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Hot Sun, Hot Blonde

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Hot Sun, Kim Has Fun What is it about the sun? Why do we worship it so, crave to soak up every last ray it sends to earth.

I can?t speak for others, but I know my body, my bones ache to feel the heat of the sun, warm me from the outside in. I am a summer girl, I look forward to my sun sessions, wether they be at home on the deck, or on some beach, just heat my bones.

I was fortunate enough to have a sunny day at home, no work, no kids, the house to myself, and the hot sun. I decided to bring the radio, and a book out to the deck, and read while lounging in the sun. of course, the best way to heat your body is without clothes blocking the sun rays, that?s how I was lounging. Totally in the nude. Oh, feels so good, body free, air, sun, heat, I really could be a nudist.

I had chosen some trashy novel that I picked up at a yard sale. Actually, it was not half bad. I could just about put myself in the characters place, look, out, getting hot.

I was lying on my back, my chest and belly so warm from the sun, I take a drink of water, and spill some on my breast. Oh, what a sensation, almost steaming. Time to put some oil on, don?t want to burn. Mmm, the skin feels hot, soft, smooth, rub some into the chest, the breast, they tingle. The belly, inner thighs, feel the hear, down the calves, back to the thighs, make sure we get enough. Its moist, from the heat of the sun?

I go back to reading, dam, this is not half bad, the characters are into some heavy petting, mmm.

I try to imagine, she is lying in the grass, on the rivers edge, her skirts pulled up. He is lying beside her, hands slowly caressing, making their way between her thighs.

Better turn over and tan the hind end. Oh yes, feel the heat on my back, on my ass. I imagine his hands running over my ass, dipping in between my legs. God, I am squirming in my lounger. I turn over again, continue to read, feel myself getting excited, heating up, moist between my legs. The sun feels so good. My hand not holding the book wanders, over my breast, down my belly, inner thighs. Then around the lips, one finger working its way in, oh so moist.

Okay, I give up, put the novel down, the sun wins. One hand massaging my breast, the other working around, and in, my now very moist pussy. One finger, two fingers, around, teasing the clit. Oh, getting so worked up, but decide I would like a bit more, bring on the vibrator.

Back on the deck, vibrator in hand, slowly tease, as the fingers are still keeping the pussy moist.

Mmm, working the vibrator in more, the sun is so hot, my breast are so hot, feels so good. I can feel the wetness, my 2 fingers working with the vibrator, pinky around the butt.

My hips are moving, picking up the rhythm, moaning a bit, feels just so good. My fingers are drenched, the vibrator is working, in and out, here it, with my juices.. I am totally lost in the moment, don?t care who is around, who hears my louder moans, cries of ecstasy . I have worked myself up, can feel the climax coming closer, my fingers are wet, moving quicker, as is the vibrator. My pinky finger is moving around my butt, slowly starting to probe, this brings me closer, I can feel the first ebbs. Oh, yes, pinky finger in the asshole, vibrator and 2 fingers working the pussy, and I soar, I ma in the clouds, crying out with pure pleasure, my hips bucking. Wave after wave, I can feel the pulsing with my fingers, my ass contracts. Oh god, what a feeling, cuming so hard, in the beating sun, naked on the deck. Got to love the sun, I do.

I lie back and enjoy the moment, think, imagine if I were not alone, maybe some male friend stopped in, saw all, that heats me up again. What would he do, just watch, or let his presence be known, join in? What would you do? Just imagine.........

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