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First Time with a twin

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I have been reading a diary I kept of events nearly twenty five years ago, and the nostalgia for that incredible two years of my life prompts me to write this story. My name is Jason. This is a true story of my last year of study and my first of post graduate work, back in the early seventies when women?s lib and the pill had created the sexual revolution, and there was not any such thing as AIDS.

Although not as tall as some, I suppose you can say that at that time I was average in height. Although I had never worked out, I have always been fairly slender and as I have become older, have filled out to be fairly well muscled. At the beginning of my third year at University, I had met Jennifer Ellen?s friends at the University Camp for ?Freshers? just before the start of the University?s first semester. About 8 were sitting on the grass of the Great Court, in front of the Library, lazing at lunchtime, when I approached the group of ?freshmen?. It was a fine March day, warmth of the deep blue of the sky cooled by an occasionally fluffy white cloud. A warm and lazy afternoon, just right for avoiding the assignment writing and research in the Library. Sammy, the blond student I had spent some time with at camp, had her head resting in the lap of her boyfriend, Will, and the others were scattered in a circle on the lawn.

?I am selling tickets to the best party of the year. It?s a fundraiser for a good cause?, I informed them, ?and I know you will all totally regret not being there, so I have at great difficulty acquired just enough tickets just for you and your friends?.

After asking about the band, venue, the fundraiser and the other entertainment, and with a little more haggling, Sammy, Will and the other students I had met already agreed to buy one.

?What about you?, I said to the mane of long and wavy silken black hair that was turned away from me, attached to a long-legged and lithely graceful body, stretched out on the grass.

The girl lifted her face to look at me and I was struck by the greenest pair of eyes he had ever seen ? they were like deep set emeralds, like the shadowed leaves of a dewy rainforest, with long lashed lazy lids that gave her an exotic, otherworldly appearance. She had a tawny complexion, a long neck and tiny pearl shell ears, giving her an air of a frightened faun. For a second I lost my easy, breezy manner of the last few minutes.

?I am sorry, we have not met?, I found myself stammering, as I sat, cross-legged on the lawn in front of her.

Sammantha said, ?Jason meet Jennifer Ellen, we call her Jennellen. She went to the convent with May and me.? she continued. ?Jennellen this is Jason, the guy we told you about at the camp?.

?Delighted!? I murmured, as Jennellen raised herself like an uncurling cat. Her low cut blouse, gave me a temporary sight of the small but perfect globes of her breasts. She was wearing a white lacy bra. She noticed my look and smiled slowly and secretively in my direction.

?Likewise?, she said shaking my hand. ?I have heard about you?. Her skin was warm and smooth. ?If I buy a ticket, what?s in it for me?? Jennellen asked me, quizzically.

?Ah? for you there will be a special surprise prize.? I confided.

?What?s that??

?I cannot tell you now, then it would not be a surprise. Come and find out!?

?OK, I?ll hold you to that promise? she said giving me a slow wink and reaching into her purse for the money.

I then rose to seek other buyers, regretting at having to leave such an interesting creature. She radiated a peculiar animal attraction, more deer-like, or even feline than human. She seemed to move with a grace of someone supremely confident in her body and its abilities. It was only a brief meeting but for the remainder of the week I found it difficult to get the memory of that momentary encounter with her out of my mind.

I have had a vast number of women friends but not many with whom I have had a long term romantic attachment. One long-term girlfriend from High School had gone her own way the previous year when she had transferred to another college, and despite my passion for the woman, she had always considered it a Clayton?s relationship - one of convenience ? the relationship you had when you were not having a relationship. Clearly I had invested emotionally in this romance more than she had.

I bumped into Will and Sammy in the University Café later in the week.

?What?s the surprise you have for Jennellen?? Sammy asked.

?I?ll have to think of something?, I confessed. To tell the truth, I had been so obsessing about the woman, and so busy selling tickets and studying that I had completely forgotten my promise. She had been nightly haunting my dreams even though we had hardly exchanged a dozen words.

?Take care with her. She has been asking after you. You know, for some reason you made quite an impression, she has not stopped speaking of you since you met,? Sammy said, lowering her voice, ?she and her identical twin, Gwendolyn Annette, who we call Gwennette, have a very difficult situation at home. Their father, whom the girls adored, died when they were twelve, and their mother took in a lodger to help make ends meet. He is a very abusive man, an alcoholic, and got her mother into a dependent situation upon him, which he has exploited. The mother became pregnant, but lost the baby with his beating. The girls escaped being r*ped by him by being sent to boarding school, at the convent with me. As if it were not already bad enough, the nuns probably succeeded in increasing their fears of sexuality even further. Neither of the sisters has ever before had a boyfriend.?

I promised I would be careful, but found myself distractedly thinking that what Sammy said about her lack of experience did not square with the easy sensual confidence in herself that Jennellen seemed to radiate on the grass when we met. It seemed strange Sammy asking me to take it slow as I was far from the sexually experienced individual Sammantha seemed to take me for.

The night of the party was huge. Over three hundred guests had arrived, and I found much of my time was taken up behind the scenes making sure that everything went smoothly. More drinks were required. The Bouncers needed reinforcements, and more food was ordered in. It was during a lull in the music that I saw Sammy, Will, May, Jennellen and their other friends arrive. Jennellen was wearing a Chinese style green-silk cheong-sam, that matched her eyes, and the tawny cream of her complexion. The modesty of the eyeletted buttons from below her navel up to her throat was offset by the slit sides that flared from mid-calf almost to her waist. It wasn?t clear whether she was wearing panties at all ? clearly she was out to make a huge impression and it was certainly not one the nuns at the convent would have approved of. They took a table not far from the door.

Midway through the evening, I found that things were going well and he had at last some free time. Just then I felt a cool hand on my cheek and turned to see Jennellen smiling at me.

?I have come for my surprise. What is it??

