and she felt him cupping and squeezing her boobs and put her hands over his and smiled at him and said oh good. So the two husbands watched the other handling his wife for the first time while making eye contact as they moved their hands over each others wife.

The two men pressed the girls forward until they were touching. Sally and Doris had talked about this moment on line and both were ready and excited. Doris made the first move and kissed Sally for the first time. They two girls kissed several times with each kiss longer than the last. They pressed closer with their boobs pressed together.

Their hands moved to each others butt pulling even closer and rubbing against each other.

John unbuttoned Sally and her boobs fell out into the open. Stan did the same for Doris and the two men moved back leaving the girls to themselves.

The ladies moved to the floor kissing and feeling each other all over. Each hot for the other. Lying together hands went up under skirts and could be seen moving up and down.

The action was turning on the 8 persons watching, and 2 guys whispered something and traded wives. The other couples seen this and all traded as well. One of the guys and his new partner moved off to the side into a dimly hit area and began kissing and petting each other.

Their intentions were clear and the guy turned the girl around and pressed on her back and she bent over. He unzipped his pants and pulled up her skirt, pushed her panties to the side and went in deep. Her face was suddenly flushed and she grunted and pushed back against his cock. Her husband looked over watching his wife being fucked. Pulled the guys wife to him and pointed for her to watch her husband. She turned back to him and kissed him hard and pulled him down on a couch. He pushed her skirt up to her waist and she slipped her panties down and off and he was on her instantly. His head was between her legs and her legs went into the air and she gasped and shuttered as he licked her.

Sally on the floor cried out and as Doris finger fucked her to a climax holding on to Doris thrusting and grunting as she had her cum. Her face was flushed and there was lust in her eyes as she made eye contact with Doris who watched her face as she grunted and gasped through her climax. Sally kissed Doris and whispered I want to lick you. Doris looked in her eyes and said I would love that. Sally pulled her finger out of Doris and slid down her body and pushed her skirt up to her waist poised over her pussy ready to have her first taste of another woman.

Sally was on her knees in front of Doris. Doris spread wide in anticipation. Sally lowered her head. Doris gasped as she felt Sally licking her and her legs came up and over her shoulders. Sally said to Doris you are so wet for me. Doris looked up and made eye contact with her husband as he moved behind Sally slipped his cock in and went deep.

Sally raised her head up for a moment and her face was all wet and grunted as Stan fucked her from behind doggie.

John moved over to Doris and she reached out and pulled his cock into her mouth. The swap was now complete.

As Doris sucked his cock he looked down watching his wife eating pussy for the first time. This was a fantasy come true for him and as Doris sucked him he could feel his cum rising.

The guy and girl on the couch had begun to fuck missionary style. He was slamming into her hard and fast with her legs up on his shoulders. By now all the six couples were fucking someone they had just met. Most were near naked and in all kinds of positions. All were doing what they had come there to do.

The room was filled with the sounds of fucking. Grunts, gasps, sounds of skin slapping against skin and sounds of people cumming with each other filled the room.

Stan grunted as he slammed into Sally and said cum and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. Doris seeing husband cum sent her over the edge and she cried out and shook and shuttered and climaxed as Sally licked and sucked on her clit. John lost it and Doris felt him squirting in her mouth and he pulled out and finished on her face and boobs.

Slowly the room became quiet except for the sound of heavy breathing. Round one was over.

Sally and John were the hosts and passed out drinks and some went off to the bathrooms to clean up. All had rejoined their partner. Obviously the guys all needed some recovery time before the next round.

Sally moved to the center of the room and asked John to turn the lights down as the room was brightly lit. She motioned for all the ladies to join her. The 6 women sat in a circle chatting and laughing and just getting to know each other. Sally reached behind her and pulled a basket filled with female toys and placed in the center of the circle and said grab one. Giggling all the girls reached in the basket and pulled out a toy and sat there looking at it.

Jill a beautiful very young blond girl with hair almost to her waist ended up with a dildo about 15 inches long with a head at each end and said oh with a nervous smile.

Sally said to the others that the game was that each had to use their toy on someone else.

Before they had all met in person all had expressed some Bi curiosity chatting on line.

Sally said to Jill you are the winner you get to go first. Jill looked doubtful but smiled and looked around the circle unsure what to do and who to do. She needed a girl for the other end of the dildo.

Finally she laughed and said any volunteers. One of the other girls looked over to a couch at her husband and he smiled and nodded a yes. She was Bobbie and said ok I will try it, my husband wants me to and gave a nervous laugh.

Bobbie and Jill moved toward each other and with a kiss and a boob-to-boob hug started. Jill was first and looking at her husband slipped one end of the dildo into her now wet pussy and gasped as it went in. Bobbie pushed herself on to the other end and they both pushed forward and the dildo disappeared except for the raised part in the middle.

Both remained still for a moment making eye contact knowing they were about to fuck each other. Sally reached in and squeezed the raised part in the middle of the dildo and it began to vibrate. Jill said oh wow and thrust forward. Both girls grabbed each others arms for leverage and the fucking began. Slow at first and than faster and faster.

