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Housekeeper - Exhibitonism, Masturbation

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I stayed home from work one day after a really bad night. After breakfast, I went back to bed and slept for several hours. When I finally woke, I was feeling much better. So was my penis, which was fully erect. Lying on my back, I kicked off the covers. My penis curved back towards my belly: six inches with a deep purple head and bobbing up and down. A small clear drop of precum sparkled at the tip.

I wanted very much to jackoff. I listened intently for several moments and the house was quiet. It seemed no one was home. The bedroom door was closed anyway, so I took a chance and grabbed my penis and began stroking it. I went slowly, determined to savor this moment. I closed my eyes and, in my mind, shuffled through various erotic situations, looking for the perfect one. I was still considering and stroking, when I heard the door latch click.

My eyes sprang open!

Standing in the doorway was our housekeeper, a small, somewhat dowdy woman, with gray hair and glasses. She'd always done a fine job for us. She worked hard and was friendly, even though she didn't say much. I didn't know much about her, except that, unlike most of the housekeepers in our neighborhood, she wasn't Latina. Behind the glasses, sparkled clear blue eyes. At their corners were plenty of what looked like laugh lines - hinting at a good sense of humor. But I had yet to hear her laugh.

Now, though, I was hoping that sense of humor included situations like this. Otherwise, we might be looking for another housekeeper. I did notice that my penis stayed good and hard and my sense of excitement seemed to have increased. I did, now and again, jackoff for my wife. We both enjoyed it and she did the same for me. But I hadn't done it for another female since before i was married. Several of my dating partners back then had enjoyed mutual masturbation, or just watching me get off. It'd been fun and a real turnon. But, as I say, I'd been doing it since only for my wife. Our housekeeper, Maryjane (not her real name), was the first woman in over twenty years to see me like this. I was sorta surprised to find just how excited I was by that!

I started to apologise to Maryjane, but she waved me off. Grinning and shaking her head, she said that her husband often did the same thing. As she spoke, she came on into the room and began putting away folded clothes in out dresser drawers. I could see her face in the mirror and could see her looking at me. Taking a chance, I began stroking my penis again. Maryjane's smile seemed to widen. When she turned back around, instead of leaving, she approached the bed. She stopped next to my side and stared down at my swollen penis and my hand sliding up and down it. She didn't say anything for quite awhile. I stopped stroking and gripped my penis at the base, squeezing hard. It made the head swell impressively. Maryjane nodded.

"Yours is much bigger than my husband's. He's only got a tiny little thing. He thinks a lot of it. He's always wagging it at me, trying to get me to look." She laughed shortly, then frowned. "It's alright, I suppose, but I've always wondered what other men's looked like, wondered if I'd enjoy seeing another man's thing." Her grin reappeared. "I do really enjoy looking at yours."

She carefully settled onto the edge of the bed, not touching me. Her gaze never left my penis. I was jacking again, still slowly. Maryjane leaned closer.

"Such a nice big bag, too. Your wife must enjoy such a fine package."

"She does. Very much."

Maryjane nodded. "She's a smart woman, your wife. And a good one."

"I know. The best."

"I wonder how she'd feel about someone else watching you like this. Do you think it would upset her?"

"Not much."

"Really? Then she's a very understanding woman too."

"She is."

"Does she enjoy watching you play with yourself?"

"She does. Very much. I enjoy watching her, too."

Maryjane laughed. "Good. I'm glad it goes both ways. It should. My husband doesn't seem to understand that. But I watch Oprah and things like that and I read alot and I know. You are very lucky."

"I know." I was still going slow, but I needed to up the pace. "Would you like for me to go faster?"

"Yes. Please. That'd be nice. Are you close to your climax?'

I just nodded and started stroking harder and faster. I was so excited having this plain little woman watching me jackoff, I was trembling. My heart was pounding. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, even though it had been only a short time since I started. I wanted it to last, but I was just too excited. I was still trying to control it. I was pretty sure that that wasn't gonna last though.

