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Punishment for cheating?

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Caught cheating bad/good things can come from that.

I came home from a work trip a day early last month and to my surprise there in my driveway was my landscapers truck. This would not usually surprise me but it was after 10:00 P.M. So I figured that he and my wife were going over details and plants to use in the yard. When I got to the front door I noticed all the lights were turned off so now I was a little more suspicious than when I first pulled up. I tried the door but it was locked now I was really wondering what was going on. My wife has strayed before but we have always been open about it and she has always told me when things were going on, she had said nothing about the gardener.

Well now my suspicious nature is peaked I decide to slip in threw the back yard so as not to disturb what may be going on. The front door has an alarm tone on it whenever it is opened and I wanted to see what was going on before I acted.

I went around the side of the house to the back of the house and decided I would see if the dr*pes were open in the master bedroom. They were and the lights were not on but there were candles burning giving me enough light to see what was going on. There was my wife in the middle of our bed on her elbows and knees with her ass getting pounded by Pete our gardener. Then in from the hallway walks one of his helpers I think his name is Gabe. Well Gabe walks around to the other side of the bed takes my wife?s face in his hands and shoves his cock into her waiting mouth. The two of them are banging away like this for about ten minutes until they both blow their wads into her. They then turn her over and take turns having her suck them both hard again. Pete has a long but slender looking shaft while Gabe?s is shorter and thicker.

Once they are both hard Pete lies on the bed and my wife straddles him sliding his shaft up her ass. She then lays back on him and Gabe shoves his dick in her pussy. The are both fucking her this way and she is screaming in pleasure from it, which is getting me harder and harder. I take my dick out and start to jack off to the site of my wife being violated this way.

She is screaming louder and louder so I know she is in full orgasm then Gabe gets off and Pete pulls out too. They then tie her to the bed and start taking turns just fucking her. First Pete mounts her and Gabe leaves the room. I hear water running and figure Gabe is cleaning up. Pete just keeps fucking her for what seems like hours but is about 25 minutes until he blows the biggest load I have ever seen all over my wife. On her tits, her belly, Everywhere. Pete then got up and leaves my wife there tied to the bed like a used whore. He leaves the room and a few seconds later Gabe comes back in and just climes onto my wife. But instead of entering her he starts to fuck her tits. This is a pleasure I have always enjoyed but she hates it because she can not stand getting jiz all over her face. Gabe is at it for about ten minuets and lets go a load of his goo right into her face and I here her start to yell at him for it. Pete comes in to see why she is mad and says it is O.K. to Gabe that he will just shut her up which he does by shoving his dick into her mouth. Pete rides her mouth for a few minuets and then he slides down and inserts himself back into her pussy and fucks her again. It is now about midnight and I am getting a bit tired and very horny standing outside the window watching all this. I decide to leave and let them do whatever they want. I figure I will find out about it the next day when I arrive home from my trip.

Well I go to a motel for the night and arrive home at around 9:00 A.M I let myself into the house. My wife is up and is doing a load of laundry. I go into the bedroom and find that there are no sheets on the bed. I usually do the linens on Saturdays and this is only Thursday. Knowing why she is doing this I decide to see how honest she is going to be and ask her why she is doing the linens. She says that the cat got sick this morning and she was washing them. I let it slide but make a little mental note to myself about he lie. I then decide I should go with my normal routine and start making sexual advances at her like I always does after being gone for a few days. We usually have a couple of good sessions but she pushes me away saying she is not feeling well and is not in the mood. I ask what?s up and she just says she had a bad headache last night and did not sleep well and maybe later we could fool around. Again no mention about her tryst last night.

A little later she tells me she is going to go lie down and take a nap. There is usually an invite to join her but nothing. I decide to join her but when I try to snuggle up to her she is a bit cold and says NO. She is not in the mood she really just wants to nap. Again I ask what?s up and she just says she is tired because of the headache from last night. Again no mention of her nights activities. I leave the room and let her sleep.

While she is sleeping I decide that if nothing is said to me today that I will have to do something about her lying, but what?

Well after she has slept for a few hours she gets up and is still in a no touch mood. Not like her at all after I have been gone. I act like nothing is wrong but have started cooking up my own plans for her and her lying.

