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Summer Hike

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Pebbles and dry weeds crunched under foot as we hiked across the hills. The heat was stifling. It rose off the grey limestone in waves and the sun?s burning rays were intense. Thick stands of cedar blocked what little breeze there was. The humidity kept us sweat soaked. The dog days of August is not the best time for a mid-day hike in central Texas. One of the rewards though was the assurance that you would not have much company on the trails.

?We?ve got about an hour or so before we get back to the campground?, my partner said, ?and I can?t wait to jump into the lake?. I saw an outcrop of rock that was partially shaded by some scrubby trees. ?Why don?t we rest there for a few? I suggested. The rocks were at the top of a small ridge, which sloped down into a ravine. Looking out I could see the ravine ran northwest for a distance. I could also see a slice of Lake Travis at the end of the ravine, between the other similar ridges that lined it. We pulled some bottles of water from our packs and slugged them down while we caught our breath.

My partner is Lisa, who is an on/off girlfriend. She is pretty in a simple way. The kind of girl who looks great with or without makeup, and is comfortable outdoors. She?s petite, about 5?2?, slender and yet slightly muscular. Her reddish brown hair is cut almost boyishly short and her green eyes are set off by her light complexion. She was wearing a T-back sports bra kind of top and hiking shorts.

Lisa was sitting in front of me and looking out towards the lake. ?Your shoulders and neck are getting red? I told her. ?You better get some more sunscreen on?. She grinned up at me and said, ?Would you do it please?? Glad to have an excuse to get my hands on her, I dug out the tube of lotion from her pack. ?Hands up?, I commanded. ?What do you mean, ?Hands up?? I told her that I meant to put her hands above her head. She looked at me quizzically as she reached up, and I quickly grasped the sides of her top and in one swift move yanked it over her head. ?What the hell are you doing?? she hissed as she crossed her arms over her chest to cover herself. ?Relax? I replied. ?There is nobody but us out here. We haven?t seen anyone else since the mountain bikers passed us three hours ago. We aren?t even on the main trail any more anyway.? She made an irritated grunting sound as she bent her head down over her crossed arms to expose the back of her neck and shoulders.

I squirted some sunscreen on her neck, shoulders, and a little trail down to the small of her back. She gave a little shudder when the lotion hit her skin, and I laughed. ?Got the willies?? I asked. ?Ha, very funny? she replied. I knelt behind her and began to rub the lotion in a massaging, kneading motion. Her neck and shoulder muscles began to relax and her shoulders dropped some. The sweat on her back made the lotion even slicker, and it took a good bit of rubbing to work it into her skin. I slid my hands under her arms and cupped her breasts. They are small, barely B cup size, but they have rather large nipples that were now getting hard.

?Oh damn that feels good?, she purred. I sat down behind her and leaned back into the step of rock behind me, pulling her back onto my chest. I massaged her tits and tweaked her nipples while she quietly moaned. The sun had now advanced across the sky and our shade had moved, leaving us with the sun shining directly on us. The sweat began to pour out of us again. Lisa scooted her feet in towards her, and lifted her bottom off the rock. She then pulled her shorts off and I could see that she had on her bikini bottoms on in anticipation of our dip in the lake. She placed the shorts on the ground beneath her, and lowered her ass back down onto the shorts. By now I was getting rock hard and she could feel my cock through my shorts, pressing into her lower back. She asked, ?What?s going on down there?? I replied, ?Just you wait and see? as I moved my hands in sweeping circular motions across her chest and belly. As my hands circled I brushed over the area at the top of her bikini, and she slightly arched her back trying to force them lower.

I reached down as low as I could and ran my hands over her upper thighs, then slid them to the inner thighs, kneading the muscles as I moved along. My hands slid up the inner thigh and over her crotch, and she spread her legs inviting me further in. I snaked a couple of fingers under her bikini, and ran them over her bare pussy lips. Sweat was running down her chest and belly in tiny rivulets, as she lifted her hips and moaned. I teased my fingers across the lips more, but did not allow them to reach inside, driving her wild with anticipation.

She made a frustrated grunting sound and jumped up. In a second her bikini was stripped off and she turned to face me wearing nothing but her shoes and socks. The previously oppressive heat now felt glorious as we were exposed on the ridge above the ravine. She moved in towards me with her feet on either side of me, bringing her pussy towards my face. Lisa leaned over and placed her hands on the rock behind my head and bent at the waist, to bring her crotch right into my face. My first lick across her mound was salty with her sweat. She was now breathing heavy and begged for more of my tongue. I stretched up, reached between her legs and placed a hand on her ass and pulled her closer. My tongue traced around her lips and then slid slowly through her slit.

When the tip of my tongue finally brushed lightly over her clit she clenched her body and gasped. Drops of sweat continued down her body and my hand slid easily over her ass. I licked and sucked while she ground her crotch into my face. My hand slid down the crack of her ass, and down to her pussy. Everything was so wet that I easily slipped two fingers inside her as I continued licking her clit. She was now grunting and bucking and I worked my fingers in rapid strokes. Her breath came in ragged, shallow bursts. Sweat dripped off from her body onto mine as we both moved with increased intensity.

Lisa gave a long, loud moan as she came. Her pussy was clenching on my fingers in spasms as cum and sweat ran down my chin and arm. I lapped up as much of her juices as I could. Her rocking and grinding slowed until she finally stopped, and I pulled my fingers from her. She slid down my chest until her crotch was over mine, and rested her head on my chest. As her breathing slowed she said, ?I cannot believe we just did that. I?ve never done it out in the wide open before. Do you think that anyone saw us?? I replied, ?If they did, then they got a helluva show. Hey, you could return the favor, you know.? ?Easy now?, she replied. ?Let?s get on down the trail and take that swim. You will get yours after I have a chance to cool down and catch my breath.?

Reluctantly I got up and gathered our packs as she dressed. ?We?re going to double-time it then?, I said while looking down the ravine to see exactly where we could pick up the trail. ?We still have quite a bit of ground to cover to get to the lake.? Her arms circled around me from behind in a tight hug. I turned and she reached up, kissed me, and told me ?Thank you?. Then she pushed away quickly, and started picking her way down the slope. I snatched another bottle of water from my pack, and got myself moving, anxious to get the hike done and to move on to better things.

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