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Caught By My Neighbor Part Two

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I had just shot my load in front of my teenage neighbor who, not knowing I was home, had caught me in the act of masterbating when she came over to feed our family dog.

After watching intently, Alison shocked me when she said:

"Now it's my turn."

I didn't know what to do. Since I had just cum I was 'coming to my senses'. What I had just done was really not a good thing.

Alison was still staring at my cock. She picked up the towel she had lifted from my crotch only a few minutes before and wiped the cum that had laned on her off. Then she handed the towel to me.

I cleaned myself up and left the towel covering my dick. Alison chuckled and lifted it back off.

"I still want to see it. You have a much larger cock than my boyfriend does." she said.

"I'm at a loss here Allie." I told her. "I'm sure you know that this is really wrong... I mean-"

"I know, you could get in trouble. It's ok." she replied. "I'm not going to blab to one of my friends or anything. None one will ever find out. I promise."

Alison them took off her shirt, which she had unbuttoned earlier. She slipped off her open bra also. She was still next to me topless... her long brown hair now partly covering her breasts. With the shirt and bra off, it now looked to me that her breasts were a larger A cup, not the B cup I has guessed on before.

Alison kicked off her white keds (she wasn't wearing socks), leaned back, then unbuttoned her jeans. Despite the fact I had just cum, I felt my cock move.

"Allie, we really shouldn't..." I tried to protest one more time, knowing that my desire was really overcoming my sense of morals at this point.

Alison stopped at looked at me intently.

"There isn't one guy I have dated who has given me enoug of a charge where I wanted to masterbate in front of them." she told me. "I know we shouldn't be doing this... I babysit for your kids for Christ's sake... but I'm really... and I mean REALLY turned on right now."

With that, she pulled her jeans off. She wasn't wearing panties underneath. I wondered if that was uncomfortable.

Alison's pubic hair was very light and neatly shaved into a thin landing strip. The desire to touch her was tremendous. She was now totally nude. She was very thin and pettite. I hadn't seen a body like hers in person since my wife and I were in high school.

Alison turned her body a little to rest against the armrest and opened her legs. She slid the middle finger on her right hand into her mouth and sucked on it for a second, then lowered that finger to her pussy and started to rub her clit.

After only a few seconds her eyes closed and she thurst her head back. She let out a soft moan. My cock was already coming back to life.

"Oh yes... oh yes..." Alison moaned. "Oh... watch me... watch me..."

I started to stroke my cock again. Her body was amazing.

Alison's breathing started coming out in hunches. She opened her eyes and saw I was erect again and stroking.

"Oh God yes, let me see that cock," she hissed. Her voice was getting very throaty now. Her eyes were sqiunted into slits and her breathing was very heavy. Her finger flicked and rubbed her clit at a speed I didn't know was possible.

Now I get to watch my wife masterbate on a regular basis, and I love it. However, Alison did it very differently. I was mesmerized.

Alison suddenly stopped and leaned forward. I stopped stroking, thinking something was wrong.

"Does your wife have a vibrator?" she asked.

"Um... yeah..." I said. "She's got quite a few things."

"Like what?" she wondered. "I've seen vibrators before but never used one."

"She's got little ones... clit vibrators." I said. "And she had a few dildos..."

I stopped. What the hell was I doing?

"Oh my god." she giggled. "Can I try one? As long as it's washed it's ok to use it right?"

We had already gone way past where we shoudl have stopped. I mentally shrugged my shou;ders realizing it had gone too far to stop at this point. I got up and motioned for her to follow me.

We went upstairs into the bedroom and I opened the drawer on our dresser that held my wife's sex toys. She had about six or sven different ones in all. Alison chose a small sliver bullet to use on her clit and then after a hesitation, she grabbed a 7" 'realskin' dildo.

She went into the bathroom and washed both. I sat on the bed half in lust and half feeling like I was going to hell.

She came back into the room and plopped onto the bed. She laid on her back and turned the silver bullet on. She gently put it against her clit and her body bucked.

"OH MY GOD!" she yelled.

That scared the hell out of me for a second. I thought she had hurt herself. Before I could ask if she was ok, she let out a long and gutteral moan.

"OH GOD Mr. Carter..." she breathed. "This is AMAZING!"

Watching her circle her clit with the little silver vibrator was unreal. My cock was pulsing on it's own. I squeezed some lube onto it and started to stroke it again.

After a few minutes I was almost ready to cum again. Alison was bucking on the bed and moaning nonstop. Her body was writhering back and forth.

Alison then let out a long moan that let me know she was cumming. If there was any doubt, she let me know about it.


At that moment the Army could have come crashing into the room and I couldn't have stopped.

Alison dropped the sliver bullet and grabbed onto the 7" dildo. She rolled over so that her head was almost in my lap. Her eyes started at my hand stroking myself.

"MMMmmmmm." she said. "That's so hot."

She thenmoved her body so I could see that she was sliding the dildo into her pussy.

"OH MAN!" she cried as it went in. I started wondering if she had ever had something inside her like that.

Almost if she was reading my mind, Alison looked up at me.

"I've had sex once." she said. "With my boyfriend the weekend of the Junior Prom. He's a lot smaller than this though."

She slid the didldo in and out a few times. Her voice started getting husky again.

"oh my God, I need to get myself some dildos." she breathed. "Are you almost ready to cum again?"

"I'm getting close." I said. Hell I had been close from the moment she came before.

Without warning, she reached out and grasped my cock. She started to stroke it up and down, twisting her hand as well and going up and down.

"Allie, I... oh shit Allie." I groaned.

"I want you to cum all over me." she said. She moved almost on top of me. Her small tits dragged over my thighs.

I couldn't take it anymore. I shot a hard stream of cum up and right into her chest. I think I might have screamed once. I'm not sure.

"Oh YES!" Alison hissed. Her hand expertly contimued to milk my cock until it was empty.

She collapsed forward and her head rested on my stomach for a few moments. Then she got up and went inot the bath room. A few seconds later she came back with a wet wash cloth. She rubbed her chest and face and then sat on the bed and washed my cock, stomache and legs.

She then leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

We went back downstairs and both of us got dressed. She let out the dog and then fed it while I cleaned off the sex toys and put everything away.

Alison came back into the den and hugged me. She then kissed me again, this time on ths lips.

"Will you do something for me?' she asked.

"How can I refuse?" I replied.

"If I promise to let you see me use them, will you get my one of those little silver things and one of those dildos?" she requested.

"I could do that." I said. "But I'm not sure if we should do this again."

She smiled knowingly. "We'll be careful." she said, "We won't make a habit of this. And you won't get in trouble."

With that she kissed me one more time and left.

I fell into the couch and shook my head. I was torn between the knowledge of what had happened was wrong, but it was also an amazing and erotic time.

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