?The rest of the evening with me! I am your slave for the evening.? I said, brazenly. It was unlike me to try such a corny line, but Jennellen seemed to lighten at the thought.

She looked across at me. ?Where is your girlfriend? Won?t she be jealous of my attention.? she asked innocently. I explained that I was currently unattached, and had been for a little while.

?OK?, she said, ?I have never had a slave before. Does my slave dance? I take it you do dance, and not just get everything organised for everyone else??

And then began our dancing together. When she moved with me onto the crowded dark dance-floor, it was with a lissom grace of someone who had withdrawn into a private world of her own. It was hard for me to catch her eye, she had retreated far into another realm. And yet when the band played a slow number she stepped into the circle of my arms as though it was the most natural thing in the world, the place in which she always had belonged. It was as if we were alone, and yet it was not familiar but with an excited expectancy that was electric. Her emerald green eyes gazed into mine with an intensity that caused us to enter into our own private world, oblivious to everyone else. My hands moved down the silk of her back and when they reached her bottom, I realised that she was wearing only the thinnest of thongs, hanging from her hips and passing between each cheek of her buttocks. As my hand moved over the curves of her bottom she shivered, and she pushed even closer to me, if that was at all possible. By this time my erection was beginning to grow (as they tend to do for all young men at such an age finding themselves in such a situation). I was sure she could feel the ridge in my jeans but she just rubbed her belly against its contour whilst her slightly smiling gaze never left my eyes. It was as if she was making up her mind about a secret she alone possessed.

My hands slid to the slits at her waist and moved down her naked sides over the orbs of her buttocks under the silk of the cheong-sam.

?No! Not ?.. not now!? she squirmed out of my grip. ?Not yet at least! Slave! Behave!? she broke her reverie, smiling as she slapped my wrist, and stamped her foot.

?Where did you get this amazing dress?? I asked.

?It comes from Hong Kong with a matching set of pants. I just took them off, when I left home to liven it up somewhat.?

?It certainly works. I think you just about have every eye on you tonight?, I told her.

?So long as my slave?s eyes don?t go wandering anywhere else. You promised, you are mine tonight!?

And then, by way of compensation for having slapped my wrist earlier, she reached around my head to cup it in her hands, drawing me closer for our first tentative kiss. She seemed a little unsure of how to proceed but pushed on as if experimenting with the feeling of butterflies in her stomach. She shut her eyes, and I felt the damp smoothness of her lips as they slowly parted to the promise of the warm moistness beneath. The perfumed warmth of her breath was a bonus. A little soft probing and meeting of hesitant tongues and then it ended. A little bead of saliva held us together as we pulled apart. She licked her lips, as if tasting the saliva of our embrace. She seemed to feel a little weak in her knees. She looked at me keenly as though having made a decision, as her mouth returned for a second attempt, opening wider into her first ever full French kiss. It was as if some gate to paradise had briefly opened for her, and she felt weak in the legs as my tongue met to dance the first time with hers. Her perfumed breath had an attractive musky odour I could not place. She almost staggered, and grabbed my forearm for support, pushing my loins even tighter into her belly, if that was at all possible.

The band then stopped its bracket and the floor emptied. Jennellen seized me by the hand drawing me back towards her table.

Unfortunately at that time a scuffle broke out by the bar and I had to break free and help settle the issue. I leant forward to apologise, and explain over the noise of the music tape that was playing that I had to go and sort things out, and Jennellen turned that instant to kiss me yet again. Our lips met briefly and again that hidden promise of a revelation of more, briefly opened to another world. I shouted to her that I had to go, but promised to return. She said, as her slave, she would hold me to my promise and went to join her friends in their corner table. I caught her looking at me over her shoulder as she left.

Peace restored, I carried a tray of drinks across where Jennellen and the others were sitting. She moved across and made place for me next to her at the sofa against the wall at her table.

?I hear you have an identical twin sister.? I said as I leaned forward to her ear. ?Why did you not invite her here tonight??

?We usually do everything together, but she is more mathematical than me and is doing sciences, and has a major exam tomorrow. Otherwise, we always do everything together, but with your invitation I found I wanted something for myself alone?.. I am glad that I did, I don?t want to share you with her?. yet.?

Almost nonchalantly as we were talking, her thigh pressed nonchalantly against mine and her hands moved around my leg as she leaned forward. She squeezed my inner thigh gently and I felt my tumescence stirring quietly. By art or design, she seemed oblivious to this effect she was having. She was one hot lady, despite what Sammy had warned me about concerning her background and family.

?Do you share everything with your sister?? I asked curiously.

?Well yes, almost. Mother always dressed us identically and she would call us by either name. Even she could not tell us apart except?.?

?Except what?? I asked

?Except I have a birthmark that Gwennette doesn?t, but when it doesn?t show no one can tell?, she blushed for some secret reason. ?And she is better at Maths and Sciences and I am better at Literature and History. At school people would always call me Gwennette and her Jennellen. They would try to give us distinguishing ribbons to wear but we would swap them. You are probably the first friend I have had who has never, yet, called me Gwennette at least once?.

?What is it like having someone with whom you are so close?? I asked.

?In our case it?s like being partly the same person. She will have a thought and I will find I am having the identical same thought at the same time. We will often finish off each other?s sentences. It is only since we started in classes at Uni that I find she is not with me, and this has been an odd sensation. I find myself looking for her, and sometimes get a strange feeling of being only half a person! Or that I am her, looking at me. Almost like a conjoined Siamese twin missing my other half. Doing a different course than she does has made me feel very strange, almost as if I have just started my own life. In fact, tonight is the first time I have ever been out socially without her being there too.?

?What about the others in your family?? I asked.

?We are the oldest. My brother Raymond is nearly two years younger, and is doing an apprenticeship. My sister Julie is still at primary school, and the baby, is Jasmine, she is only two. Dad died just after Julie was born, Jasmine was born later, she was my half sister, the daughter of Damiono, our lodger.? She paused, ?I hate him.? A look of utter rage and anger suffused her features for a second. Then she shrugged, ?Enough of me what about you??

