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In June, I was moved to a placement in Waterbridge, a suburb about forty miles from my hometown. On my first day in my new home, I was met by a bunch of young ugly screaming crack-babies, and my new foster parents, Jay and Carol Murphy - a couple who obviously considered foster parenting a way to "Think globally and act locally." The husband, Jay, a professor, was short and paunchy, in his early forties with that typical balding circle on his head surrounded by too long hair - apparently grown to distract attention from the fact he was going bald. Carol, his a stay-at-home wife who had been educated in social work, was a typical mousy suburban wife in her mid-to late thirties, with gelatinous thighs and a wide ass, big floppy tits and an "I want to save the world" demeanor. Waterbridge is what you call a 'bedroom community' filled with soccer moms, their sniveling entitled brats, sexually inept husbands and too much money. I was thrust into to this picture perfect hellhole, I was told by my case manager, as a way of allowing me "the room to recover from the trauma of your last two years."

I had to laugh to myself at the irony. Here, I had my parents', brother's and sister's blood on my young hands, as well as the Minister's. More than that, my inexperience, stupidity and greed had led my one love, Melissa, into what horror of a life I couldn't imagine. And this fool was trying to protect ME from trauma. But, being a basically self-involved, self-pitying, manipulative teenager I wasn't really able to focus on anything but my loss of Melissa's fresh young body. I just smiled at my case manager and tried really hard to look very thankful. God, I hated Waterbridge, hated everything about it. For most of the summer and the first two months the new school year, I would just fog the whole house to get some peace and quiet. I withdrew to my room and cast simple distractions against whomever came up to bother me. But eventually that got real lame so I used my ability to trim the brats into some semblance of reasonable children and made what little I could of the situation. Not that that was simple. These kids suffered some real deep emotional problems not given to easy manipulation. It was the first time I had ever seen the violets and deep purples of severely brain injured kids. But after several weeks of experimentation, I managed to push those purples and violets down and erase the greens of agitation associated with their underlying emotional syndrome. Social workers visiting the house were amazed at "the progress little so and so is making controlling his outbursts," and praised Carol for her great work in redirecting the children. I had to laugh and shake my head. Sure, I thought, just get in there and scrub out all their greens, erase the purples and they're docile as sheep. What the fuck, at least they could learn now.

My work in school, on the other hand, suffered at first. During my initial months at Waterbridge High, my grades took a pitched nosedive into C territory. Not that I needed education, I could get anything I wanted just by taking it. But, I had lost all interest in school and it showed up pretty starkly in my report cards. It took me awhile to turn that around. I had shot up to nearly six feet, so I was encouraged by the Coach Simonds of the Waterbridge basketball team to begin playing junior varsity. That, more than anything, probably helped me to adjust to this alien, suburban environment.

Playing, I was a different person - I loved to float there above the rim and watch the faces of the crowd as I slammed that shit out of the rim until the damned thing vibrated like a guitar string. Of course, I wasn't above gaining a significant advantage by fogging an opponent in critical situations, throwing him off guard just slightly to press my height advantage or make him bobble a shot. I had to handle that very gingerly though: too obvious and I knew people would get suspicious.

I did retain an interest in sex and, without Melissa my mind turned to the ever present gaggle of girls and women walking thru my new suburban life.

They weren't Melissa, but hell, they were available, fuckable, and easy to fog. I became a predator constantly on the look out for some new thrill. I started close to home. Well, actually I started at home. Since I am basically an amoral exploitative bastard where else would I get my thrills than from the very folks who took me in. One day I skipped school and laid in bed until noon - it wasn't hard, I just tossed a minor distraction at my new foster parents and slept like a baby. I awoke a little after twelve to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom off the master bedroom where Jay and Carol slept. I had a fierce case of 'wood' and laid there massaging myself until, on a truly evil whim, I decided to try to work it off with foster mom. She was just getting in the shower when I came into the bathroom. I fogged her just enough to ignore me and sat down on the toilet seat to watch her shower as I jacked on myself. It was strange being there.

Every time, I snuck into Melissa's room, I had always had some sense of guilt. Maybe that's why I mostly took her at night, in the dark, or out of view of others. This was different though. I didn't care in the least about this fat bitch, I was completely without any feelings of guilt. I sat there ogling her, jacking my cock and deciding my next move. I let Carol finish her shower, and stood by her as she toweled off. I don't know what was on my mind wanting to plug this bitch. She was a true pig. Up close, I could see the details of her doughy, pasty white body. She had to be at least forty pound overweight. Her tits hung like huge bags of flesh and swayed heavily, jiggling and bouncing as she wiped herself down. Her bush was thick and brown, with the stray gray hair here and there peeking out from the mass.

