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Our First 3some (mmf)

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I was looking over the stories I have previously submitted and it hit me, I never told you guys the story of me and my wife?s first 3some. Although I had experienced some group sex in the past, it was with people that I didn?t plan on seeing a lot of or who were just ?ships in the night?. Never REALLY did anything like that with someone I had expected to be with for a long time or really cared about greatly.

My wife and I had our first 3some not too long after we met. We were engaged about 4 months after meeting and have been together for almost 10 years now. We knew it was meant to be from the very beginning. This is the story of our first time.

We had a great sexual relationship. We fucked liked rabbits every chance we got and we both were into the same things. Sexually and every other way as well. A perfect match. The first true test of our sexual compatibility came one night while watching a porn movie. The scene was 2 girls and a guy. I told her it looked really good and she agreed. This kinda surprised me. We?d never really talked about this before, but I took her for the ?no way? kinda girl.

She said she had always wanted to be with another woman, as I suppose a lot of women do, but never really had the chance. She said she?d be willing to let me be there and join in if I was willing to let her have the opportunity. Umm, let me think? OK!!!! Are you kidding me? I would have been willing to sacrifice my left nut for this chance. So this meant I was gonna get to watch her with another woman, fuck another woman and keep my left nut all at the same time. Life is great.

A few days went by and I asked her one night if she?d found anyone yet. She said she really hadn?t been looking. This was before the days of internet dating and adult sites for hooking up. Pretty much, if you wanted something like this to happen, you had to do the work. I told her I could try to find someone. I knew a few girls who might be interested. I joked that ?I probably know a few guys who?d take us up on the offer too?. Her eyes lit up. ?Really? You?d do that?? ?Sure, fuck yeah. Absolutely I would? I said. ?I was gonna mention that to you when we talked about getting the other woman, but I know some guys would freak if their girlfriends asked about it. So I didn?t say anything. I would LOVE to try that too? she said.

I think my cock got hard faster than any cock ever has in the history of cocks. I had no choice but to undo her pants, spin her around, bend her over on the bed and fuck the shit out of her. Right then, right there.

It was probably the first time I ever fucked a woman with no concern about her cumming. Usually I try like hell to let them get their fun in before I let go. But this time, I couldn?t help it. I was like a caged animal. Ok, a caged animal getting laid. A really horny caged animal getting laid. I told her, while I was cramming my cock into her from behind, to bob her head up and down like she was sucking cock so I could see what it looked like. It wasn?t anything at all like what I was gonna see shortly, but it made me shoot my load so hard it actually almost hurt a little coming out.

Later that night, we talked more about the 3some. I told her I knew a guy who could do it almost any time we wanted. All I had to do was ask him. I told her all she had to do was let me know and I could get him there almost instantly. He was usually home doing not much of anything. She said she need to get up the nerve and she?d let me know. I told her not to wait too long, cause the thought of this was making me so horny, I didn?t know how long I was going to last.

Well, a few days later, we were talking about it again. We were watching a porn movie again. This time it was 2 guys and a girl. After remarking how good it all looked, I mentioned to her that we could be doing instead of watching. ?Oh my god? she cried out. She came. I wasn?t touching her. She wasn?t touching herself. She just came. I looked at her and she said ?I think I?m ready?.

I called my friend up and asked him to meet me after work at a bar close to our houses. We sat there talking about nothing in particular and I told him about her. I told him how she liked watching porn and the 3some movies and he commented that if I ever needed help with that to just let him know. ?Funny you should say that, but it just so happens that I do in fact need some help with that? I said. He damn near choked on his beer. ?Really? Fucking cool. When?? I told him anytime he was free would be good. He said he thought we should go out for a few drinks before doing it. Just to make sure everyone was relaxed. Sounded good to me. I told him I would pick the day and call him.

