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Our Road Trip with a Friend

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This morning I woke up with hard on thinking about one of our trips and I thought I'll share it with the world. Hope you enjoy. This is the first time I write, but not our first experience.

My wife Cathy, our friend Ray and I were on a 12 hour road trip. I was driving, Cathy on the front passenger seat, Ray on the back seat all by himself.

It was a sunny day, we were driving facing the sun. Cathy was all relaxed and sun bathing from inside car. She is a 26 years young, 5'8, big bust, hottie and naughty. She rarely wears any undies as she loves the freedom. She wanted to be comfortable for the 12 hour trip. So she wore a thin spaghetti dress which was long enough to cover up to her high thigh. She has big butt and so the dress stopped a bit higher. To give you an idea, if you were sitting right across her, you could see all her pussy in plain sight. Her pussy- oh my god, I love it. Anybody would. Smooth, completely hairless, with beautiful, thick, and luscious lips. Always inviting to be eaten.

There she was in this outfit, with sun glasses on, seat reclined back a bit, and legs spread to sun bathe her pussy. She is naked from her waist down. She was as relaxed as she could be. I was as horny as I could be. I spent half the time driving by staring at her pussy.

Our friend Ray in the back seat was no stranger to her pussy. In fact, the way she normally dress, even many strangers have seen her private parts.

Not long ago, Ray told me that he had a chance to see my beautiful wife naked and had an instant hard on. So hard that he had to rush to the bathroom right away to jerk it off. "Good for you", I said. "You got a super hot wife", he said. "I sure do", I replied, "and I make sure people know that." He looked at me surprised, wondering what I meant. He didn't say anything and we moved on. Ray is a single guy with no steady girl friend.

About 6 hours into the drive, I was so fucking horny and hard. I can't take it anymore. I told my wife that I wanted some action and that I would pull over. She hushed me as Ray was there in back seat. As if Ray knows nothing. He knows all about us and she knows that too. I signaled that he is way asleep. She turned around and confirmed. She insisted that we continue to drive.

As I drove, I touched her pussy. She didn't resist. Just looked at me, smiled and went back to her relaxing and sun bathing. I started fingering her as I drove. First, her clit. Hmm...Playing with her is always as good as ever. After a few minutes of rubbing her clit, I slid my finger into her pussy. As my finger went in, she got into a more relaxing and comfortable position, sliding down the seat a little bit and spreading her legs as wide as she can; losing all her tension in the body. I then put two fingers in. By then she was all juicy and wet. My fingers were drenched in her hot juice and were deep inside her pussy. This went on for a while. I thought to myself that poor sleeping Ray is missing all the action.

Very soon my cock got so hard that it can't stay inside my shorts anymore. I put her hand on my hard on. She kept her comfortable position and with her eyes closed, without wasting time, she pulled my hard cock out. She stroked me as I fingered her. The faster and deeper I fingered her pussy, the faster and harder she stroked my dick. So now I control how much action I want, through her pussy. Sweet...! We stroked and fingered for about 20 minutes until I wanted more.

I signaled her to give me a head, while I continue to drive at 65 MPH. She adjusted her seat belt, and slid underneath the steering wheel. She kissed my dick head first. Hmmm.. tongued around..and started sucking my dick like a lollypop. With this position, her ass is bare naked now. I squeezed her ass cheeks and slid my fingers wherever I could.. She then played with my balls as she gave me an amazing blow job. Her blow job always blows guys away. She is a real champ and has many souvenirs and certificates to prove it -- that would call for another story. She is not shy to prove it in person either.

She was driving it home with every suck. My dick grew & grew.. and became rock hard. As it happened, she sucked me crazily and fiercely. She took all of my long hard dick in her mouth. I fingered her pussy and noticed it was damn wet. She didn't cum yet though. As her cock hungry mouth sucked me hard, my long Piano playing fingers got real busy with her pussy. This drove her nuts and she went even harder on me. My dick hit her throat with her every motion. When there was a bump in the road..hmmm..I was in heavens.. I couldn't take this long. I pulled her a bit closer with my fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her harder and harder..each of us driving each other nuts. I was about to cum I pushed her head down, burying my rock hard dick all the way in to her throat and stay in there. My first big shot of cum arrived. She jerked and hit the steering wheel. More shots of my cum followed and I filled her mouth with a good load of my hot cum. Sweet little kitty that she was, swallowed it all and licked me dry!