Her ass was corrugated with cellulite that crossed the dividing line between ass and thigh and continued halfway down to her knees. Her stomach, so completely unlike Melissa's, folded when she bent over to wipe off her feet.

She had little in the way of waist, a minor indentation where it should have been.

When she finished, I followed her into the bedroom as she headed to her dresser to fetch her under things. As she came back to the bed and sat down to pull them on, I fogged her full force. She hung there, leg raised and arms extended to pull on her panties. I pulled the panties from her hands, and pushed her back onto the bed. The bed rolled under her weight and her tits bounced to her chin and back again, finally each rolling to rest on its respective arm. I began amping her yellows, working them up to full brilliance, and soon she was in rut-heat clutching her pussy and tossing and turning like madwoman. I let her masturbate herself for a while and then straddled her chest and raised those heavy fucking tits until they were firmly wrapped around my cock. For about fifteen minutes I pumped into her tits and then came, spraying all over her face, chest and neck. She was still diddling herself like mad, but I wasn't finished either. I turned around on her and sat with my ass on her face, rubbing my asshole across her lips. Again I grabbed her tits and fucked into them as I ground my ass on her mouth. Her nipples were hard and red, poking up thru my fingers as I squeezed those rubbery watermelon-sized fuckers. I watched her try to fuck into her own pussy with her fingers, as I slowed my pace to keep from cumming and to maintain contact between my asshole and her mouth.

After some time like that, I lifted myself off her face and pushed my cock into her mouth. Holding her by the back of her neck, I tilted her head up so my cock had full access to her throat. I reached with one hand to grab the nipple of one of her floppy bouncing tits and held it as I fucked deeper and deeper down into her mouth. As I came she gagged once, and then again, then a cough spraying my cum back from her throat. In seconds my cum began bubbling up from her left nostril and oozing onto her cheek. We had been going at it for about an hour, so I let her rest for a minute and went to take a piss. When I came back in the room she was still writhing on the bed, fucking into herself with her fingers, moaning and rolling, wrapped in covers, titties jiggling and bouncing to beat all. I straddled her again, grabbed her by the hair and began fucking furiously in and out her mouth.

She sucked on me and swallowed me into her throat like I was three or four inches. In the year and a half since I had first fucked with Melissa, I had grown four inches and now stood six feet tall. My cock had similarly rounded out to nine or so inches. To hold me in her throat, this fat slut I called "mom" really had to have a knack for blowjobs. She was my first introduction to the colors of a white bitch and my first introduction to the skills of an adult cock sucker. And I liked it. I fucked her mouth for about an hour, dropping cumloads in her throat four, maybe five, times. And she took it all without so much as a single gag after that first time. If this was what fucking a grown woman was like, I had to have more.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of shocked at how easy it was to amp this fat bitch. With Melissa, it had taken me three or four cycles to work her up to a full frenzy of rut. But this white woman was so easy to hype I didn't need to push near as much. After that afternoon, I had her swallow the wad whenever I had a hankering. (Which was just about every morning and at least twice a week before bedtime.) What is more, I had a devious and malicious idea: While force feeding my cock into the fat slut's throat I had decided to leave her amped high in the yellows after I pulled my fog off her. It would be fun to see how she reacted to being horny all the time, and how much trouble she got into. As I put her in the shower to wash her off that afternoon, paying special attention to the cunt I hadn't yet fucked into, I tried to think about the girls and women I knew and which one I wanted to fuck next. School was letting out, so I kicked off to D.R.'s house.

D.R.'s real name is Jorge, but he has, since moving to Waterbridge with his parents, acquired the initials of his native country, the Dominican Republic. We shared the same classes and we both were serious jocks. But there the resemblance ended. Where I was a tall skinny long armed basketball player type, D.R. was 5'10", thickly built, carrying 235 lbs of muscle and illegal steroids, with the Spanish phrase "raparte" tattooed on his right upper arm. On the gridiron he was a lethal, fully loaded weapon aimed at the opposing team's quarterback. Dee had been responsible for at least one season ending injury so far that year. I had hooked up with him after being introduced by Coach Simonds not too long after being moved here by family services. The babes were very hot for Dee, but he only had eyes for Coach Simonds' virgin daughter, Kelsey, (That is, he only had eyes for Kelsey, if you excluded the fact that he was always going on about how much he wanted to fuck Kelsey's older sister, Courtney, and Mrs. Simonds too!)


