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When the other women went to their rooms for the night, Tina took Kim back to the infirmary. "You'd better never let anyone know I went soft on you or you'll pay," Tina snapped, furrowing her brow menacingly.

"No, Miz Tina. Never."

"I'm going to leave these off for tonight so you can sleep and hopefully heal up a little but don't try anything. One more slip up and you'll really be in hell."

"Yes, Miz Tina. I'll be good."

"Let's see if we can't..." And she could and did, dabbing cortisone cream on all the little puncture wounds to help with the itching. Kim felt like she had died and gone to heaven when Tina removed the high heeled boots and massaged her poor bruised soles with cool lotion. Before long, Tina gently laid Kim's foot down before the massage was finished and pulled a sheet and blanket over the sleeping woman.


"There's no way we can finish these tonight even if we stay up half the night," Debbie complained, throwing down the essay test in disgust.

"They did it on purpose," Kaitlyn whimpered. "So they'll have an excuse to spank all of us tomorrow."

"It sure looks that way," Darlene agreed, smiling knowingly. "But if an old woman like me can endure it, you'll survive too."

"I don't want to be spanked."

"Neither did I. Oh, well. I'm going to sleep."

"Well I'm going to finish this if it takes all night," Kaitlyn told the others.


"Feel any better?" Tina asked.

"Yes, Miz Tina. Much better. May I use the bathroom?"

"Nope, not today. March out and wait while I wake everybody else," Tina told Kim.

Kim did as she was told, feeling much better although very sore from the unaccustomed exercise of the previous day. She also noted that the bar locked between her ankles was shorter than the one she endured yesterday. She didn't realize it, but Tina also switched the boots to half a size larger to go over the cushioned anklet she was given and that the heels were almost an inch shorter so her calves wouldn't cramp. Kim just thought that she was getting used to the bondage gear.

Uncomfortable primarily from her full bladder, Kim had to wait in the hall while Tina rousted the others. They appeared one by one, groaning, walking in the freshman position to stand with their butt cheeks touching the cool wall. Darlene had slept like a baby but Kaitlyn had fallen asleep at her desk and Debbie fell asleep on the sectional so both were extra stiff.

Like the first day, Tina kept them in the hall until they were all sure that their bladders were going to burst before herding them into the big open shower room. Once they were lined up four to a side, Tina asked, "You, Darlene, PC muscle super numerator.

What exercise did you learn to improve the strength and control over your PC muscles that we might practice here?"

"Miz Tina," Darlene began, expecting the question, "One Kegal exercise is to interrupt one's urine stream by contracting the PC muscles."

"And the more times you stop the urine, the better. So who wants to be first?" One by one, Tina made the women squat and urinate in short squirts rather than a long satisfying stream. Only a few of them managed to stop their urine until their bladders were nearly empty. Tina noted in her book how many squirts they managed, berating those who let out long squirts instead of short squirts.

Yesterday's early morning routine was then repeated. They finished using the bathroom and then cleaned it, made the beds for all of the other women in the building, and did some sweeping and dusting. They had another great breakfast in the dining hall served by the sophomores who, that day, dressed in latex micro-

skirts and tube tops.

And then they got dressed in high heeled boots and coveralls. It felt strange to wear clothes at all but going from nude to denim coveralls was almost torture over their sore muscles, sensitive nipples, and unprotected pussies. The crotch seams did terrible things to sensitive private parts as they were all led outside.

"Fix that flat," Tina ordered, pointing to Jennifer and then to a minivan with a flat tire. "You have half an hour." She continued around the building. There were various passenger vehicles all around with one tire flat, eight in all, one for each of the freshmen.

The older women figured out what needed to be done but only Darlene managed to get the tire changed in the allotted thirty minutes. The youngest barely knew how to get started and either failed to even get the car jacked up or they were stopped by Tina for "safety violations" such as not checking to be sure the parking brake was set.

Just before lunch, they assembled in a classroom and viewed pairs of 35 mm slides projected on the wall. They had to decide which, in their opinion, was sexier, the left or the right, and which they thought men thought was sexier. They were warned that they had to make those choices for every pair. In many cases, it was difficult:

1. Woman in torn t-shirt vs Woman in garter belt & hose 2. Man in boxers vs Man in leather cup 3. Woman tied up clothed vs Woman nude with legs spread 4. Fat woman nude vs Little girl in devil Halloween costume 5. Woman in cutoff shorts vs Same woman in skin tight & tight t-shirt formal 6. Two nude women kissing vs Two nude men kissing 7. Two nude women kissing vs A man & woman kissing 8. A barefoot topless vs A bikini clad model wearing 38 DD model high heels 9. Woman in wet t-shirt vs Same woman nude 10. Woman receiving oral vs Woman receiving oral sex sex from a man from a woman 11. Man receiving oral ...

Some of the pairs of slides were gross. Dogs fucking versus a large dog copulating with a woman. And even though the second photo offended every one of them, they all agreed that it was sexier than just two dogs and were sure that men felt the same.

