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My Morning Awakenning

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My morning begins with a tingle running down my left side. My husband lies quietly beside me on my right. He is sleeping soundly. My television is on and I switch channels until I find a satisfactory channel. I turn on the movie inside the waiting VCR. I begin to lull myself back to sleep.

Again the tingle begins along the left side of my bed. This time the feeling is a little stronger than before. My arm at my side begins to move up towards my head. However, I do not make the movement. A guest is visiting my room or part of my mind, I know not which. The arm is now unable to move. My mind has been engaged I fear not but long to know what will happen next.

I feel the tingles move down along my body. My breasts begin to tingle and my nipples under the covers begin to peak. I see little bumps through the sheet. My stomach shivers although I am warm. I begin to open my legs, which have been together, and lying straight, by this time I begin to question in my mind who is here with me. Is it you or someone else? It is I the voice says in my head. Relax and enjoy what I do with you. I have missed you so.

My legs spread farther to allow him his room. He moves into my bed yet I feel no weight. My legs move up I try to place them down. ?Stop playing I have little time to spend.? My mind begins to swim as I feel my insides light on fire. My clit is beginning to swell and pulse I pant and begin to quiver. I have no voice except in my mind. I am totally pinned to my place now. My loins drip to my sheets. His fingers begin moving deeper and deeper. ?I love you doing that.? ?God, you are so wet my little girl.? I have one then two fingers moving slowly then faster. Fingers spreading me open and fingering turning, curving towards my G-spot. I inhale deeply, now panting faster and faster. ?Oh good girl, you are going to cum for daddy aren?t you? Yes you are, Squirt for me!? he commands. ?Squirt for me now!?

I gush and gush for him as I feel and thrust. This time a shaft climbs my canal deeper and deeper. My lips feel tingles all around. My tongue lashes out to his teasing as his cock plunges inside me. Deeper and deeper thrusts go my legs are higher now the sheets tenting. He bites my nipples as he thrusts. I scream yet nothing escapes my mouth. All is in my mind. ?Yes this feels so good. Keep going pulling on his cock now inside me pulling him deeper into me. Pounding on my cervix. His hand moved over my breast squeezing and his teeth nipping over a nipple and his cock in me glancing my G-spot without mercy. He cums inside me screaming as I scream in my head and spills and squirts again and again. He orgasms hard above me and I join him squirting my juices past his cock soaking my bed linens.

I feel his release finish. He whispers in my ear, ?Later my love.? and he gives me a parting kiss as he does I am given release. I am able to move my body unfettered. I move my hands down to feel the juices and my swollen body. It has been nearly an hour of time passing. As I am able to move once again I think to myself, ?What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.?



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