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Late night swime

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It was 2:30am and he rolled around franticly trying to get comfortable. He had been lying there awake listening to her snore for about an hour now, and he was wide awake and frustrated. His thoughts were running through his head like a locomotive, fast, powerful, and in one direction. How had he ended up in this bed? Why did he return night after night? His gaze fell on the silhouette lying on the opposite end of the huge king size mattress. The gap between their bodies at night was just as physical as metaphorical. It seemed the only explanation he could muster for his sorry state was a combination of desperation, low self-esteem and bad luck.

They had been a cute couple for about a month, maybe a little longer. He thought he loved her, and he thought she loved him. But time showed that she was concerned with little more than herself, and his apt for being passive aggressive meant that they stayed together so long as he kept her happy, without reciprocation. The past few days he had been examining their relationship from every angle, in his head… Damn, he needed a drink.

Quietly he rose, pulled on his jeans, grabbed his backpack and made his way upstairs to the kitchen. He poured a rum and coke, extra strong, and shuffled outside to the back yard. Her parents’ house was nothing extraordinary, but they had a huge backyard with a pool and screen house. They had left two weeks ago for their summer house in Maine. The parties in their absence had been great. His girlfriend had invited a small group of friends over almost every night, and her sister had thrown a few huge rippers of her own, one of which ended with a couple kids leaving in cop cars. This summer had been a lot of fun, if only socially not intimately.

He fumbled for the screen house door in the dark spilling a little rum and coke on his hand. “Damn.” He muttered as he entered the little room and dropped his bag, then went for the light. Many of his nights with her ended with him coming out here and searching for peace of mind. He went through his bag and took out what he needed; a stack of cd’s, a small metal pipe and a sandwich baggie filled with a leafy green substance. He thumbed through the music, looking for something to set the mood. “Aha!” A smile cracked his face, “Pink Floyd you never fail to satisfy.” He spoke quietly to himself. He threw the cd in, turned the volume to a level that would only be audible to him and started breaking up the weed on the plastic coffee table next to his chair.

He was now sitting in the dark, surrounded by the silent crisp night air. The bowl was kicked and his drink was half gone. “Remember when you were young, and shined like the sun?” The question seemed to float around his head for a while, making him feel like and old man with many regrets.

Just then he heard a car door and two young voices laughing playfully. It was his girlfriend’s sister and her best friend. The two never seemed to be separate, wherever one went the other seemed to follow. Her sister Caitlyn and her friend Jamie were both younger than him. They were both 19 year old spoiled preppy girls that looked just like everyone else in their clique. Caitlyn was about 5’4” with dark brown shoulder length hair and a slim body. She was pretty to some, but was not quite his taste. That didn’t mean that she was unattractive, by any means, she just unfortunately hid her natural beauty behind too much make up and the feminine equivalent to bravado, you know that “we both know I’m hot and I’m too good for you” kind of attitude. Jamie was of a similar body type, but a little taller and curvier. Jamie emanated a more natural beauty, even from beneath the makeup. Her blonde hair went a ways below her shoulders and she was always smiling or laughing. Bubbly would describe her, though ditsy is more accurate. She was the kind of girl that wasn’t real smart but passed through life somehow effortlessly. However, she was also the type of girl that could get mixed up with the wrong guy, one who is real sweet at first but real angry later on, when its “too late” to leave.

“Gimme the keys Cait”, slurred Jamie while Caitlyn unsuccessfully unlocked the side door. He couldn’t see them but their voices carried so well it sounded like they were right next to him.

“I can get it hold on” was Caitlyn’s only reply.

He got up slowly and quietly and tried to watch the spectacle of two drunken girls fumbling with a door. He could barely make them out because of the high bushes on that side of the screen house, but he was not nervous that they would see him because you can never see into that dark little room from outside. They were out in suburbia and the sky was clear and bright even at night and that made it easy for the screens to act like a one way mirror.

The girls pushed the door open with a triumphant oomph and they started laughing again. He wondered where they were coming from now. It seemed they were always coming from a party or leaving to go to a party, they only made pit stops at the house to change into new outfits and shower, most of the time Caitlyn didn’t even sleep at her own house. It seemed to him that they were professional partiers, neither of them had a job, besides the ones they must occasionally give in random hook-ups with “hot” guys. As his interest was waning and he was about to go pack another bowl he heard Jamie whisper excitedly right before the door closed, “Let’s go swimming.”

Quickly he turned the music off (“What did you dream? Its alright we told you what to dr…”) and just lay back in the chair, thinking his night may not be so boring after all. From his position he could very clearly see every inch of the pool and he may as well be invisible. “If I get caught I can always just act like I passed out. They’ll see the bowl and the drink and assume I got fucked up and passed out.” His blood was beginning to flow, and his hair was standing on end. He grabbed his glass and downed the rest to calm his nerves. Never in his life had he done anything this bold.

