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Helping hand from McDonalds

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Helping hand from McDonalds

Today my husband and I decided we would go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping without the kids. We left around 10:00 and finished before 1:00. I wore a dress without a bra or panties, as he likes, and on the way home showed him I didn?t have any panties on and told him I couldn?t believe he never noticed or took the time to even see. He told me he was sorry and was just to busy looking at gifts for the kids and in a hurry to get back home to watch the Colts game.

We stopped at McDonalds and got a fast bite to eat and while eating I told him ?at least somebody notices me?. He asked what I was talking about and I said ?Gees?s I?ve been sitting across from you with my legs apart and the only one who?s noticed is the guy across from us.

He made an excuse to get up and returned to the table with some napkins. When he returned he said he noticed the young man, around 19 or 20, I?m 31, looking my way. I said yes, he?s been pretty engrossed with my show and laughed.

About 5 minutes later the young man got up and walked past me and smiled as he was leaving. About 5 minutes later we left as well.

While we were getting into our van we saw the young man walking down the street and my husband asked if I wanted to have a little harmless fun with my admirer. I asked him what he had in mind because we were going to miss kickoff.

He said, nothing that would take anytime from getting home and began taking the items we bought from the back of the van and piling them in the front seat and two middle seats, leaving just the back bench seat open to sit in.

As he was doing this he outlined his deviant plan of action. He said that we were going to offer my admirer a ride He said that he will have to sit next to me since the other seats are all full and that would give me an opportunity to ?get acquainted? with him.

I agreed but said that I would be limited in what I could do. He said he understood and suggested I just use my imagination.

We pulled up next to him and asked if he would like a lift? He told us where he was going and my husband said that it was in the same direction we were headed. He excepted our offer, probably not due to the Indiana weather as much as the view he had at McDonalds.

I opened the side door of the van and he asked where he should sit. I apologized about the mess and said he?ll have to sit in the back seat. I walked in front of him so that he could see me ducking my head a little more than I needed to so that my dress would creep up some in the back.

As I sat down I pulled my dress up a little above the knees and he sat furthest away form me. My husband introduced himself and I moved closer to him extending my hand and introduced myself. We of course didn?t use our real names even though we were half an hour from our home town and it was a city of over 300 thousand people. By shaking his hand I was now sitting right next to him and I could sense he was a bit nervous.

Knowing we didn?t have a whole lot of time, while I exchanged small talk with him I placed my right hand on his inner thight and left it rest there as I talked. I was talking softly to him and my husband had the radio on so he would feel more relaxed and he was singing to the tunes to make it appear he wasn?t paying attention to us.

I started moving my hand up and down his inner thigh and commented on how horrible of a singer my husband was. He chuckled and I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I had noticed him looking at me in McDonalds. While I did this I let my lips touch his ear and move down his neck. He replied with, he thought I was pretty. I leaned over again and this time as I did I moved my hand to his crotch where I could feel that his cock was hard as a rock! I whispered to him that I could see he was looking up my dress and asked if he could tell if I was wearing panties or not? He said he couldn?t tell ( I think he was trying to be modest ) so as my right hand is know rubbing his hard on over his jeans, with my left hand I lifted my dress and said see? No panties. He looked down and said, WOW, YOU ARE HOT!

I took his left hand and placed his palm over my clean shaven mound so that his finger tips were resting on my sopping wet pussy lips. I reached over with both hands and unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his zipper and slid his boxers down exposing his balls and hard cock. His cock was around the same size as my husband, 7 inches and as I rubbed my thumb over the tip of his cut head I could feel the silky smooth pre cum . It was hard not to just take it in my mouth when I seen he was also clean shaven!

I began to rub his balls some and then started stroking his shaft from his balls to the head of his dick, softly at first then I tightened my grip. As he moved from rubbing his fingers over my swollen pussy lips to inserting one, then two fingers inside me I started stroking faster and harder with a lot of attention to the head of his cock between the soft skin of my thumb and index finger. The faster I stroked the more he squirmed in the seat and the wetter I became. It wasn?t long after that, that I seen him bite his lower lip and his eyes closed, the muscles in his butt tightened and I looked down to see his hips move up off the seat and a load of hot cum covered the back of my hand. Wow, what a sight that was! His cum was in my palm, over my hand, on his shirt and thighs. He ejaculated 5 or 6 times and heavy amounts all the time not making a sound.

He continued to finger my pussy and almost had me ready to explode when my husband said we were almost there. I took some napkins from my purse and I cleaned my hand and he cleaned himself up, pulled his pants and under ware up and put the napkins in his pocket ( probably as a souvenir )

He thanked me and I told him it was my pleasure. A couple minutes later we stopped. He got out and watched us as we drove off without even moving, guess he must have been shell shocked by what had just happened. From the look on his face I believe he thought he was dreaming, LOL.

My husband asked what happened and I said, didn?t you see? He said no, he had moved the mirror to just focus on me so he wouldn?t think he was being watched. I gave him the blow by blow details and he asked if he had made me cum? I said no that we had ran out of time and that I was so horny that regardless if the Colts win or not he better fuck me and fuck me hard when we get home!

Well?..guess what? The Colts won 23 to 17 and so did I! BIG TIME! LOL??

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