The rest of the day goes on like this with no mention from her about the night before and no sex for me. I am still very horny from watching her get pounded and have had no relief except when I jacked off at the window. Friday is the same story. Nothing at all is happening in any way and she still has said nothing about her night with the gardeners. The next day is Saturday and I have a 7:30 tee time with a couple of my buddies. I get up at about 6 and fix myself some breakfast on coffee. Wendy comes out just before I leave tells me to have a good time and she will see me later. I ask what she has planned for the day she says that nothing is happening and I leave for my golf game.

I am having a bad round and Stewart and Steve both keep asking me what?s up? Why is the game off today? I tell them what I came home too and they both say why is that bothering me we have all swung together in the past and that I know that Wendy likes to have multiple partners. I tell them it is not the fact they were fucking her and she was enjoying it, it is the fact she has said nothing about it since I have gotten home. I tell them I want to seek a little revenge on her and that I would love to get even for this. Stew tells me to just let it slide and she will probably say something to me later about it.

Well the game gets no better for me and I loose the round and our normal $50 bet on the game. Stew says why not come over to his Club tonight for a private party he is throwing for another friends 50th birthday and I say we will see and that maybe if his wife Debbie called Wendy and talked her into going to the party we would show up.

I drive home from the course and think about what Stew and Steve have said and figure they are right she will tell me when she is ready to. I get home and Wendy is just hanging up the phone and tells me Debbie called and there is a private party at Stewart?s club that night and we are invited. We need to get there around 7 and the guest of honor will be there about 8 for the surprise party. The rest of the day goes like the past day and a half. Nothing said and no sex. I am getting a bit pissy and frustrated but remember what Stewart said and figure she will tell me sooner or later. We get ready for the party I put on a pair of slacks and dress shirt and my boots, which my wife always says, are sexy. She puts on a loose fitting, semi conservative dress, which is unlike her. She usually likes to show off her ample cleavage when we go out to parties like this. I ask what is wrong and she says nothing is wrong that she just doesn?t feel like having every guy there looking at her tits tonight. This is very odd for my wife but I drop it there.

We go to the club and there are about 20 other couples there. Some of the people we know some we do not but to my surprise Pete and Gabe are both there with there girlfriends. Now I decide it is time for some revenge. I do not let on that I know what happened to either of them or have I let Wendy know I know what was going on the night before I was supposed to get home.

Around 11 the party is really starting to hop. Everyone has been drinking and the music is blasting. Wendy does not usually drink to mush because when she does she starts to loose all inhibitions. I decide this is the perfect time for a bit of fun. I just keep making sure her glass is full all the time with Mie-ties. If it is half empty I get it refilled and then teases her she is falling behind that she needs to drink up. She does not realize I have been keeping her glass full all the time so she just keeps drinking. I do not usually dance too much because of a bad knee but I decide I will dance tonight. Wendy is getting a bit tipsy and loves to dance when she is that way. I take her out and we dance a couple of dances then a slow dance comes on and I start to put things into action. I pull her close and start to grind a bit with her and she starts to respond. I also undo the top few buttons on the front of her dress and let her cleavage show. We are rubbing up against each other and are touching more and more but then the song ends and it is back to fast music. We go to our table and sit down. Stewart comes over and asks if I would mind if he danced with Wendy I said it was her choice and she jumped up and off to the dance floor they went. They danced a couple of fast dances then another slow dance came on and Stew moved in close to her and started to rub her back while they danced. I was not sure what he was doing then I realized he was undoing her bra on the dance floor. When the song ended they came over to the table and Wendy excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she came back I could tell the bra was gone her erect nipples were pushing threw the material of her dress. Before she could sit down Steve asked her to dance and off they went to the dance floor. When they return her dress has a couple of more buttons undone and most of her tits are showing. She realizes it and buttons up a couple of them but not all of them.

