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Exihibition and a toy

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It was a hot Saturday afternoon. We really had nothing special planned. So, I brought one of our previous conversations previously discussed while in the heat of passion the night before.

Basically, it invovled watching my wife lose control in public. Having been together for several years, gradually we had escalated our level of public exhibition slowly and steadily. When se 1st started dating I would encourage her to wear my mesh shirts, yeah I'm kinda dating ourselves. You know, the one's from the 80's. Braless, tight shear tops came next. Topless teasing at local beaches. Loose fitting tops and pool tables. Car washes with thin ribbed white tank top t-shirts. Anything that would let me and others see her incredible breasts and always perky delicious nipples.

From the very beginning, when I brought home that 1st vibrator we've always enjoyed the results it provided as well as the heated fantasy discussions that coincided with nearly every episode of it's use. Her intense orgasms with the wide variety of vibrators we accumulated made me feel I had to share this incredible experience with others just like my urge to share her incredible breasts with others.

So the exploration began to find a vibrator that was quiet enough, comfortable enough and powerful enough to enjoy hands free in some public place. After some trial and error and a lot of fun at the adult book store sampling several different options we had found our tool. A nice bullet shaped egg, very powerful but yet very quiet. Small enough to hide and quiet enough for inconspicous use. A few quick tests proved that it could definitely meet her needs. What we did find was when placed on her clit she came quickly. Much too quickly for our intentions of long lasting public fun. But, when she inserted it and just went about her business it was a much longer process bringing her to that point of pleasure. I guess it was similar to some gentle bondage in that she had no control over it. It just kept buzzing away, hands free and did it's thing. Kinda like it was taking her by surprise. Perfect.

So now we had to come up with the scenario to put the plan in action. Several thoughts cam to mind. A bar maybe, a restaurant, movie? Then I suggested the Mall. Plenty of people to watch her. I wanted as many people to see what I had as possible. There was a wide variety of stores and people. The ultimate fantasy would be someone would find her irresistable and strike up an impromptu conversation with her just at the right moment. Ok, so we agreed on the mall.

As usual when we decided to be adventurous she would allow me the pleasure of picking out an outfit for her. So, of course this being a very special occassion I put some extra special thought into my choice. I pulled out a very short snug denim skirt, a nice black lace thong and a blazer type jacket. Of course when she was finished in the shower and ready to get dressed she asked about what shirt I wanted her to wear. I suggested why not just wear the blazer? It would cover you, but provide you with the ability to give someone a very good look if the urge struck, especially braless. She got dressed and we did some test poses and positions to see just how she needed to move, sit or twist to show or not show herself. Everything looked great. She was ready to head to the Mall.

I didn't feel like she would get the attention I wanted her to have if I was walking around with her. I didn't want to deter any potential viewers from approaching her, so I suggested that she go by herself and simply give me a play by play on her cell phone. As much as I wanted a 1st hand view of her, it was an even bigger turn on turning her loose on her own. I was bursting with excitemnet just imagining what was to come shortly. Off she went.

She called me as soon as she arrived at the Mall and immediately went to the ladies room to get her toy in place and turned on. She told me how she inserted the little bullet inside her and hid the controller in the waist of her skirt, which she commented she would not be able to access to shut off without returning to the ladies room. This sounded perfect to me, since I knew she wouldn't be able to stop the vibrations at will and would have to deal with the results without control over it.

As she strolled around the Mall she laughed as ladies smacked their men for staring at her. Never the less she was receiving more than her share of smiles and winks. All the while the toy doing it's job and building up the intensity of her sensations. She told me each time she had an orgasm and said it seemed each one got just alittle stronger. The response from most of the men kinda surprised me. I mean she is a very attractive woman with a great body. I figured men would be all over her. But she said they definitely showed that they liked what they were seeing, but no one was actually brave enough to approach her.

After about 30 minutes of the toy teasing her she was really enjoying herself. I could tell by her voice she was in need of some attention. I suggested maybe she should find a shoe store with a cute salesman and have him help her pick out some new heels. At this point, with that toy torturing her it was a suggestion she was more than willing to comply with. She reminded me of how short her skirt was and when she sat down how it rode up her hips. And how the braless blazer I picked out showed her breasts and perky nipples totally when we experimented with different positions at home prior to her leaving. I told her I realized all that and that was why I picked that outfit. I suggested that she might want to end our phone call and give me a ring afterwards. She agreed.

The next 20 or 30 minutes seemed like hours. Finally, my phone rang. My hot exhibitionists on the other end, giggling and sounding so dam seductive. She said she was on her way home. I begged for details, but she insisted on waiting till we were in bed together to share the story. So, another 20 or 30 minutes, another duration. I honored her wishes to wait but my mind was going 100 miles per hour wondering what had happened.

Finally, I heard her car pull in the driveway. She walked in and immediately grabbed my hand pulling me to the bedroom. She sat down and ask me to kneel in front of her and take her shoes off. She said she was going to show me what I missed earlier with the exception that we didn't have one of those chairs with the angled mirror on it. I could see on her face she was visibly aroused and shaken. She leaned forward and I could see her beautiful breasts, her nipples so swollen, her black lacey thong, everything right there in plain view. She said the store wasn't very busy and her salesman was very interested in assisting her. She took my hand and ran it up her leg as my other hand removed her shoe. I mentioned I could feel the vibrations from her toy as my hand got to her knee and she smiled and responded I know. I quickly felt her pussy and found it to be literally soaking wet almost dripping through her thong. She then began her account of the shoe store.

She picked a quiet out of the way seat in the store. As she sat down the salesman stood over her and could easily see both her fully exposed breasts as her blazer dr*ped open. She recalled his smile as she glanced down realizing she couldn't hide her breasts from him. He brought her over several pairs of shoes and kneeled directly in front of her. She said he smiled constantly and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter as he gently placed each shoe off and on her foot while holding her leg with his other hand just as I was doing. Feeling just what I was feeling, that unmistakeable vibration. She watched his eyes as he looked between her legs and she could see herself in the mirror on the seat she was in as well. She is very vocal when she has an orgasm and it was torture for her not to cry out, she said she could feel an intense orgasm coming on. Apparently, so could he because he began to caress her leg. She started to quiver and let out a few light moans and came right there while he watched from inches away. She told me of how she recalls squirming in that seat and seeing him just enjoying the show and how it drove her crazy. How she leaned forward to give him a full view off her excited nipples. How her legs were naturally spread apart, one on each side of the mirror with her skirt just barely covering her hips as she tried to keep from squirming out of the seat. Then, she just leaned back in her chair, with no one else around. Just her and the salesman and came so hard. She wasn't sure how long or exactly what she had done or said. It was kinda like she went into a trance. All she recalled after cumming the 2nd time was that when she looked up he was still smiling and still rubbing away at her leg.

We had the most incredible sex that afternoon and have since re-lived that story over and over again in bed. I've often tried to get her to recall exactly what all happened that afternoon but truely she was so beyond control I don't think she could tell me everything if she tried. We've talked about several scenarios from him rubbing her hot pussy and playing with her tits right there in the chair. To her stroking his hard cock in the stock room or bending over a shelf in the back and receiving his full service. All we know is this was a totally out of body experience for both of us that we will never forget. Incredibly intense and erotic.

We can only hope to read about the shoe salesman's version here and put all the pieces together.

We still wonder if it's possible to get a home delivery of a size 7 red stiletto pump?

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