When I got to Dee's house, his mom, a petite quiet gray haired latina in her fifties with intense dark eyes, was in the kitchen cooking dinner. As was the custom in Dee's house, the place was wide open - everything is very informal in Dee's house, most of the town jocks came and went, nobody knocked, and Dee's friends were always tramping through like we owned the place. It was a real home which reminded me of my own, now gone forever. I just let myself in, said "hi," and headed up to Dee's room. As usual Dee was involved in his singular off-field infatuation: binoculars up looking across his back yard into his girlfriend Kelsey's sister's room. By odd coincidence, her bedroom happened to be straight across from his and he had been peeping on her for about three years now.

"Whaddup!," I said as I sat down and started playing Sega.

"Hey, man," he answered, never taking his eyes off her room.

"You know Simonds is going to kill you if he finds out you been spying on his daughter, not too mention what Lacerda will do if he finds out you're jacking off watching his girlfriend." That's Dave Lacerda, a senior and Courtney Simonds' on-again off-again boyfriend. The two of them had a love-hate relationship: Lacerda loved sex, Courtney hated it. He was a friend of Dee's and played with him on the football team. I never thought much of the fucker though. Dee loved it that Dave wasn't getting anything more out of Courtney than he was getting out of Kelsey - Me, I thought they were both sad to follow both those sluts around like trained puppies.

"Fuck Lacerda, that punk bitch. And who is Coach gonna have for a son-in-law when he kills me?"

"Me," I said quickly. "Besides, Kelsey will be happier with me anyway. Mi guebo esta siempre parado y caliente, beyatch!

"Fuck you too, beyatch!" And then, "OOOO Mami, I like that...She home now, laying on her bed. Maybe she play with her pussy for me."

"I'll bet. Then Coach Simonds will make Mrs. Simonds suck your cock too."

"I like that, all three!...Ooo...mira! MIRA!...she taking off her shirt, man."

"Yah, right!"

"No, man...I serious...she getting naked, man!"

"Bullshit!," I said. "Let me see!" Sure enough, Courtney was undressing right there in front of her window. By the time I got the binoculars from Dee, she had stripped to her bra and parochial school skirt and was standing by a chair slipping off her socks. I made a quick decision and threw a daydream fog on her so we could watch her unnoticed. The distance was far, but with Dee's binos - there we were standing cheek to cheek, one eye each peering into one lens - we could clearly make out her tits as she pulled off the white lace topped satin bra and quickly donned a black sport type.

Her skirt dropped, revealing cute pink thongs panties, But the sight was soon replaced with jogging sweats and in a minute she left to go running.

"Man, that's nice...I gonna fuck that bitch one day!" Dee said, as he threw the binos on his bed and then flopped on it himself.

"Yeah," I had to agree. As brief as the glimpse was, Courtney proved every bit as hot as any of us had ever speculated. We hung around his house for a couple of hours and then left to head to the center. We hooked up with Lacerda and a bunch of other jocks and stood around shooting the shit until seven. Finally, Dee said he had to go - he had promised Kelsey he'd call her about eight and wanted to get back before then. I headed back with him, figuring I needed to get home and catch up on school work myself - I was still walking on a tight rope in Ms. Mantel's English and had to study. On the way home, however, I thought about testing Carol's emotional amping out on Dee, and set up for a serious fuckfest with the Simonds sisters. More precisely, I wanted to test out Carol's amping AND see if I could redirect Dee's infatuation with Kelsey. Kelsey was hot, but she was also the source of much discomfort for Dee. Kelsey may have been the love of Dee's life, but even at that age I could see, he was in for a good pussy whipping if he ever actually married, or even fucked her. He was so interested in plucking her flower, he was already willing to jump through hoops for her.

Not that the pussy wasn't worth it. By any reasonable stretch, Kelsey was physically devastating. Kelsey Simonds, the youngest daughter of Coach Charlie and Elizabeth Simonds, was from a family of giants. She was only just fifteen, but already stood 5'9" tall. She had crystalline pale blue eyes, long straw colored hair; weighed no more than 100lbs fully dressed.

She sported these delightful little perky b-cup boobs, a nice heart shaped ass, and was, by every boy's account, a virgin ripe for picking. Not that any of this helped Dee. Not only would this ice princess not let him fuck her, she had only once let him actually feel those perky wonders that jiggled so accessibly beneath her bra-less t-shirts. As tempting as she looked, she also was a fighter, and the town high school soccer star. When her parents let her, which was rarely, she could hang with the jocks all day and cuss as well as any of us, but at the end of the night she was still a perfect, non-drinking, virgin party-girl.

In other words: a fucking tease.