It was now about 12:30 and many of the other couples have started to leave Steve orders another round and Wendy says no more for her but I say it is a party and you just barley finished your first drink lets have another and she gives in to me and has another. Steve and Stewart both give me a knowing look and smile. They realize I am going for my revenge tonight and are going to help any way they can. After the drinks come I decide I will dance another dance with my wife and off we go it is another slow song and I start to move in. We are slowly swaying and I start to nibble on her ear and neck this always turns her on. I slip one had between us and undo the buttons she had fastened plus a couple of more. At least six buttons are now undone. The music ends and we making our way back to the table when I spot Pete and invite him over for a drink.

HE joins us at our table and can not keep his eyes off of Wendy?s almost fully exposed breasts. She is pretty well hammered and has not realized that her dress is almost fully opened. Even if she had I do not think she would have covered up she likes to shoe them off and all of the guys at our table have already seen them at one time or another. We are very open when we are in our group of friends. Well after a few minuets and most of the new drink Wendy wants to dance again, I tell her my knee is bothering me why not dance with Pete. He looks at me like what the? And I tell him it is all right have fun and dance with her. She wants to dance so go dance. Well Steve gives me this really big grin and knows I am ready for the kill. He goes and talks to the D.J. and all of the sudden the slow songs start to come one after the other. Pete and Wendy are dancing and she starts to really grind on him. He has no idea what to do so he just keeps dancing with her. I notice he has slid a hand down onto her ass and is starting to rub it. Then Stewart cuts in on them and starts to dance with my wife. As Pete walks away you can see the unmistakable lump in the front of his pants. She got him all hot and bothered. Stewart starts to work on Wendy now. Rubbing the small of her back and touching her ass as they dance. Steve then decides to join the fun and moves in behind Wendy and is rubbing her shoulders and reaches around her opening her dress all the way and rubbing her tits while Stewart presses from the front and is squeezing her ass. Debbie then grabs my hand and takes me to the dance floor. Debbie says she knows Pete?s girlfriend and said she is bi and has seen her at a few swinger parties with Gabe and his lady friend. This really gives me an idea. It is now about 1:30 and we are down to our group of friends, Pete, Gabe and there dates and maybe three or four other couples. I would guess about 16-20 people total.

We are sitting around our table and Wendy is really feeling the effects of all the rum I have been feeding her. She and Debbie go to the ladies room. When they return Wendy has fixed her dress a bit by fastening three of the buttons but this leaves her breasts still exposed for the most part. As we are sitting I start to rub her thigh under the table lifting her dress so I can slide my hand under it. When I do she lets out a little moan that Steve on her other side notices. He looks at me and I nod to him and the next thing I know is his hand is now on her other thigh working its way up. Our hands keep bumping into each other as we takes turns trying to slip her panties aside. Wendy then shays she has to pee again and she and Debbie go off again. When they get back I excuse myself and head for the bathroom. When I return I see Steve has already gotten his hand under the table. Stewart is on the other side of Wendy and he also has his hand under the table. I sit across from them and can see the glazed look in Wendy?s eyes. I ?accidentally? knock my glass off the table and pick it up looking under the table I see that they both have their hands between her legs and her panties are on the floor. I am instantly rock hard. The music is still playing and I whisper to Debbie to ask Wendy to dance. Stewart had already filled Debbie in on what was happening and she was all for it. Well Debbie and Wendy start dancing and it is more than any of us guys can stand. It is a really fast song and the to of them are really getting into it. Steve?s wife Lori goes and joins them and they start to really put on a show for us. Both Lori and Debbie are paying a lot of attention to Wendy. Well as the music slows they both start to grind on her and they are all touching each other all over. The slow song ends and a fast one comes on again and they start to speed up there dancing. Wendy?s dress is now opened up all the way again and she is totally uncovered on top. Her breasts are swaying with the music as they dance. I decide I will now join the fun again and start to dance with her. I love the feel of my wife?s bear tits against my chest as we are dancing I slowly slip her dress down her shoulders On goes another slow song and I pull her close to me. Her tits rubbing against my shirt. I can feel her erect nipples on my chest and I decide now is the time for her punishment. I know she is hot and horny and that anything will go. I whisper into her ear that there is a couch in the back room and I want to fuck her now. She giggles a little and we slowly slip across the dance floor to the back office. Once there we jump onto the couch and start to go at it. Then I tell her I have to go pee first. I get up and as I leave I turn out the lights and say I will be right back. I close the door and go over to Stewart and tell him what is going on and fill him in on my plan. He agrees and says he know exactly what to do. I then return to the office leaving the lights off and rejoin Wendy on the couch. I slowly finish removing her dress as she undoes my shirt and pants. I am kissing her neck and rubbing her tits when I tell her I know about her escapades the other night and now she will have to pay the price for lying to me by not telling me. She pulls back a little but I pull her close and say don?t worry I will not do anything she does not want us to do to her. She will have the power to say stop and we will. She gives me a little quizzical look and says who is we? I say don?t worry just relax and enjoy your punishment and I start to bite her neck and slide my hand between her legs and find her soaking wet pussy. I start to work on her clit and she is really getting into it. I hear the door open and close but she seams not to notice. Stewart comes over and starts to lick her nipples and slides his hand in next to mine. I get up and let Stewart take over. I go out to the other room and let Steve, Debbie and Lori know that the punishment is starting and that I need them to help ?Punish her?.