And so we talked until the next bracket of the band. As it was tuning up, she grabbed my hand and said.

?Come on, slave, lets dance!?

With the next slow number, she spiralled once again into my arms, put her hand on the back of my head and drew me down into the enveloping perfume of her long wild hair. Her lips found mine once again, and the sudden shock of her mouth opening wide beneath my own led to an urgent fencing of our tongues. I instantly felt a lightening bolt of my erection, raising the front of my trousers like a tent pole. I tried arranging myself to be less conspicuous, but she noticed my embarrassed adjustment and smiled, just pushing herself against him, clearly feeling the lengthening rod of my penis lying along her abdomen. All the time she gazed up into my eyes, swaying to the music. The repeating bars of the band, her swaying, and the gaze of her almond shaped, long-lashed green eyes, was most hypnotic. My hands caressed the length of her upper arm and we kissed again, and I could feel her melt a little beneath my hands, the tension leaving her back as she almost fell against me.

?Come on you two?, Sammy said laughing, ?The band is taking another break, or are you more interested in your own music? At least come off the dance floor, you are getting me hot watching you!?

This established the pattern. And so it continued for the remainder of the evening, growing more and more intimate with each of us finding excuses to touch and caress the other. Jammed into the tight space of the cubicle between dances, her hand resting high on the inside of my thigh, we found themselves caught in a slowly rising spiral of a tightly controlled sexual frenzy. It was as if we could not find enough excuses to keep touching each other, hand to arm, resting on my shoulder, touching my back, caressing her neck, touching her ear, slipping to cup my bum, brushing against her breast.

?You told me you don?t have a current girlfriend otherwise she would be here? Are you a virgin?? she suddenly asked me, after one extremely intense session on the dance floor.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, I decided honesty was the best policy. I replied I was. She asked me why a good-looking guy like me hadn?t lost his cherry yet. I explained that I had been involved in a couple of heavy petting sessions with the previous girlfriend, but nothing came of it. The girl had seen me as an interval between two much more serious relationships. I was the type who had many female friends, but did not seem able to get them to develop beyond a good friendship. She said that the nuns had warned them that all boys were sex maniacs and just wanted to get a girl to sleep with them as soon as they could. ?Are you like that? Would you bonk any woman who came close to you?? She asked, provocatively.

?No, I couldn?t. At least I don?t think so.?, I replied, ?I could only do it with someone perhaps who had a way of getting into my soul. It would have to be someone close, ?? possibly like you (I added under my breath). Someone who I felt could love me as much as I loved them.?

I asked her the same question. ?Are you a virgin??

?Yes?, Jennellen replied, ?I am, ?.. and it?s a pain!?

?Why?? I asked, incredulous at the direction the conversation was taking. She explained that she and Gwennette had discussed losing their virginity ever since the nuns had tried to give them sex education lessons. Sex had been the single major topic of conversation in the hot-house of the convent school dormitories. Girls, like Sammy, who were sexually active would entertain the others for hours with stories of their sexual conquests.

?But Sammy has been together with Will for at least four years, I understand?, I said.

?Yes, but that did not stop her from entertaining us with their lives?, she replied.

She explained that her mothers? lodger had tried to catch one of the twins alone once or twice. He would try to catch them when they showered, or at bed time. Her face contorted again with the hate I?d seen the first time she mentioned him. She then changed the subject.

?Having an identical twin sister was the best sex education I could have ever had?.

?What do you mean?? I asked.

She paused as if considering what to say. She gazed straight into my eyes. ? Seeing her fanny naked and close up was like seeing my own, and when I touched her sexually, it was as if she touched me. You see, we know each other really well, but we have decided, in going to University it is time we took the next step as far as the opposite sex is concerned. We both decided we would set out and deliberately lose our virginity. But you have no idea how hard it is finding someone just halfway decent.?

I had never known a girl to be so frank and forthright. It temporarily left me speechless. She paused again, ?That is why I am glad I have you as a slave for tonight?.

She looked at me for a moment seriously, as if making up her mind about something important, then she leaned forward to whisper ?What would you say if I told you that I have planned since we met that I will no longer be a virgin after tonight! All week I have been thinking about it. I want you to be the one to make me a woman!? The band started up again. ?And I want you to remember this song forever, as the music playing at the moment when I offered you my virginity, and asked you to make me a woman?, she whispered in my ear, ?I want you to make love to me tonight, slave! Will you?? She kissed me again, tentatively adding ?Please??

I had never been so openly propositioned by anyone before, and was a little taken aback at her offer. She had been drinking but clearly was not inebriated. And I had been attracted to her from the start, but had not been so aware that the attraction had been so mutual. To be quite honest, she had been my fantasy partner all week in my youthful nightly masturbation sessions, and now suddenly it seemed as if my recent dreams had a chance of coming true.

?Your slave is yours to command! I must confess that being a virgin at 19 years of age is a bit of a burden for me too. Are you serious? I cannot think of anyone I have ever met who could be better, with whom I would rather to lose my own virginity? I have been fantasising about you ever since we met. Are you certain? How can we get it organised? Who are you going home with?? I asked still astounded at my luck.

?I had arranged for Sammy and Will to drop me off, but if??

?If you don?t mind waiting for a while at the end when we clean up, I could take you home.? I offered. ?What time do you have to be there??

?Gwennette is leaving the window open for me. So long as I am home before mum or anyone else wakens, it should be fine.?

A few quick words across the table to Sammy and it was arranged, Jennellen would travel home with me. Her eyes met mine sharing our secret excitement at the promises just made. The party, which had been great fun already, suddenly took on a different, a more hallucinatory technicolour hue. We had just mutually agreed to crossing a threshold, that doorway which separates forever adults from children, and everyone else in the room was blindly oblivious to the fact. Tonight was going to be the night, for both of us.

