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We had lived in the mountains about three months when we met Dave at the local post office. He lived in a cabin about a mile down the same road as we lived on. He seemed like a rather nice guy. His wife was a nurse at the hospital in Placerville. She drove about 25 miles down a rather windy road from where we lived to get to work. Dave’s wife, Susan worked the 3 to 11 shift getting home about midnight Saturday through Wednesdays.

Dave had been hurt while in the Navy and was on 75% disability. During the day he worked around his cabin or on one of his vehicles he was restoring. Dave and his wife had lived in the community about 10 years and knew just everyone living there. As we got to know Dave better we found out was a dealer in both weed and crank. These were two of the favorite drugs of choice for my wife, Sally, and me.

Having someone local we could buy from saved us the hour drive to Sacramento and back. That became very convenient for us. Our community had about 500 families who had cabins there. Half were fulltime residents and half summer time only. I worked in Placerville at the time and Sally stayed home at the cabin.

Sally and I had been separated for about 6 months before we got back together again. By that time I had met a friend named Mary. She introduced me to the biker bar and pool playing scene. When Sally came back we went to the biker bar quite often. Sally began to change her dress appearance to look like the rest of the women who visited that the bar. She would wear a knit or semi see thru top when we were out.

I liked the change she made and especially the looks Sally got from the other guys. The new and changed Sally didn’t escape Dave and his friends either! Whenever Dave came by to visit, he always brought a good supply of crank. Dave came by one night about 10 PM. After smoking a couple of pipe loads he invited us to come by the next afternoon. After Susan left for work he was going down to the creek and pan for gold. I had to work, but Sally said she would go with him. She had never done any gold panning and wanted to see what it was like.

The next morning before I left, I mentioned to Sally if she put on a provocative top Dave would probably give her as much crank she could smoke. She liked that idea and asked what I thought she should wear. I checked out her closet and suggested she wear her short blue jean short and her orange semi see thru top. The top zipped down the front and she could lower it as much or little as she wanted.

Sally said she would consider it, but would probably pick put something not quite so daring. She said Dave was going to pick her up a little after his wife left for work. That meant he would be there a little after 2PM. She had all kinds of time to figure out what to wear.

Sally finally decided what she was going to wear and called meat work to get my opinion. She said she decided on her black short shorts and a white semi see thru tank top. It sounded good enough and I told her she could wear whatever she wanted.

Sally said she was going to wear a sweater over the top anyway. I got rather cool in the afternoon and if she needed to, she could take the sweater off. I told Sally she should bring another outfit along incase she got wet and needed to change. It sounded like a good idea and she said she would take a second outfit with her.

Dave showed up just after 2 in his Toyota pick up truck. Sally got in front and they took off. Dave told her he first had to pick up a couple of friends who also wanted to come along as well. Sally and I both knew Lance and Doug. Doug sat up front with Sally and Dave. Lance sat in the back in the bed.

The creek and Dave’s spot was only about a mile down a dirt road from his cabin. It didn’t take long to get there. They got out of the truck and walked down to the creek. Dave began to show Sally how he took the black sand and began to pan for gold, showing Sally how the heaver gold sank to the bottom. He did another pan of sand then gave Sally the pan and told her to take a try.

Sally told me she took the pan and filled it with black sand. As she began to pan the strap on her left shoulder slipped down and her tit became exposed. Dave who then was standing behind her and to her left made a sexual comment. Sally said she fired back with one just as good and they both laughed. She said she couldn’t let go of the pan and asked Dave to pull her strap up and put it back in place. When he did she said he brushed against her tit with his cold wet hand and she said she made another sexual comment and they both laughed a second time.

Sally told me Dave said he was sorry for his wet hands and dried them off. When Sally was down to about 1/5 of her starting amount of sand she said Dave reached around with both his hands to help her out. As they continued panning she said his arms were constantly rubbing against her tits making her nipples hard.

When Sally’s pan was empty she had 5 or 6 pieces of gold left in the bottom. Dave took a pair of tweezers and picked out the gold. He put the gold flakes in a small glass container and handed it to Sally. She held the container up to the sunlight to see the sun sparkle off the flakes. As she did, Dave reached toward Sally and pulled her top up with one hand while pinching her nipple with the other.

Sally jumped back and reached into the creek. She took her right hand and reached down and splashed Dave all across the front of his shirt and pants with two quick swipes.

Dave not to be out done went into the creek and returned the “favor.” It only took a few seconds and they were both soaking wet.

A few minutes later, Lance and Doug came back to the truck and asked what they had been doing. Sally told them nothing, but Dave and she did have a water fight. By then it was almost 4 PM and Sally wanted to get back home. First Dave said he wanted to do a couple pipe loads of crank. Sally readily agreed and the four of them sat down and emptied four pipe loads.

It was getting close to 5 PM, and Sally knew I would be getting home in about an hour. She was cold in her wet shirt and decided to change before going home. She said since the three guys at one time or another had seen her tits, she didn’t bother to hide and just change in front of them. He told the guys the top she put on was one of my favorites.