As she was licking me dry, I noticed thru real view mirror that Ray, who we completely forgot about, just woke up. He didn't say a word as he was trying to orient himself. We caught our eyes via the mirror, I smiled and adjusted the mirror for Ray to see my wife Cathy's bare ass glowing in sun. Now Ray is all smiles! Cathy had no clue that Ray is up.

My dick was getting softer after cumming. But Cathy hasn't cum yet and she wanted to get it off more than ever. She was going nuts and her pussy was pouring - to an extent that she had a put a cloth underneath her to protect the car seat. She got off my dick, back to her seat and her mind was racing for ways to finish off her pussy cravings. She quickly took her hairbrush we had in car glove box. She started fucking herself with the 2" thick handle of hairbrush. "Oh fuck ya baby..."

I adjusted the mirror for Ray to witness the action. Ray has seen her pussy, yes, but not like this. He was getting hard on as he intensely watched my wife fucking herself. Cathy was in her own world fucking out of control and letting out moans.. Ray reached for his dick inside his shorts and stroked. I could see he stroked hard as Cathy's action got wilder and wilder. She was shoving in all of the 9" long handle in her pussy now. The handle was completely soaked in her pussy juice. Ray's heart raced every time the entire handle fucked my wife. Ray's dick was out in plain sight now, throbbing hard as he stroked. Watching Cathy and Ray's action I started getting hard again..."hmmm.. I could even drive all day like this", I thought to myself. Cathy was ready to cum. She grabbed the seat hard with one hand, while the other fucked her crazy like super fast fucking machine. Her body trembled as she came down hard. She left hairbrush in her pussy until she could gather herself. "That was fucking awesome", she said as she pulled hairbrush out her oozing pussy.

She reached for my hand and kissed. She then placed my hand on her pussy, wanting me to gently finger to ease her throbbing pussy. I soaked my fingers in her pussy and tasted her cum. I like her juices. Had I not been driving, I would have eaten her out crazy..well I would have done a lot of things for that matter.. She was tired beyond words with all the sun, cum and action. She was dozing off as I fingered her.

That's when a crazy light bulb appeared in my mind. I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and switched places with Ray. Ray managed to put his hard cock back into his shorts and we were back on road in no time. Before Ray could hit 60 MPH, his fingers were in Cathy's pussy. This was his first time with Cathy. She had no idea that Ray is finger fucking her bare pussy. She was hardly awake to notice anything. I could see Ray was having fun with Cathy thru the rear view mirror. He went up and down her pussy, then sideways.. split her lips apart, slid 2 fingers, 3 fingers...all the while keeping it gentle. Ray gently pushed the strings of Cathy's spaghetti top to the sides & got her DD boobs out - without waking her. She is as good as naked now. Ray alternated between playing with her boobs and her pussy. I stroked my hard dick and cum again watching Ray finger fuck my sleeping wife. This went on for a while. Ray shot a load in his shorts too with all the action. I started wondering about the possibilities of all 3 of us together - especially since Ray is our good friend and lives close by.

We were about an hour to destination when Cathy woke up only to find her practically naked with her boobs and pussy out open in plain sight and Ray finger fucking her. Her immediate response was "what the hell.." and hit Ray's hand off of her (in a friendly manner). "So, was it you all along?", asked Cathy. "Since the stop over.." Ray replied with a silly smile. "I'm sure it was your idea", she directed to me. "You guys are out of control". "Looks like she didn't like it, Ray", I said. Without second thought, Cathy immediately jumped to say "I didn't say that" with a naughty smile. "I enjoyed a lot" she said as she patted Ray's bulging shorts. I suspect Ray cum as Cathy touched him, but he denies.

Curious Cathy: "What are we doing tonight?" It was obvious from the tone that she wanted more action with Ray and us.

Me: "We are up for anything, aren't we Ray?"

Ray: "Of course, I'm game."

It was almost sunset when we reached our destination. We had good dinner and drank a lot. Ray & I were flirting with and teasing Cathy. Cathy was sandwiched between us in a 3 seater booth setting. Ray & I both had our fingers in Cathy's pussy at the same time and finger fucked her. She then put her legs on our thighs giving me and Ray all access to her juicy pussy. We played until she said, "let's go to the room boys." We all know what that means, don't we. We were out of there to our hotel room in no time. We had hell of time for rest of stay and after.

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