Unfortunately the party still had a long time to run. But with this new anticipation, dancing with Jennellen was even more electric. It was 2 pm before the evening came to an end. The band packed their gear, and I disappeared to find brooms for the clean-up group. Glasses were collected, washed and packed. Tables wiped and stored with the stack of chairs in the store-room provided. Jennellen worked along side me as if she had been one of the organisers, catching a quick private kiss whenever she could. We worked like a smoothly rehearsed team, hardly needing to speak. A couple of times I turned to ask her to pass me something and I found she was already offering it to me. At last everything was packed and the other cleaners had left. I had the keys and it was up to me to lock up and turn on the security system. We were there now by ourselves.

Alone at last she spun into my arms. Embracing again, my hand at last ran down from her arms, down her flanks to the long slits in her dress. She shivered, as my hands slipped under the silk to rub the smooth curves of the soft globes of her buttocks, which I felt beneath my hands, naked, for the first time. Her skin was smooth and as silky as her dress. Suddenly she was covered with goosebumps in response to my soft touch. This time she did not squirm or push my hands away. The stiff rod in the front of my pants was clearly visible as it burrowed upwards into her belly. Aware of its presence, she seemed to delight in rubbing herself upon it, pushing upon me, teasing it to rise further. I was also aware of a different tightness in my scrotum of a kind I had never experienced before, as if my whole being was anticipating what would happen next..

?Every moment I spend out of your arms, is like an amputation.? she sighed. ?But I want it to be right. I think the time of truth has come,? Jennellen said, ?I?ve checked. There are gymnasium mats in the storeroom and a stack of blankets. Using these coloured lights we can make our own fairy cavern. I want you to make it nice so that you can take me here! I don?t want to lose my virginity in the back seat of any old car, like most of the other girls I know have!? She led me back into the room we had just cleaned, and together we locked the door to secure our privacy. ?Time at last for you to make love to me and make me a woman, slave! I have heard so many things about this moment ? good and bad. Either way this will be something we both remember for the rest of our lives. Please, promise me you will be gentle with me??

?Jennellen, my darling, you will be totally in control. We?ll go at your pace, and at your rhythm. Just tell me if it isn?t perfect for you and I, as your slave, will instantaneously comply?. She hugged me gratefully, and it was some time before we disengaged.

The hall was a huge empty shell when we drew the mattresses out and laid the rugs across them, having fun to build our personal ?cave? in one corner of the room. We used table tops and benches to fence off an area to give us a little privacy, like two small children building their own private dwelling, their own cubby house.

She reached up and dimmed almost all the lights leaving just a spotlight on the stage at the other end of the gymnasium. With everything prepared Jennellen was suddenly nervous. She took a slug from the wine bottle I ad provided, and after lighting a candle she shrank into the corner against the wall. ?You?ll be gentle with me, won?t you?? she asked again.

?Of course I will. Lets take this slowly,? I suggested. ?If it doesn?t happen tonight, as you hoped originally, that?s OK, it can wait for some other time. There is no hurry. I want you so badly but let?s take this slow. Let?s just curl up, lets just cuddle and talk. It doesn?t need to happen straight away and I don?t need to have everything happen tonight unless you want.?

?Oh I want?. I want,? she said.

We climbed under the blankets together, and I kissed her along the line of her hair, her forehead and her emerald eyes. She curled up snugly on my chest, my arm around her under the blankets.

We talked freely about everything. She asked me did I masturbate. I confessed to jerking off at least every morning in the shower. And sometimes during the night, in bed too. She asked did I fantasise as I was masturbating. I said I did.

?What is your fantasy?? she asked.

I explained that I used to fantasise about many things. About making it with two women at once. Fucking in public. Orgiastic fantasies of being on a remote sexual paradise. I also explained that since I had met her, she had become the source of all my sexual fantasies.

I asked her the same question. She said enthusiastically ?yes, I masturbate all the time, sometimes twice or even three times a day! I have always fantasised, almost as long as I remember. When I was younger they were disembodied males ? pirate captains who would abduct me and Gwennette always together, romantic Heathcliffe heroes who would sweep me off my feet. But since I met you I find each time I masturbate, my fantasy is only with thoughts of you, and tonight, in my mind.?

?I will want to see you come. Your slave is about to make your fantasy come true?, I said quietly.

My hands roved over her back, moving over the smooth globes of her buttocks and slid beneath the strap of her thong panties for the first time, massaging them with my hands. She groaned and rolled onto her stomach. Again she did not push my hand away. For the first time my hand slid gently along the groove between the two smooth balls, and if anything she seemed to push back against my hand, giving me greater access to the intimacy of her body. For the first time I felt the small puckered prune of a female anus. I tapped it gently, two or three times with my index finger. She stopped me there. Then sitting up, one by one she was undoing the little eyelets that extended up to her throat. Her eyes were not leaving mine, she continued down, undoing them down her neck, over her chest, across her breasts, all the way down, she continued unfastening the eyelets one by one down to beyond her navel. I was amazed to find that her breasts were totally braless. They were on the smallish side but as perfectly round as the soft globes of her buttocks. As she moved I got a sudden flash of one of her dark nipples sticking out from her breast like a little hillock. Her areoles were dark and tanned, and seemed to be raised above the general level of the rest of her breasts themselves, rising to the twin peaks of her nipples, nipples that were puckered a little around the edges like her anus that she had so recently let me touch. Her great dress was now reduced to being almost three long pieces of cloth, separate strips of material over her shoulders and down her back.

