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Fantasy and Reality Merges-Part II

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Fantasy and Reality Merges Part II

If you read our first edition of the story, then you know how Brad and I got introduced to the lifestyle. The timing of it all couldn’t have been better. Jim and Sarah were the perfect couple for us. After our session that Thursday night and after getting cleaned up, we sat around talking, laughing, cuddling with spouses and going over the thoughts that were flying through all of our minds. It was almost too much to process and I think we all wanted to make sure we had actually done what we thought we had. Brad had called some friends of ours that lived just south of Daytona and had plans to spend the day with them on Friday. So we bid our goodbyes for the night and told Jim and Sarah we would see them late Friday night or Saturday morning.

As you can imagine, we didn’t get much sleep that night. Lying in bed, holding each other, we discussed what we had done. “Baby, I never thought I could have done that. I never thought I would be able to see my wife with another man, but experiencing that with you, I felt like I was a part of your satisfaction”. As Brad laid there with his hands behind his head, I raised up on my elbow, looking at him, “Baby, I love you more than I could ever imagine, I have never felt more secure, more loved, more trusted than I do with you”. Smiling, Brad asked me, “You comfortable with continuing this?” Rubbing his chest, I thought, “This is something we both have to be comfortable with. If you’re asking if I can handle it, I believe yes, I can. I know who I am going home with….I know who I am in love with.”

We both knew we had crossed lines that many couples can’t come back from. Going forward, we came up with some guidelines for our own sake. 1-We would never play alone, only as a couple. 2-If we felt one of the other couple was getting emotionally attached, we would back away. 3-We would only play with couples that were secure in their own relationship (Jim and Sarah had set the bar high) 4- At any time, if one of us was uncomfortable, we could stop. We knew as we went forward we would find new challenges and agreed these rules were a ‘living document’, meaning we would alter them as we learned more about it. Life was good, how did I ever get lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams??????

We finally fell asleep in each others arms. Waking up Friday morning, we got ready and headed out. Our friends lived in Orlando, so we set out on about an hours drive. We had always been a very intimate couple, not afraid to display public affection, but today, I felt closer to Brad than I could have ever imagined. The trust he showed me, the love he displayed for me on a daily basis was something every girl dreams about. We had a wonderful time Friday, reminiscing about old times. Mark and Crystal both were off that day, but had to work the weekend, as they both worked at Disney. After going out for dinner that night, we headed back to our condo in Daytona. I called Sarah to see how their day went. They had discussed the previous night’s actions as we had, and amazingly, had talked about the very things we had. Since neither had gotten much sleep the night before, we all decided to call it a night on Friday and would see them early Saturday. Of course, I had plans for Brad. I said goodbye, and leaned over the armrest, kissing Brad’s ear, softly licking him, down his neck.. Reaching over, I felt his cock begin to stir and just moaned. I sat back as he reached over, resting his hand on my thigh. I am sure he could feel the heat rising up from my pussy. Not hesitating, I reached down, pushing my shorts and panties down and pulling my knees up, opening them wide. Rubbing my pussy, I ran my middle finger deep inside, massaging my inner walls. Bringing my hand up, I rubbed my now wet finger over his lips. He grabbed my hand, sucking my finger into his mouth. He just loved the taste of my pussy, mmmmmm. As he did, he moaned as he sucked and licked my juices off. After which, he coated my finger with own saliva, so as to give me more lubrication to work with. As I went back to me needy pussy, he held my left leg to allow me to relax some and concentrate on the task at hand. In short order, I brought myself to a small orgasm, knowing he would certainly take me to a place that only he could later.

