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Caught in the Act

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I did two things that after noon that I never do, one, jack-off in the living room while watching porn, ( I usually do it in the back bed room), and two, never leave the front door unlocked.

It had been a short but very bad day at work and I left for home mid after noon. I was tired when I got home, I just wanted to get out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable, I never made it. I went back to the bed room and began to strip down, as I stepped out of my pants I spied the a DVD that I had bought a few days before, something about “MILF’s“, you know the kind, the horny soccer moms. I had bought it because the woman on the cover reminded me of a friends mom when I was a teenager ( the hot mom on the street). I got instantly horny looking at the cover and walked over to turn on the TV, but then stopped and thought, “I’ve got to watch this one on the big screen TV”. So I took the DVD and walked (nude ) to the living room. I put the DVD in the player and turned on the TV and went over to my favorite chair. I picked up the remote and clicked over to the seen with my friends “look a like mom”. The likeness was uncanny, same height, same hair color and style, same basic build, I had a total hard on right away. She still had all of her clothes on and the young stud that was going to seduce her wasn’t even in the picture yet. It might have been wishful thinking but when the young buck made his appearance I thought he kind of resembled me at that age, tall, thin, very little body hair and nice tan. As the seen progressed and they began to shed their clothes I had to slow my stroking several times to keep from cumming too soon but when she took his cock into her mouth I had to stop stroking all together. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes for a moment or two when I suddenly heard a sound behind me. I opened my eyes and looked behind me and there was my neighbor dressed in red shorts and a little button down top holding a small tupperwear bowl. I quickly looked around for something to cover up with but there was nothing, besides it was already to late. She couldn’t have been there too long, but she was there long enough to get a good eye full.

“sorry”, she said, “I didn’t mean to disturb you but I was baking some pies for some company to night and I’m out of flour and don’t really the time to run to the store”.

She was trying to act natural and play it pretty cool and she was doing a good job of it but her face was beat red, I thought I’d do the same. I stood up and started to walk to the kitchen, “Sure, how much do you need?” I asked.

“Oh, about two cups should be good” she replied as she followed me to the kitchen.

When we got to the kitchen I reached for the flour tin, hesitating for a moment before picking it up to see if she would say anything about not washing my hands. Instead she said, “nice tan”.

“Thanks” I replied.

“Do you go to one of those tanning places?” she asked.

“No, the beach”

“Nice” she replied. By this time I had filled the small bowl with flour and had started putting on the lid. “can I help you with that” she asked.

“That’s ok, I figured out tupperware lids a long time ago” I replied.

“That’s not what I meant” she said as she reached around and cupped her hand over my cock and balls and gave a little squeeze.

I felt my cock starting to get hard instantly and by the time I got the lid on and gave it the little tupperware burp I had a full erection. I turned and faced her “I could always use a hand”. What a stupid little pun that was I thought right after it rolled off my tongue. But it didn’t even matter because she was already stroking the full length of my 8 ½ inch cock. She smiled at me and then dropped to her knees, she spit on my cock and then once in her hand and continued to stroke me.

I instinctively reached down for her breast but she pushed my hand away and smiled up at me and said “No touching “.

“No touching?” I asked.

“No touching “ she repeated.

“Can I at least see your tits?” I asked.

“ You promise not to touch?” she asked.

I smiled and said “ I promise”.

She gave a little smile back and said, “You promised”. and she then unbuttoned her top and let it slide back off her shoulders and I was looking at a perfect pear of “B” cups with nice little nipples. “so what do you think?”

“Great tan lines,” I replied, “great everything.” and they were, she had a nice dark tan with beautiful white breasts with the sharpest, cleanest tan line I had ever seen. I almost came right then.

After letting me get a good look she rapped both of her hands around my cock and began stroking again. “We have to make this quick, I have to get back. Can you do that for me?”

I watched her tits jiggled as she stroked me, “Oh yes,” I replied “that’s not a problem.”

“How soon can you cum for me?” she asked.

“Right now.” I said as I tried to turn away and not cum all over her.

She had a good grip on my cock and didn’t let go “You want to cum on my tits?”

“Would love to.” I replied as I tried to hold back my load.

She pulled my cock within an inch or two of her chest just as the first shot of cum splashed out dead center between her tits. She directed the next shot on her right tit and it splashed just above the nipple, the next stream she directed just above her left nipple. The next two or three she randomly drained high on her chest. After she squeezed the last drop out she took the head of my cock and rubbed my cum all over her left nipple, then did the same to the right nipple, she then smiled at me and said, “No touching.” she then gave a nice long lick to the end of my cock , rose to her feet and said “I need to use the bathroom.” and disappeared down the hallway .

She returned in less than a minute, in a half run, I handed her top to her and she quickly put it on and buttoned it up as she headed for the door.

She started to turn the handle when I quickly said “wait”.

She turned “What is it?” she said looking a little upset.

I held out the bowl of flour.

“Can’t forget that.” she said with a smile, then grabbed it from my hand and said “I’ll have to borrow things more often”.

“Any time” I said as she disappeared out the door, “any time”.

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