Motionless, time passed by so slowly he began to wonder if Caitlyn had said no, or if they found something else to do, or maybe if they just passed out in the living room. He began to feel silly, “Jokes on you, what the fuck are you doing? Idiot.” He reached for the cd player just in time to hear the back door swing open. He let out a sigh of relief, and his heart began racing again, but this time he was all out of rum.

“So what’s going on with you and Derek? C’mon” Jamie whined, swinging the gate open and stepping into view. Caitlyn followed right behind in ripped short shorts and a green tank top. Jamie was wearing a pink baby doll t-shirt and a denim skirt. It was a close contest for who looked the best under the starlight, but this particular voyeur leaned toward Jamie, as always.

“I dunno, I like him. Kinda. But he’s always getting calls from some girl Jasmine. He says he doesn’t have a girl friend but I think he’s playing me.”

“So why don’t you give Mike C. a call then? He’s been after you for weeks now.”

“Ah, I guess cause Derek fucks REAL good. He’s so strong and he can just keep going all night. Sometimes I think he’s gonna break me in half.” With that the two girls broke out into a hysterical chuckle. Caitlyn was kicking off her shoes and Jamie was just watching her friend with a very interested eye.

He couldn’t help but give a discreet snort, without removing his eyes from the two girls, even for a second. That’s when it hit him hard and his jaw dropped in an almost cartoon like fashion. Caitlyn was pulling her tank top up over her head. It was so tight on her firm slim body; she was struggling just to get it off. Her smooth flat stomach showed off its tan proudly as her top was pulling up over her small firm breasts. They were not wearing bikinis. They meant to skinny dip!

Jamie’s face never stopped smiling as Caitlyn fully removed her top, revealing her small but amazing breasts. They were perky and tanned as well. Her nipples were a beautiful dark purple, and the moonlight shined off her naked top in such a way that the voyeur almost had a heart attack. For a moment he almost forgot to breathe. His cock began to harden and almost bulge out of his pants and he had to adjust himself.

Suddenly the two girls looked over in his direction! Right at him! “Oh Shit. Busted” He thought as his muscles tightened and he bit his lower lip. “Did I make a sound?” His heart was racing and he began to feel dizzy. He couldn’t remove his gaze for fear that his movement might give him away and also so that he could read the expressions on their faces.

The girls continued to look at him, second after second slipped away. His heart thumped loudly and he remembered the tell-tale heart and Poe. “Just give it a second longer.”

“So you coming in or what?” Caitlyn asked jerking her head back around as if nothing had just happened. Jamie’s green eyes lingered another moment and then the whole moment was history.

Jamie replied by whipping off her pink shirt and twirling her long blonde hair around. Her tits protruded from her body and demanded the attention of all. Her nipples were pink and puffy and maybe it was just the brisk night air but she looked aroused. She was a B, almost C, but her thin hard body just helped define them even more giving a bigger than life perception.

His dick had had all it could take without warning. He cautiously unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and let the night air suck up some of the sweat that was developing around his shaft. Fully erect, it throbbed, jumping off his body without any control.

Caitlyn didn’t stop to watch Jamie undress; she just jumped right in the water, the crashing sound of her dive breaking some of the tension in the air.

Jamie pulled her sneakers off with her feet and then looked down to Caitlyn coming up out of the water. Her hair was really dark now and it clung to her neck. Her nipples were barely below the water of the shallow end. Jamie stood there for a moment admiring Caitlyn and then started to tap her flat young stomach.

“Am I getting fat? Tell me honestly.”

“You? Fat? Please! You look like you did in Junior High, except for the boobies of course. God, I wish I had your body! You just eat whatever you want and you still look like that. I’m down to a salad and a piece of chicken a day. I feel like every beer I drink I can feel go right to my sides. I have love handles Jaime. Friggen love handles!”

The eternal smile on Jamie’s face melted away and she looked more serious than a judge giving a death sentence. “Shut up! You do NOT have love handles. I just saw you and there definitely were no love handles there that’s for sure.” Jamie seemed to pronounce every syllable as if it mattered.

The voyeur just sat and gawked. His eyes burned because they refused to blink. His throbbing cock was aching to be touched and his breaths were quick and shallow. A small droplet of pre-cum had already found its way to the tip of his stiff member. His right hand carefully found the perfect grip and his left hand sensually slid down his chest and into his jeans. He began rubbing his balls while ever so slowly stroking his cock.