The short hour long ride seemed to fly by, probably because I had been entertained. Arriving at our door, we found a dozen flowers with a card. To a great couple, Jim and Sarah. We got in, Brad fixed us a couple of drinks as I climbed in the tub. After which Brad jumped in the shower. Climbing in bed, I laid there, softly rubbing my pussy. A million thoughts going thru my head. As Brad walked in, looking at me with those gorgeous eyes, he climbed in. Kneeling next to me, kissing me passionately. He worked his way down my neck, over my breasts. He teased them, moving from one then the other. He avoided my nipples for the most part, as he slowly moved down my stomach. My legs spread involuntarily. As he moved down, I waited to feel his tongue to touch my swollen clit. As he neared, he moved to the side of it, driving me crazy. As he kissed and licked his way down the crease of my leg and groin, he rotated my legs up turning my ass up for him. Pulling back a little to take in the site, he moved in, leading with his tongue. Flicking his tongue over my ass, he slowly moved up to my pussy. I have always wanted him, but tonight, I wanted to share everything with him. Not just physically, but emotionally. He continued to work on my pussy. Sucking my clit into his mouth softly, and then moving down the full length, trying to drink up my juices. Teasing my ass and the sensitive area around it, he would almost take my breathe. All I could do was close my eyes and roll my head side to side, moaning. With him on his knees, his ass was right next to me, his hard cock dangling. Reaching out, I ran my fingers over his ass, lightly running a fingertip down the crack of his, over his anus, down to his balls and reaching under him to wrap my fingers around his hard on. Hearing and feeling him moan into my soaked pussy, I couldn’t help but smile. Knowing I make him feel good gives me sooo much satisfaction. I could feel my juices and his saliva coating my pussy and running down my ass. Soon, I could feel his fingertip teasing my ass. I knew I would be cumming soon. I could not stop myself when he is determined to make be cum. He had brought out my favorite dildo and felt him rubbing it up and down my pussy. With his finger buried in my ass, I moaned, telling him yes, fuck me with it. As I felt my pussy getting filled up, his tongue working softly on my clit, my ass filled with his finger, I felt my orgasm welling up deep within me. This was going to be intense. Reaching between his legs with my left hand, lightly stroking his cock, I reached over my body with my right hand, rubbing his ass, the back of his thighs. I ran my finger tips back up and massaged his balls, letting my fingers run up and teasing his ass. I could feel him tense at my touch. Feeling his cock throb and his muscles tense sent me over. This and the finger fucking my ass slowly, the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy in unison and his tongue on my clit I came, and came hard. Crying out, reaching down as far as I could, one hand on his back, one holding my leg, I shuddered. My body tensing up. As I felt the first contractions, I could feel his finger in my ass as I tried to clamp on it. My pussy clamping down on my dildo. My clit pulsing in his mouth. Wanting time to stop, I held still. Pulsing, my orgasm rocking my body. All my muscles almost convulsing throughout my body. Brad held his finger still in my ass, the dildo still deep in my pussy, his tongue resting on my clit, not moving. Finally, allowing the moment to calm down, he slowly withdrew first the dildo, licking all juices off, savoring them. Leaning down, he softly kissed my pussy, withdrawing his finger from my ass, massaging my inner walls as he pulled out. Kissing his way back up my body, he moved in close, wrapping his arms around me, holding me tight. Mmmmm, nothing better in the world than this feeling. After reveling in this euphoria, I rolled over onto him. His cock still hard, not yet being released. Reaching down, I rub his tip over my pussy and guiding it in. In one motion, I settle down, taking him deep. I throw my head back, feeling his warmth. Holding him there, I lean down, laying on his body. Wrapping his arms around me, we begin to move. I feed him my middle finger as he licks it and takes it into his mouth. He coats it with his spit and I reach back, finding my ass. Teasing my sphincter, I slowly slide the fingertip in my ass, pressing down; I can feel his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. This was a first for me, and being new, it felt wonderful. As he slowly sped up his thrusts, his eyes locked on mine, we both knew he wouldn’t last long. Our voices were like hoarse whispers. ‘Give it to me baby, I want to feel you cum, cum in my pussy, I want to feel it!!” Brad, feeling the added pressure of my finger in my ass, was pulling out till just the head was in and slowly thrusting his full length. “Get ready babe, here it comes” with that, he gave me several short strokes, me pressing down from inside my ass, feeling his head pass my finger. Suddenly, he buried deep, feeling his cock swell, him moaning, “I’m cumming baby, feel it, here it is!” I could feel him cumming what seemed like a gallon, His hot cum washing my walls. Our juices were mixing and slowly running out. My orgasm seemed to come from nowhere. Nothing intense as before, just a subtle, relaxing orgasm. The pressure of my clit on his pelvis, my finger in my own ass, his cock buried, our juices flowing out, I clamped my legs together, holding him tight. Brad was holding me tight against him. My breasts were pressed tight against his chest.