As we are heading to the office I spot Pete and his girlfriend making out and tell them we have a little private party in the back room going on and he should get Gabe and they should all join us. Trap set!

I send Pete off looking for Gabe and tell him to knock three times on the door so we know it is them and we will let them in to join us.

Steve, Debbie, Lori and I all make it to the office and find Stewart has Wendy moaning and laying on the pool table. Debbie goes into the supply closet and brings out some ropes that they use for hanging banners on the side of the building. She and Lori start to tie Wendy spread eagle to the table and they tell her she was a bad girl and that she must be punished. Steve and Stewart are working on Wendy?s tits sucking on them and getting her nipples as hard as I have ever seen them they are also rubbing her pussy and getting her all wet. I tell her she will have to beg us to fuck her if she wants to cum. She says she does and that she wants to be fucked by all of us. I tell her that we will fuck her but first she will have to be punished. Lori starts to kiss Wendy first on the tits then her neck then she tries to kiss her mouth. Wendy says no and turns her head. She struggles and says she does not want to kiss a woman she has never been kissed by another girl and has always said she would never do it. I told her this was all part of her punishment and that she would have to if she wanted to cum. She relented and let Lori kiss her. As they kissed Debbie slid up onto the table between Wendy?s legs and started to lick her pussy finding her clitt. Wendy stopped her objecting and started to kiss Lori back and was really getting into it when I heard the knock on the door. I turned the lights down and went over to the door. I opened it a little and was happy to see Gabe, Pete and there ladies. I let them into the darkened room and knew that their eyes would have to adjust from the brighter club to the darker room. I quickly closed the door behind them and told them that we were glad they joined us. I then let the cat out of the bag. I told them I knew all about Wednesday nights escapades and that I am not mad at them at all but that Wendy is going to get punished for not asking permission and for not telling me about it when I got home.

