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Somewhere In The Night

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Have you ever had a fantasy that just wouldn't go away, no matter how hard you tried to get it out of your mind?

Well, I have one and it just happens to be the same fantasy my wife has. Although hers doesn't have a face or name attached to it.

Our fantasy consist of her, my wife, me and a couple other guys.

I know one of them, so does she, but we haven't met the other one. We had his email address and a picture but it go lost somehow. But, we sure would like for him to contact us again.

We live in florida, just outside Tampa and have had a rather flustrating relationship with a friend of our, which was awkward at best.

The night Rick came over, I will have to be honest admit, it was awesome to watch my wife actually sucking his cock. It was any bigger than mine, but it was rather nice looking, I will admit.

We had a picture of the other guy and my wife would look at from time to time. One night during our foreplay she admitted that she would like to get with him, but now we can't find his email. Flustrating. All we know is that his name is Mark and he doesn't live far from us.

So on with her fantasy:

We are all, my wife, me, Rick and Mark, are at our house.

The guys are sitting in the living room watching football on the tv and Brandy is coming in and out checking on us.

After a little while she returns and sits down between me and Rick on the sofa.

After some small talk she reached over and places her hand on Ricks thigh and he takes her hand. We have been with him before so the holding hand is more of something to make him and her more comfy.

A couple minutes later she places her other hand on my leg and lays her head on Ricks shoulder. Turns her head up toward him and whispers something. He leans over and kisses her on her lips. This he has never done.

Mark is sitting there watching the game and then turns to see the two of them kissing. Brandys hand moves up Ricks thigh until it restes on him crotch. By now he's pretty hard and from the looks of it, so is Mark.

After rubbing Rick and I through our pants she leans back again and whispers something else to him. He stands up and with one quick move his pants are on the floor and he kicks them across the room.

Brandy looks at me and smiles and says, "Your turn." Them she turns and begins sucking him. She really enjoyed sucking him the first time he came over and I have had that sight in my mind ever since.

I stood and let my pants fall and kicked them across the room as well.

Looking over at Mark, I could see him gettin excited. He stood and pulled his pants off but kept his underpants on. He walked over to where Rick and I were standing and watched as Brandy sucking Rick slowly in and out of her ver talented mouth.

With both hands she reached over and began to pull my cock and she tried to get Marks but his underware was still on.

"Take them off." She instucted.

He did as he was told and there before her were 3 hard cocks. Each looked different from the other. She pulled harder on mine and Marks which made us step closer to either side of Rick.

It was almost like a porn movie. Here is this sexy girl sitting on the edge of the couch taking turns at sucking 3 cocks in front of her.

She looks up to me and I could see the complete satisfaction in her eyes and knew she was enjoying it.

After a few minutes of this she had all 3 of us on the verge of shooting our loads, then she stopped and stood up.

We all got around her and began to undress her. Once undress I had once breast and her ass cheeks in my hands, Rick had her wet pussy and Mark was kissing and fondling whatever he could get too.

Rick pulled her right leg up and this gave him better access to her dripping pussy. He knelt and began to lick and finger her. Within seconds she was moving on his tongue and had a quick but powerful orgasm.

Mark was sucking her breast like a newborn and I was play and rubbing my cock on her ass cheeks.

She pulled Rick up and they kissed again. She could taste her juices on his tongue.

She pushed him down on the couch and then instructed Mark to sit next to him.

After Mark sat down she knelt between their legs and went to sucking. She looked like a woman that was starving. After a couple minutes she motioned for me to get behind her.

I knelt and pushed my cock all the way into her. She was wetter than I have ever felt her.

"Fuck me hard." She said as she went back to sucking Mark and Rick.

After a minute or so she could sense I was about to unload. She pulled off my cock.

"Don't cum yet." She told me. Looking up at Rick she let her tongue slide up and across his large purple cock head.

"It's your turn." She told him as she motioned me around to her left side adn then began to pull Mark over to where Rick was sitting.

Rick got up and I took Marks seat as he slide over to where Rick had just been sitting.

She took my cock into her mouth and licked her own juice off me and then took me farther into her throat than I had ever been. My short pubic hard was touching her nose.

Seconds later Rick was knelt behind her. He positioned himself and slowly began to work his cock into her pussy. She pushed back onto him so he could get into her quicker and deeper.

"Don't cum in me Rick." She said and then started to attack Marks cock.

Afer a couple minutes of Rick fucking her she stopped sucking us. She licked Marks cock head and looked up at him.

"Your turn." She said and Mark moved rather quickly to get into her hot soaked snatch.

By now we had gotten the idea that she wanted us to take turns with her, but nobody was to cum yet. We had all felt her mouth and her pussy several time.

I had never seen her so turned on, or in such control in our lives together. It was amazing how many orgasms she had already had. Normally she has one and shes done for the night, but not today.

After about an hour Rick, Mark and I were all beginning to hurt for the pressure of not cumming in so long. Brandys pussy was swollen and beginning to get a little sore. She pulled off Ricks cock and got up and walked to the center of the living room. She got on her knees.

"Come here." She told us.

We all 3 made our way over to where she was knelt. We each looked at each other as if we knew what she was wanting next.

We stepped as close as we could and she began to go from one cock to the next.

"I want you all to cum at the same time." She said as she went back to sucking Ricks cock. I don't know but it seems she really likes sucking him more.

Our cocks were so hard and balls so tense that it took about 5 minutes before we were getting close. She sensed our upcoming orgasms and pulled off our cocks. Leaned her head back.

"Jerk off on me." She demanded.

We began to jerk our cocks while she remainded on her knees before us. Our cock were pointing straight at her up turned face and body.

Mark was the first. He began to shoot long thick streams of cum over her face lips and breast. She started rubbing his cum into her skin and I could see her lips slightly parts and her tongue getting a taste of his cum. She leaned over to Marks throbbing cock and took the head into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. Mark fell back onto the floor completely spent, but kept watching her.

She looked so sexy with another mans cum on her face and body. I couldn't hold back any longer and let out a loud grunt and began shooting my cock juice over her face, neck and breast. I was about half way done when she took my cock into her mouth and let me finish cumming on her tongue.

About 5 seconds later the first shot from Ricks cock hit her on her left cheek. She turned and looked up at him and moved forward and his cum was hitting her lips and chin. She licked her lips and sucked the remaining cum from him before we all collapsed on the floor.

Normally she runs to the bathroom for a shower and tooth brush but I guess she was exhausted. She fell asleep right there with our cum on her face, neck and breast and tongue.

More stories to follow

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