I reached across, kissing her once again on the lips. She flung her arms around my neck, pushing herself into me. I had one arm over her shoulders, and ?. my other hand moved for the first time beneath the fabric moving down from her neck and collarbone. For the first time in my life I cupped her naked left breast fitting it into my right hand, massaging with my thumb and forefinger pushing, squeezing her nipple gently. She suddenly shuddered, sighed and squeezed against my body even more tightly, shivered and sighed again, flinging her hair back for another deep kiss. Her skin all over was as silky as the dress, and her breast reminded me of the smooth feel of a baby?s bottom. Her response to my touch was instantaneous. She reached up and kissed me again, and again, this time reaching down between my legs and rubbing her palm along the full length of the shaft of my penis still tightly encased in my trousers. ?Ahhh! Oh, my lover, my slave, that?s so good, I like your hand on me there.? With her hand holding my penis through my trousers I felt I was in danger of losing control, but it was she who groaned, as I tweaked the one breast I was holding rolling it between forefinger and thumb.

With that she stood up suddenly, as if taking control of the situation, and slipped out of her dress altogether, her pale brown skin was silhouetted with the blue light of the stage spotlight. Covered in goosebumps of anticipation, she was now wearing nothing now but the thong of her panties, that seemed to be rammed tighly between the crack of the lips of her virgin slit between her legs. Suddenly it was as if she became a little ashamed of her shameless nakedness, she sat to grab a blanket up trying modestly to cover herself, reaching up at the same time to fold the dress and stop it from creasing. After the deep intimacy of what had just passed with the shedding of her dress the sudden show of modesty seemed strange, but endearing. I reached out and pushed her hands and the blanket slowly away, exposing her nakedness once again fully to my gaze. She knelt there, and seemed suddenly uncertain of herself. My erection was pushing against my pants as though it could force its own way out tunnelling through the fabric of my trousers.

?Do you like what you see?? she asked softly and a little nervously.

I was certain I had up to that moment never seen anything so beautiful in my life. She was stunningly beautiful. Too tall and slender for some tastes, but not for mine. Her mane of dark hair fanned out like a wild, dark red-amber halo over her shoulders. The pupils of her dark green eyes were dilated, as she nervously sucked on her tongue. I told her how beautiful she was. I noticed that she was evenly tanned all over, and showed no trace of a bikini line. I commented on it and she then confessed with an impish grin that she and Gwennette had been frequenting a well known popular nudist beach for the last 18 months.

?You are amazingly sexually liberated for a girl raised in a convent by the nuns?, I commented.

?You?d be surprised?, she replied, growing more at ease with her near nakedness once again. ?Gwennette and I, apart from the girls still dreaming of becoming nuns themselves, are the last two in my class who are still virgins. But like all the girls in the dorm at night, after lights went out we too were all interested in sex. It was one of the major topics of conversation between us. Every night we would hear of the adventures (and misadventures) of the other girls. What they were doing with their boyfriends, brothers or others?.

?May I see you?, she asked indicating my penis. ?I have seen many men?s penises on the beach and I have seen my brother?s but I have never seen one that is as rigid like this?, she rubbed my penis once again through my pants, ?It looks so big!? She rose on her knees and pulled on my belt and undid the buckle, reaching downward and slowly and carefully unzipping my fly. I struggled to my feet and raised my hips into the air as she knelt, almost as in prayer, before me, whilst I was standing with my feet slightly apart. She then she grabbed my trousers and shorts together drawing them down slowly over my knees. My erect penis instantly sprang free, as if on a coil, pointing out towards the ceiling. It was almost purple with its engorgement, with a thick vein pulsing along its topmost edge. I had never felt such enormity of excitement before. She paused as if examining a specimen scientifically and looked at it very closely. Her hands, quite cold in the night air, reached out experimentally to touch it tentatively, softly, cupping between my legs beneath to cup my scrotum. I almost melted on the spot. She then took me by my hand and pulled me down on the floor and pushed me backwards with her hand on my chest again so I was lying on the mattress, as she removed my pants from around my ankles. She then lay up-side down against my body, her knees close beside my head, her head near my knees, as her hands reached out to circle for the first time my rampant erection. I had never up until then experienced such a sensation. Touching myself had been pleasurable but it did not compare to being touched in this way by another. I had masturbated since puberty when I had started at high school, and although the feeling had been intense, it had never compared to anything like this. My penis seemed to have taken on a life of its own independent from my will and was pulsing spasmodically quietly in the palm of her hand, almost uncontrollably.

?You are so big, much bigger than I have ever seen men before, and you are leaking?, she laughed, as the top of my penis dripped the clear sticky lubrication from the hole at its summit, already from the expectation and the sudden attention it was getting. ?Have you just come??

?Oh no!? I explained, ?It sometimes happens when I am excited that it seemed to leak a little slippery fluid, like lubrication beforehand?.

?It smells nice?, she said, sniffing, and frotting my penis gently and slowly back and forth in her hand. ?Can I taste it? Some of the girls at school talk of the taste.?

?Feel free!? I gasped. She bent forward from the waist and opened her mouth to lick the clear liquid from the tip of my glans, her long pointed tongue running along the underside of my shaft. It was my turn to shiver.

?Are you cold?? she asked, considerately covering me with a blanket, but not letting go of my penis.

?No? I replied, ?It is just the effect of what you did then with your tongue. It?s incredible?.

?Like this?, she said and stooped forward again and pushed the tip of my penis between her puckered lips, licking the long shaft with her tongue a second time. ?Well, my mouth is no longer a virgin! I have just kissed my first penis. Your cock has just made my mouth a woman. That was very easy!? she chuckled, lying back down along the mattress, beside me.

My hands roved, massaging her shoulders as they moved over Jennellen?s naked back, over her buttocks and down her incredible thighs. I moved down a little beside her. She raised one leg letting me have access again to beneath the thong of her panties. The crotch in her panties was very damp too and as I removed them a most incredible carnal sexual odour spread to my nostrils. I had never experienced anything so carnal like this before. It was almost enough to make me dizzy. It was her turn to shiver with excitement with the softness and sensuality of the touch of my fingers. I pulled the fabric of her thong down to expose her nakedness completely naked for the first time to my eyes. Completely nude now, the crack of her pussy was within inches in front of the gaze of my eyes. I had never before seen any live girl in so intimate a position, nor so close-up. She was completely shaved, not a trace of public hair, and the long narrow crack of her slit was clearly visible. My hands drew lazy circles over the inside of her thighs, moving upwards rubbing closer and closer to her crotch with each upwards stoke. She parted her legs casually. The lips of her crack parted and it was easy to see them glistening with moisture.

