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Softswing can be sooo hot

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My wife and I are still pretty new to the swinger?s scene. We have had a couple of fun experiences. This last one was one I will never forget. My wife Beth and I had met Bob and Sue before and had a fun experience. This time was even better. We met at a local bar for some drinks. As time passed we agreed we would head back to our place for some time in the hot tub. It was very relaxing in the tub and seeing 2 very sexy women naked in front of me an added bonus. We sat soaking for an hour or so and the girls got an idea.

We went into the house and spread out a large blanket on the floor. The girls told Bob and me to lie on our stomachs and they would give us a massage. The room was dimly lit and still. My wife gives a great massage. She started at my feet and worked her way up. I could tell Bob was enjoying his massage as well. I could hear him moaning and starting to sigh. Beth worked every inch of my back and slowly began touching my cock from behind. What an amazing feeling. I would open my eyes every once in awhile to watch Sue rubbing Bob. She seemed to enjoy rubbing her large breast down his back. At one point she saw me watching and gave me a smile.

With our backs fully massaged and our cocks begging for attention, we were told to flip over. Beth began again at my feet, working her way up to my swollen cock. Slowly she massaged my manhood. She knows all of the places that I enjoy being touched. I could see that she was also getting very hot watching Sue stroke Bob?s cock. And they seemed to be enjoying watching us. Finally, Beth moved her mouth on my cock and starting sucking me. Sue followed Beth?s lead. Bob and I sat back and enjoyed the warm mouths that were swallowing our cocks. I told Beth how wonderful it felt. She smiled and continued to suck me.

Sue was the first to change positions. She straddled Bob?s face and then began to suck him again. I could hear his tough working her wetness. The smell of sex started to fill the room. Beth followed Sue?s lead and assumed the same position. Her pussy was so wet. I love tasting my wife. I could tell that she was enjoying this because she would stop sucking me to relax and let me pleasure her. The lust would build again and she would swallow me over and over. Wanting to cum, Beth sat straight back and allowed me to focus on her very hot pussy. Bob was apparently enjoying his blow job. I could hear him tell Sue that he was going to cum and I could feel the excitement in Beth when he began to erupt in Sue?s hand.

Beth continued to ride my tongue. My cock was aching from the excitement. Just then I felt a warm mouth start to kiss the head of my cock. Sue had slid over and took over where Beth had left off. She was very talented with her tongue. She worked her hand up and down my shaft as she sucked me. I almost exploded as she massaged my balls with her warm tongue. I could see that Bob had stood up and was kissing Beth and rubbing her beautiful breasts. Her breathing got hard as she came from the extra attention she was receiving.

I was so close to the edge I knew I couldn?t hold out much longer. With Beth still straddling me I knew she had a great view of Sue working my cock. ?Make him cum? she said, ?I want to see it?. With that my cock exploded, Sue moved closer and jerked me all over her chest. As the last drops spilled from me, Sue lowered her mouth to clean all of the juices from me. I could tell the Beth really enjoyed watching Sue coax me into organism.

We turned our attention to the girls. They both sat on the couch and I found my place between Sue?s legs. With her feet on my shoulders I began working the inside of her moistness. First with my tongue and then slowly with my fingers. Her pussy was very wet. I admit I was nervous about trying to please someone other then Beth, but I was going to give it my best shot. I could hear Beth moaning beside Sue, Bob was giving Beth the same treatment I was giving Sue. I saw that Sue?s hand was caressing Beth?s arm and Beth was slowing rubbing Sue?s nipple between her fingers.

Sue began to rock back and forth on my fingers. My tongue was working her hard clit. After a few moments, Sue buried her fingers in my hair and pulled my face tight to her pussy. I could taste the juices with my tongue as she came. The smell of sex got thicker as Sue added her organism to the adventure. I continued to kiss and caress her pussy as her muscles began to relax. I heard Beth?s moans become louder as she approached another organism. Bob seemed to enjoying tasting my wife as much as I enjoyed tasting his. Sue was using one hand to rub Beth?s warm skin. I watched as Beth?s hips lifted up and Bob mouth filled with her cum.

After only a few seconds Sue exclaimed that she needed a cock inside her? NOW. Bob was fully erect and took my place between his wife?s legs. I sat on the couch next to Beth and we caressed and kissed each other as Bob fucked Sue inches from us. I could feel my cock begin to swell from the excitement. Sue was next to me and began stroking me back to hardness as Bob ravaged her.

Beth turned over and bent over the couch. I got behind put myself inside her. I love fucking my wife, that?s the one pleasure we only share with each other. The excitement level was at its peak. The sounds, sights, and smells of sex filled the room. Beth was using her hands to massage Bob?s balls as he moved in and out of his wife. I heard her say to him, ?Tell me before you cum?. I continue to fuck Beth and enjoyed watching Sue?s breasts move back and forth as her eyes opened and closed, watching Beth and I in the doggie style position. ?I?m close to cumming? Bob said. With that Beth stood up behind Bob and began kissing his neck. ?Let me help you? she said, as her hand move around him and down toward his cock. Bob began to cry out in pleasure and Beth grabbed his hard cock from Sue?s pussy. While licking his neck, she stroked his cum from his cock, spraying it all over Sue?s tummy and chest. Sue?s wetness made sure the Beth?s hand slid easily up and down Bob?s shaft.

Beth moved back to her position on the couch and I began fucking her again, this time, with even more excitement then before. Sue and Bob were kissing and I could see that they were enjoying watching Beth and I. Sue moved behind me and began kissing my neck and touching my manhood from behind. The feeling was overwhelming and I understood why Bob has cum so hard. ?Fuck her? I heard Sue whisper in my ear. ?It so hot watching you slid inside her? she said. The feeling of 2 hands on my back as I fucked Beth was overwhelming. I pulled out and grab my cock and sent a trail of juice on to Beth. ?That?s so hot? Sue said as I erupted. Her hot breath in my ear made the orgasm even more intense. I looked up to see Bob had offered his cock to Beth one more time. She eagerly swallowed him. As I sat back on the floor exhausted as Sue began to clean the juices from Beth?s tummy as Bob fucked her mouth. The site of the 3 of them in action was overwhelming. I moved behind Sue and began licking her pussy. Beth was sucking Bob?s cock as Sue relaxed on her body to enjoy my tongue again. I could hear Beth asking Bob to cum for her. In a few moments, she got her wish. Bob sent a stream of warm cum across Beth as she jerked him off. Sue let out one more orgasm as she watched her husband cum.

Exhausted we headed back to the hot tub. We all seemed to be sitting a bit closer this time. Enjoying the warm water on our bodies and reliving the adventure we had just explored.

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