We laid there for what seemed like forever. Letting our heart rates return to normal. I wanted to feel his whole body against me. I couldn’t get close enough to him, nor him me. Finally getting up, I ran some bath water while Brad got us something to drink. Climbing in the tub with me, I moved up, allowing him to climb in behind me. I leaned back against his chest and relaxed. Life is good this way.

Saturday morning came quick. We got up, ate a little breakfast and called Jim and Sarah. We decided to check out some of the sites and spend the day roaming. We walked the beach for what seemed to be miles. To see them holding hands, kissing, laughing was so refreshing. It was good to see that. Again, you rarely see those qualities in people anymore. Life is just too busy I guess and people forget what is important. We stopped at a little outdoor eatery for lunch. The conversation again just seemed to flow. We talked about our day with our friends and them describing their day. They had gone to visit some family that was close by, but like us, had other things on their mind all day. We discussed the actions of Thursday night and we told them that was our first time, as it was for them as well. I asked them if they were ok with everything, and Sarah spoke up. Looking first at Jim and smiling, “you know, we surprised ourselves, we both really enjoyed you guys and the fact we enjoyed it together, was amazing. Seeing Jim with you and feeling Brad in me, whenever Jim would look at me, I would almost melt.” We were seated across from them, Brad and I huddled up as were they. Jim spoke, “I didn’t how I would feel with her with someone else, but this wasn’t like that.” Looking at each other, he continued, “I was wonderful to experience that with her and if you only knew what it did for our lovemaking last night.” Laughing, Brad and I both started to speak up, him trailing off, “we couldn’t get enough of each other last night”. I said. As I looked at Sarah, although I really did enjoy feeling your arm wrapped around my leg. Your touch was so soft” I could almost feel myself blushing, but I think was because my pussy was burning up.

We discussed the pitfalls that can accompany what happened with us and we all agreed that it would only be a ‘couple experience’. This was to only ‘add’ to an already wonderful sex life. Just finding someone you can enjoy outside of the bedroom was just bonus. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Hanging out, talking about work, kids, home life, and yes, sex. We all decided to grab a quick dinner and go back to our place for the evening. All of us knowing it would be a long night.