Pete started to say something then his eyes had adjusted enough and he saw Wendy spread eagle on the table with the girls taking advantage of her bound body. I told the four of them that Wendy has always said she would never have sex with another woman, so this was going to be part of her punishment that the girls were going to have there way with her, and I was sure she would not object if their ladies were to help punish her. Well as soon as I said this Gabe?s lady needed no prodding. She was on Wendy in a flash attacking her nipples with her tits. Biting them then sucking on them till they were rock hard again. She looked at Gabe and said you fucked this whore so now I will too! Pete?s girlfriend looked at Pete slapped his face and went over and asked my wife if she was O.K. with this punishment. You could see the look of amazement in her eyes when my wife said yes and she wanted her to help punish her. Well that was all she needed and she stripped herself down and was up on the table with the other girls kissing and sucking on my wife. Then it happened. Gabe?s lady moved over my wife and started to squat over my wife?s face. My wife started to turn her head away but Lori grabbed it and told her she will enjoy sucking on it. Wendy protested a little and Sue started to stand up. I looked at Wendy and she saw the look in my eyes and told Sue it was O.K. she just had never done it before and was a little nervous. Sue slowly started to lower herself back onto my wife?s face. All the time Lori was telling her to enjoy it and to do to it what she would want Gabe or Pete to do to hers. Well after a few seconds my wife was sucking and licking that slit like a pro and Sue was moaning loud and starting to quiver with an orgasm. Kelly, Pete?s girlfriend decided that she wanted to cum too so once Sue got off she climbed right on and told her to make her cum like she did Sue. My wife eagerly attacked Kelly?s shaved pussy and had her moaning in no time. While this was happening Sue had slid between Wendy?s legs and was sending her to her second orgasm of the night. All the girls took there turn on my wife and she made them all cum. She then looked at me and asked if that was the best punishment I could come up with. I said no the night was still young and the guys were all still waiting there turns. She looked at me in disbelief and said there was no way she would suck all of our dicks and I told her she would and she would enjoy it. I then told Stewart to untie her from the table. I had Steve unfold the couch and take the mattress out of it and put it on the table for some cushioning. I then told her I wanted to see a repeat of the other night with Pete and Gabe. She did not object to this and neither did they. Pete was very eager to fuck her from behind again and Gabe put his dick down her throat. Stewart then moved in and had her take his dick in one hand while she jerked Steve off with the other. The four of them just kept switching positions and after an hour or so she had sucked every one of their dicks and they had all fucked her too. She was covered in man juice and was begging for us to stop. I told her we would stop when we were tired of her not the other way around. She said she understood and that she would take all the punishment we gave her.

It was now about 3 A.M. Wendy had been fucked and had sucked eight people to orgasm and I was ready to end the punishment when there was a knock at the door. It was Stewart?s bouncer, Max, saying he was locking up when he heard noises in the back office and wanted to know if everything was O.K.

Stewart slipped out the door and told Max everything was O.K. and that we would be staying a few more hours and he could leave. I on the other hand had another idea. I also slipped out the door to talk to Max. He was one of the biggest guys Wendy and I knew. She had once made a comment wondering if his dick was as big as he was. Max is 6?8? tall and tips the scale at about 265 pounds and spends most of his time at the gym.

I decided to tell Max what was going on and told him my wife was getting her punishment for being a naughty girl and would he like to help. He said sure what guy was going to pass up the chance to fuck a birch that deserved to be fucked. I said that I wanted him to wait a second then to come in when we opened the door for him. I went back into the room and told Wendy her punishment was almost over she just had to fuck and suck one more person. She said that she would fuck me when we got home and I said that would be fine but I was not the one she had to fuck. Max was. At that Stewart opened the door and Max walked in. Wendy let out a little gasp and said shit. The other girls all looked at Max and said they wanted to be punished too. Max just smiled and said they would have to wait there turns but that this little bitch needed to be taught a lesson on cheating on her husband. With that he took off his shirt and dropped his pants. What I saw would scare most men and women. He was at least 8 inches and not even erect yet. He moved over to my wife and said suck on this bitch. She started to say there was no way she was going to suck it when in mid sentence he grabbed her by the ears and just shoved the first 5 inches into her mouth and started to face fuck my wife. As he started to move it in and out of her mouth you could see her jaws spread wider as he grew. She started to gag and he pulled out of her mouth. Fully erect that monster had to be at least 13? long and almost as thick as my wrist. When she saw the whole thing she started to say no way could she get that into her. She said it would rip her in half and started to beg him not to hurt her like that. He said he would be gentle and that she would not have to worry about him hurting her like that. He then told her to get her ass off the table he said he was going to order her around and be mean about it but she would never get hurt. He then said Bitch go over and suck your mans dick. She came over to me undid my pants freeing my rock hard dick. She stood there for a second and again he told her to suck my dick at which point she did. He then told all the other women to suck the dicks of there men. Everyone did as they were told. He then told all the guys not to cum in there women?s mouth but to cum on my wife. Well I was the first to cum and a shot my load all over Wendy?s face and tits. Then Stewart came over and deposited his load on her. Max took my wife and laid her on the couch and told Gabe, Pete and Steve to coat her with there juices and they did. She was covered head to foot in cum. He then picked her up and placed her on the table and told all the women to clean her up. Debbie went to get a towel and Max said NO! Use your tongues and mouths I need this bitch wet and willing to fuck! As the women were licking the juices off of my wife she started to moan with pleasure of their mouths on her. Then it happened. Max said enough I think that this bitch is ready to be fucked like she has never been fucked before. He took my wife from the table and bent her over it. He lifted her a bit and spread her legs and started to impale her with his shaft. He was being very deliberate as he slowly slid the head of his monster into her. She let out a little yelp and then she just started to moan. He was holding her and started to ask her if it hurt. All she could do was moan. He asked if she wanted more of it and she moaned out for him to fuck her. He slid her dawn about half way and she started to shake and tremble. Her eyes were rolling back into her head as she started wave after wave of orgasms. Max said Bitch you are getting the whole thing now and just let her drop on his monster dick. I half expected to see it come out of her mouth. He just started to lift her up and drop her on it as she moaned and then she started to scream. She screamed for him to fuck her, fuck her hard. Punish her for being a naughty girl. He said this bitch needs to be fucked like a whore and told me to fuck her mouth. Which I eagerly did. He then said she needs more dicks and told her to suck everyone while he fucked her hard. She was taking each one of us in turn as Max just kept slamming her with his monster. She was so full of our juices they were running down her face and tits. Bitch you are a mess get them other bitches to lick this whore clean. Kelly and the others all took the cue and started to lick all the cum off my wife again. As the started to do this Max started to really pound my wife and he started to tremble. I knew he was about to blow his wad. He started to pump my wife full of his juice and it started to leak out of her. There was no space in her for him and his juices. He pulled out of her and finished shooting his cum on her back and ass.