Jamie sat on the concrete edge of the pool, dipping her feet and ankles in the blue/green waves below her. There seemed to be a bit of a staring contest between the two girls, maybe they were sharing thoughts that only the two of them knew. Whatever it was it felt intimate. Caitlyn swam over and asked, “Are you mad? You look mad.” Her voice quivered. She sounded concerned and a little hurt. Jaime just looked down at her legs, not responding immediately.

Caitlyn reached her best friend and stood inches away looking up at Jaime with sad deep brown eyes. She put a hand on Jaime’s leg, just above where her legs entered the water. Jamie’s head raised and her eyes met Caitlyn’s.

The voyeur no longer felt real. He felt as if he were watching some fantasy unfold before his eyes. He was so removed from the situation, yet so deeply engrossed in it he felt miles away yet right with the two girls whose bodies were almost leaning against each other. His grip was so tight his dick felt bright red. He was going faster and faster and slapping his balls with fury. He didn’t think he could last, but he definitely did not want to cum just yet. He was trying so hard not to make a sound, yet his flesh pounded and pounded. He begged, “Please kiss her. Oh please. I will fucking cum for you two right now if you just kiss!”

Caitlyn pleaded in a delicate tone,”What is this all about? You seemed weird at the party earlier and you never take Jager shots! What’s bothering you sweetie?” Jamie didn’t respond so Caitlyn moved in closer still. Her tits pressed against Jamie’s lower leg and her hand moved above her knee, to just where the denim skirt ended. Then, softly like speaking to a child, she continued, “Hey. You OK?”

Jamie’s eyes watered and a tear rolled down her beautiful delicate features. Was it just the booze or was there really a problem here? Caitlyn needed to find out. They had been friends since kindergarten. They had always done everything together and known what the other was thinking. At this moment she never felt more like a stranger to someone so close to her.

Caitlyn’s hand began to instinctively rub Jamie’s leg, like a mother calming a child. Jamie, to Caitlyn relief, finally spoke, “I guess I was just concerned about… I was worried that… umm…”

“What sweetie, what is it?”

“I don’t know how to say it. I guess that I’m worried that our fun times are going to be ending soon.”

“Oh, no! No. Sweetie, we’re friends for life. You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.”

“No that’s not what I mean.”

They both took a moment to examine each other. To the voyeur it seemed as if they were trying to read each others souls.

Jamie continued, “I guess that I’m worried that sooner or later you’ll find a guy, or, something and then you won’t be the same girl. You’ll be Mrs. So-and-so and you’ll have a little baby to love and nurture and we’ll hang out and stuff but it wont be as… as…”

Caitlyn’s eyes asked, “As what?”

Jamie spit out the last of her thoughts, rather embarrassed by it all and looked away when she was done speaking, “… as intimate.”

The voyeur had to come to a screeching halt before his chest was covered in cum. ”WOW!”

“Is this about the other night? At Billy’s house?”

“Yes and no. Yes it starts there but it doesn’t end there. And I don’t want it to end anywhere or anytime. I’m finding that I have had a lot of sex with a lot of guys, but never before have I felt the way I felt I felt with you that night.” Jamie stammered.

“Jaime, is that all. Sweetie, I love being with you, in every way. I had soo much fun that night, but we were both so drunk I didn’t want to bring it up after. I was embarrassed. I thought you’d be weirded out, I thought you might have forgotten. Oh baby, come here.”

Jamie reached down and the two embraced as well as they could due to the elevation difference.

The voyeur once again grabbed his raging cock. His motions were short and quick, resting between strokes, as to not release prematurely. His whole body was oscillating, grinding against the chair.

They pulled away from each other and seemed as if they were trying to catch their breath. That’s when Caitlyn’s hand smoothly ran up Jamie’s thigh and disappeared into her skirt.

He could see movement below the denim, but not much else. Jamie’s shortness of breath and arching convulsions however left little to the imagination.

Caitlyn’s hand had worked its way to Jamie’s soft, clean, young lips. She playfully brushed along the outer rim, staying on top of her thong. Her movements were minimal, brushing, teasing glimpses of what’s to come. Her index finger massaged Jamie’s pleading crevice, and when her clit was found she let out a reflexive moan, closing her eyes and moving her whole body with Caitlyn’s movements.

The steamy scene before him was too much. Caitlyn was spinning her fingers in a small circular motion between Jamie’s legs. Jamie was now moaning more and more, “uh, oh GOD yes! Uh, uh. Ommmm.” He blew his load uncontrollably all over his chest. Still he couldn’t peel his eyes away for even a second. His middle finger found that spot right below the head of his dick and he rolled back and forth over it until the waves of orgasm stopped, which seemed to be minutes after he had already finished ejaculating. Still, even after a monumental orgasm his cock was hard and throbbing and he knew he could keep going, so long as they did. And he hoped they did.