My theory is she led Dee around by the nose because he was the prize boy bod in town, and every girl wanted at him. Having a bad-ass crazy fuck like Dee hanging onto her like some kind of domesticated pitbull gave Kelsey a rough edge which contrasted nicely with her perfect little suburban high school virgin princess reputation. Having Kelsey gave Dee nothing but a serious case of blue balls - some of which I intended to help relieve that night -

provided Carol's amping worked the way I hoped. I reached into Dee's mind and pulled up his yellows, trimmed them and relaxed the fog slightly. As we reached my house, I said, "Com'on in." He did. Turning right into my foster parent's driveway and following me into the house. I brought him inside and led him to my foster mother, still amped high in her yellows. I dropped the fog on Dee and watched his eyes grow. It was lust at first sight.

"Shouldn't you call Kelsey and let her know you're hanging out with me," I said.

"That's a good idea," He answered with a stupid shit-eating grin on his fucking face, not even bothering to look at me.

"Here's the phone," Foster-slut injected in a helpful coquettish voice.

As he explained the situation to Kelsey, I left the two of them alone but fogged the foster piglets, and took them into the living room to watch t.v.

(Nothing like t.v. to amplify a fog - no doubt a fogger invented it.) I left them in the living room and headed up to my room to study. Looking at my watch I giggled, thinking to myself, "They better hurry up, Jay will be home in a couple hours." After reading for a half hour or so I went back downstairs to check on the progress of my experiment. Sure enough, mom was nowhere to be found and Dee had gone off with her. I walked through the house looking for them until I heard a Dee's low voice coming from the basement. I quietly opened the door and slipped down the stairs. As I came around the corner into the downstairs den there was Dee, his head thrown back, eyes closed, with foster mom on her knees in front of him greedily sucking on his cock and fucking herself in the pussy. That fat bitch was hunched over his lap, her wide ass swaying before me, gobbling cum like a wild woman. Dee was fucking up into her face, holding her firmly by the head, for all he was worth. I purposely didn't fog the two of them - I wanted them to know I knew what was up. Dee opened his eyes in surprise when he sensed my presence, but I put my finger to my lips telling him to keep quiet. He smiled evilly back and pushed harder into Carol's throat. Somehow Carol also figured someone else was in the room and tried to pull her face out Dee's lap and look over her shoulder. I decided it was now or never and made my way over to my foster mom and sat on the floor beside the two of them. Fighting Dee's hold on her head she twisted her head around and looked at me with pleading eyes, begging me in unspoken words to keep this entire thing to myself. I leaned into her and said, "Hey, Mom. I know how it is.

Don't worry bout it. I'll keep my mouth shut. But you have to keep yours open for Dee." With that, I watched as Dee forced her head back around and buried his cock back in her confused and embarrassed face - all the while grinning at me. After about twenty minutes, Dee came in her mouth and pulled out, wiping off his cum with her hair.

"She suck cock good, man," Dee said to me grinning.

Dee pushed the gross slut off his lap and positioned her with her face in the sofa, aimed his cock, and plowed deep into her. He wasn't in her cunt though, he had overshot that puss and forced his way into her asshole, while she was fucking her fingers into her cunt. He had pushed his cock deep into her ass and was plugging his shit-stained implement in and out of her rectum as fast as he could. As he fucked into her I got up and sat on the arm of the couch listening to her grunting and watching the beads of perspiration form on her cum splattered forehead. He slowed down and we soon were holding a nonchalant conversation about her ability to fuck, discussing the big cow like she wasn't even there, as Dee mined his way deep into her bowels. Carol, was near oblivious to our conversation as she grunted in time with his every thrust. Finally, Dee pulled from her ass and sprayed his cum all over the back of her blouse and ass. Carol immediately swung around and gobbled down on his filthy prick like she hadn't eaten all day. Man, that was some fucking workout!

"So much for romance," I said to them.

"My work here is done," I thought to myself. I watched Dee and mom fuck for about another couple of minutes and made my way upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower. Just before nine, I pushed Dee's yellow's down and broke up the party. Jay was coming home. It wouldn't be nice for him to see his fat bitch splayed across the floor with some guy's cock up her ass. I still left Carol amped up big time. As Jay walked in the door, Carol was up out of the basement and quickly shooing the kids off to bed. Dee came up to my room and we sat there discussing that shit. I was interested in his response since this was the first time I ever had been able question someone I had fogged and amped.

"Man," I asked innocently in a surprised tone of voice, "Whatever possessed you to fuck around with my foster mother. You trying to get us both killed."

"I dunno man," He answered. "Something came over me when I saw your mom...she look so hot to me...I never paid attention to her think she get mad at me."