?You are all wet? I said.

?That is because of you?, she laughed, sitting up and pushing her panties down completely off her ankles and feet.

There, she was now fully exposed to my gaze. At first she sat and kept her knees close together but I reached across at the gentle urging of my hands she opened her legs wider and even wider apart so that I could see completely between her legs.

?Do you like what you see?? she asked.

?Do you shave, is it hard to do??, I asked, amazed at her clean and totally hairless pussy.

?No I don?t, Gwennette does it for me, and I shave her. We heard about it from the other girls at school. We have done it ever since we started to get hairy there.?

?Does it turn you on?? I asked

?Oh yes, and she gets me all wet here just like you have, and she then caresses me to orgasm too, exploring me deep inside with her fingers and tongue, just as I do for her. We have played with each other sexually like that ever since we were small children, but it was our special secret game. No one else ever knew. We used to curl up on one bed or another, after everyone was asleep, playing with each other?s genitals until we fell asleep. It was Gwennette who gave me my first orgasm.?

?Show me how.? I asked

She seemed a little embarrassed, but she raised one leg higher for me to look more closely. Between her long legs the purplish lips of her slit suddenly popped open damply. For the first time in my life I could see the pink inside dampness that she carried between the soft purple of her woman?s nether lips. She smiled at me and her eyes locked on mine as she pushed two fingers deep between the lips of her slit and parted them further. The lips between her legs seemed swollen, inside she was bright pink and very very wet, as she caressed herself with two fingers of her right hand, up and down. Her eyelids fluttered as her fingers rose up along the sides of her lower lips towards the growing nub of her clitoris at the top of her slit and then circled around opening her inner lips still wider to meet my gaze. One and then two fingers then pushed deep inside her vagina wriggling them as they went, and her thumb played with the nub of her clitoris. I lay on my belly on the mattress, resting on my elbows between her legs. She moaned then as she rolled right over onto her back, lying with her legs wide apart giving me an even more complete view. Her eyes were tightly shut, then, with her fingers deep inside as she opened them even wider to smile at me. She sucked on her lip and her cheeks were slightly flushed and her breasts squeezed between her arms gave a deep cleavage.

?I want you to see me come, to come...? she repeated, growing faster with her movements. ?I am coming, coming for you?, as she accelerated her finger motions, in and out of her vagina, thumb circling her clitoris in a tightening spiral of movements. In and out went her wetted fingers. Faster and faster. She suddenly gasped, and shook all over, arching her back further and further, head snapped back left and right and moaning. ?Oh it?s good, Jason, so good. Oh I love you, my slave. I am commmiiinng. Commmmiiinnng here and now for you!?

She suddenly collapsed in a heap and curled up in a foetal position, pulling up the blanket, as if suddenly a little ashamed of her wantonness and exhibitionism. ?Jason that was so good. Your turn now, show me how you come. You have now seen me masturbate, now I want to see you do the same.? She said rolling herself towards me, covered in the blanket.

I rolled over and leaned my back against the roughness of the brick wall, as I gripped the shaft of my penis gently at its base, my knees slightly bent and apart. She rolled between my feel, lying on her stomach, her head resting upon her elbows, just as I had earlier. The shaft of my throbbing penis was slightly frothy from the pre-cum that my glans had squeezed out and ejected at the incredible sight I had just witnessed. I felt rock hard in a way I had never experienced before. I gazed across into the dark green eyes of Jennellen. ?In doing this, as I am masturbating, I am imagining making that I am love to you, being deep inside of you, inside your cunt, your vagina, beloved, fucking you, making love to you gently?, I said, running my hand slowly up and down along its length. She asked me was there some places where it hurt. I showed her how it was more sensitive on its underside than the top, and how massaging the tip was a different sensation than rubbing deeply down towards my testicles, but still just as pleasant.

?Show me how you do it, and let me do it to you then.? Jennellen said suddenly raising to squatting position between my outstretched knees. Her knees came up to her armpits and I had another good view of her gaping-opened glistening cleanly shaven pussy, with its hole, so recently plugged by her fingers, opened winkingly to my eyes.

?Do you know how beautiful you look, down there?? I said, rubbing the back of my hand briefly across her open wetness.

?Your penis looks amazing yourself? she shuddered.

After watching my motion moving my hand up and down from glans to the scrotum, once or twice more, she reached out and then gently took the shaft wrapping it slowly between her own long fingered hands. Finding her hands dry I suggested she wet them. She licked her palms, coated them with saliva from her tongue, giving them a slippery motion I had never felt before as I had masturbated myself, as she gently duplicated my massage motions of my penis from the glans to his scrotum, increasing her speed at my urging. Being touched by another was so different than doing it myself. I could feel the change in internal weather, the gathering of the clouds as my own orgasm approached. I gasped, ?Jennellen, look-out I am going to come?, and at that moment a long hot stream of semen shot out with a volume, force and a gush I had never before witnessed in my own masturbating. Like a white rainbow, it arched high from the tip of my penis to land squarely between Jennellen?s breasts. A second gush coated her hands, one shot streaking past her elbow. A fourth gush covered her belly. I had never before ejaculated so far or so much in any of my solitary masturbation episodes before. One shot landed above her eyebrow. The creamy whiteness of my gusher glistened all over her silky skin.