Jim and Sarah went back to shower and get ready. We stopped at a little liquor store and got some stuff for the night. Upon getting back to the condo, we quickly got our showers and got ready when Jim and Sarah arrived. They had brought a few movies with them to start the night. We decided since this was our last night, we were not going to rush anything, lol, easier said than done. Brad mixed up our first round and drinks and we settled in, putting in the first movie. As we watched the scenes unfold, we were all relaxed and just enjoying the moment. No one in a hurry, I guess that what maturity does for you. Actually, I would say that’s what having a high comfort level will do. We paused it so we could get another round, the Crown was beginning to give us all a slight buzz, but we knew our limits and had decided that about 3 of Brad’s mixed doubles would be our limit. The sexual energy was unreal, but we all wanted this night to last. When we started the movie back up, Brad and I joined Jim and Sarah on the couch. The boys were on either end and Sarah and I next to each other in the middle. The scene that came on next was two women. Both of which were sexy as hell and the scene just as hot they were. They were so erotic together, softly kissing, touching, feeling each other and not missing a square inch of each others bodies. The effect this was having on me had me soaked. Brad was rubbing my right leg softly and I felt another hand on my left leg, much softer than Brads. Looking over, I caught Sarah’s soft eyes smiling at me as she let her hand rest just below my short. Her touch was like silk. My right foot was pulled under me, my leg against Brad with my left foot up on the edge of the couch, my knee up in the air. I involuntarily opened my left knee, moving it toward Sarah to give her more room. I reached over, leaning a little to my left, placing my hand on Sarah’s leg, her thigh warm to the touch and ever so soft. I could feel myself relaxing, some from the Crown, but mostly the company. As we all continued to watch the women on the screen, Sarah and continued to caress each other, slowly making our way up our legs. We both had on soft shorts with no panties. As I neared her pussy, I could feel the warmth, the dampness between her legs. Her pussy was swollen and wet, as was mine. Her fingers found mine in the same state. As I exhaled laying my head back, we both reveled in what we were doing. Neither one of us were in a hurry. Both of us just softly massaging each others pussy. Brad and Jim seemed to notice about the same time what Sarah and I were doing as they both smiled and just looked back at the movie. I fed a finger in Sarah, getting it coated nicely with her juices and slowly brought it up to Brads’ lips. Seeing his eyes locked on mine, smiling, and taking my finger into his mouth licking my friend’s juices of my fingers was erotic as hell. Turning my head, I saw Sarah had done the same to Jim. She turned as I did and our lips came together. It was the softest kiss I have ever felt. As we held it, our tongues softly dancing, we slowly pulled away, smiling at each other and returning our hands back at each others pussy. As the scene continued to unfold, the two girls pulled out a bag of toys, one of which was a double headed dildo. As they maneuvered themselves around on the bed, placing their legs in an over/under fashion, they scooted together to bring their pussy up against each other, they began rubbing their pussies against each other. Leaning back on their hands, their heads back, eyes closed, they slowly rubbed their clits together, softly grinding their pussies. Reaching behind, one of them pulled the double dildo out, looking the other in the eye, seductively bringing one end to her mouth, As the other grabbed the other end doing the same. They slid back, each of them reaching across, feeding the opposite end into each others waiting pussy. The scene was amazingly hot, all of us intently watching. As they both rocked their hips, slowly feeding it into the both of them, they each reached up, stroking each others hair, pulling their lips together. By this point, Sarah and I both were soaked. We had slid off our shorts and were slowly finger fucking each other as Brad helped spread my lips for her and Jim had been doing the same with Sarah. We hadn’t noticed but Jim had gotten up and on his return, he gave Sarah a dildo. Bringing it to her mouth, she reached down with it and rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy. Bringing it back up to her lips, she licked her own juices off and brought it down to my waiting pussy. Slowly she inserted it. Feeling it enter, I leaned in for a kiss. As I felt it slide in a little deeper, I pulled back to look down. As I turned toward Brad, I leaned in , kissing him deeply, passionately. “I love you so much baby” I whispered in a hoarse voice. Smiling he nodded downward. I looked back, Sarah was slowly, and I mean slowly, withdrawing it. Stopping till just the head was in, and going back in with it. Opening my eyes back up, I saw the girls on the screen going at it, “We need one of those”, I said. Smiling, Sarah looked back at Jim and he reached down and pulled one out. “We made a run back to the store today, was hoping we might be able to put this use tonight” she said as she held, you guessed, a gorgeous, lifelike double headed dildo. Grabbing it, I slid one end into my mouth, moaning around it, imagining it was Brad I was taking in.

I slid forward at Brad’s slightest pressure on my back, sitting in the floor and turning to face Sarah. As she got down in the floor in front of me, Brad knelt behind me to help support me. As Sarah scooted closer, she raised her right leg over my left leg and I raised my right so she could slide her left leg under. Reaching down, I rubbed the head up and down her pussy. Slowly sliding it in, she laid her head back against Jim, as he had moved behind her as Brad had. She then reached down, taking the other end and rubbing it up and down my pussy, getting the head wet, teasing me. Finally, as Brad reached down, spreading my lips, she fed the head into me. As we both rocked, we slowly scooted together, impaling in each of us. Leaning back against Brad, feeling his body pressed against my back, his hands were reaching around massaging my tits. He rolled my nipples between his fingers, getting them wet with his saliva rubbing it into and around my areolas. Watching Jim do the same to Sarah was too much. I was stimulated beyond belief. Sarah’s hands and mine were rubbing each others legs, reaching for each others waist to pull each other closer. Our moans and cries filled the room. Brad turned my head as he kissed me deeply, out tongues finding each other. He reached down, finding my clit as Jim did the same with Sarah. As I looked into Sarah’s eyes, our orgasms were quickly approaching. Brad and Jim were coaxing us, talking, and whispering into our ears. The stimulations seemed to come from every sense. It hit me hard. As I came, Brad leaned into me, allowing me grab Sarah as we hugged tightly. I could feel bare skin all over me. Brad against my back, Sarah’s breasts up tightly against mine, my legs rubbing Jims body behind her!!!! It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Brad was right there with me!!! As Sarah and I both exploded, the emotions let go. As we both trembled, holding each other as our husbands held us, we began to come back down to earth. Relaxing totally, I fell back against Brad, him wrapping his arms around me as I clung tightly to him. Leaning in, he kissed my cheek softly, telling how much he loved me as Jim and Sarah were doing the same.

This was going to be our last night with Jim and Sarah for a while. This was only the beginning of the evening. The rest of the story is to come.

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