"Dunno," I said. "I never saw nothing like that in my life. She was sucking your cock like there was no tomorrow."

"She beg me, man...She beg me like a fucking putana. I was so surprised."

The look on Dee's face was one of genuine discomfort with the thought that he had just fucked his best friend's fat ass mom. He was truly fucking confused about what had just taken place. We continued discussing her fucking hot performance and marveling at that groveling fat bitch taking his cock up her ass. Dee left not too long after Jay got home, slipping out my window and climbing down the trellis to avoid being seen by Jay or Carol. A little while later Carol came into my room and sat on the bed beside me. She tried to make small talk, but I could see she was just trying to gauge where things stood between us, now that I had witnessed her giving a blowjob to my best friend then let him fuck her up the ass. I pretended to be studying, and ignored her rambling attempts at conversation except to grunt a yes or no. Finally she gave up on conversation and meekly laid her head on my lap like a dog trying to ingratiate itself. I brushed my fingers through her hair as we just laid there together.

"You think I'm bad?"

"Nah...not really."

"Not really what?"

"Not really bad...I guess."

"But what?"

"I didn't say 'but anything'...just it was kinda weird watching you and Dee."

"I couldn't help it...It seems like I'm horny all the's crazy, but that's how I feel. I could do it again right now."

With that she started rubbing my thigh, gingerly working her way up closer to my cock. Like I wouldn't notice, I guess. I sat there on the bed with her head in my lap staring at her as she made this imagined sneak attack. When I got bored with her hesitancy and silly pretense, I reached down and pulled my cock out and she immediately chomped down on it. Fat and gross, the bitch may be, but she can suck a mean cock. In a little while the sound of Jay's heavy clumping up the stairs broke into her blowjob and she got up to leave.

Before she went out the door I whispered to her, "Jorge says you were great." She turned back to me and smiled with reddening cheeks - the relief was visible in her posture. Later that night, I could hear Carol humping the fuck out of that little shit of a husband. No doubt, he was getting the ride of his fucking life. I felt successful on two fronts: I had reduced my foster mother to a ass-humping, cocksucking nympho and helped Dee get his rocks off and stop fantasizing about the ice princess for an evening. Now, I just had to get to the ice princess myself - and who knows, maybe her sister and mom too!

After that I took the slut pretty much anytime I had a need for a serious knobjob. Then I decided to up the ante: The next week, after Jay left for work, I slipped quietly down to their room and rousted Carol from a deep sleep. I slid onto the bed and pulled Carol's face into my lap for quickie cocksucking. She put up half-hearted resistance to swallowing my dick, no doubt still embarrassed, confused and horrified by her now constant hunger for cock - and her willingness to fuck even her own foster child to satisfy that hunger. The amp was too intense for her to seriously consider fighting any opportunity to get fucked, however. I had Carol suck my cock for a half hour or so, then force-fucked her ass while she buried her face in her pillow to muffle her moans. When I finished, I slapped her ass and told her to come take a shower with me. She climbed in while I was still washing her shit off my cock. I pushed her down in the shower and got some face as the water beat down on her head. After I came I pulled her up and let her clean herself off.

"What do you think about me?"

"I think you give good head. You are horny all the time. And you can't control yourself." (What is this fucking shit?)

"Yeah, but what about me?"

"What about you?" (Good answer!)

"You know what I mean."

"Well, Mom you're a fat could lose alot of suck good cock...but as long as you look like that you're gross. Okay?" (Jeez! Is this what you have to do to get your dick sucked?)

"Don't call me gives me the creeps. Call me Carol. You're really fucking know that? "

"Probably...and you're a child molester, Mom. We're perfect for each other."

"I'm going to lose weight."

"And, I'm gonna get you fucked by the entire football team, when you do.


"You promise?"

I could only giggle. Hey, you can't stop a chick from balling. As I finished showering I made a mental note to address the 'Jay situation' that evening.

While I was listening to them fucking last night (and every night since I trimmed up Carol's yellows) I realized he could be an impediment to Carol's new life as a wanton nympho. I decided that since Carol's amping had worked so well, Jay would be having a much better time than he deserved. Moreover, I wanted Carol slutting for me - my ongoing experiment in slut psychology.

There was only one solution: Trim Jay back to a point where he had no interest whatsoever in sex - emotionally castrate him. That would also cut him off as an outlet for Carol and force her to slut all over town. That decided, I made my way out to school - barely catching the bus as it pulled out. Dee was sitting in the back of the bus with Kelsey and quickly motioned to some geek across the aisle to make himself scarce so I could sit back there with them. Kelsey gave him a look of disbelief at his action.