It didn't. In just a few minutes I was pounding away, gasping and groaning, thrusting up off the bed at every stroke. Now and then, I'd glance over at Maryjane to find her watching intently, smiling, her eyes glued to my penis. But the only gesture of excitement she made was to lick her lips.

I didn't care. I was rushing closer. My penis was oozing lots of precum, which made for a wet slapping sound as I jacked. When it hit, my body went rigid, then shook all over. It was one of the most intense orgasms I'd had in years! I was thrusting spasmodically as the cum began squirting out onto my belly. I faintly heard Maryjane say something, but I don't know what it was. When I looked over, her eyes were wide and her mouth open slightly.

"Oh my!" she said, "That was really something!"

I could only gasp.

After a few more moments, Maryjane got up and left the room. She returned with a warm, wet wash cloth and a towel. I expected her to hand them to me, but, instead, she sat next to me and began to carefully clean me herself. Our housekeeper's touch was gentle and she was thorough. My penis had begun to soften, but when Maryjane touched it, it began to get hard again. She wiped under the rim of my penis's head. When she brushed the frenum, I jerked. She asked me if i was okay and i told her i was. Was I ever! Maryjane even lifted my balls and cleaned them too. For someone I'd thought too modest to even entertain a sexual thought, she was proving to be quite a pleasant surprise!

When she was done, my penis was again at full stand. We both stared at it for several seconds. I wasn't at all sure what to say or do. Being a middleaged man in my late forties, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to cum again, so soon. Neither of us said anything for awhile. Then Maryjane again got up.

This time she went around the bed to wife's side. She opened the drawer of the bedside table and shuffled through the things in there. Knowing what was in there, I felt a bit embarrassed: dildoes, lubes, various sex appliances and devices. Then I realized that Maryjane apparently already knew all about that. As a housekeeper would, I suppose. And she was distinctly unembarrassed.

She returned with a plastic squeeze bottle of lube. Settling back down, she held the bottle over my penis and sqeezed out a generous dollup of the lube. She squeezed some more into her hand and then began spreading it all over my penis and even my balls. I trembled from head to toe. Maryjane's touch was as sure as ever and incredibly exciting! When she began to stroke, long, slow strokes that came up over the head of my penis, I started shaking. It was too much! But our housekeeper maintained her pace. Sometimes she would concentrate on just the head, massaging it over and over again. Then she would go back to those long, lazy strokes that were driving me crazy, pausing only to apply more lube. Maryjane seemed to enjoy my situation. As she would squeeze out more of the lube, she'd watch my twitching penis with a clearly happy smile. As she stroked me, she asked me how i was doing, if what she was doing felt good, if it felt as good as what my wife did for me - things like that. I was barely able to talk, just mumbling monosyllabic replies.

I don't know how long it went on. It probably wasn't more than ten minutes or so, but it felt like forever. It would have been agonizing, if it hadn't felt so damned good.

Finally though, Maryjane began to really jack me. It took only a few moments for me to cum and it was explosive - more intense that the first one! There was less cum, of course, but that didn't matter at all.

This time i was left limp - in more ways than one. Maryjane brought another warm washcloth and cleaned me up. This time my penis barely stirred at her ministrations. She seemed a bit disappointed, but didn't say anything. I just lay there and watched. When she was through, Maryjane told me that she had enjoyed it all tremendously and thanked me. I managed to say that it had been pretty wonderful for me and thanked her in turn. Soon after, she left. I dozed off a bit after that.

I woke to my wife smoothing my forehead and asking me how i was doing. Pretty soon her hand was on my penis and not long after, I was hard again. Then my wife got naked and we made love for more than an hour. She enjoyed herself thoroughly. So did I. But I did, now and then, think about our housekeeper.

Since then, once every couple of weeks or so, I'd find a reason to stay home. Then, at some point, Maryjane would watch me jackoff. Afterwards she would lube me up and bring me to yet another intense orgasm. It became a very pleasurable routine for both of us. I learned more about her relationship with her husband and I told her more about my wife's and my sex life. And I finally told my wife all about what was going on. She was put out for awhile, but soon relaxed and wanted to know details. I also told Maryjane that I'd told my wife. She was amused.

The fun goes on.

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