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How To Bring Out Your Wifes Hidden Desires Part 2

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What a climax to an exciting afternoon. As we lied together Lisa looked at the clock and we had to hurry up and pick the kids up from school. While in the care I held her hand and told her how much I loved her. We picked the kids up and the rest of the day flew by and they were sound asleep. Lisa said she wanted to go take a shower and I had some office papers to email in. When I returned to our bedroom she was quietly lying in bed and watching TV. She was very quite and I almost felt as if she was embarassed by this afternoon event. I took a shower myself, returned and lied down next to her. I told her how exciting this afternoon was and she shut me right down by saying "I'm embarassed and I think it wierd that you would want that." I told that is was just a fantasy and she responded by saying "I really don't want to talk about that anymore." Wow! , I though its over just like that, and I would leave it at that and use the memory of this afternoon for my personal fulfillment time.

The next time we had sex was good but I kept on wanting to bring up another man so badly but wasn't wanting another rejection reaction from my wife. A few days we went to Gold's Gym, Totowa to workout together during the day (we were both off again). To my surprise she put on a small tank top underneath her sweatshirt. I thought probably just for support for the twins and if it got wet it would be see thru. We started working out and I looked around the gym and noticed a muscular tanned goodlooking young guy (25 yrs. od) looking our way and you know what I started to think about. It was my turn to do my set and when I was done that guy was working out right next to us. I caught Lisa catching quick looks at him while he performed his set and when she thought I wasn't watching. Wow!, I thought would you looky here, my sweet uninterested wife is checking him out. We got done with our sets and moved to the treadmills. Within 5 minutes on the treadmills that same guy got on the one right next to Lisa. I told her I was gong to finish up on the lifecycle which were on the other side of the gym but I could still see everything. I settled in on a bike with a perfect view. I was watching this guy checking out LIsa and everytime he would look aways she glanced at him. I started to get hard watching this little game between the two. Then all of the sudden Lisa stops the machine and gets off ( I thought Oh no!) but she got off only to take her baggy sweatshirt off to reveal the little tank top and then she got back on the machine and started a slow jog. This young guy could not stop looking at her and had to grab the machine's railing with one hand so he wouldn't fall off. What a sight with Lisa's big 34 DD tits bouncing up and down while another man watched intently. My cock was getting harder by the second. This lasted for 25 minutes and she was done and got off. A few seconds later the guys was also done (what a surprise). Lisa began wiping her sweat off the machine and the guy did the same. I noticed her bending over to tie her sneaker and he couldn't take his eyes off of her cleavage. She finished and then waked awasy to go and get me and I watched him burn holes in her ass then he looked at the machine she was using and grabbed Lisa's sweatshirt and ran after her. He touched her on the shoulder and kept his hand there while he gave her the sweatshirt with the other. She was all smiles and they must of said thank you to each other as she walked off again. On the ride home I had to comment on the attention she got from her young handsome admirer. I told her "If his looks could of takekn your clothes off you would still be looking for them. And since when do you take off your sweatshirt?". She said "I was hot." I said " I bet you were.". And she responded with an angry "'Shut Up!" I was thinking why is she playing this game I know what I saw. We were running very late and only had time to pick the kids up. Later that night we put the kids to bed and I lit a bunch of candles in our master bath all around the hot tub, filled it with warm water, turned on the jets and put on a nice CD while my wife was cleaing up in the kitchen.

My wife had never been into masterbation. The only time she ever did it was a few times when I asked her while we werre together. We had purchased a 'nanny camera' awhile ago and I thought of setting it up by the tub so I could watch Lisa in the tub. After everyitng was done I went and got her and brought her into the bathroom and told her I was going downstairs and to enjoy her time. And I looked her in the eyes and told her I love you and that she looked really good in the gym. I locked the bathroom door so she knew she had complet privacy and hooked up the monitor to the downstairs TV and began to watch. She undressed and made sure the door was locked. Then she looked at herself in the mirror grabbed her big boobs and lifted them a few times then turned around and checked out her round ass. She then climbed into the tub and lied back, closed her eyes and relaxed. She just lied there for about 10 minutes and I thought nothing is going to happen thane she glanced at the door and I saw both of her knees come out of the water then her right hand disappear underneath the water and her head went back. I couldn't believe my eyes! Lisa is playing with her pussy and probably thinking about the guy at the gym. Before I knew it her feet were out of the water and propped on each side of the tub.