"He had a hard night," Dee said to her by way of explanation. Normally Dee was very soft spoken around her, really trying to play up the 'sensitive guy' routine as he slowly clocked her for daylight between those thighs.

"You did?," Kelsey asked, genuinely concerned. "What happened?"

"I think my foster mom is having an affair," I answered playing along with a totally straight face.

"Bullshit. You're lying," Kelsey asked, incredulous.

"Nah, really. I think she is banging the coach," I answered, as Dee and I broke up laughing.

"That's gross! Oh, that is really sick! You're an ass," Kelsey responded, and then to Dee, "And you're an ass for kicking that kid out of his seat."

"Sorry, baby...I apologize to him. OK?"

"You better."

After we got to school we split up and went our separate ways. I didn't see Dee again until lunch. We sat alone away from the jock tables and talked about last week's debauch with Carol. Dee was more guilty than ever, and embarrassed as shit that he had actually been caught fucking the gross whore. As the conversation wended it's way, I gradually steered him in the direction of taking it as a freebie of life.

"Hey, listen man, the bitch is there. What you gonna do, wait your whole life for Kelsey?"

"No, man. I got plenty bitches who want to fuck me."

"She catch you with one of them, Kelsey will drop you in a second. At least Carol keeps her mouth shut. And she told me you fucked her ass good. I think she loves you." We both laughed at the thought of that fat bitch all gooey in love with him.

"I don' know, man. She a pig."

"Listen, you're doing her a favor," I told him, "Come on over Friday night, after practice. And bring some of the the guys on the team with you. I'll bet she'll do all of us, man. I know she will."

"Jesu! Man, you sick."

"Yah, so are you - just be there, ok?"

It took some doing, but I finally convinced him to slide by my house that Friday night after football practice. Some guys from the football team, wondering why we had sat away from them, broke up our conversation after that. He looked at them, and then at me with the question hanging on his face and I nodded, grinning. He shook his head, and said again, "Man, you fucking crazy." But, when Friday came, Dee showed up about eight or so with Lacerda and two other guy from the football team. He still had that same look on his face, but the other guys were grinning from ear to ear. The hoarse whispers among us in the hall finally attracted Jay's attention. He paced out to where we were trying to find out what was up.

"Everything okay out here?"

"Sure...we're going to hang out a while down in the den - if that's okay?"

"It's fine, just remember to clean up down there when you're done."

"Will do, thanks."

We sat around listening to music and watching video games. The guys were getting pretty antsy after a while and began wondering how this was all going to happen. I assured them Jay went to bed about ten thirty to eleven on weekends and he slept like a log. I'd get Carol about then and we'd do the gangbang. They were skeptical but hung around in hope that I wasn't bullshitting them. Jay retired sometime around ten, and Carol - ever the eager little slut these days - stopped at the basement door to wish us a good night, before heading off to bed. Finally, about eleven I told Dee and the guys to wait there, I was going to get Carol. Dee smiled and quickly shook his head with a mixture of wanton lust and disbelief. I went up to Jay's and Carol's room and fogged Jay into senselessness. Carol woke up at my entrance and I walked to her side of the bed and sat there. She looked warily over her shoulder at Jay - who appeared for all the world as sleeping deeply and completely after what had probably been a serious fucking by his slut of a wife. I pulled her head into my lap and she immediately nuzzled her way into my boxers and set about swallowing my cock.

"Ah, that felt good," I whispered to her, as I pulled her face out my crotch, "But you have a date. Some of the guys downstairs want you to dance for them." She giggled quietly and followed me out of the bedroom, stealing glances back to Jay's sleeping form along the way. Impatient, I pulled her out the door and down the stairs to den where Dee and another kid had already stripped off their clothes and were standing naked in the middle of the room. Somebody had thrown all the cushions on the rug in front of the sofa and opened the sleeper in the corner. These guys were pumped and ready to roll, I thought. Lacerda grabbed foster slut and led her to the middle of the room. The other guys gathered around and began encouraging her to strip.

"Hey guys," I said, "I'll be back in a minute." And let myself out, closing the door behind me. I headed back to Jay and stood over him as I began chopping back his yellows - actually castrating the guy for at least a month. The effort took more than a half hour to complete. When I was done, I lightened his fog to a bare minimum and closed the door to his room behind me. As a precaution, I fogged the gangbangers downstairs just enough so they wouldn't care that I was not around - it wouldn't do to have them scouring the house looking for me.

I had taken to stalking the neighborhood for a week now. Basically I would leave my house after Jay and Carol retired for the night, and make my way to one or another house on the block where I knew a good piece of pussy lived.