?I wonder what does it taste like?? she asked, licking the back of her sperm covered hands. ?Hmmm? interesting?. She wiped her face and sucked her hand again. She then knelt forward. On her elbows she lent forward and took my shrinking penis once again into her mouth as she sucked it to retrieve any further ejaculate. My penis spasmed a fifth and then a sixth time in her mouth, as she sucked me dry. She then sat up and rubbed my jism into the skin of her belly and breasts as though it were a unique expensive body lotion. I sighed.

After a silent pause, ?Teach me how to make you come with my hands too?? I said.

Jennellen laid back taking off the blanket that covered her, legs widely spaced as I lay rested on my elbows between her legs, looking closely at her wet pussy. She pulled open her labia.

?This is my clitoris?, she said wetting her index finger in her mouth and circling its tiny nub. ?It is very sensitive.? I pushed forward, giving a long lick with my tongue from her vagina up towards her clitoris. ?Oh!? She gasped. ?That?s great. It is as good as with Gwennette! You are a natural! The clit is still very sensitive, but don?t stop?. I pushed my tongue up and flicked her clitoris again and again in quick succession. ?It?s too sensitive, go slower?, she said, pushing my head away. Half-sitting she took my hand, extending two fingers and she pushed them slowly and deeply into her waiting vagina. ?No, turn your hand around.? She said. ?Feel that roughness just in there, up to your second knuckle. That is my G spot. Rub there and I?ll come really quickly.? She then took my wrist and pushed my fingers deeper until my hand was stretched right up to my palm. ?Feel that sausage-like shape in there. That is my cervix. You can even feel the opening to my womb at the centre, on the end. Pushing that too will make me come faster?. I could not believe it. What an unpredictable evening this had become. Here I was naked as the day I was born, my penis rising surprisingly quickly again to full mast, being given the most intimate practical anatomy lesson, by the most beautiful woman of my dreams over the last weeks, with two of my fingers pushed deeply up into her virgin vagina.

Jennellen then lay back on the mattress as my fingers began moving in and out of her vagina. I brought my mouth back to her clitoris for a second time, and this time Jennellen did not push me away but merely arched her back giving me a deeper penetration of her body. Almost immediately she suddenly squirted into my hand.

?Have you peed?? I asked in wonderment. ?It doesn?t smell like urine?.

?No.? said Jennellen. ?It sometimes happens too when ?. when Gwennette plays with my fanny. Keep going, ?. it will help lubricate your hand more. Her eyes seemed to have trouble focussing and she seemed to have trouble following a conversation. My other hand rubbed her inner thigh, around her pubes, abdomen up to a breast, whose nipple I caught and squeezed. ?I?.. ugh?? here?? here?.. I?.. cuuumme!!!!? She shouted gruntingly. Her back arched again in spasm, her eyes rolled back and I felt her vagina grip my fingers tight and then go loose, tightening again in rhythmic beat, as if trying to milk my fingers of the sperm they could not provide. I could even see her toes clench. Like a butterfly wing she spasmed again and again, but with diminishing intensity. She then sighed deeply, and rolled over to face me, curling up but holding my wrist so that I would not pull my fingers out of her.

?That was so great? she said, as she recovered. ?You can make love to me with your hand like that any time you wish?my slave!?

?How does it compare with what Gwennette does to you?? I asked, curiously turned on at the sexually intimate kind of relationship she had with her twin sister.

?Different! Better! Maybe it?s the novelty? I like the feel of your tongue better, its stronger than hers.? She explained.

?Well, now its your turn?. She wrestled over me onto my back, holding me down straddling around my waist with her legs, leaving a trail of her wet fanny juices just below my navel. ?Stay there?, she commanded as she turned around, resting on her knees at my sides and elbows between my parted legs to take my semi-flacid penis fully into her mouth. In this 69 position I had an excellent view of her wide open fanny and the rising globes of her buttocks and pulled her back towards my waiting mouth for a second time. As her mouth enclosed my penis for the second time too, my tongue ran up her canal to flick the pink pearl of her clitoris. She shuddered again. The puckered pink eye of her anus was winking at me, and I saw Jennellen?s birthmark, just beside it, on the cheek of her buttocks.

?Is this the birthmark you were telling me about?? I asked.

?Yes?, said Jennellen, temporarily raising her mouth from my penis, ?It is the only way anyone can tell Gwennette from me"? She explained, taking my rapidly stiffening member back past the softness of her lips into the tight back of her throat.

?Keep doing that and I am going to come again?, I said.

?Oh no you don?t.? Jennellen said, retreating quickly from my now stiffly pointing member. I showed her how she could stop me from coming by holding tight around the base of my penis, pushing into the flexible tissue between my scrotim and anus until the spasms passed.

She raised herself, as if coming to a decision.

?Now is the time, my slave. I want you to cum deep inside me. Give me all the rest of your jism. I am now finally fully ready, I am going to loose my virginity right now ? I want you to take me and make me now and fully and finally a woman. It is time. My girlhood maidenhead forever gone?.

She turned again to straddle my waist with her loins. My lower abdomen was irrigated with a wet streak left from her cunt as she moved down me. It was as if she was hunting with her crack for the tip of my penis I could feel the wet lips of her labia pushing gently along my abdomen to come slowly to meet the tip of my glans. Her breasts and then her wild tangled hair rubbed against my face. She paused when my glans was resting at the tip of her clit as if to savour the moment, and then, she started pushing down harder and deeper. I felt my penis slide along her crack until the tip of my glans was resting just at the opening of her vagina. Raising myself I could see just how she positioned it like the shaft of a spear with which she wanted to finally impale herself. Without doubt it was the most incredible sexy sight up to then of my nineteen-year-old-life. The shaft of my penis still glinted with her saliva. Then, finally, resolved, she pushed down hard, grimacing slightly as it slid within her. It slipped in cleanly, clearly she had no hymen. I was inside her. She was now fully penetrated, fully buried up to the hilt with my cock deep in her vagina. I had never seen a more erotic sight in my life as it had sunk in deeper and deeper into her fanny.

