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i read the instructions you emailed me yesterday, once more, before i began. i left the email up on the screen, and began to run the bath. i haven't had a bath in a long time, but i was not about to disobey you, even though you said i could take a shower... i knew you wanted me to take a bath. the tub was filling up with very warm water, and i slowly lowered my body into the water. i washed myself all over... shaved my legs and pussy.. rubbed my nipples hard with the wash cloth. i dried off and lightly dabbed some perfume at my neck, just under the necklace i wear to remind me who i belong to, wrists and some behind my knees. i was ready to serve you, as you had instructed me.

i went downstairs. it was strange to be nude in my living room. the sunlight was streaming through the blinds, but there was still a chill in the air. my nipples were still erect from the rubbing they received in the shower, but the coolness of the air made them even harder. You wrote for me to stand facing you, were you really there, and tell you that i obey you. my voice was soft but clear when i repeated the words, yes Master, i obey. i clasped my hands behind my neck and spread my legs wide apart and stood there. You of course, weren't there, but i am your slave, and i have done and will continue to do whatever you tell me to do, because it is what i need. being submissive is what i am. i stood there, feeling the sun warm my back, the carpeting against my feet and showed myself to you. my breasts were pointing towards you, my cunt lips opened a bit and i concentrated on my breathing. i didn't want to move, since you told me to stay in this position for as long as possible.

your next order for me was to lie on my back and show you my cunt. i lifted my legs and pulled them up to my breasts. i took the dildo you had told me to bring and sucked it in my mouth. i got it good and wet and inserted it into my cunt, in a slow deliberate motion. i imagine your eyes watching, seeing my cunt opened and being invaded by the dildo, hearing the juices from my already wet cunt suction against it.

i slid it in and out, rubbing it against my clit. i hear your breathing increase, as you love the sight of my cunt opened for you. i am starting to get aroused, but you distinctly ordered me not to cum yet.

i pulled it out, and turned over, getting on my knees and lifting my ass up high into the air. i gripped my ass cheeks and showed you my other hole. i took the dildo and pressed it against my anus... i reached up and got some pussy juice and helped to guide the dildo into my ass. i didn't think about how i looked doing this. i only thought how i was pleasing you. following your orders to me, showing you how i can be the slave you want me to be, the slave i need to be. i wanted to play with my clit, but you didn't give me permission to at this point, so i didn't. i fucked my ass for your pleasure, feeling the dildo violate my ass, wishing it was your hard cock instead. finally, i imagined your cock exploding your cum inside me. i kept the dildo inside me, and heard you telling me that was enough, and to continue in my bedroom. i whispered, yes Master, i obey, and stopped for the moment.

i climbed upstairs, and now i was nervous. You had told me to cum three times. i have cum twice, but never three times in one session. perhaps had you been here, it wouldn't have given me any reason to be concerned.

but my body is used to my fingers, my toys. i didn't think about it, as i knew i would find a way to cum three times, as pleasing you is why i am even doing any of this. i started by pinching my nipples very hard.

i felt the shock run down to my clit. i told myself that i was doing this for you... my Master. i pinched a bit harder, and then sat in my chair. i pretended i was facing you, had my legs spread wide apart and took two fingers from my right hand and inserted them into my cunt. i got them good and wet, and then took them out, and seductively licked them. i imagined your cock in my mouth, covered with my juices. i put the fingers back into my cunt, and began to fuck myself rapidly losing myself in my self-pleasure.

you ordered me to hold off as long as possible before i came. i slowed down, then began to fuck myself again hard. my breathing was ragged and i didn't think i could hold off much longer. i pictured your face and your cock and i was getting even closer. i was already aroused, and needed to cum. my thumb rubbed against my clit, and then i cried out as i came once. my legs were trembling, and my eyes closed tightly. i felt the waves of the orgasm run through my entire body, subsiding very slowly. i thought you would be pleased, because i held off cumming for as long as i could, and i came hard. but i wasn't done yet.

this time, i lay on the bed and i got a vibrator. i ran it over my body, feeling the shivers it gave out run through my already sexually charged body. i ran it over my neck, my arms, my legs. i spread my legs wide, wide apart. i imagined them being bound that way, tied to the bed posts by leather cuffs. i was tied there tightly, i couldn't move at all. i ran the vibrator over my stomach, around my cunt, but not near it. i didn't need to cum as much as i did before, and my clit was still sensitive. i let the sensations run through my mind and body, coming closer to my clit each time. when i traced my nipples with the vibrator, i felt it down in my cunt. i imagined you stradding my chest, rubbing your cock against my mouth. i snaked my tongue out and imagined your cock inside my mouth, filling it with it completely. you began to fuck my mouth hard, pushing your cock deeper inside me, as i inserted the vibrator inside my cunt. as i fucked my cunt with the vibrator, i pretended your cock was in my mouth and i had to be careful not to bite you as you fucked my mouth because of what the vibrator was doing to my cunt. before i knew it, my orgasm started to build and i came again, shuddering as it expolded inside me.

i lie there, exhausted. i felt my heartbeat slow down as i was relaxing from the second orgasm. but i wasn't done yet. well.. actually i was, for a bit. i decided to take a break before i had orgasm number three.

i went to write this for you, and that took a while. i was still excited while i wrote this, hoping my words pleased you. i know you say they do, but i am so afraid of disappointing you, not pleasing you. i know i will.. it is inevitable that i will not satisfy you completely, and then you will punish me so i will not make the same mistake again.

i am so determined to give you everything i can, to serve and please you however you want. even when you have to punish me.

i am now done with your instructions. i came the third time. writing this for you helped me. i was very aware of my clit and my cunt, having cum twice already. my nipples were still hard, i had been pulling them as i typed this. i sat at the computer with my legs wide apart, still naked, as i try to be as much as possible when home. i came the third time as i was typing about cumming the second time... i was typing and rubbing my clit... and well... before i knew it, my clit was hard, and as i typed the paragraph about being punished, i came the third time.

Master, i hope i pleased you. i hope one day i may serve you in real life. that my words on here become actions that show you how much i want to give you. you have showed me so much about myself in our brief time together, and i am looking forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with you... my Master.

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