She collapsed on the table still bent over and I guess that was all Max needed. He said this bitch still needed more punishment and with one thrust shoved the whole length of his manhood up her cum soaked ass. She let out a scream and cried that it hurt he said tough shit next time don?t cheat on your husband and he just kept fucking her ass as the cum flowed out of her pussy. He kept pounding her ass and soon she was begging for him to make her cum again and to fill her ass with his seed. Gabe took it upon himself to shut her up and shoved his dick into her mouth again. Then Max moved her away from the table pulling Gabe out of her mouth and told me to get in front of her. I did and he said to fuck her. So with his monster up her ass I could barley squeeze my dick into her pussy. Once in I could feel his meat sliding in and out of her ass as I fucked her pussy. She said we were going to split her in half and I told her to shut up and take it like the whore she is. She started to protest and I told Steve to plug that noise hole and he shoved in his dick till his balls were on her chin. Stewart and Pete took her hands and had her stroking their meat while Kelly and Lori sucked them. Then it happened all of us started to say the same thing. We were all cumming at the same time and Wendy was going to get it all. Max filled her ass so full I figured she would have spit it out it Steve was not pumping his load down her. We all got off her and she just collapsed in a big pile of goo. Max asked if we needed him for anything else and the other girls looked at his still hard dick and took turns fucking him. He had his way with each of them and made them all scream their pleasure cries. When he finished the last one of them he asked if there was anything else and I said yes I think my wife would have to clean all the juices off his dick. She was still curled up on the mattress covered in all of our juices and just opened her mouth and slowly swallowed his manhood. I could not believe my eyes she took the whole length of it down her throat. She let hem face fuck her and he shot his wad strait into her stomach. I could actually see her stomach rise as he filled her with his cum. He then thanked me and said if she ever needs punishing again to let him know.

Max left and the rest of us got cleaned up and ready to leave. Wendy just laid there still covered in all of our juices. She was moaning from time to time and said we could not leave her that way. Sue and Kelly looked at my wife and both called her a whore and this is what you get for fucking other people?s men. They walked past her and walked out the door without Gabe and Pete. Pete looked at me and I said to get out of hear we would take care of her. He and Gabe then left. Lori and Debbie started to clean up Wendy and I told them to stop. If this whore wants to be clean she will clean herself. Just give her her dress and leave us. They did as a said and I told Wendy to get dressed. She slipped on her dress over her still cum soaked body. I buttoned it up and helped her out to the car. The sun was already starting to rise when I started the engine. I asked her if she would ever lie to me again and she said only if she could have the same punishment. I gust smiled and said well maybe if your good we can have Max come visit you for good behavior.

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