?I can feel your cervix with my cock?, I exclaimed as she rose again slowly. It felt like a loss as she retreated. I looked down beyond the sway of her breasts, to see her pussy lips dragged open by the retreat of my penis, right to its summit, then reversing as it penetrated her once more.

My hands reached out to circle her nipples that sprang to attention at my squeeze. She shuddered, ?Oooh! Nice! Don?t stop!? She pushed down heavily once again, grinding herself and her clit to my public bone, so that I could even feel her clitoris pushing against my pubes. One hand played around with her nipples while I pushed myself up on one elbow to take the other nipple into my mouth. My other hand reached around her buttocks as I played gently with her anus. I tapped again at the opening as if knocking at a door. She squirmed against me as I pushed the tip of my index finger in, up to the first knuckle. I felt her first spasm inside, as if her vaginal walls were coming to milk my penis like the teat of a cow; or of the shaft of a bull.

This was wonderfully nice but I wanted to go deeper, and faster, and harder. I grabbed her and rolled her beneath me kissing her passionately. Our tongues moved in and out of our mouth in time to the inwards and outwards moves of my accelerating penis, as it raced along back and forth in the wet tightness of her virginal love canal.

?Make me fully a woman, come now inside of me, come, it?s safe! I?m on the pill!? Jennellen squealed, pushing her hips upwards with each downward thrust I made. Then something seemed to shift, as though changing gear. We fucked with more seriousness as we could feel the orgasm approaching from a distance. A long drawn out, raw ?Aaargh!? escaped her throat as she peaked, drawing me up high and over the top of my own simultaneous orgasm to shoot again and again deeply inside her. Her vagina squeezed me once and again and again, fluttering eventually like the wing of a bird against my rigid and then slowly and gradually shrinking member. I could not stay up on my straightened arms any longer, and collapsed, falling upon her prone body, feeling pulsation after pulsation deep inside her vagina, milking me of every last drop. She held me tightly in her arms, her head over my right shoulder as she seemed to want to grip my penis, keeping it inside her body forever.

?Wow, that was totally unbelievable. I ?. I love you, Jennellen?, I gasped.

?That?s good, slave?, she chuckled exhaustedly, ?On my part I think I have loved you since we met. Now that we have become acquainted I love your penis too.? she said holding him tight with her vaginal walls, willing my penis not to become flaccid again by tightening and relaxing the muscles of her pelvic floor. It slowed but did not stop its retreat. So she pushed me off as I rolled into the hollow of her back. She rolled under my arm which cupped her breast. She then reached down to pull a blanket over our nakedness. My other arm pulled her tight to my body as I slipped my fingers between her legs, back into the wetness of her slit. ?Nice!? she said as she reached around to cup and hold the softness of my wet and slippery penis. Within a minute we both were asleep and then slept soundly.

I awoke at about 4 o?clock in the morning to find that Jennellen had buried her head under the blankets and had started to suck my sleeping cock back into action. I threw the blankets off us. Her slit was opened once more in front of me and I ran a finger up the side of one still wet lip and down the other, before forcing two fingers once again deep inside her. She was sopping wet with her own sexual lubrication. Fortunately it had been a fairly warm night and I couldn?t wait until my shaft was once again banging at her cervix at the deep top end of her vagina. She was beneath me as I was in push-up mode. Her ankles were put up over my shoulders giving me a springboard of her bottom against which to bounce. Each push into her was met by a corresponding push back into me. She seemed that all she wanted to do was drown in my eyes, her face masked by that special smile of pure and raw animal lust. We were in less of a hurry this time, wanting to prolong the sensation for as long as possible. Then something happened.

?Jason, I am climbing again. I will be coming shortly?.

I stopped, slowing the rhythm. ?You beast? she said, beating my chest with a closed fist. ?For that, you get to come first?. She bonked me with seriousness now, riding up and down the length of my shaft like a woman possessed. It was not long before I felt the tension in my loins start to rise.

?Jennellen, I am climbing again? I said.

?Good? she replied, renewing herself to the task of bonking me as best she could, ?So am I. Can you wait for meeeeee?..? She convulsed. She locked her ankles behind my neck. We came together again. Again I was amazed at how much fluid filled her hole, pistoning out of her with each of the successive pumping of my loins, running over and wetting the mattress.

She lowered her legs and then swivelled, pushing me over and then spinning on my deeply buried shaft, so as to keep me buried inside her as she turned her back into my chest, keeping me deep inside. My hand cupped her breast from behind as she tucked my penis back into the hole to prevent it from escaping.

?I love you my Jason. Goodnight my lover?, she sighed contentedly as she drifted off to fall asleep a second time.

We both awoke suddenly to the noise of a banging on the door. We scrabbled to get into our clothes. ?What?s going on in there??

I helped Jennellen button up the eyelets in her dress before opening the door. She pushed our mattress against the pile of others and quickly folded our blankets, dismantling our shelter.

It was the security guard who had seen the blue of the spotlight and come to investigate. It was 5 am, and I explained that the cleaning up had taken longer than expected and that the others had just recently departed, while we locked up.

He said nothing, but looked at us both suspiciously. I gave him the keys as we left, laughing, hand in hand.

At her house Jennellen turned to me and kissed me passionately once again, wrapping her arms tightly around my head and squeezing me to her. ?I?ll go?, she said, ?Gwennette promised to have the window open if I came in late, that way no one will know what time it was. Stay in touch! Remember I am your woman now?.

I didn?t start the car until I saw she was safely inside, and let it roll down the hill quietly before turning the key.

And so began the most amazing love affair of my young life. It lasted nearly two and a half years before the sisters moved away. We tried to keep in touch for a while, but then I met my first wife and any connection we had naturally ended. Reading this diary, the memories though are still as fresh as that late summer. I sometimes wonder what has happened to her, and where she is now. The memories of her though are still evergreen.

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