Sally let them take a good look before putting on her sweater and getting into the truck for the ride home. This time Dave had both Doug and Lance ride in the bed of the truck and he and Sally rode in the front. Sally said Dave kept his hand on her leg as he drove back. He first let off Lance, then Doug.

When Dave got to our cabin, Sally got out and thanked him for the good time. He said he would be back a little later after his kids went to bed and would bring a little more crank. I got home a few minutes later and Sally told me all that had gone on while gold panning. She showed me the gold she panned and I was impressed. She said Dave might be back later with some crank. I remember saying I hoped so since I was really tired from a really hard day at work.

During dinner Sally told me she thought Dave wanted to get into her pants. I told her Dave was all talk and no go. If she thought he really wanted to fuck her, all she had to do was be very aggressive and I bet he would run like a scared rabbit and not bother her again.

It was starting to get late. I went to take my shower and get ready for bed. Sally cleaned the kitchen and started a fire in the wood stove we used for heat. I got into my PJ’s and told Sally I was going to bed and read my book. I didn’t think Dave was going to stop by that night since it was after 9 PM already and I had work in the morning.

Sally came into the bedroom and changed into her black night gown / body suit. It was also one of my favorites. It has a tie strap holding it together in the front as was also see thru. I thought it showed her entire tits and nipples really well and came with a matching thong.

By 10 PM I was sound asleep and Sally was in the living room watching the TV and tending the fire. About an hour later around 11PM, I woke to the sound of voices coming from the living room. I opened the sliding door in the bedroom and walked around to the living room side of the house. I looked through the blinds and Saw Sally and Dave playing cards. Sally still in her black body suit, I walked back to the bedroom and put my ear against the door to see if I could hear anything.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to understand every word. I could pick out enough to get the gist of the conversation. Apparently they had a bet going on this card game. I could tell they were smoking some crack when Sally asked Dave to pass the pipe. Dave told her he had just filled the pipe again and melted it down as he handed it to her.

It didn’t take long for the game to end. When it did, I heard Dave tell Sally he wanted to take off the body suit since he won. My cock started to get hard imagining Dave untying the front strap and pushing to material off Sally’s shoulders and exposing her tits. I reached down and felt my cock. It was really hard and just about to start throbbing. I thought I would go back to the window and see if I could catch a glimpse of what was happening.

To my surprise, Dave had removed Sally’s body suit completely. She had only the thong on, and he was playing with and sucking on her tits. After a few minutes of playing, I heard Dave tell Sally she had to remain the way she was until the next game was over. That meant she would be naked except for her thong. I saw a light coming up the driveway and hurried back to the bedroom. When I got back I heard a knock on the door and Lance’s voice. I guess he decided to stop by as well.

Lance’s voice carries quite a long distance and I had no trouble getting what he said. He told Sally she had a fantastic body and I was a lucky man to have her. Sally told him to lower his voice as I was asleep in the bedroom and didn’t know we had company. Sally asked Lance if he wanted to play a game of cards with her and David.

Of course he said yes and added it looked like Sally lost the last game. That’s right I heard Sally say as the cards were being shuffled to play you have to make a bet. Dave bet me a quarter ounce of gold against my body suit and staying naked for the next game except for the thong. This time for his quarter ounce, I’ll wager 15 minutes of my time any way he likes it. Since you don’t work, I know Jim wants to dig the retaining wall before winter sets in. You can bet that work against the same 15 minutes of time if you want. I heard Lance say ok it a bet.

The game began. It took about twenty minutes when I heard Sally exclaim Dave owed her the quarter ounce of gold, and Lance had won his 15 minutes. Dave was pissed. I could tell from the tone of his voice. Lance was ecstatic. I decided to slip back out by the living room window to see what was going on.

When I got to the window and looked in, Dave had his cock out and was rubbing himself. Lance had taken Sally into his arms, put her down on the couch, and taken off her thong. He slipped off his shirt and pants. I could see his cock was now at full attention and ready to have some fun. As a mater of fact, so was mine as I reached down to give it a stroke or two. Lance laid himself across Sally and began to feel and suck on her tits.

Sally wrapped her legs around Lance putting his cock directly at the entrance to he pussy. I saw Lance rise up and thrust forward and Sally accept his cock as she moaned. Dave all the while was pumping his cock as fast as he could. Sally rolled Lance over and put him on the bottom so she was able to go up and down on his cock and push it further into her pussy. When Sally began rising and falling on Lance’s cock, I saw Dave shoot his load onto the floor just in front of the couch. When Lance’s fifteen minutes were up. Sally went to Dave and told him he deserved something better than just jerking himself off. She knelt beside him and reached for his cock. She brought it back up and went down and sucked until he came again.

Sally thanked them both for a wonderful and profitable night and said they had better leave before I woke up. I went back to the bedroom and pretended to be asleep. Sally changed into her yellow night gown and came to bed. I reached over and grabbed her breast and put her hand on my cock. You should do that again sometime I told her. It was quite a thrill to see you with those two. We proceeded to fuck until it was time for me to leave for work.

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