The passion had built exponentially and it was too much for the two girls as well. Without a spoken word, Jamie and Caitlyn both helped each other remove her denim skirt and tiny white thong. Jamie grabbed Caitlyn’s hair and brought herself down onto her lover. Their mouths entwined, they licked, sucked and twisted all over each other. They pulled back to look each other deep in the eyes for a moment and then they continued massaging each others tongues together. Jamie bit Caitlyn’s lower lip and held onto it playfully, so Caitlyn responded by licking the bottom of Jamie’s nose. Their lips connected one more time; mouth’s closed with the passion honeymoon lovers.

Jamie then pushed Caitlyn’s head down to her crotch and leaned back, putting her one free arm behind her, trying to brace herself. The starlight twinkled on her tender young flesh. Her full perfect tits perked towards the heavens and even the arch of her back was a sight that would have mused artists for generations. Her straight flowing blonde hair glided up and down, every time almost touching the cement. It acted as a pleasure meter, the quicker the jerks the more intense her feelings.

Caitlyn’s face was now buried in Jamie’s lap. Her arms reached around holding her ass, which balanced oh so delicately on the very edge of the pool, tight to her face. She kissed these sweet lips just like the last pair. Her tongue moved back and forth, up and down, and all around in circles. Every so often it would dive down to Jamie’s tender slit and protrude ever so slightly getting a taste of her flowing young juices. Caitlyn would grab her clit with just her lips, like one would to an erect nipple. This really made Jamie buck, and several times she almost lost her grip and slipped into the pool. Caitlyn moved her left hand along Jamie’s smooth skin, raising goose bumps wherever she went. Her fingers found Jamie’s puffy tits and began to squeeze her entire breast between her thumb and four fingers. Her tongue was now working in a steady clockwise manner around Jamie’s clit, building and building her ecstasy. Cait flicked a nipple and then squeezed and held the pressure. This was way too much for Jamie who let go of Caitlyn’s head and barely held herself up with two hands.

The voyeur furiously pumped his shaft, moving like he was pumping for his life. He was biting his lip and grinding hard into the chair. His free hand squeezed the arm of the chair so tight his muscles were already sore. For a second he closed his eyes hard, making sure he kept focus. These two girls were giving him the night of his life and they didn’t even know it. At this point he didn’t care if he was too loud. His balls smacked his thighs and the chair randomly popped up off its feet. It he was caught it would have been well worth it.

He came as Jamie came. Their two sets of eyes rolled back into their heads and they both opened their mouths, as if to scream, but no sound came out. Caitlyn moved down from Jamie’s clit and buried her tongue deep inside her dripping-wet pussy, licking up all her juices, savoring every drop that rolled across her tantalized taste buds.

He opened his eyes, moments later, after laying still just concentrating on the feeling of his post orgasm high. He felt flush. It was as if soothing water had just ran down his body and took with it all the negative energy and feelings he had been storing up. Jamie had descended into the water and she was holding Caitlyn in a strong embrace. Their heads rested on each others shoulders.

He opened his eyes again (Had he closed them?) and saw the two playfully swimming around and splashing each other.

He heard voices. Whose voices? It sounded like two young girls.

One said, “Lets see if there are any towels in here.”

He opened his eyes again to see Caitlyn and Jamie totally nude, their bodies dripping wet and their warm flesh excited by the cool air, marching toward the screened pool house. SHIT! He was so relaxed he must’ve fallen asleep. In his drunken/stoned grogginess he panicked and froze thinking, should he hide, wipe the cum off his chest or put his dick away?! What will he say? What will they say?

The two girls opened the screen door and stepped not a foot into the room before they both noticed their voyeur, limp cock still in hand, chest glistening from his multiple orgasms. They both let out a startled “Fuck!” and his face just dropped and his eyebrows raised telling he was without explanation.

“Holy shit! What are you doing here?” exclaimed Jamie, more worried than pissed off.

“Isn’t that obvious?!” replied Caitlyn before he could mutter a sound in his defense (as if there was one!)

“Oh man. How much did you see?”

“Everything.” He mustered a cold matter of fact tone, thinking he may be able to get out of this after all.

“You’re… you’re not gonna tell anyone right?” Caitlyn desperately pleaded. Her eyes reached out to him, begging.

A crooked smirk arose from the right corner of his mouth. His eyes examined their beautiful nude bodies tracing the edges of their curves this way and that, lingering on the obvious areas. He licked his upper lip and replied, “Well that all depends….”

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