The other ladies began using their toys on each other while watching Bobbie and Jill.

Bobbie and Jill maintained eye contact as they fucked and their faces were red and with lust in their eyes road each other thrusting and grunting with their pussies quivering against the vibrator. Jill cried out oh yes fuck me and Bobbie redoubled her thrusting and grunted and said cum and jerked and fell back losing all control. Jill moved on top of her still thrusting and while kissing Bobbie grunted and climaxed shaking all over as she came, gasping for air.

The men on the couch applauded and certainly had recovered as they all sat there with hard cocks at the ready. The ladies put their toys in the basket and moved back making room for the guys to join them.

Each guy picked a woman and the fucking began. After a couple of minutes John said switch and each guy moved to the woman to their right and had a new fuck and so it went over the next 30 minutes every woman had been fucked by every man.

Jill ended up with John and he was in deep and grunted and exploded in her pussy. She lost it with him giving him her all. She whispered in his ear what a wild night. I just fucked 5 guys and until tonight my husband had been my only man. I loved it. I am a very bad girl and John said we all are very bad or we would not be here. You were wonderful. Jill said maybe again later. John smiled and said definitely.

The room became quiet and the couples all retuned to their partners and in the dimly lit room all just spent some time recovering from their wild night.

After some time passed the final event of the evening was to be one on one in private.

They would all draw a name as the final event for the evening.

The guys all put their name in a glass as the girls each drew a name. Stan was matched up with a beautiful red head with big boobs and an incredible rounded butt that you dream about. They moved to one of the rooms and closed the door. Her name was Debbie and she seemed a little nervous. He asked you ok? She responded with this is different without my husband being with me, just you and me.

Debbie said I feel like I am being a very bad girl and cheating on my husband, but I want to as it is very exciting. Stan said be as bad as you like I am going to be as bad as you will let me. Debbie said I am going to be very bad for you. They moved together. Stan whispered I want to fuck you. Debbie said fuck me hard and when you cum I want you to cum in my mouth. I like to talk dirty. He said me too. Debbie turned around and raised her butt in the air and said I like it this way.

Stan moved over to this beautiful red head and leaned in and licked her pussy covered with red hair. As he licked her she moved her butt side to side moaning oh yes. After a time he stood up with his cock hard and Debbie turned around and took him in her mouth sucking. Finally he pulled away and mounted her doggie. They fucked each other slowly at first feeling all the sensations building. Debbie said oh I am so wet and you are so big you fill me up. Stan pushed in deeper and Debbie gasped and pushed back. Stan said you are a good fuck cum for me as he slammed into her pussy several times hard and fast.

Debbie panting and grunting said yes and jerked and gasping for air grunted loudly and yelled cum and shuttered and climaxed on his thrusting cock. He held still for a moment feeling her pussy quivering around his cock. Her breathing finally calmed and he said more and she said yes give it to me. He pounded her more and she could feel his hard cock inside her getting bigger as he fucked her faster and faster.

By now he was panting and was about to lose it and grunting and gasping for air he said cum and Debbie pulled away turned around and he began to mouth fuck her reaching for his cum. Stan looked down at Debbie sucking his cock and she looked up with lust in her eyes. He started to jerk and moan and she reached around and grabbed his butt pulling him deeper into her mouth. Stan grunted and said cum and at that moment Debbie slipped a finger up his butt and he exploded in her mouth. Her mouth was full and he squirted and squirted as he thrusted in and out of her mouth feeling her finger in his butt he just kept squirting in her mouth falling to the floor and she stayed with him continuing to suck him until he was empty. While he was squirting in her mouth Debbie climaxed again as she always did when a man came in her mouth it set her off. The room became very quiet and finally Stan said that was the best I have ever had. Debbie looked at him and said I know I am a very good cocksucker. Stan laughed and said that you are and also a good fuck.

There was the sound of sex coming from every room. People were fucking each other everywhere in the house.

People began to drift back into the living room all had that I just got fucked look about them.

Sally and Doris were sitting next to each other still knew to their experience of sex with each other. They both were behind the bar with Sally sitting on the barstool. Doris Kissed Sally and whispered you tasted me but I never got to taste you and I want to now before the evening ends. Sally looked into her eyes and said oh yes and spread her legs apart as she sat on the stool facing Doris. Doris got on her knees in front of her and disappeared from everyone else.

Sally slipped her panties off and spread wide for Doris. Doris hesitated and Sally reached down and with her hand on her head guided Doris to her pussy, thrusting forward as Doris licked her. Doris reached down and was fingering her self as she licked Sally. No one else in the room could see what was happening. Sally looked down watching Doris lick and suck on her clit and pussy.

Doris looked up and their eyes met. There was lust between them. They were both very quiet and suddenly Sally closed her eyes and shuttered and squirted. Doris felt the heavy wetness coming from Sally as she came in her mouth gushing and jerking against her face. Doris climaxed with her using rapid movements in her pussy. Doris looked up her face and boobs all wet from Sally. Sally looked down and said never did that before are you ok? Doris said oh yes that was wild.

So the evening ended as it had begun with Sally and Doris.

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