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Mia's Morning Glow

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Mia uncurled from her womblike nest of pillows and soft silk comforter. Feeling the warm dampness of herself ooze as she moved she realized she had had the "dream" again and was now aroused and very aware of her every tingly sensation as the covers slid across her body.

The dream had begun visiting her early mornings more than a year ago when she first realized that just the curve of a breast under a sweater or a shapely thigh in tight jeans was as tantalizing as chocolate candy to her. It was then that she began to visualize herself touching, exploring the forbidden joy of another woman. To have another woman touch her and to even bring her to orgasm was the essence of her fanstasy.

Mia's own hand had cupped her breast as she awoke. She is pulling on it with her fingers teasing her already erect nipple. As the feel of her breast in her hand evokes her mind to visualize this "dream lover" she feeels the tug of her fingers on her breast.

Her mind continued to create the lover. As the lover takes shape and she feels its warm skin under her hand she explores herself. Now she iscaressing the pubic mound of her fanstasy. Her own mound vibrating with the touch she stokes down into her labia. Parting the folds she feels her juices coating her fingers. Her fanstasy lovers pink warm labia part for her and her mind sees the pulsating sides of the cunt's opening. She curves her fingers into the slit of herself and pulls against the walls of her own opening with the heel of her hand pressing against her own hard little bud. Her fingers wiggle and stroke her wetness up and over the tip of her clit. Her arousal is increases as she sees herslf doing the same to her fanstasy lover.

She begins to undulate under the silk comforter. The cool folds of the comforter carress her tingly skin and she sees her lovers long hair spread on the pillow beside her. Now the lover reaches over and kisses her. Her own tongue is now darting in and out of her mouth as she pants and moans.

The roof of her mouth is stinging with the heat of her lovers tongue. She feels the excitement of her own arousal deep in her belly. She writhes across the bed wadding the comforter between her legs. She needs to hunch and buck against her lovers body. Now she is creating that scene in her mind. She is fucking the comforter and in her mind she is scissoring with her lover, hot cunt to hot cunt. She feels the cream of her lover gush onto her as her own hot juices well out.

In her mind she explores each orific and fold of her dream lover. Her tongue tastes each place of pleasure. She unfolds her lovers labia and pushes the hood protecting the clit back. Lovingly she licks and strokes that hot little button. Her mind is alive with the image of her lover screaming for more, more.

Her own hand has taken over now. It pumps hard against her mound so fast and so demanding. The orgasm is building from her center and will take her over soon. She concentrates on the joy she is giving her lover and feels the orgasm her lover is experiencing explode from her own body. She feels it well over her in waves and still she finger fucks herself wanting more. Now a final tidal wave of sensations crests causing her body to jerk and tremble.

As the intense pleasure of the orgasm eases she carefully tucks the dream lover back into her mind. She knows her lady love will be back. The joy and the pleasure of this moment is hers forever to recall whenever she craves it.

Pages: 1

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