Of course, I picked the very next day. I made sure it was ok with her. It was. I told her about heading out for a couple drinks and she said she?d go get ready. I called him up and told him to meet us at the bar. I could hear him grab his keys while we were still on the phone. Not too anxious, was he?

We met at the bar and I introduced them. We sat kinda quietly for a bit, making small talk but about nothing important. Finally I couldn?t stand it anymore. ?So, are we all up for this tonight?? I asked. Really just kinda blurted it out. Ernie said ?fuck yes I?m ready?. My wife said ?I think so?. She had a skirt on and told me to come closer to her. She told Ernie to as well. She grabbed my hand and slid it under her skirt. No panties, dripping wet. If my cock wasn?t hard yet, it was now. Ernie said ?when do I get a turn?? She looked at me for approval. ?It?s your pussy? I said.

She grabbed his hand and did the same with it. I thought, by the look on his face, he was gonna cum right there. She said she wanted to use the ladies room, and then we could go anytime we were ready. When she got up, she had a wet spot on the back of her skirt, and left a small wet mark on the bar stool. She definitely WAS ready. Ernie quickly asked me if there was anything in particular that she liked or didn?t like. Any restrictions on tonight. I told him she was pretty open to just about anything, and I?m sure, like with me, she?d let him know if he was doing something she didn?t like.

She came out of the ladies room, and I told Ernie that we?d meet him at our place. It was only a few blocks away, but it seemed like it took him forever to get there. We sat in the car and waited for him. My wife asked if we should go in and wait, but I thought it would be more fun if we all walked upstairs together. Something about the fact that we were all walking up the steps to fuck her and get sucked together was a real turn on for me. Not sure why, it just was.

Finally he pulled in behind us. We got out of the car and headed for the door. None of us spoke. I started to think maybe they were getting a little too nervous and might back out. I will explain later, but I found out exactly why no one was talking.

We got into our apartment and everyone just kinda stood there, unsure what to do. I suggested we all go into the living room and sit down. We didn?t keep any alcohol in the place, so having a drink was out. Something had to get us calmed down. I suggested porn.

I put on the movie that we were watching when she came without being touched. Ernie sat in the recliner my wife and I sat on the couch. I had my feet up on the couch and was kinda leaning over the arm. My wife was right at my feet, leaning on me. We sat there watching the movie, and no one really talked. Finally, Ernie saw a scene where a woman was on her hands and knees and a guy was fucking her ass from behind, while another guy was kneeling in front of her getting his cock sucked.

?Wow, that looks really good? he said. I looked over at him and saw him rubbing his cock thru his pants. The outline of his cock in his jeans was, well, for lack of a better way to say it, very impressive. It was fucking huge. Much much larger than my 6 inches. And a great deal thicker too. Now I was the one getting nervous.

In response to his comment about what we were watching, my wife replied ?sure does?. She then whispered to me ?looks like he started without us. Guess we?ll have to catch up?. With that, she reached between my legs and grabbed my cock thru my shorts. I wore cut off jeans and no underwear for easier access. I straightened out one leg to give her better access. We sat like this for a while until I wanted to do some rubbing too.

I reached down to grab her tits but with the position we were in, I really couldn?t reach them all that well. As she shifted her body around, Ernie took that as a signal that things were heating up and he moved over onto the couch with us. Oddly enough though, he just sat there rubbing his cock. I had her tits out and she had my shorts opened up and was vigorously stroking my cock. I think she was slightly hesitant to grab him, and he felt the same about her.

Finally I suggested we move to the floor.

As we did, I told him to feel free to join in anytime. She asked me where I wanted her. I told her to get on her hands and knees. I climbed in behind her and although the only light in the room was coming from the bathroom and the TV, I could clearly see 2 or 3 lines of her juices running down her leg. I swear if she had touched me right then, I would have cum all over the place. This was probably the most incredible thing I had ever seen. She was so fucking wet I could have fisted her right then and there. Never in my life had I ever seen a woman so wet she was running down her leg.

