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Delivery - Exhibitionism, Masturbation

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The doorbell rang!

Startled, I looked toward the door. Through the glass, I could see the delivery woman for the pharmacy. I had forgotten she was coming and now, here I sat, naked, with my hard dick in my hand, in the midst of jackingoff. Just then she saw me. I knew she had an uninterrupted view from the door, but there was nothing I could do: my shorts were across the room. She leaned closer to the glass and peered in, shading her eyes with a hand. Her head jerked back, then leaned in again. I could see her smile. She waved. I shrugged and waved back.

Oh, well, I was caught. I let go of my penis - which was still resolutely hard - and got up to get my shorts. It seemed kinda pointless now, but I was more or less operating on habit. She watched me walk across the room, my cock wagging and bouncing. She kept watching as I pulled the shorts on and struggled to contain my hardon. I finally gave up and went to open the door.

The woman, forty or so and still fairly attractive, with medium sized breasts, a very nice butt and long legs, said hello. She pointedly looked down at the tent in my shorts. I noticed that she was wearing her usual tight jeans and, today, a blue teeshirt with a beer logo on the front. I also noticed that I could see the outline of her nipples.

"Did I, umm, interrupt something?" she asked.

I know I was blushing. "That's okay. Sorry if I offended you."

"Not at all," she said cheerfully. "Actually, it was very entertaining. Your wife is a very lucky woman." Her eyes were sparkling.

"Uh, thank you," I muttered.

"Don't you need to finish?" As she handed me the small package.

"I guess. Yeah." I took the package and the clipboard that came next. As I signed the form, the delivery woman took another long look at my bulge.

"A shame to waste all that."

"I suppose so," and handed her back the clipboard.

As she took it, she asked, "Would you mind, since I've already seen so much, giving me another look at your, uh, cock."

I was a little shocked - as much by her use of the word 'cock' as her request. But, when I thought about it, there didn't seem to be much reason not to. So I nodded and beckoned her to step inside. I wasn't going to flash the entire neighborhood.

She hesitated, then stepped in the door, closing it softly behind her. She stood, still holding the clipboard in front of her, watching as I pushed my shorts down. My penis sort of sprang out and she gave a little gasp. Then she leaned forward - for a better look, I suppose.

"Very, very nice. Just about perfect, I'd say," she murmured.

I stood there, looking at her staring at my dick and feeling my penis straining, somehow getting harder under her gaze. It was really delightful to have a woman pay so much attention to my hard dick. A woman other that my wife, of course. My wife always loved to see me with a hardon; it never failed to make her smile. A few other women, and girls, had seen it. Most had been pleased by it. They had been people I'd known for awhile - girlfriends, lovers, even old friends, a few times my own sister. (To be honest, several males had also gotten a good look, too - boys and men.) But this woman was something of a stranger. That seemed to add spice to the situation.

She cleared her throat and said, "Looks like it needs attention. Why don't you go ahead and take care of it?"

Was she asking me to jackoff for her? It seemed so. The idea managed to get me even more excited. Instead of answering with words, I just grabbed my penis and began jacking. Her eyes were wide and glued to my fist going back and forth. She murmured appreciatively.

Something occurred to me just then.

"Would you, um, like to touch it?"

She looked up at me, startled for a moment. Then she grinned and said, "Yes, I would. " I let go of my cock and she reached out and gently stroked the top of my penis from the head to the root.

I couldn't help shivering.

Without waiting for an invitation, the delivery woman, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to stroke my swollen penis. She dropped the clipboard to the floor, where it clattered noisily. Her free hand then grasped my hairy balls and began squeezing them. I was in heaven! I loved being jacked off and here was this woman I hardly knew at all, doing just that. I couldn't believe it.

Then just as it was getting really good, she let go.

I looked at her questioningly.

"I want to see you do yourself," she said. "It's something I really love and so rarely get to see. Please?" Her tone and her look were plaintive. Her cheeks were extremely flushed.

I gave in to it. Afterall, I did enjoy jackingoff for people now and then.

So, I started in again, this time really pumping hard. The delivery woman seemed to really enjoy it. After a moment of watching, she stepped to the side and began fondling my balls again. That was more than enough and I exploded, grunting and snorting as I came, squirting a few gouts of jism onto the floor, then oozing more out over my fingers and hers. She didn't recoil from it at all, just smiled and kept kneading my balls. When I was done and was standing there gasping, she noticed a box of tissues nearby and got them. Then she carefully cleaned herself and then me, being very thorough when it came to my dick. When she was through, I was still hard, to her pleasure.

The whole thing had taken only a couple of minutes. It had been really wonderful. I thanked her and complimented her.

"It's my pleasure. Really," she said.

She stood for a few moments staring down at my cock. Then she shook her head and said she had to be going. She had more deliveries to make. She picked up her clipboard and I opened the door. She reminded me that I was naked and I stood behind the door as she left. The glass being only in the top half, it was sufficient shelter. She thanked me again and was off down the walk. I watched her round ass twitch and sway.

When she was gone, I cleaned the floor and went up to take a shower. In the shower, I jackedoff again, thinking about what had just happened. Later that afternoon, I jackedoff yet again, still turned on by the incident. And that night, in bed with my wife, we fucked for almost an hour. Running through my mind was the delivery woman and her handjob.

What a day!

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