I had set myself the goal of methodically fucking every eligible cunt in Waterbridge. Tonight I had my eye on a young married couple, John and Ann Reid, who had recently moved in three doors down from me, but before I hit the Reid cunt I wanted to take a closer survey of the Simonds' household. I left the house and walked down to Dee's house, slipped around the side and into his backyard. The line between Dee's parents' property and Coach Simonds' was marked by a fence about eight feet high. I climbed the fence and came up to the side of the house and almost shit: There was Coach Simonds' - all 6'4", 275 pounds of him, in the walkway between the garage and the side door, smoking a late night cigar. Charlie had long gone gray, but he had a full head of hair tied in a pony tail at his massive shoulders, and a beard - those and a slight paunch being the only real signs of aging on him. He is a rough guy, hard drinker and a strict disciplinarian to his teams, his wife and his two daughters. The drinking had on occasion gotten out of hand: He had been picked up twice in the past two years, according to Dee, for drunk driving in the town and only let off because he coached Waterbridge to the number one team in the state and had political connections out the ass. Since then he had gone on the wagon, much to the dismay of his players, who took the brunt of his withdrawal, and his wife, who feared him drunk and had to fuck him when he was sober. If there was a doubt why Kelsey and Kirsten were still virgins, one only had to meet Coach to dispel it. I personally thought he should switch to reefer and lighten up.

Coach heard me as I came up on the side of the house and was already heading back to see who or what was moving behind his house. As we came face to face in the darkness I fogged him as hard as I could in absolute fucking fear of my life, and because I wasn't sure how much he needed. His posture slumped, but he kept walking right by me on autopilot heading to the fence. I had to check my pants for wet spots. Letting myself in through the side door, I came up into the house and saw Beth Simonds sitting on the sofa reading a book. I placed a moderate strength fog on her and walked over to kneel in front of her. It was the first time I had a close up view of this impressive woman. At this close vantage point her face showed the subtle hints of her 41 years, as did the spots on her perfectly manicured hands, but none of it detracted from her awesome beauty. I brushed her blonde shoulder length hair from her face and ran the back of my hand down her cheekbone, admiring her classic Nordic profile. She had a splash of light freckles just beneath her eyes, which eyes were delicately outlined in pale wispy blonde lashes and matching eyebrows. This slut was pure bred for sure. She stood 5'11" in her stocking feet and wasn't above throwing on a set of 3 inch pumps, and skin-tight black jeans when she came to a basketball game. Many a night I had slammed the ball trying to impress this bitch. I allowed my hand to cup her face and slip along her jawline, carrying it down to her long well adorned neck. I pushed her hair from her shoulders and leaned in to taste her flesh just below her earlobe. If Kelsey was perfection, this woman was the goddess who created her. No doubt, Beth was a long slender class act.

I slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, gradually revealing two high perched, wonderful, pillowy-looking breasts nestled within a satin half bra. Leaning into her, I put my nose in the ample cleavage and drew in her smell.

Nervous, I stopped for a moment and got up to check on Coach from the kitchen window. He was still standing in front of the fence gazing absently upon whatever his unfocussed eyes had come to rest. Coast clear, I returned to Beth and stood her up. I had to see those tits! I pulled her blouse free from her arms, then spun her around and began to detach the fasteners of her brassiere. Lifting the straps from her shoulders, I spun her back around and drank in the view. They weren't as nice as Courtney's, but then Mrs. Simmons had a 24 year head start on her daughter. But they were bigger, lots bigger - and gently swayed each time I moved her with that kind of firm liquid heaviness only great breasts have. The nipples were small, and pink -

I had never seen pink nipples before - her skin etched with delicate rivulets of stretch lines along the sides, just above the full flesh of the globe. I held them in my hand and massaged them tenderly for a few seconds then decided it was time to go. I got her dressed again, sat her down on the couch and put the book back in her hand. I knew I had to get the fuck out of there, or else I would miss my date with Mrs. Reid. But I just couldn't resist doing one more thing: Pulling out my cock, I began swabbing it across her lips. Gently opening her mouth, I pushed my cock inside and let it rest on her tongue. I slid my cock back and forth over her lips and tongue, delighting in the filthiness of the whole scene. She wasn't amped so she just sat there motionless during this impudent invasive insult, but she did swallow reflexively every once in a while which gave me some sense of what a real blow job might be like from this queen mother of the ice princess. When I said Dee had it hard for her, let me be blunt: Any guy with a set of balls would have given them eagerly for a brief moment sunk to the hilt between Mrs. Simonds' thighs. We always joked that Coach was the most 'unlucky lucky dog' in the town. He slept every night beside this hot bitch and had fucked her so often he probably didn't look at her naked body twice anymore. And he lived with two of the choicest pieces of virgin ass, and never even thought about fucking them. What a waste of female flesh.

