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Hot Email part 3

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Wow!!! I don't know if I can continue today. I've been doing this for 3 hours now. If you were here it would be a different story, but alone?? I might just relax and enjoy how I feel now. If I smoked that's what I'd be doing. But since I like to eat, I just had another chocolate and made myself a cappucino. And now I'm sipping it as I caress myself and roll my head slowly from side to side.

I can't wait to send these to you. But part 3 (which was in the middle) I had to send you right away. These I'll send after you let me know that you got the others. I'm sure you're waiting to be at the airport before you write. Maybe at Dallas you'll have a layover and you can use a computer there. I'm sure they have them and I'm sure it's easier than your phone.

Anyway, I told you I was going to go back under the sun and repeat what I wrote in part 2 to refresh my memory of how I was feeling before writing. So I did. Then I got bob and passed him across my lips. It was a little weird at first but every time my tongue would slide under the head it semi felt real and that I liked. I slid him down to my pussy. You know how I'm always talking about sitting on you or standing and facing away. Where I can feel your cock rub back and forth along my whole pussy. So I put bob on the chair and I sat down. I put my arms to the side of the chair so I could grab on and slightly lift myself up. This way I could slide back and forth on top of bob. It was exciting. I was immagining that I was doing this for you because you were watching me on messenger. In my fantasies I'm always having you behind me. This way I can feel you in me but you also are free to touch my tits or pussy. So I don't know, I just got up and turned around on the chair. Remember when I told you about the swingers club and my legs were on the chair to open up so you could come in? Well, that was in my head. Still thinking about you watching me, I was on my knees on the chair, facing away from the computer but with my head turned so I could see you in the picture of us together. But it was like as if I was turned around like that so I could look at you while with my hand from around the back, I put bob in my pussy from behind. I could just see you there watching me do that while I rubbed my nipples thru my fingers. Then after a while I bent over on the back of the chair as if we were on our hands and knees. I knew you would like that so I stayed for a while. But I was too uncomfortable so I got up.

The ceiling windows have this wall border around them where the window goes inward. It was so hot where I was standing that I started to think of the beach. Here all the beaches have these open showers on the beach to rinse off the salt water and sand. I started thinking about that. So I had my head on my arm leaning against the wall under the window, feeling the sun beating on me as I still kept banging bob in and out of me from behind. With my hand pushing it in from behind, made my wrist lie right between my ass. Every push that I gave with bob, made my wrist bang in between my ass. I could just see and feel the scene so vividly. Then I moved my arm and just leaned my head so my other arm was free to touch me. I slided it in and out. Making sure that every time it came almost all the way out and then back in again. Sometimes I would go fast but most of the time it was an almost slow steady stroke. When I started out I wasn't as wet as I usually am when I write or chat or whatever. But I did this for at least 7-8 minutes and without even have put my hands inside they were wet from it dripping off of bob. My arm was starting to hurt, so I put the chair back under the window. I sat down and slid down a little into the chair. I made it start vibrating slowly and made it start circling my whole pussy. Making the circles get smaller and smaller each time until it just slid in again like butter. This is when I got up and wrote you that little message about not being able to tell you no to anything.

I went back to the chair and just made it go in and out. Slow and fast. Sometimes not pulling it out at all but just really fast pushing and pushing it in like when you're close to coming. No vibrator for this, because it's not real. You don't vibrate. Sometimes I would do like 3 steady ones and then slam it in real hard, just like you've done to me. I was just really trying to have sex with you. And we had it for a long time. lol. Then I moved the chair and layed all the big pillows from the couch down on the floor in the sun. I just relaxed on the pillows and circled it all around till it worked it's way in like I did before. Then I took it out and made it circle my clit a little and then back in. I was just like holding it there, giving it a little push to make it go in as far as I could get it. This I love. I do it often. I lifted my head up to see if you had sent me a message or not. I could see your picture on the computer. It gave me a rush and I let out a long soft moan. I put my head back down on the pillow. I didn't want to wait anymore. Seeing you made me need to cum. The sun was really strong and magnified through the glass of the window. I could just see you on top of me fucking me on the beach. Maybe we were at Hedo. I don't know, but no one was stopping us. I was making it pump me steadily. Then I just kept it still. I kept twirling him around inside. I put the vibrator on softly. Every time it passed my ass, I could feel it vibrating there and I'd get a rush. Since it's flexible, I kept it bent a little towards my ass, so I could feel it vibrate there and against my wall on the inside. I just held it like that for a few minutes while I gently circled my clit. I moved it in and out a few more times. I changed the vibration. I put it on one that it quickly stops and starts. I pushed it in as far as it could go and let go so I would have both hands free. With that type of vibration it gives it the feeling of pumping. So that was inside me with pulsations. I was rolling my tits around with one hand. and with the other I played with my clit until I came. I wanted to cum again so I made it vibrate faster. I put it next to my ass and masturbated my clit again. Then I layed there under the sun for about 10 minutes, just thinking on how much I wish it was all true.

I got up and took a very hot shower. I didn't even really get washed. I put the gel on my hands and I could smell it, I know. But I think I just wrapped my arms crossed wise to my shoulders and just stood there with the water running down my body. Sometimes looking upwards and running my fingers across my lips while the water went in my mouth. Like when we were kissing in the shower. When I got out, I layed back down in the sun for a few minutes. I got my chocolate and cappucino and started to write you.

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