Just about every sexual activity possible was shown, including oral, anal, and conventional sexual activity but most of the photos showed models in at least some clothing. They recognized a few of the staff members in the photos, especially Clarice with her husband's arm buried wrist deep inside her vagina.

In spite of the disgusting nature of some of the photos, every woman in the room found herself salivating as the smell of fresh break baking wafted into the classroom from the kitchen below.

All their stomachs were growling as the test ended and they were herded to the dining room in freshman position.

After lunch, the freshmen were tested on their knowledge of diet and health. In the middle of the afternoon, they went to the gym for their first workout.

Chris, who the married women had met at the party last Sunday night, led them through a very simple step routine. "You don't need music or fancy moves or hops or jumps or anything else," she lectured as they worked out. "Just movement, constant movement for at least twenty minutes. I see you're getting out of breath, Laura. Slow down. Half time it. Tina, will you help? While we do one-two-three-four, you just go one-and a two-and so you step half as often. There you go. It's more important that you keep going. You start off burning glycogen, the sugar your body has stored in muscles and your bloodstream. You've got to burn it up before you start burning fat and we're entering the fat burning zone now. So get your arms up, straight up every time your right foot..."

Laura was sure she was going to die. She was still sore from the previous day's exertion, so sore that her legs sometimes felt wobbly as she walked around earlier in the day. It was far worse when they started stepping up and down on the plastic platforms.

At least it was until the blood was flowing through the sore muscles, pumping away the wastes that made her sore. It was humiliating to be the first to slow to half time but she was soon joined by several others including Darlene.

When they were all exhausted, they were herded into the gyms'

shower room for a quick shower. Then they walked single file into the old convent where tiny cells lined a basement wall, barely eight feet long and five feet wide. Inside each cell was a massage table, a small table with lotions and oils, and one of the juniors or seniors.

Laura walked through the door to which Tina pointed and was met Bern, a senior. "Lay down on the table on your belly," Bern instructed. "And I'll tell you what's going on. First, you can't say anything while we're in here. Period. And you can't resist anything that I do."

As Bern poured icy oil onto Laura's back so she sucked in air in a loud hiss, Bern continued, "This is both a test and therapudic.

Massage therapy will help get rid of your soreness a little quicker. It's also designed to make you more responsive to touch and to be a little erotic. So just lay there and enjoy."

Bern's technique was good, sometimes rubbing, sometimed pounding, sometimes chopping at sore muscles with the knife edges of her hands. Laura felt her muscles relax under Bern's expert ministrations and the relaxation continued to deepen until she felt like she was floating.

Smack-smack! Bern laids stinging slaps across Laura's butt cheeks. It hurt and Laura wanted to object but it didn't hurt nearly as much as the spanking with the paddle after dinner so she remained silent and endured it. And when Bern moved down to firmly massage her feet, the stinging hurt became an erotic tingle and Bern then enhanced by sliding her oily fingers deep up Laura's butt crack, giving a gentle probe to her anal bud.

Then Laura was told to roll over onto her back. It felt odd, her oily back sliding on the smooth plastic of the massage table. She prayed silently for something to cover herself with, even a face cloth, but of course, that wasn't allowed. So the massage continued with her legs straight and her hands under her head and it was heavenly until...

Bern gabbed continuously and was still talking when her hand cupped between Laura's legs. "Open up. Pull your knees up and spread 'em," Bern snickered. "You exercised this, too, so I have to massage you there, too." It took a supreme effort for Laura to keep her knees apart and allow the intimate contact as Bern dipped her fingers in a jar of cool cream and applied it to the inside of Laura's vagina. "Squeeze my fingers. You call that a squeeze? Again. Good, now..."

Next door, Wendy was also spreading her knees for Mary Jo, a junior who was practicing her massage technique as well as acting as an instructor. "I heard that you have sexual feelings for women so you ought to enjoy this," Mary Jo told her. "And so will I."

Two fingers coated with the cool vaginal cream entered Wendy's pussy and began a sensuous internal massage, sliding out to gently but firmly pinch her labia and slide up and down, the sides and tips of Bern's fingers just grazing Wendy's erect clitoris. Wendy bucked on the table at even the slightest touch.

"What you need to realize, and our professors will emphasize this again and again, is that it's all in your head. With a little training, any man could do exactly what I'm doing and do it just as gently and effectively and sensuously and erotically and you're getting pretty turned on, aren't you?"

"Oh, gawd, yes!"

"Pull your knees all the way up to your titties," Mary Jo chuckled. "I have to spank you because remember that I told you you couldn't talk at all and you said three words because I'm counting the 'oh', so you're going to get thirty smacks but since I'm using my bare hand, it won't hurt much because I don't want to hurt my hand. Good, now get ready."

Wendy was whimpering, frightened of receiving a spanking, even a bare handed one, and aroused by the massage of her private parts and embarrassed by her position and nudity. Mary Jo made it worse by continuing to massage her exposed private parts with her left hand while she landed the first stinging slap on Wendy's left butt cheek and quickly landed the second on the right.