I really wanted to slip up to Courtney and Kelsey's room and check out their goods as well. But it was already twelve and there would be other nights for that and I needed to get over to do Ann Reid. So I finally got my ass out of there, lifting the fog from the Coach and Mrs Simonds when I was safely back on the other side of Dee's fence. I made my out to the street and headed for John and Ann. As I said before, the newly-wed couple had just moved into their house. I had cut their lawn most of the fall that year. John was a tall sloped shoulder sports nut who occasionally attended some of the Waterbridge games. His personal sports were hockey and golf, but he wasn't above shooting the shit about just any sport you could imagine. He looked like a mostly silent plugger, but that's because he loved his weed. In reality he had a sharp mind and applied it to the high tech industry. He and Ann met on the job and fell in love there. Ann was, by this time, staying at home entering her seventh months of pregnancy with their first child. She was about five inches shorter than John, with short cut auburn hair and freckles. Her crunchy granola type personality, bordered on hippy-ish, but she was probably too conservative for the epithet to be applied seriously.

She was a biking enthusiast with full heavy comfortable thighs. Her tits had doubled in size through the early months of the pregnancy and now seemed about a double D. I looked forward to wrapping those heavy fuckers around my cock.

In fact, I was really looking forward to fucking my first pregnant bitch at all.

I reached their house and followed the path around the house to the swimming pool, now in disuse for winter. The rear door was open as usual, so I let myself in and moved quietly through the house trying to make out everything in the dark. Finally, after bumping into enough things - the house was in complete disarray being redecorated in anticipation of the new arrival - I realized I could just fog them, and did. Turning on the light, I found the stairs to the upper floor where the bedroom were, turned off the light again at the top of the stairs and moved in darkness until I reached John's and Ann's bedroom. The t.v. was still on although it appeared both were sleeping when I fogged them. John was laid out on his back, leg hanging off the bed in his jockeys snoring to beat the band. Ann was on her side facing away from him, curled up in a ball. I lifted John's fog a bit and pulled his arm urging him out of bed. He sleepily responded to my action, rising out to sit on the bedside with his head on the base of the palms of each hand - still sleeping. "He's one hairy bastard," I thought to myself as I noticed a thick mat of hair growing even out of his shoulders. Again I yanked on him, and he rose groggily following his hand as I led him over to a chair and sat him down. He had a case of morning wood and I couldn't resist pulling his jockey top and looking in to compare notes. Looked about six or seven inches. I'm sure it was more than enough to satisfy Ann. I left him sitting in the chair facing the bed, which bathed in the blue-gray light of the t.v.

"Now you watch me John," I said wickedly. "I'll show you how to fuck this pussy until she begs you to stop."

With that I pulled the covers off Ann's sleeping form and bent down to look at her. She was sleeping in a knee length nightshirt, which had been drawn up across her thighs and showed a hint of deep reddish pussy hair. I sat down beside and began amping her colors. She looked so sweet there, a wisp of hair in her face and her mouth slightly opened. I reached down and kissed her. For a white girl she had very full pouty lips and very soft too. As the amp began to work, she started to moan and shift restlessly in bed. I reach down to her muff and was surprised by its thick warmth. Her lips were very thick, and the interior was very juicy. Her puffy muff rose upward to meet her extended belly, now clearly rounded in this last trimester of her pregnancy. I lifted her upper body off the bed to remove the nightshirt, then knelt down beside the bed to suck on her dark pink fat nipples. I was aghast to get a mouthful of sweet milky fluid. Apparently she was already beginning to produce milk. So I switched and moved to her pussy and buried my face. I rubbed her juices in my face and licked gently at her pronounced button - every once in a while nibbling it and watching her react by raising her ass off the bed. And then it happened: The baby moved in her belly and I was astonished to glimpse it's colors. The glimpse was brief - no more than a few seconds or so - but powerful and overwhelming to me. Full of blues in so many different hues, they danced around in the fog and fell into one another tumbling over and under like playful pups. It was just amazing. By fogging Ann, I had fogged the baby as well.

Needless to say my dick wilted then. So that night Ann was safe from me. But she was a choice piece and I was determined to get that pussy later. I carefully replaced her nightshirt, put hubby back to bed and withdrew to my own house, still shaking my head at what I had seen. When I got back, the gangbang was in full swing so I joined in, taking Carol's ass while Dee fucked her mouth. The party broke up around two, and I fell into bed to get some sleep.

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