She then sat across ways in the tub and put her legs up and out of the tub and onto the ledge and adjusted the jet directly on her pussy. My little wife was cumming right before my eys in the tub as the just bounced water onto her pussy. It seemed like she must of had three orgasams. When she was finished she turned off the jets and lied again long ways in the tub and closed her eyes. My cock was rock hard and I couldn't help but stroke it but I didn't want to cum. Lisa lied there fro 10 more minutes then got out and dried offf and put on a large t-shirt. I disconnected the monitor and put it awasy and went into our bedroom where I saw Lisa lying in bed. I asked her how was the bath and she innocently said, "Oh, it was relaxing". I went and took a shower and joined her in bed wearing just a pair of baggy shorts. Within minutes she reached over and stroked my chest running her hands across my muscular chest, grazing over my nipples then over my abs. I couldn't believe it but she was still horny. Then she slide her hand underneath my waistband and said "I'm horny" and grabbed my hard cock. With seconde we both removed our clothes (her t-shirt & my shorts) and began passionately kissing while she stroked my erect 7" shaved cock. She began telling me how badly she wanted my cock inside of her. Wow!, she is really turned on so I wasn't about to miss an opportunity to try talking about my fantasy again. I asked her if she wanted me to get the 3" penis extender again and she said "If you want" I knew that this was going to be another great time. I quickly reached into my end table drawere and put it on my cock. I turned to her and she was masterbating again, rubbing her pussy hard and quickly. Lisa said "I want it so bad, please fuck me now!" I jumped between her already spread legs and inserted this huge cock inch by inch inside my wife's little trimmed pussys. All she could say was "Oh yes! yes put it all inside of me!" And inch by inch I watched this huge cock disappear and stretch her little pussy to the limit. Her pink and brown lips were wrapped all around it. She said "Fuck me hard, fuck me1" I began to fuck her with long hard pumps as I watched her big tits bounce all over the place. I asked her "You like being fucked with this big fat cock , don't you?" She said "Yes, Yes, Yes!" I told her how much I love her and told her how hard my cock got in the gym when that young guy was watching her and how much I loved it when he touched her on the shoulder. She didn't say anything but the look in her eyes and the moaning and pussy thrusts gave her away. I continued to tell her how much it turned me on when she took off her swearshirt and her big tits bounced up and down. And that his cock was probably hard. Then she said "It was I saw a big bulge in his sweat pants and that mde my pussy wet." I said imagine him fucking you right now. She replies "Oh, yeah". "Would you want to fuck him?" I asked. She shocked me when she said "Oh baby, I want to fuck him so bad, I want his big fat cock inside of me!" At this point I was fucking her so hard going completely in her and almost completely out. Her pussy was soak and wet. I told her again how much I love her and that I want to watch her get fucked by him. She said "I'll fuck him so good for you baby!". "I'll make him cum so good!" And then she exploded with biggest orgasam I have ever seen her have. I had to cover her mouth she was so loud and out of control (I was afraid she would wake the kids). After she came I pulled out and ripped off the extension. She yelled for me to cum on her tits. I straddled her stomach and began jerking off as I watched her hold her huge tits together waiting for my cum. I exploded all over her tits and some even went on her face. She loved it and said "cum on my face baby!" After she said that I began to have a second orgasam and shot a smaller load directly on her face. She reached down and began to lick and suck her own tits and big nipples clean. I surprised myself and licked off the small load on her cheek and nose. When we were done we told each how much we loved each other. Our sweety, pussy juice, cum drenched and exhausted bodies lie holding each other as we fell asleep.

To be Continued............

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