I admired her pussy juice for a few minutes, told Ernie about it and decided I had to have my cock inside her. I started fucking her and she started cumming. And cumming. And fucking cumming. I think, over the next couple hours, she spent more time cumming than she did NOT cumming.

I did notice after a while, that her moans were a bit muffled. I hadn?t noticed that Ernie had slid in front of her and was stuffing his cock down her throat. Listen, I have been told by my wife as well as others, that women, who are ?into? it, will suck cock better and harder when they are getting fucked at the same time. Well, I can attest to this. My 6 inch stubby had made it all the way into her mouth many times, but fuck, I could probably get 6 inches into MY mouth. Ernie was a solid 10 inches, maybe 11, didn?t really have time or desire to stop and measure. It was a monster, porn star cock. Thick as hell and straight as an arrow. She had her nose on his stomach. She told me later that his pubic hair had tickled her nose a little.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was deep throating at its best. Linda Lovelace would have been jealous. I was in awe of what I was witnessing. It was probably one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Between the cock sucking and her juices running down her leg, I don?t think I could have gotten any more turned on. I had even forgotten about the fact that my 6 inch killer pecker dwarfed in comparison to this monster cock that was filling her mouth, and throat, and fucking stomach.

Hopefully this doesn?t sound too bad, but her pussy was so fucking wet that it was starting to lose the friction or feeling with my cock inside it. Not that I really cared, but it was just getting a little too wet. So, I did what any red blooded, all American, horny as shit guy would do. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and rammed it up her ass. I felt her clench up, and waited to hear her either moan in pleasure or in pain. She really didn?t moan at all. She squealed a little, and then I saw her head going up and down so fucking fast on his cock, I wondered how in the hell he was able to keep from cumming. I know I wouldn?t have been able to hold out. She was deep throating him and going so fast, it had to be some kind of record. If it wasn?t, it should be dammit.

I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could. I had to slow down every now and then to keep myself from blowing my load. Finally, I heard Ernie saying ?she?s gonna make me cum?. Over and over. I was relieved as well as a little perturbed after a while. Relieved that since he was getting ready to cum meant that I was going to get to cum too. In these situations, I like to cum last. Not sure why. Just do. I was a bit frustrated after a little while because he kept saying it over and over and over. I almost wanted to look and him and yell ?ok ok cum already would ya??

As his ramblings got closer and closer together, I fucked her ass harder and faster. I could feel her asshole tighten up around my cock and I knew that she was cumming repeatedly. I grabbed her by the hair and worked her head on his cock. Finally, he let out a grunt. A moan. Then an ?oh fuck?. I leaned to the side to get a better view to see where he was cumming. She had her nose sitting on his stomach. He had to have literally had the head of his cock down her throat. I doubt a drop hit her tongue.

This was too much for me. I told her to turn around. I grabbed her by the head and forced my cock into her mouth. Ok, didn?t take much forcing. She was ready for it. She wasted no time in getting her 2nd load. She sucked me as hard and as fast as I?ve ever had my cock sucked. It took all of about 15 seconds for me to shoot my load down her throat. Again, she swallowed every drop.

When it was all over, we sat there almost like we started. No one was saying much. To be honest, I?m not sure if I would have remembered anything we talked about any way. I do recall Ernie telling us that he was nervous before we started because he had done this once before and was so nervous he couldn?t get it up. He was afraid it was gonna happen again.

My wife, on the other hand, was the opposite. She was nervous because she was afraid that with her being so wet and horny I was gonna think she was too big of a slut and not want to be with her. Later, I found out that she was also a bit disappointed. She wanted to go again. She was afraid that like the wetness, I would think badly of her. But I told her that I too was a bit disappointed because I wish she would have told me she wanted more. We would have given her all the more she wanted. We would have fucked her 6 ways from Sunday and then on into Monday.

We met with Ernie once more after that night, but that's another story.

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