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Most helpful sister-in-law, masturbation

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This story is one that has been building for a long time. It was very early in my marriage that I realized that there was an attraction between my sister-in-law and myself. The first experience that I had was when we were invited over to her house for a Christmas get together. I had taken up a seat on the floor with my wife while the gifts were being distributed.

As I was enjoying watching the gifts being opened by my in-laws family. I looked around the room, and I realized that I was about to experience a great view up the skirt of my sister-in-law.

She was wearing one of those gray flannel type skirts, and I could clearly see that she was wearing stockings, and not pantyhose. I could also see that she was wearing a pair of white nylon panties. I could clearly see her beautiful pussy lips protruding from her panties. I enjoyed the view as much as I could, but was concerned that with her moving around and handing out gifts, that I was soon to loose my perfect view of this luscious pussy.

Even though she was up and down several times, somehow the great view that I had was restored. There were several opportunities for her to adjust her skirt and block my view, but this just didn't happen. It was then that I realized that perhaps she was enjoying the fact that she was providing me the opportunity to view her pussy as much as I was enjoying looking at her pussy.

My wife did not seem to realize that I was taking every advantage to watch this beautiful pussy. My imagination was very busy with the thoughts of just how it would be to taste her pussy while she was sitting on my face. I realized that this would be one of my favorite fantasies for years to come.

While my erection was building in my pants, I asked to use the bathroom, and was directed up the steps and to the end of the hallway. I felt that it would be a great opportunity to relieve the erection, and try to get my mind back on the Christmas gathering. I had a slight problem with getting the door closed all the way, due to the fact that it was an old house, and the door was slightly swollen, and I was unable to get the door fully closed. At this point, I just couldn't worry about the door, and just had to relieve my dick.

As I sat on the hopper, I noticed an old wicker hamper, on top of the hamper was a previously used pair of panties from my sister-in-law Louise. It was in fact two pairs of panties, one being a pair of white nylon panties that was just like the ones that she was currently wearing, and one pair of black and leopard skin panties. I did take some time to appreciate the aroma that she had left in the panties, and I was concentrating on that aroma, while masturbating with her white panties, and sitting on the toilet. Before I realized that the door to the bathroom was being opened, my sister-in-law had entered the bathroom. As she covered the distance between the door and the toilet, I did not see a surprised look on her face, but a slight grin. So I wasn?t exactly sure as what to expect.

I was totally embarrassed at being caught masturbating, and even more embarrassed at being caught playing with her panties. I was certain that the Christmas celebration was about to be spoiled for the entire family. Louise entered the bathroom, and I was unable to move off of the toilet. As she made her was over to where I was sitting, I was trying to find the right words to try to explain my way out of this mess.

She didn't say anything at this point, but just reached down and took her panties away from me. At this point, my hard on was beginning to fade. Without saying anything, she hiked up her skirt, exposing those great legs, and those great white panties over her garter belt. She then removed her white panties, and handed them to me. I quickly found that great smell in her panties, and could see that they were somewhat wet, as was the pussy that was now in my face. The lips that I could only see with a limited view, just moments earlier, now stood directly in front of my face, and was now a fully exposed hot pussy, just waiting to be fingered and explored.

While I was enjoying the aroma of the just removed panties, Louise reached down and started to stroke my dick. As she was masturbating me, I reached out and started to play with her wet pussy. I did spread those luscious lips, and found a beautiful clit as well. She was able to reach up and expose both of her breasts, which were somewhat small, but displayed a dark areole about the size of a fifty cent piece, and her nipples were hard and extended. Both of the breasts were directly in my face, and it didn't take very long for them to find their way into my waiting mouth. As I proceeded to suck on her tits, I stroked her pussy with my hand, and she continued jerking me off. We both seemed to be enjoying the mutual masturbation that was taking place.

As she stroked my dick, I could feel the warmth of her hand on my hardened dick. She realized that I wasn't far from cumming. She then took her white panties from my hand, and wrapped them around my dick. I could fell the texture of her panties, and the firm grip that she had on my dick, and she started to stroke my dick faster.

She then knelt down on the bathroom floor, and continued to jerk me off. While she was in the process of filling her panties with my hot cum, I planted a hot kiss on her red lips, which tasted absolutely great. My mind started to imagine the feeling of putting my dick into the beautiful mouth. Hopefully, that will happen some time in the future. For now, I was happy with the fact that she seemed to be enjoying exposing her beautiful body to me, and that I was enjoying the opportunity to see and feel all of her precious assets. By now, I had explored every inch of her pussy with several of my fingers, and inserted my index finger up her ass, as she released little sounds of enjoyment.

Without saying anything further, Louise stood up, and placed her white wet panties into the hamper, and pulled down her skirt, and placed her tits back into her bra. She then knelt back down, and inserted my still wet dick into her mouth, and proceeded to clean me up, and remove what was left of my cum. This left me with a semi hard on. She then just smiled, and said that dinner would be ready in just a few minutes and that I should get myself together and come back downstairs.

I was just so excited from what had just occurred that I had to jerk off again into her black and leopard skin panties before going back to the gathering.

The rest of the night was enjoyable to everyone, but obviously more so to me than anyone else. During the rest of the evening, my sister-in-law seemed more than willing to present me with opportunities to view her still moist pussy, which we both knew that was now displayed without any panties. I almost did not want to leave the house and return home.

I knew at this point, that this Christmas would be a memorable one, and had hoped for many more fond memories to come.

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