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Occasionally, I have to travel, and I always dread the loneliness. Fortunately, I have my trusty laptop with me, and when the nights promise to be long and lonely, I settle in to write erotica to explore new ideas, and fabricate fantasy situations for my own inspiration.

My favorite subject is arranging a couple swap for my wife and I. A close second is to write about a fun, spontaneous situation that allows me to befriend a lovely lady partner for the night. Well, tonight, I'm putting a twist into my routine, and hope to add a new element of intrigue and provocative imagination to my list of wishful writings.

I think I'll tell you how things went with me, as I sat alone in my hotel room last night. Things always start out with the same routine - I adjusted the room temperature so I would be comfortable without any clohtes. Then I immediately undressed and set up my computer. Usually at this point, I'm not too aroused, though I find the cool air on my body to direct my thoughts to a more self-conscious, and self-attentive mood. So was the case last night - relaxed. Limp but a little swollen. A very nice way to start out my fantasy.

Next I poured a glass of wine, sat back and pondered my subject and sipped my wine. I also touched myself as a little tease, but not much more than a nervous inspection of sorts. Finally, I settled in on my fantasy for the night - an extended stay at a cheap hotel with a double-door to an adjoining hotel room.

All in all I wrote 18-pages, but I wont give the blow-by-blow of the whole account. I'll simply share the jist of it with you.

It went something like this - After a week or two of being alone; working all day, and fending for myself all night, alone, I realized that I was feeling a bit wanton and needy.

Then I began to exchange glances with a lovely, curvaceous woman in the next door room as we came and went through our hallway entrances. She had mediteranean features, a voluptuous breastline, with round and heavy breasts. In my mind's eye, she wore a wonderful mini-dress with spaghetti-strap shoulders, and a plunging neckline that showed her smooth, olive skin. Her thighs were athletic-looking, but not muscular. Her hips were round and womanly. Her tight dress on her ass spoke of firmness and were irresistible to grab in an embrace.

As my story went on - One weekend morning, right after getting out of the shower, and dried off, but hadn't yet gotten dressed, there came a soft knock on the shared double-door.

Without thinking I opened the door, in nothing but my birthday suit, and then quickly slammed it shut thinking I may have caused a great offense to my lovely neighbor.

In a moment, I wrapped my towel around my torso, and opened the door again - apologizing. When I looked up at her, I noticed she had this very amused look on her face, and only then did I realize she was only in her nighty - a teeny, tiny nighty that is.

Well, the story went on and on, until it became clear that she was as wantonly lustful as I was, and she shared plenty of stories to me about visiting clothing-optional resorts and her love of sex clubbing. Before the day was over, we enjoyed a lot of sexual talk, and by evening, we had a date, returned to our hotel rooms, and needless to say - the clothes came off, and we drank, provoked and pleased each other into the morning hours.

Now, off the story, and back to my reactions to my own writings. By the time I had written about being nude and opening the door for my lovely neighbor, I was well on my way to a solid erection. It felt good to test my hardness, and stroke it a little, but I wanted to savor much more of the story before getting serious with my own manual stimulation.

So to tell you more of how things went with me during my story-writing, I really got hard and my cock rose to rest against my belly, when I wrote about her fictional accounts of spending two weeks at a nude resort with her two boyfriends. In my story, she inspired the whole company of guests to engage her and her boyfriends in orgies and swappings of all types. Of course, she was naughty and provocative to me, as we sat in her hotel room, sipping tequilas and doffing our clothes at the first glass.

To keep my readership on track, I'm now trying to describe how writing all this last night got myself really hard. IN my story I teased myself into a raging hard-on by imagining myself being nude and hard in front of this beauty.

I realized that I had some pre-cum running down my shaft, and I was aching. Experience has taught me though, that this is a great time to avoid handling myself. It can be difficult to let myself stay at this heightened level of arousal without finishing business, but if I can take things a bit further, I always enjoy the powerful release of the built-up passion.

So as it was last night, I kept the story going, but in it, I began to leave the doors open between our rooms, and we kept our clothes off whenever we were together. I imagined spending ours with her, being semi-flacid, in a quasi state of arousal, with a slightly swollen, limp cock, waggling about as I walked around our rooms, and she, being shaven and nude, would sit indian style on her bed, or sit on the sofa in her room with her knees pulled up to her shoulders as she painted her toenails for me.

Well, at this point last night, with the thoughts of being recklessly nude with an equally reckless, beautiful and mysterious woman, I gave myself permission to feel all that pent-up pleasure.

I went to my hotel bed, and leaned against the head board and spread my legs, with my knees up to my shoulders. My room had a mirror facing me, and I watched myself get into position.

Next I tasted my pre-cum. I'm agile enough, and long enough to do so with my own tongue and lips. I'm not actually able to take myself into my mouth, try as I might, but I can tease myself this way for a few moments before I get a cramp in my lower back. After that, I stroked myself lightly a time or two, then pushed it down to touch the cool sheets.

I was tempted to drag it out a bit more, but instead, got down to serious business, leaned onto my back on the bed, and stroked until I popped. It is always an explosion of cum when I take my time, and incredibly satisfying.

So that's what I did last night, in my lonely hotel room, wishing there was a lovely mediteranean lady to keep me company.

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