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Extra Income For Housewives Pt. 1, A Fantasy Story

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That is how the ad read in the computer magazine. Shelly and Dale had been looking through the computer magazine for a good computer deal and they saw the ad. It read: Housewives: Make extra from your home in your own time. We supply the computer for a small fee and give you the know how to make extra money.Return in 30 days if you are not completley satisfied. The web site was listed so they talked about it and the next day Shelly went to the site. Now Dale and Shelly were an average couple, in the late 20s but they could use some extra income and this way she never had to leave the house and she could continue her college classes too. He was handsome, 6'0", not bad looks and a very well endowed playtoy as she called it. 8 inches and thick. She was really lovely, not fansy with a lot of makeup. One of her best feathure he told her was her athletics legs, strong and almost muscular, her tits were way off size for the rest of her body at 44EE but they were very firm for the size and all natural. She had to stop rough sports in school when she had blossomed so much and now she managed to exercise on low impact mats and some Bowflex exercise. He always told her she was beautiful with just a nice summer dress and a litle highlights for her makeup. She found the web site and answered a short survey and sure enough, by UPS, the computer came a couple days later. They had bought another computer desk and set it up in the spare room so that there could be some privacy as she would have to work. THe computer came and in the box awas a sample of some new women's vitamins that was actually one of the products and she they encouraged the person using the system the try them. Shelly followed the instructions and took two in the morining and then two the next morning. She felt a surge of energy and thought, these are really good.

Back at the company, Working Homemakers, the staff sat around discussing the program they had now sent to several homes. Do you really think it will work one VP asked. It did on all the test subjects said another. Yes, but they were here in the lab, these are going to be different, they are at home. Don't worry said the first, it will work and we will make millions. The meeting was over now, lets go and see how our newest customer or rather employee is doing so far. They went to a room that had a large screen and activated it. There was Shelly sitting at the computer, dressed casually as one might dress that does not expect anyone and has the whole day to herself. She was looking at a computer screen that had a small new design camera in it as well as sound recieveing microphones so that they had stereo as well as a sharp picture of this lovely lady. She had on a pull over loose shirt and some loose gym shorts and no bra, her panties was a workout thong and in fact she had just finished her morning routine. Now the 14 people in the viewing room were watching her without her knowing it and they were all satisified as to her qualification.She was filling out a survey that got her intersts and such along with some subliminal questions that could be evalauated later to see just how much use she would be. Okay, Mr. Meadows said. Give her the sting, lets get started. Shelly was typing away at the survey when she suddenly winced a little and her finger went to her mouth licking a tiny drop of blookd. Lookint at the keyboard she could not see anything that should have caused the sting. She began staing at the screen and Mr. Meadows said, Okay, next step, put the training film on, she looks ready. NOw on her screen came some erotic pictures, not really x-rated but on the way. She stared at the screen, not able to turn away. A man between a womans legs came on with all the sounds of lust coming through the speakers. Okay, she has watched two orgasms now give her the first subliminal command. It came across the screen, "Take off your Blouse." She reached down the the bottom of the shirt and lifted it over her head, exposing a wonderful full pair of breasts that made the whole room including the women gasp. Wow she is hot, check out those tits said Ms. Blaine, a very bi woman that was one of the key programmers. Okay, now continue with the commands. AS she executes one go on the the next. Lets see how much control we have." "Massage your breasts" said the next command. She reached up and cupped her breasts, massaging them both the way that she enjoyed the most. "Suck your nipples" came the next command. She licked one then the other and then took one in her mouth sucking it slowly and long, first one then the other.Okay, let this go on for another 10 min or so then tell her to get totally naked. Everyone in the room was getting aroused and it was plain that the plan was working so far. "Take off all your clothes" came the next message. She stoood and pulled off her gym short and panties dropping them to the floor. Okay, there is a chair behind her, tell her to go sit in it, watch the screen and then we will see hwo she takes this. "Sit in the easy chair" came the command and she got up still massaging her titties and moved to the chair. The letters were larger now so she could see them, "Spread your legs and masturbate through 3 orgasms" the command came. Everyone watched as Shelly massaged her nipples, sucking them alternalty, then her hands roamed to her shaved pussy, flicking the clit and rubbing the lips to get them wet. She was now getting really hot. What is that over there on the right Mr. Meadows said. The operator zoomed to the right. A lare candle sat on the end table. That will do he said, Tell her to get the candle and use it on herself. She saw it and got the candle. Slowly she moved it to her wet pussy, The command: Shove it in hard all the way" and she did. She let out a moan. Now fuck your pussy hard until I say stop. She did just that, driving it deep and manipulating it in every way possible. After an hour she was dripping with sweat all over, she was almost worn out, her pussy was deep red and her titties were bounsing as she kept up the pace. Okay, release her. Tell her to shower, dress and that she will forget all that happened but will be back at 9Am tomorrow. The command went to the screen. She got up and went and showered still not aware of her activities. She dressed and sat on the easy chair, fell asleep until her husband came home. How was everything today he said as he kissed her. Oh really good, I think I got the hang of the new computer. REally what did you do. Oh just a few tutorials, tomorrow I begin the real work at 9. They bother ate dinner and went off to bed. The next day was to be very eventful, with an official visit from a company rep and instructor. She slept well although sore and dreamed of lazy times on the beach making love. Part 1 conclusion,

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