"Don't move," Mary Jo ordered after administering the thirtieth slap. The senior sat up on the table with her thigh under Wendy's lower back and used both her hands to massage Wendy's labia and the opening to her vagina and her erect, ultra-

sensitive clitoris until the younger girl was bucking and withering, desparately trying to remain silent as all of her body's muscles tightened until the tension was unbearable and so were the feeling. And then she lost all control, bucking her hips and kicking out her legs so she nearly knocked Mary Jo off the table.

"Come here," Mary Jo ordered, taking Wendy's hands and pulling her up to a sitting position so they could hug. Wendy clung to Mary Jo, hugging her tightly, whimpering softly against the senior's shoulder.

"If that was your first big O, thanks for letting me do it," Mary Jo said softly into Wendy's ear. "And even if it wasn't your first, it was hot. I don't know what you were thinking about but it doesn't matter. They'll explain their theories later. I always imagine it's Brad Pitt touching me like that. I guess I'm a little homophobic because when I think about a woman touching me like that, I get all tense and can't cum very easily but then Brad pops into my mind and POW!"

"Now lay down so I can finish. In just over five weeks, I'll graduate as an official good wife and I'm still scared because the real test will be when I'm back with Ben. But I think we're going to make it. What scares me the most is me. I know, well, he rents these sex videos and they always have lesbian scenes and he told me he'd like to watch me one time, at least, and I don't know if I want to do it."

Mary Jo's massage was more gentle now, more loving, like they were sisters comforting each other. Next door, Laura's mind was screaming, 'No! I can _NOT_ have an orgasm from... Oh, but I need to. I'm... Damn, I'm horny. She's good. Oh, geez!'

"You shouldn't be afraid of cuming," Bern told Laura with an evil snicker. "I'm gonna get you whether you like it or not, sooner or later. Our mum's, that's how I think of Clarice and Peggy and even Lucy to some extent, they'll tell you that making you have sex with other women will make you even more responsive to a man.

Imagine your husband trained to do this, that it's his fingers doing this..."

William? Touch me like... Oh, geez! William, who has barely touched me in.. How long? Who doesn't seem interested in sex at all any more except for his Penthouse maga... Bill, touching. Ah, he used to.. Necking in the old Studebaker, their... Ah!

Skill and skillful mental diversion were the winning combination for Bern as Laura lost it, every ounce of control was gone as her body betrayed her, exploding in ecstasy under the touch of another woman.

Beth pulled Laura up into a bear hug and pecked little kisses on her forehead as they embraced. "Thinking about your hubby got you off," Beth told her. "You still love him, don't you."


"That'll be ten on the bare bunz," Beth laughed softly. "Just before we finish so everybody can see you nice rosy cheeks."

And when she left Beth behind in the little cell where a nun once lived, she discovered that all the freshmen had rosy bottoms.

Some even had distinctive pink palm prints. She wondered if all of them had been brought to orgasm.

Back in her room, Maria was in tears, sure that she was a lesbian because she had never before had an orgasm except with a vibrator in the privacy of her room while she fantasized about making love to a man. She shrank away from Wendy when Wendy offered a hug and sympathy.

Debbie, however, delighted in teasing the other young women in the dorm room for unmarried freshmen. The teasing was her personal defense mechanism against the same feelings that the others were experiencing.

In the other room, the married women spoke freely about their feelings. "I just couldn't believe what that woman did to me,"

Laura admitted, still a little embarrassed but needing to talk to help sort out her feelings.

"That minx that did me had me going from the time I rolled over and she got at my nipples. My boobs are wired directly to my crotch and I was ready to cum before she even touched me between my legs and when she did, it was all over until the next time."

"You came more than once?" Kaitlyn asked, surprised.

"I lost count," Darlene blushed. "I guess I'm multiorgasmic.

Well, actually I know I am but I was never... My husband doesn't know. He thinks it's all over when I pop."

"With guys, it is," the young wife sighed. "Bruce gets me hot and then he gets off and that's it. That was my first."

"You're kidding!" Kim gasped, allowed to spend the night in the dorm room rather than the infirmary exam room. The bar between her boots had been replaced by a chain that was much more comfortable to walk in. "You mean you've never had an orgasm with your husband?"

"We just married because I got knocked up," Kaitlyn snapped.

"But why did you let him in your pants? Love?" Kim challenged.

"I thought!"

"So you didn't do it for sex, you did it for love but you equated love with sex, is that it?"

"Huh? Well, I loved him and he wanted sex and he said that if I loved him I'd have sex with him so I did and I got knocked up."

"Didn't you do any necking and petting and stuff?" Laura asked.

"You mean like kissing a lot? Sure, but that's not sex."

"But it's sexy. Kissing turns me on."

"Me, too."

They talked well into the night, realizing as they went to sleep that they'd all have to endure spankings the next day for not completeing the essay tests that they were given after the dinnertime spankings ended.

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